Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to Improve The System.... For REAL!!!

It’s Not Just Incumbency, It’s The System…

There has been a group of conservative activist voters—they have been called tea baggers by the mass media. They have made their wishes and their disgruntlement know at the poles by voting in more conservatives. They are voting out people connected with the ``problems’’ in Washington and they are particularly angry about just about everything President Obama has tried. What they fail to realize is that President Obama took hold of D.C. and the country when it was left practically destroyed financially and ethically, and spiritually bankrupt by one George Bush Jr.—a Republican. They are failing to see the corporate interest’s influence on our political system and the corrupting influence of same. The Republican Party has always been closer to the so-called ``business community’’ then the Democrats—but plenty of Democrats have taken a great shine to the corporate establishment as well. Especially the more conservative Blue Dog Democrats Down South. The problem is multifaceted, but not that hard to understand. The problem is that money influences in Washington are too predominating and the interest of the people has largely gone out the window with yesterday’s newspapers.

Non-profits like ``Common Cause’’ have decried the massive and powerful influence of money on our political system for years. So have many other more partisan, left leaning organizations. Being an incumbent makes you inherently closer and more connected to the influences of money and raw power in Washington. More thinking people need to come together and find ways to root out the influences in Washington that are NOT connected to the real needs of the people.

The Tea Baggers are misleading and being misled. They are being covered by the mass media, which in turn is part and parcel of the problem. The mass media itself, which has always been connected to Big Money interests, looks at the Tea Baggers, but fails to cover the righteous indignation of other, more progressive grass roots concerns. The media itself is a large part of the problem. The mass media itself is headed by mostly conservative White males, largely of Jewish origin. They have an undue and unwarranted say in how North Americans think and how we interpret the news, the events of the day and reality in general. Not just the news media, but those who make & distribute movies and fiction TV programming. There are very few real progressives and fewer still Black people among the top decision makers in this elite group of people.

Back in the 1970’s there was a small and purposefully ineffective attempt to bring more Black people into the decision-making process in America’s newsrooms. There was a limited push for Affirmative Action and more ``color’’ in the news rooms for TV and print media. This ``limited push’’ never reached into movie-making much, at least not for an extended period of time. Even during the Black Exploitation Era in Hollywood, most White movie producers, White Movie Moguls and White distributors of film remained at the helm and turned the reigns of power over to other Whites. The media and especially movie making is an extremely lucrative industry. It is also extremely Jewish… You can make a very bad film, but if you can get it distributed internationally, you can still make millions of dollars off of it...

America is controlled by image. If you have a bad image in corporate America and you don’t do something to clean it up, you will lose business and be dragged into red ink and bankruptcy. If you can maintain a ``good’’ media image—even if you are doing bad thing—(Like let’s say Wal-Mart for example) you will continue to maintain market share and keep your bottom line floating.

Many people say that we had to bail out the banking system, or everything would have gone under. Well, just about everything HAS gone under. The impact of the 43rd President of the United States giving billion upon billions of dollars to his rich friends through a costly tax cut has not even reverberated through the system completely at this point. Still, President Obama is getting all the blame now. It is no time to fall back into Republicanism (See related articles on the Republican Party in Chapter 13).

Voting for Republicans now is like giving the keys to your house that was destroyed by arson fire to the arsonist and asking him to fix it. The Republicans will smile at you, take your keys and gladly go about the business of doing you in further. So what can be done?

• There is a great and real need for term limits for politicians. Then, when the corrupting influences of money and power take hold, it is time for another face. Congress People should get three, two-year terms, Senators should get two, six-year terms. Governors should stay at two, four-year terms as well as two, four-year terms for Presidents. That is it. There will be no going back into office once you leave. This will cut back on the creation of the Good Old Boys’ Network effect and stop the circles of incumbency, corruption and old-line power that never seems to get anything done, but costs the tax-payers billions of dollars. Mayors, especially for Big Cities, don’t need more than two terms either…
• There needs to be an effective system for National Referendums. Handing our votes and the power over to elected officials is like giving the roosters the keys to the Hen House. You are bound to get taken. Media polling and public opinion is swayed by the media itself each and every day. If we had National Referendums that became law, we could effectively overshoot and Passover the wide and undue influence of Big Money, corrupt politicians, and the media itself.
• More people need to have the opportunity to vote. Voting in National elections for President should take place over a weekend so people who work get their vote in or, at least, we should get the day off from work. There should also be other incentives to vote such as a few bucks off at the local grocery store on election day if you show proof of having voted, or other such incentives.
• Advertising dollars for politicians should be given at a discount if you have shown some grass roots support. Have you ever seen the financial numbers in dollars, of the amount of money that the TV networks make during a Presidential election? The numbers are staggering. This in itself shuts out many people who are patriotic, progressive, grass roots, concerned individuals who want to get in there and fight and make the system work better for the average working JOE. The money influence on TV and the networks is nasty and growing. It overshadows popular candidates and corrupts the whole process. Cheaper ads would be a firs step to help…
• There needs to be an open Constitutional Convention to reshape and reformate how our government operates as we move into a new era and experience the coming paradigm shift and its global implications on world economies and the world’s people, including Black people who are the most poor and the most left out of the process....