Thursday, June 28, 2012

The For Real, For Real Republicans

                       The For Real, For Real Republicans....

Through Brother Tracy Gibson

Many people think they know the Republican Party. That is just those guys and gals who basically want things to remain the same and NOT change much. No matter if most North Americans are being chocked by the system that is supposed to be serving them, they just want things to basically stay the same. They also are a Big Help to Big Business as opposed to the Little Guy and the Unions and People of Colour and or Non-Whites and the disadvantaged, disabled, the middle income or poor.By the Way folks, that is MOST of us!!!  Well, that is by no means all that the Republicans are all about.

The Republicans have traditionally had ties to some of the worst racists in the country. These people don't only want things to stay basically the same; they also want to hold us back as Black people, Latin people, The poor, and the struggling. They hold out hope and opportunity, but instead of really offering us such things, they slap our hands and take our money, stomp on our Civil Rights and Our Civil Liberties and laugh at us as they roll all the way to the bank... And I mean REALLY ROLL to the Bank--usually with Billions in tow, not just millions..... And we are suppose to sit still and say nothing..... {This is why we really need the Democratic politicians, community leaders, community activist and Progressive and independent thinkers to speak up and stand up.  The Republicans have very little honesty, dignity, sanity and humanity when it comes to how they treat human beings through the policies they create and promote.......
But my contention is that the Republican Party is much worse than even that. They are a harbinger for dirty dealings business wise; they have close ties with Mafia people and Mafia interests; they are financial manipulators with their eyes set on economic World Domination and International exploitation; they want to be in every body's bedroom, most notably recently, the Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered community {and let's NOT forget that we have about a 10 % population of Gays, Lesbians and Transgendered People right within Our Community of Black People}. They also want to STOP COLD a woman in retaining and acting on her right to have a safe, legal and relatively inexpensive abortion {There they go in the bedroom again!!!}.  They are also manipulators with their eyes set on taking and maintaining power for the White so-called Majority in North America with power grabbing and money grubbing being at the core of their international financial, business and industry connections, dictates and policies. But what I want to talk about with the Republicans today is the FACT that I don't even consider them a legitimate Political Party at all. Racism, White Supremacy, and bold, shameless Capitalism--at any cost and at the risk of hurting and trampling on human rights and the environment--that is their goal.  They are also getting a taste for even Natsi-styled fascism at the core of their ideology and what they have planned for the populace in the United States if they take over more power and re-take the Executive Branch in 2012.... If you deny this you are denying the truth and you are denying reality. Now I don't have anything against Capitalism. I, myself are a Capitalist. But I am against exploitation of the masses. I want to start companies that share the wealth; that have only $100,000.00 as a top salary for top executives; that pays a living wage--not just minimum wage; and that has generous health care benefits and generous 401K's and retirement benefits. We want factories in the United States so we can help put workers BACK TO WORK and we want to hire plenty of the hard core unemployed--the homeless, the disabled, women, people of colour or Non-Whites, the elderly, displaced workers, veterans {both disabled and able-bodied}, members of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Community and youth, especially Black and Latin Youth--ALL at a living wage--not just a fair or minimum wage. This, to me, is really what America is ALL about--helping others and helping everybody make money--not just the top 10 %... Who said you have to be ruthless and Right Wing to be a Capitalist? There are plenty of examples of people going into business to help the less fortunate, provide jobs and provide generous social services and support for NGO's and Non-Profits, not just people out to line their pockets and worry about the Bottom Line.  Such corporations as Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream {Under their original ownership}, Southwest Airlines, Google and Virgin Airlines, for example, have pretty good records of treating employees well and providing fair job opportunities for a diverse group of people and also taking on some of the social agenda I spoke of earlier. But let's be honest, do you actually think that following a social agenda that empowers the poor and levels the playing field is what the general corporate structure, with the FULL backing and blessings and protection from the Republican Party, want to do? I can guarantee you that helping the poor and creating fairness has nothing to do with the kind of super exploitation that the wealthy like the Bunker Hunts, the Mellon’s, the Rockefellers’ and the Koch Brothers have in mind when they are starting businesses or when they are taking over businesses that their parents left them. No!! They are talking about going overseas and hiring cheap labor and migrant workers at pennies a day and making super profits. I'm looking at the factories that are owned by companies like NIKE; Coca Cola; Exxon; BP; Haliburton; Kellogg’s; Wal-mart; McDonalds; Boeing; McDonald Douglas; and so many more. They are hiring people in East India; Africa; China; Indonesia; The Philippines; South Korea and South America at pennies a day and making super profits as part of this dastardly process. And they are doing this under laws made very workable and easy by the Republican Party. This Dastardly Process ends up throwing Black, White, Latin, disabled, Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered, older workers and women and Labor Union Members out of work and on to the unemployment rolls, the welfare rolls and the homeless shelters and soup kitchens. {This is literally throwing people away--on the Ash heap of society--or so the Republicans think. But many, if not most of these same people also vote}... Joining the Republican Party or voting Republican will NOT stop this process or bring us the legitimate Freedom and Salvation we so richly deserve as oppressed workers and Black people. It will only serve to encourage them, the Republicans, to keep up what they are doing to stop real, authentic, and legitimate and righteous Progress from taking place.... This is why we have to do much, much more than vote now and it will NOT be easy. We have to start facing this new reality--it is actually a reality that can be traced back to the early 1960's and the Viet Nam War, because you see, the wars of aggression that we fight as a Nation and which take the very lives of our valued and treasured young people, are also part and parcel of this dastardly process. We usually fight wars to lay the ground work and do advance work for economic intervention, social oppression overseas and financial and corporate exploitation.

But I digress. What I wanted to talk about is racism, White Supremacy and the Republican Party. This gets me back to that subject. The Republicans are closely associated with the South and this has been where they traditionally get most of their votes. Now the Old South has changed a bit, I will admit, but basically things are still based on race, racial prejudice, racism and the fact that we have to still fight tooth and nail to find a decent job or start a legitimate business and or get such a business funded properly. {These things are also a problem in the North, but a little less so normally, but with the economy in a shambles the way it is right now, it is also a problem here in the North.} It is not an easy thing to achieve any of these options if you are a legitimate Black businessman, legitimate Black businesswoman or a legitimate person of any race seeking employment who has a disability or is older. YOU WILL FACE DISCRIMINATION IN NORTH AMERICA!!! There have been books written about the Republican Party's attachment to the KKK and the Old South mentality of segregation and racism. {Read here in a few weeks and I will list some of these books. Meanwhile Google the Republican Party and Racism and see what comes up.} The racism in the Republican Party shows through at EVERY National Election for President and Vice President of the United States... When George Bush Senior ran for President his Black whipping Boy was Willie Horton, a Black inmate who had been found guilty of rape who was let out of jail and went on to commit other crimes. Commercials of him were used time and time again at nausea and Willie Horton ended up getting George Bush Senior in office after he served as Vice President for Ronald Reagan. George Bush Senior went on to later nominate Clarence Thomas, a Black person, to the Supreme Court. Thomas is the gift that keeps on giving to the Black Community {and I mean that sarcastically}. He has been one of the worse Supreme Court Justices since the founding of the Court--always ruling AGAINST the interests of Black people in cases that, for example, involve labor rights, affirmative action and the rights of Black, Latin People and women, as well as Lesbians and Gays. Bush Senior, a former Head of the CIA, has done about a thousand dastardly and wicked things that go against the interests of Black people and as far as I'm concerned, that qualifies him as a racist, a hater of Black people and someone who should have never been President in the first place.

I don't know if you follow some of my other writings, but I actually was for one of the gentlemen running for President in 2012 for the Republican Nomination. I felt that John Huntsman would have brought a new chance for our country to breathe a fresh breath of air and get a new start. He served as Ambassador to China for the Present Administration and showed a keen sense of fairness in some of the decisions he had made in the past and in some of the ideas he had for the future. {For example, he was showing a very real sense of fairness in how he planned to deal with the economy and unemployment}... He also wanted to cut the Defense budget, end the wars early and reinvest in North America while drastically lowering unemployment by not only using the public sector, but by generating a great deal of cooperation with the Private Sector. He also wanted to end many of the tax loopholes that the Big Corporations enjoy and also ending the tax decrease that the top 20 % of the wealthy North Americans enjoy as well. His rhetoric also seemed a great deal less racially inflammatory than say a Newt Gingrich or The former Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum... Sounded. But what did the Republican Party do to Mr. Huntsman? They made sure he didn't win a single Primary and drummed him out of the process in quick fashion. Another point to strongly show that The Republicans are very, very sick with a mental illness called RACISM { As theorized by Black Psychiatrist Francis Welsling}... Mo Later..

.....If you want to do some more reading on the Klan read: ``The Nature of Hate,'' By Robert J. Sternberg, PhD. and Karen Sternberg, PhD.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Part Four: Lower Oil Prices and Middle East Peace......

Why Shouldn't Israel Become An International City of Peace {A FREE STATE FOR ALL} Like Paris?

The Israel People will discover a Public Relations Bonanza if and when they discover the safest thing for them to do in regards to Peace in the Middle Eastern Region is to make the entire State of Israel a region of International Peace and Solidarity for the entire World, instead of just a state run for the Jewish People.  They will quickly discover authentic support from a much broader World Community than they have enjoyed since the inception of the Israel State in 1948 when they make the State of Israel more like the exciting city of Paris, with open shopping, eclectic crowds, fantastic foods, beautiful travel spots and most of all PEACE...  The enemies of the State of Israel, will enjoy more economic inclusion as the discrimination they once faced falls by the way side, and the Palistenian People, as well as the Ethopian Jewish People will also enjoy this new inclusion as the Irael economy expands and grows under just such a plan.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Letter to the Libyan Mission Dated: August, 29, 2010...

Brother Tracy Gibson
Listener-Teacher-Learner And Business Man
214 Southwyk Road
New Castle, Delaware  19720

The Libyan Permanent Mission to The
United Nations
309-315 East 48th Street
New York, New York  10017

Dear Friends at the Libyan Mission:

Good afternoon... How have you been? I have not written you before, but I'm losing hope and faith that I will ever find a job in the U.S. without some supports from outside our Nation. I feel that the country of Libya has always gotten a raw deal from the U.S. and that we have NOT treated you fairly.  It amazes me how we can cry and boo hoo about the Lockerbie incident and always forget that President Ronald Reagan bombed Libya into oblivion and ruthlessly killed Moammar Qaddafi's innocent, young daughter during one of those brutal bombing raids. Somehow most Americans forget these things and our media does nothing to remind us. I would like to volunteer to help your Nation restore its' good name among Americans. I would like to see more trade and fair play between our Nations and more reaching out with love and understanding instead of pointing fingers and accusing each other of wrong doing. Eventually, I would like to work in the fields of travel, trade and / or the business development end of your government, with a quasi-governmental agency or a private company that deals with relations between the two countries--especially regarding trade, culture and /or business.

I want you to know that I'm about the children and the youth...... I want to help children and young people in America who are the most down trodden and poor, and eventually I want to help children in poor neighborhoods throughout the world including Africa, India, the Middle East and China.

I have a positive, proactive, American plan for our Black, Latin, Poor and Disabled youth that can be utilized for other Nations... I want to put hundreds and eventually thousands of Black, Latin and Left Out Children and youth to work in my stores for my corporation--at a fare wage--and or make sure they have really good role models as they grow older.... I hope to extend this plan to other parts of the world if and when we meet with BIG SUCCESS IN AMERICA.. It is a good plan and it will save the American tax-payer billions of dollars as more and more of our troubled and at-risk youth become responsible, reliable individuals--not dependent on the state, but tax-paying, productive citizens {I know this will work in depressed areas in other countries like China and ALL OVER AFRICA AS WELL.....} The youth will not be prison inmates, but firemen, teachers, designers, engineers and respected citizens--that's what we want youth to become..... They will be ready to take on their futures, not destroy them..... They will not be trouble makers, but entrepreneurs, college graduates, business people and the light of the communities from which they came. It is a plan to change lives, but more importantly, it is a plan to change and challenge attitudes.  But we need some Capital to spark this plan into action..... We are hoping, no we are PRAYING that you will be able to help..... {I know you get requests all the time, but I hope you will hear us out.....}

Part of my plan is to start a multi layered foundation specifically for Black people that has rotating and diverse leadership.  It will be depended on to fill our needs, specifically the needs of the most desperate and needy from within our community. It will generate its' own money through the sale of products, goods and services and be self-perpetuating.  It will be crucial to have people working for this foundation who are totally above board, honest and trust-worthy.  I think, as an activist, that another component and duty of this foundation will be to find our progressive community activists and inventors who are at the forefront of helping others in our community, but often go with little or no support or recognition..... These investments in our people will generate greatly needed Capital for the foundation itself as these folks who are getting the support become financially able and stable enough, and are able to give back to the very foundation that supported them in their time of need.  Such a foundation needs the financial and active support from the Black Celebrity community to get off the ground and to generate the public support it will need in the future.

I am a businessman and journalist making my home in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area--and I want to help..... I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956 at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.  I now reside in New Castle, Delaware. {Since the original writing of this letter, I moved BACK to West Philadelphia} I am politically progressive, like our President, but I am also against the proliferation of massive amounts of weapons and hand guns in our inner cities and decidedly against the triple agony of crime, war and poverty.  I want to do something on a massive level to help the neediest among us.

Unfortunately, it is our young Black And Latin at-risk men who are responsible for much of the crime in our inner cities, here in the United States....  {There is certainly a proven connection between joblessness and the high crime rates in our inner cities.} They are also some of the main ones being used as cannon fodder for the wars that the rich and powerful are waging on at least two fronts by the U.S. Pentagon.... I  have dedicated my life to helping and assisting just such men as well as young Black women.  My  feeling is that if we can make these young men {and young  women}, while they are still young, into responsible, reliable, law-abiding citizens who thirst  for education and decency instead of illegal drugs, the illegal drug life, easy money and  the  thug mentality, we have saved lives,  we have transformed futures and we have saved a decent chunk of our humanity  as American  citizens.  Wouldn't that make sense to Chinese, Libyan, Indian and African youth who are impoverished as well?

That is where you come in. I need your help in turning lives around, finding jobs for these youths and gearing them more towards education, higher education and finding a positive way in  life and positive solutions that join families together, not tear them asunder.....  I also want  to see more young Black  men and  young Black women  in church or Mosque and educational Institutions instead of in the prison system  or getting into trouble in our schools or on inner city  streets....  I have many skills that have qualified me to work on their behalf in the past {See Resume}.   I need your help in finding a work-at-home position as a Business Officer, Community Organizer, Business Manager, Real Estate manager, Social Media Organizer, Media Manager, Writer, PR Person or Blogger that can keep me working for them into the  future.  I think you can help me in my quest.  I have already done things like send 100 young Black boys to the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., on  chaperoned buses in October of 2005; sold tee-shirts with positive slogans about Black youth; advocated for more ethically relevant educations  for Black and Latin youths; spearheaded a community movement in my  former neighborhood to rid  the  area of a notorious bar that was creating a very bad atmosphere for our seniors and youths; and mentored young men on a personal level as well.... But I want to do more....---much, much more...

What I also want is a ticket that will get me on the ground floor of developing my own business that will help change lives in a positive way.  Tickets that will help catapult me into becoming a philanthropist, an established business owner, and a man who can be relied  and depended on to help in the community where help is needed.  I want a ticket to membership in an exclusive club of men and women who help build America up and rebuild our Nation to a position of power by helping others, not just by pushing small Nations and people around through military might, ruthless expansionism and exploitation.

But time is of the essence.  At this point, we are literally grabbing our young brothers and sisters out of the vicious jaws of the heated fire of inequity, despair, hopelessness and neglect right as it is about to engulf them as more and more young people are being picked up for minor illegal drug offenses; truancy; shoplifting; theft; and other minor infractions that reflect bad behavior, poor judgement and poor choices; and that create a record for them that they often can't shake. This often leads to a lifetime of hopelessness and criminal behavior that we want to turn around.  Our youth need more guidance, positive support and more positive role models like you and I.  I HOPE and PRAY  you can help us turn things around.  There are many people across the country who have already taken up peaceful arms to help these changes become reality...  We are not asking our sponsors to do much.  But each helping hand will relate back to helping the young brothers and young sisters in the community.

I think our educational system needs to be overhauled to be more ethically sensitive--inclined towards and adherent to the true diversity and good nature of our Nation.  I also think the development of Green Businesses is a first step towards the eventual refurbishment and reconciliation of our Nation, but I think we have to help the most poor, the left out and the disenfranchised as well.  I feel there needs to be more economic opportunity in our inner city communities--especially for people of color such as Black people and Latin people--especially youth.

I have  sent  letters to Citgo,  Exxon, Shell., BP and Sunoco to ask that they hire Black and Latin youth over the Summer as hired hands around the gas stations to pump gas, clean up and do minor re-pares on cars is possible.  This would have given these youngsters  valuable work experience, built discipline  and built good character among  them and  helped in training them to be better workers and leaders  into the future.  Unfortunately, because I'm just a  disabled {read differently abled} businessman and worker myself, my letters went unanswered and unheeded...  You would think that with all the  bad publicity the Big Oil Companies are  contending with right now, they would have jumped  at the chance to do something positive to strengthen and improve their image.  Unfortunately, this is NOT true....

I have enclosed a list of businesses that I have been promoting and working towards getting funded. (Please call us if you did not receive a list of businesses). I am a serious business owner who once had a Public Relations, Advertising, Community Advocacy and Marketing firm in the heart of West Philadelphia--in the Powelton Village section of University City. We had to close up shop due to the massive and unexpected economic down turn our Nation faced in 2007.  What I'm doing now is starting small, even though my ultimate plans are very big.  I have many Black Youth in my family coming out of college and university in the next few years. I want them to be able to find work experiences with my company because opportunities are so limited with established, main Stream businesses in the U.S.--especially if you are Black or Latin. That is a reality not just my humble opinion.

I know because I remember when I came out of School (The Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism) and applied for work, I was unable to get any positive responses from the major White-owned Madison Avenue advertising agencies I applied with. Even my summer internship at TV Guide Magazine didn't get me in the door at that time (1978). That was over some 30 years ago and in a way I I'm still knocking at the door--but also creating my own door(s) so I can be a lot more forthcoming with opportunities for young people of color (not just in my family), as well as poor youth and myself in the very near future.

I have followed the careers of a few Blockbuster Hollywood producers and other ``star types'' and seen them rise out of no where, with equal or less education than I have, and become movie moguls, big stars, ``idea pushers'' and money changers. Often they DON'T support the progressive, life changing issues, concerns and organizations that I do and will support into the future (See the list of Non-Profit Companies we have supported in the past at ) --but they have money to burn.  What do these celebrity types use it for? It goes for expansive yachts; gaudy diamonds, jewels, rubies, expensive art work, and gold; phenomenally pricey mansions; extensive and often unnecessary staffs; and multi-million-dollar salaries. I'm not necessarily jealous of them--I just know that with my consciousness level and concern for my people and poor and Latin people, I could not exist like that--no matter how much money I had access to or made...

Yeah, I'm griping and I'm angry about what I see.

I have been working diligently {on a disability salary of about $12,500 a year} to establish, promote and generate business and opportunities for my Parent Company {Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. [] for years} We are a small Public Relations, marketing, Advertising and Community Relations firm that is slowly catching up with our back taxes, getting fully licensed and furnishing our small home office in New Castle, Delaware {now Philadelphia} as well as getting new clients and reaching out to the larger Community.  We are seeking new and exciting opportunities and want your support.  I am bipolar, {I have been of Federal disability since 1995} but I have been very close to fully functional and healing for years now also.  I see many exciting opportunities on the horizon and that is why I'm reaching out to you at this time... While we are establishing ourselves in the New Castle, Delaware area {Now Philadelphia}--we are only two and a half hours away from Washington, D.C. area; 45 minutes away from Philadelphia {my 83 year-old Dad, Mr. Charles S. Gibson, {A Landlord} still lives there and is disabled himself {He died on July 10, 2012}--I visit him often, like I just did on Father's Day a few months ago}, and we are about three hours away from New York City.  We are centrally located and raring to implement some of our business ideas and make positive, forward motion for ourselves and the community.. 

However, as you know, we can't get much good traction without desperately needed Capital.

It is my hope that you will be able to help us with financial support and or lead us towards grant sources, endorsements, sponsors and supporters for our businesses and ventures.  We are also open to holding several fund raisers that you might be able to help us staff, promot, organize or put together in other ways.  Many of the business ideas are in support of desperately needed social and community work projects. They will be on-going and include the expansion of job opportunities for Black, Latin and poor youth of every ethnic persuasion....  We will be establishing a Foundation and a Non-Profit with Mr. Frank Breitman a Real Estate lawyer and business consultant who we have had successful and positive dealings with in the past.  We hope you will contact him if you have a large donation you want to make to our company.  {His phone number is 1.215.928.1077. He hails from Philadelphia also.} If you want to check out our business credentials, our New Castle, Delaware business license #is 2008208515 and our Federal Tax ID number is 27-0145705.

Some of the things we are in desperate need of Capital for include: Filing our 2009 Corporate Tax Returns through the tax consultants, H And R Block {$350.00}; Consulting fees for Mr. Breitman {About $3,000.00; paying for a grant-research and grant implementation firm {$550.00 s month}; office supplies including ink cartridges and possibly a new computer {$3,000.00}; up-grading our phone system to business class {$400.00}; and hiring three full-time employees including myself {$5,700.00 s month}. This would put us on sure footing for the short term and allow us to help stabilize ourselves as grants and other financial opportuneities come in over the next crucial six month period.

I have enclosed the business ideas as well as our Mission Statement and a statement about me as an author.  I hope this will be helpful background information for you. I am presently also seeking funds to publish my own book entitled: ``A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation: Writing in Wet Cement...''  The book is aimed at resolving problems and having a positive impact on our young Black people, many of whom are lost, abandoned and seemingly hopeless in a world that sees them as a Big Problem and something to cast aside--not as an entity to invest in and help grow towards stability, responsibility and positivity.  I think we can change this picture for the better, but support Capital is critical and crucial at this juncture....  I know my book Will be as successful as ``man Child in the Promised Land'' by Claude Brown was in the 1970's and will have an equal impact on our youth and the world!!!

We hope you can help us launch our corporate interests and reach out to the community of Young Blacks and youthful Latin people who desperately need our help.

There is money in many of the ventures for you or any one you refer us to. Many of the ventures are highly profitable and economically feasible and meaningful... If you provide the Capital...


Brother Tracy Gibson,

New Contact Information:
The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box: 42878
Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878

Phone: 1.215.471.64/94


Updated on December 10, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rejection Letter From Brother Magic Johnson Dated June 15th, 2012...

June 15th, 2012

Mr. Tracy Gibson
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn  19139

Dear Mr. Gibson:

Thank you for extending to Mr. Earvin ``Magic'' Johnson the opportunity to invest in your business endeavors.

Unfortunately, due to the extensive involvement in existing and future business ventures, Mr. Johnson is unable to pursue any further investment packages at this time.

Thank you for your effort and understanding and please accept our best wishes for the success of your business endeavors.


Magic Johnson Enterprises

9100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700 East Tower, Beverly Hills, California  90212 Phone: 1-310-247-2033

Web Page:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting Help!!!

                                                             Getting Help!!!

If you are depressed, angry beyond reason, upset, anxious, down, troubled, concerned or beat down politically or with envy, wanting revenge, unable to forgive someone, or unable to cope with other stressful situations, emotions and feelings; or if you are experiencing stress over a divorce, the loss of a relationship, being unemployed for an extended time period, the loss of a loved one, financial losses; or if you just feel your world is closing in on you; or if you can't cope with an addiction to prescription medicines, alcohol, tobacco, illegal street drugs, food, sex, pornography or anything else; or maybe you were beaten up, sexually abused, raped, robbed, foreclosed on, molested or maybe you have lingering thoughts of an incident that is long, long past, but you can't seem to get past it; or you are unable to cope with other excessive behavioral problems you are having such as hoarding food or hoarding household items in your room or house, over eating, excessive and compulsive sexual behaviors and acting out excessively sexually, excessive spending when you know you can't afford it right now; or if you are experiencing other behavioral, emotional, psychological and / or psychiatric problems; or maybe you just feel at the end of your rope, hopeless and that you have just given up on life and don't want to do anything to help yourself and are isolating yourself from others--maybe it is time for you to get help. {I want you to remember that getting help is the case of the disenfranchised and oppressed is more a statement about the failures of our society than a statement about any failure on your part. Getting help represents a problem and a serious miscalculation in judgment with our political, economic, judicial and social system {and that includes Capitalism and Socialism, and how we have been excluded from it than it is any mental or emotional problem that you as an individual are having.} I am sure that if you had equal access to the institutions that construct our culture such as being included when they decide what school curriculum will be and being there and included fairly and equally when they decide what will be incorporated into what makes up entire spheres of learning and knowledge such as: Medicine, Anatomy, Math, Engineering, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Horticulture, Advanced Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy, Computer Science, Anthropology and the many other Technological Sciences, You would see that You don't have a mental problem, You have just been excluded. Look how Black, Latin, Asian, Women, Gay People, and Arab people and even East Indian People have been almost totally excluded from the Movie Industry for example.  The Movie Industry has a very pervasive influence on how we see ourselves as human beings, but serious people of color have almost been totally excluded from getting their scripts considered and also excluded almost totally from the Green-Lighting process of approving what films get financed.....  This is a crime that is coming back to haunt the West, but meanwhile we have to get through this time period we are going through. With such fair and equal inclusion You will find school, learning and knowledge much more easy to achieve and much more interesting. If you are having trouble adjusting to our society You can start by calling your Pastor, or you Mosque Minister, a trusted friend or family member or your general practitioner or Doctor and talking out the problem. He or she may well suggest you see a professional for treatment.  It is nothing to be ashamed of. Believe me I know. What you are going through is a lot more common than you might think. I have been in therapy for over 30 years and have benefited from the experience magnificently!!! What you are doing by getting help is taking the adult tact, the right step and realizing you have a situation and / or a problem that needs more attention than usual... Stop worrying about it and seek help. You are saying ``I am worth it. And I need help.'' You are taking on the responsibility like an adult should and moving through whatever is hurting, stopping or crippling your growth as a decent human being. You are saying that you are deserving of help and that you will benefit from that help and move on positively with your life. You are not necessarily mentally ill, but even if you are, you are taking the right steps in getting help. Do it, get the help and watch your life open up like an incredible butterfly or exotic flower as you take wing into the next stage of your life. I don't care if you are 89 or 19 .  Get the help and feel better about yourself for doing so. You will find yourself benefiting greatly from the help such as therapy, proper medical treatment which might include the intervention of psychotropic medicines; or you might find that your life has been closed off physically from others and all you need is to be around people who are thinking and doing positive things and to get some physical exercise and fresh air. Don't face this with fear, face it with strength and the joy at knowing you will get the help you need and be able to MOVE forward. We suggest you call some of the following numbers if you are in need of help: Women Organized Against Rape: The Crisis Network: The Colours Organization: ; The Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists-- 1-215-790-9059.....

Monday, June 18, 2012


The Powerful Third Eye.....
By Brother Tracy Gibson
{Visionary - Businessman}
This is an Open Letter to My Good Brothers and Sisters on the North American Shore and around the World, including the African Continent...
Look at the American Dollar Bill and you will see {On the Back} The Third Eye. The Eye in the Egyptian {African} Pyramid. Right at the TOP!!! We keep chasing these dollar bills as if they really mean a lot more than what they really do mean. There are people who have enough of them to stretch around the world a few times like Warren Buffett does--and they are still unsatisfied and still miserable people. They are still having a bad day, each and every day, because they just don't get enough dollar bills and have enough of Our money. They need to get over it and real quick. They are often filled with hatred, ugly mentalities, and scheming-money-grubbing--``Rule-the-World'' plots, ideas and thoughts. Some of these people who are caught up like this are also Black and Latin and Asian, but many, many of them are White. I would venture to say MOST of them are White and Male. They are usually against true democracy, true freedom and true justice as they make their plans to exploit, profit, plunder and kill. Some of these people exist in places like China as well, which is suppose to be a Communists Country, so don't fall for the same old, run-of-the-mill Anti-Communism... It is the profit making and the exploitation of our fellow humans that is the real problem. Capitalism can work, but it needs to be vastly re-tooled, thought out a new and RECONSTRUCTED!!! Totally overhauled to be much, much more humane, decent and about renewable energy sources, sustainability and a clean environment and clean air and water... It simple needs to be made more ``People Friendly'' and we need to be putting our best minds and our energy hard at work, internationally, at working on this... We need to learn more than is being offered on TV because CNN doesn't tell you this stuff. They often don't tell the Truth. They are the ``Smiling Faces'' the O Jays and Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff of Philadelphia International Records were telling us about back in the 1970's and 1980's, as I am sure my fellow ``Old School'' comrades and friends will remember.
I once took a class at the Money School of Delaware and the instructor said we have to keep some money stashed away for a rainy day because ``Cash is KING!!!''.. I have come to disagree with her. If there are people with enough dollar bills to stretch around the globe once or twice like the Mellon's do, and they are still unhappy, nasty and negative people like Sarah Palin is, Cash isn't ``KING'' at all--we as Black people and others who care about people first are the Kings and Queens and Empresses and Emperors of the World and the Love we hold so proudly in our hearts for ourselves and for each other and for GOD is REALLY KING!!! If you are a racist, an ignorant person who doesn't want to learn anything new and a hater, you are part and parcel of the problem--not the solution. Problems come in ALL races as do solutions.
Most people I know, and they are just about ALL Black people, only want or envision having enough money to make it another day or two: to get food on the table and needed medicine; to pay for their children's educations'; to pay for decent housing and shelter; to get around from place to place--{Trans passes from SEPTA--especially monthly ones--are a great commodity and of great value right about now if you live in the Philadelphia area--``at least I can get to my job if I have one,'' most local people think.}.. Most of us aren't thinking and dreaming of great mansions; expensive European vacations; big Sweetish-Built Yachts; diamonds, furs, fancy expensive bracelets; fine antiques; jewels; expensive, extravagant meals like fillet Minion or Chateau Bria; expensive Persian carpets; servants and valets to wait on us hand and foot; fancy Italian and German cars with funny names; flouncy Italian designer clothing, slacks, shoes and dresses; expensive Italian and French suites and shoes; expensive cigarettes, cigars and cigarette and cigar habits; expensive, flagrant bubble baths from France and Spain; expensive drug habits; expensive hats and fancy hairstyles. No, we don't think of that stuff at all {Now, you know damned well I'm kidding myself}. No. We just want to make it another day and get our children educated properly. We just want to have good values instilled in our children and a nice warm place to live.... We just want our children to be able to learn about the illustrious history {Our proper place in World History as People from the Black and African Diaspora} in as real and as truthful a manner as possible. Some of us want the Bling, Bling and the frills, and the bull crap--but most of us will settle for the basics in life because we know to want for more in a country and World that is so filled to the rim with anti-Black and Anti-African Racism and hatred for us as a people--wanting more, wanting Bling Bling is like grasping for the Brass ring at the Circus--The Ring that we will never get and never reach or attain in actuality.
Of course there are people who have achieved Bling Bling, but I just don't have that as a personal goal. IF I can see my community stable and more people eating, going to school, waiting for a while to have children, going to church or Mosque, acting in a loving Way towards our community, respecting peers and elders--that is a certain wealth that is far more worth while than Big Bucks, racy cars and white chicks. If you get my drift. So save a few dollars and work towards that investment property or the business you have always wanted, but maybe you should make the people in your neighborhood and you KING instead of a cold Dollar Bill. This, to me is true progress.
Brother Tracy Gibson can be reached at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Is Ox Fam America... Should We support Them As Well...

Ox Fam America is an international charitable organization that springs from many developing Countries and Continents such as Africa, Asia and South America.  They especially support Women and Women's projects because they feel supporting Women will empower whole families and strengthen whole communities. They build wells, housing, effectively give out food and help the temporarily disenfranchised in many, many other ways.  They are especially concerned about education and helping lift the disenfranchised to a basic level of decency and basic prosperity. I have personally given them money in the past and plan to do so in the future {Write me and I will send you our list of charitable Organizations that I plan to donate to in the very near future}.. If you want to give to Ox Fam America you may do so by writing them at: OxFam America, 226 Causeway Street, 5th Floor, Boston MA  02114...

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson.....


The Natural Resources Defense Council..... What Do They Do??? Why Should We Support Them???

The Natural Resources Defense Council is an environmental organization that is dedicated to changing and improving the environment for the better.  They work mainly within the United States, as far as I know, and are presently FIGHTING very hard to stop foreign-owned mining companies {Anglo American and Rio Tinto} from ``planning to dig one of the World's largest open-pit mines in the heart of the watershed that feeds Bristol Bay, Alaska.  This Pristine ecosystem is as vital to Alaskan Native communities and fishermen as it is to salmon, bears, eagles, seals and whales.''

{The Above quote was taken from an official document that came from the Natural Resources Defense Council itself.  If you want to get involved in helping clean up the environment {and I strongly recommend that you do because as Black, Latin and disenfranchised people, we don't understand the importance of a clean environment nearly enough} you can write them @ 40 West 20th Street, Manhattan New York  10011.  Look up their Web Page @ www.StopPebble.Org
I will admit that I have personally given money to them in the past and Mr. Robert Redford sits on their Board of Directors.

Peace and Blessings,,,

Brother Tracy Gibson...

Corporate Accountability International.....Who Are They???

This People's Advocacy Group that tracks down corporate corruption, exposes it and weeds it out through the media exposure process and public exposure, has been around for a good while.  They were the FIRST organization to come to my office of West Philadelphia {3819 Lancaster Avenue}way back in 2006.  They are located in Boston at {10 Milk Street, Suite 610, Boston, MA  02108; www.StopCorporateAbuse.Org}... They also have an office in Washington, D.C.

According to a recent document they sent me: ``Together, we won important victories last year--and in the year ahead we will need your continuing support to expose corporate greed and abuse, hold corporations accountable, and counteract the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and get corporate money out of elections.''

This organizations needs ALL our support.  They have bent over backwards to help get corrupting influences out of the political system and the political process in the U.S. and they are to be supported for their efforts and their work.  I have given they considerable donations of money in the past and want to give them more when we get funded properly. I would LOVe it if you could write them a letter and ask them to take my corporation--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.,-- on as community consultants.  They have NOT given us work or jobs in the past, but they might be convinced to do so in the future, if you will write them and ask them to support us.  Tell them to look up our Blog by going into Google and putting in Brother Tracy Gibson and clicking on ``The Politics of Real'' and checking out our Blog material.  Thank you for your support and confidence....

Of Brother Tracy Gibson...

Number 5 of the series on Oil Prices and Midle East Peace Through Brother Tracy Gibson...

Part #8}  We need to use whatever influences we have to help the Palestinian people, the Progressive Arab Community and even the terrorist's influences and interests among Arab people, the Israelis and others to see that they need to put down {and MUST Put Down}their violent tactics and put down their bombs and out down their arms and take up the tactics of Peace instead.  One of the top things we need to do is to help them understand that working towards cheaper gas prices in North America can help refuel the World economy; bring more Peace and understanding; and help spark renewed development and support for work on rebuilding the infrastructure of North America.  That is selling Peace, not war and will help put the merchants of death and destruction out of work and out of business until they can retool their companies for Peace--the major arms dealers who make billions of dollars off of the backs of war and destruction and the young male and female children who are dying in the many wars they profit from around the World.  Many of these wars find Black and Arab casualties very high and are carried out by the United States and our so-called allies.  Let's use Peaceful tactics such as this--information gathering and sharing, protest, networking, public meetings, boycotts, information tables, gathering petitions etc.-- to stop the destruction and fuel a Peaceful economy that helps strip so much power from the Big Oil companies and puts more power in the hands of the temporarily disenfranchised and oppressed people of the World.

Part # 9  The Public Relations Bonanza that will be realized by the Arab people {especially the Palestinian People} from finding a Peaceful Way to lower oil prices will be able to be leveraged among the North American public as a wedge to finding lasting solutions to Peace and land ownership  for the Palestinian People of the Middle East.  The American-led oil companies can have their influence decreased along with their profit margins if the White-Owned Major Goliath Media can be convinced that this will eventually spark an increase in infrastructure investments and redevelopment and reconstruction in our own Nation because this will more quickly than we might expect, bring about a lower unemployment rate and a stable economy. This will not only impact positively on the U.S., but the rest of the world as well...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Letter to Fred, a Friend in the Struggle...

Dear Fred:

I hope you and your family are well. I think about you all {Like Teresa and Larry Holmes and the Other sister, I can't remember her name} all the time. What ever happened to Sahoo? I have recently been thinking about you and was moved to write...

It has been a long time since we first met when I brought a friend of mine {Frank Campbell}up to New York for a meeting and all the excitement started. I learned a great deal from you, Brother Frank, over the years. I am putting the finishing touches on a Book entitled: ``Tracks to Truth, Trust, Power, Justice and Wealth: A Grass Roots Criteria for Liberation.'' It is geared towards getting the Black youth in our Nation to think more clearly about politics, adhere to better values and ethics such as responsibility, reliability, having respect for elders, thinking in terms of building small businesses geared to build lives instead of exploit people, and to do well in school. It is also written for the rest of us, including the diverse class of Progressive thinkers in our Nation, and the left out and the oppressed. It is a compilation of stories drawn from my own life and intermingled with my own political thoughts on issues and my own educated opinions and commentary. As you can see, I have NOT given up the struggle, by any means. I was hoping you could give me some pointers on getting the book published. I was hoping that you might have some contacts that will be useful and helpful. Some of the segments in the book are on my Bloog, which you can read by Googling: Brother Tracy Gibson, and looking under ``The Politics of Real.'' I am working on several other maters, but the book is crucial. I worked on it for seven years. I would like to have a discussion with you at some point about utilizing small business to bring more sanity to the system we live under. I know you Communists and Socialists want to bring the whole sucker down in it's entirety, but I'm not convinced that it will happen that way. I am also convinced that Communism can be as corrupted and out of step with what the people want as Capitalism obviously is. Some of these Communist Parties can be really intransigent and out of step with people's needs and desires. They need to, for example, put more components into place that allow more freedom of speech, more democratic sharing of ideas, more wages for the exploited and other freedoms. Believe me I know full well that such Freedoms are largely an illusion in our own country, and they are being chipped away at each day by the Capitalist system through the Passage of such laws as The Patriot Act and the Patriot Act II, but that is just more the reason to keep the pressure on and demand change. I'm almost totally disappointed in President Obama and DON'T plan to vote for him in November. {Many people knew better than to vote for him in the first place, I was NOT one of those}... I fell for the whole Black President thing head over heels... I am very disappointed. I am disgusted at the drone bombings that are still killing hundreds of babies and women every few months. I can't ethically vote for that. I was awakened to this by a recent speech Tony Monterio gave here in Philadelphia when Sistah Cynthia McKinney came to speak. I hope you will take time to look into my Blogg and get back to me. I really want to get this book published. I have a small contract with Exlibris {$250.}, but I am having trouble getting the copyright back from the Library of Congress. Feel free to contact me at the contact points below. Stay safe and be well.....

Many Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson


Brother Tracy Gibson

213 South 49th Street

Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4105

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How we Can All Help In Our Work!!!

We will accept small donations {$500. to $10000. Dollars} that will help us buy stamps; buy paper {100 % recycled}; buy computer cartridges; buy gas for the business use of the car; buy envelopes; pay rental fees; office equipment; pay legal fees; pay for staffing; pay for the Founder, President and CEO's salary; and buy Real Estate and Property.

Your donation will NOT be tax deductible because we are a for-profit company. We are determined and consistent in our activity to help our Black youth especially, to turn the corner and steer towards a better life for themselves and their families. ...  We are doing this on four fronts. They are through 1} The soon-to-be-published books: ``Writing In Wet Cement,'' by Brother Tracy Gibson and ``A Gathering of Children: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems,'' also by Brother Tracy Gibson.  The first book intersperses the life of Brother Tracy Gibson--his travels, his youthful experiences and adventures, his schooling and his relationships--with some serious advice and political commentary about living the ethical and better life that builds responsibility, reliability, trustworthiness, and honor in our young people and the rest of us. He is NOT and Was NOT perfect, but has learned from the mistakes He has made. The book has its' controversial points, but it is expected to be a best seller and a Blockbuster like ``Man-Child in the Promised Land,'' by Claude Brown was in the 1970's. The second book is an exciting book of poetry out in September as well.

Brother Gibson is also working on developing a network of stores called ``The Knowledge Hut,'' that will  offer a great selection of ethically chosen DVD's; CD's; Books; Tee-Shirts; Greeting cards; Posters; and a few healthy food items.  These products are not just thrown at our Young people for them to purchase.  They are carefully selected to build better character; build respect for elders and each other; build responsibility; build reliability; build trust; and build young minds that are more concerned with starting businesses than just getting a job. 

Our Business Plan is just about done {We attended the Small Business Development Center @ Temple University for 10 weeks {We graduated and did our final presentation on May 31, 2012} and still have about two weeks to put the final touches on the Business Plan... {As we develop it, you can see our work on this Bloog.  Look under Knowledge Hut Business Plan}

There are several other components to the company we Incorporated in 2006 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania...  Our Parent Company name is: Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc..... We are an Education,  Marketing, Publishing, Celebrity Management, Retail Outlets, Public Relations, Advertising and Advocacy concern with a heart.  We had an office at 3819 Lancaster Avenue for a year and a half {From April 2006 to September 2007} but had to temporarily close up shop when the economic down turn took hold.  We are presently in the research and development stages, but still doing heavy advocacy for the Black community; the Progressive Community and for all people internationally who quest for change, democracy, hope and positive progressive order.

As part of our advocacy, we write literally hundreds of letters a year. Some of those letters have advocated for the following subjects [this list is NOT inclusive]: Better housing; more jobs from the government and the private sector; Free trade and travel with Cuba; the rights of Same Gender Loving people such as job rights, the right to marry and the right to organize effectively; the Rights of oppressed women to work, go to school, make a living wage and live with dignity and grace; better artistic outlets for people of color and Non-Whites such as more intellectually challenging films, theater, music [especially rap and hip hop], videos and TV programming; better nutrition for the Black community and nutritional education; the rights of Non-White children and Black children to have solid educations from kindergarten through college; The rights of the Palestinian People to live freely and travel and work in Israel and have their own country and land; more freedom of information and less cumbersome, bellicose laws like the Patriot Act I, The Patriot Act II and the National Security Act signed by President Bush II and or President Barack Obama, which impinge on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties [it is our position that these laws should be rescinded, turned back, overturned and rejected at every point as they have weakened our democracy]; An open and free Press and access to media and less concentrated ownership of media by the ultra rich [the media should ultimately be in the hands of the people--especially poor and oppressed people such as Black people, Latin people and poor Whites who are thinking clearly on the issues of race, gender rights, the rights of women and the rights of the disabled]; and we have also written to find peaceful Ways to work with others [and within our own company] to develop a more free and open society and end the tradition of war our country has followed for generations.

If you want to join us in the import and crucial work we are doing, we hope you will read more of the articles on this Blogg and send us the donation we talked about at the beginning of this promotional article.  You can send youR donations to: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson; 213 South 49th Street; Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205; or you can e-Mail us at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

you can also call us at: 1.215.471.6494. You can also reach the Founder, President and CEO at: BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com
 The more you can give, the quicker we will be able to get ouR work fully under way.  Please send and ask for a full disclosure of the 8 businesses components we presently have. We thank you for considering us.  If you want to partner with us on any particular business component, please call and let us know.  We will have full disclosure, and all our legal agreements will be easy to follow and understand...


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Letter to McDonalds Corporation.....June 4th, 2012 {Monday}

From Brother Tracy Gibson
Teacher - Learner - Businessman - Fund Raiser
Writer - Political Organizer - Visionary
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205

The McDonald's Corporation
Dear McDonald's:

I hope you are doing well as you walk this great earth of ours... I am writing you today to let you know we are boycotting your stores in the Philadelphia area.   Our boycott will be joined with other such efforts in other parts of the Nation and the World.

I have to tell you that if you check your records, you will find that I have written you on at least two other occasions about the health risks of your food, but to no avail.  You have no open and democratic system to determine what changes the public would like in your food and no mechanism to implement such changes.  Your stores are responsible for about 6 % of the trash in our Nation.  That is despicable and a real problem.  You should do something about that.  We have a litter free campaign going on in the Philadelphia area to help alert the public about trash and how to place it in the proper receptacles. We think you should have a similar campaign for your stores in the Philadelphia area.  We are willing to work for you for no charge to design just such a campaign.  As we said, we will do this for free.

What we really want to talk to you about is how eating @ McDonald's was once a very accepted thing because few people knew of or understood the health risks involved with gulping down Slurpee, fattening mile shakes; eating greasy French Fries; and eating contaminated cheeseburgers.  Even your highly acclaimed Fish Sandwich contains contaminated fish, is fattening and covered with greasy tartar sauce.  What are you going to do about this? You can't remain as a good corporate citizen and carry on flagrantly and blatantly as you do great damage to our Nation's people.  We know you own another chain of stores {Or is it two other chains of stores?}... You have offered other food choices at these stores, however, unfortunately, these other food chains are equally contaminated, fattening and unhealthy.
You sit in your headquarters as if it were a citadel and make decisions that impact many, many millions of people.  And people are led by the nose to your so-called restaurants to gouge themselves with so-called food that continues to give them high blood pressure; sugar diabetes; unheard of obesity; severe heart ailments; chronic joint pain; cancer and other health risks that are extremely costly in lives and in the amount of money they cost our health care system to treat and heal.  How would you like The President to send YOU a bill for about $ 2 Billion Dollars and ask for YOU to pay for the health risks and health problems YOU are causing the American public?

As I have said in previous letters My company and myself are MORE than willing to work with you to get this situation rectified, work with you on making the proper changes, implementing those new policies and keeping you as a viable profit- making company.  But you have to change with the new reality.  For this, we would like a fee.  That fee will be determined later. Most of the money, except for a small amount for living expenses, will go towards helping agencies, companies and Non-Profits that are helping the indigent, the temporarily disenfranchised and those who are too lazy and ignorant to help themselves by never entering your doors.  I am African American, but this involves all kinds of variations of people.

I hope to hear positively from you soon.  Otherwise, our boycott will be linked with other similar boycotts in France, England and Spain.  You will feel the financial heat because as you know, a small decrease in your profit margin can close several stores in an economy such as the one we are struggling to survive in right now.  I don't care how many billions of burgers you have sold to an unaware public, you can be stopped...
I am sure I will hear from you soon.  Please don't waste my time with another pathetic form letter.  This letter will be sent to the Black Association of McDonald's Owners and we expect a positive, coherent and well-thought-out response.  We are also hoping that you will take us on as a client because we can help you see the light that you obviously don't see.
LOVE, Peace and Mo LOVE,

Brother Tracy Gibson,
President and CEO OF: Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, INc.

Building a Better World with Integrity and Consistency of Effort...

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Knowledge Hut Business Plan, April 26th, 2012...

A. Name of Company: The Knowledge Hut Stores.
B. Mission Statement and Objectives:
Mission Statement: The Mission of the Knowledge Hut Stores is to help younger Americans of Color to better understand their history, grow and develop as more productive and reliable adults and learn better ethical behavior through the development, production and sale of positive, defined and responsible products.
Objectives: To help parents, guardians, grandparents and others who care for youth to assist them in developing strong personal and community-wide values including responsibility, good health habits and hygiene, good ethics, good family values, cleanness, reliability, good and positive cultural values and other positive traits in an on-going fashion through the sale of good products that reflect those values.  While we are a for profit store, we will network with non-profits and social service agencies to bring on more support services for needy Non-White youths.

RE: ``The Knowledge Hut Stores'' and Why We Need Them.....

It has come to my knowledge, more and more over the years, that our young people are in deep trouble. Unless we act as responsible and concerned adults, they are doomed to create another generation of lost souls who are down and out economically and unprepared morally, ethically, culturally and politically for what faces them in a few short years.

This is why I have labored so hard to create the concept of ``The Knowledge Hut Stores'' and why I think the concept will be a Big Success when it goes National very soon.

The concept is a simple one: Instead of throwing a whole bunch of assorted products at young people when they come to shop, why not give them a selection of products that are designed to stimulate their thinking; develop the mind and body correctly; spark learning; and develop good strong family values and strong positive study habits in them including better eating habits.

What we would like to sell to our young people is music and videos with positive messages and positive images; Tee-Shirts that are developed to make people think of positive things and that are designed, drawn, written and developed by the young people themselves; food snacks and drinks that are healthy and exclude white flour, potato chips, soda and too much sugar, salt and fat; greeting cards with inspirational and funny sayings in them that are written and designed by the youths themselves that reflect strong positive political and cultural values; and plenty of books that reflect the same values and also describe and create roads to self-awareness, self-reliance, honor, holistic thinking, sharing progressive ideas, interacting positively with elders, other young people and other members of the community with respect, decency and humanity, and teach our history, languages and culture in a positive and upbeat way.
                                   Executive Summary
We have registered our company name ``The Knowledge Hut'' Stores with Go.Daddy Network. Eventually we want to be an LLC.  We are planning to copyright our idea within the next few days.  We have done some test marketing through our Parent company--BTGandA.Com--and we are operating a mail order firm right now.  We are low on funds to develop our Tee-Shirts and buy other products right now.  Our Mission is to instill positive values in young people by helping them choose more politically conscious and ethical products.

Our company came about when our founder recognized a need to curtail the negative impact some of the more lured rap music and rap videos were having on American inner city and suburban youth. We will be selling Tee-Shirts, greeting cards, books and posters chosen by our staff to reflect and promote better values in youth. Those values include: doing homework; not bullying; having respect for parents and elders; avoiding teen pregnancy and STD's; and staying out of trouble with the law. We also hope to have outreach information in our stores from the youth service network, churches and Non-profit organizations that work on youth issues such as staying in school, attending college or university and starting youth-run businesses.

Our target market is youth and young adults, ages 12 through 27 and their parents, grandparents and guardians. Market trends show that church-going parents are looking for products to purchase that will enhance and support family and church values, and there is an obvious need to increase business knowledge and political awareness among young people.  We have circulated a petition and generated 30 signatures from people who support the concept of ``The Knowledge Hut'' stores and the community seems ready for the positive change.  Few stores of any size are offering only products that encourage better values in young customers so competition at this point is null.

I think we can compete successfully, especially if we can get on Board with Macy's because they have hundreds of stores Nationwide. {We have written letters of intent to possible investors about actually having our stores within Macy's network}.  While we have not actually officially approached Macy's as yet, we think their up-beat, youth oriented specialty shops would be perfect for our stores and well suited for our idea.  We have written General Mills about carrying their Nature valley Granola Bars.  {We do not want to sell potato chips, sodas and Twinkies which hamper young people's energy level by providing too many empty calories and too much sugar}. There could be barriers if someone beats us to the punch and gets investors or gets a major similar contract before we do.

Our concept designer has sound business experience, having  worked at Macy's, Sears, Gimbals and Staples as a cashier; and having test marketed some products that will be sold at The Knowledge Hut at our Parent company--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc....  Brother Gibson has also taken some business courses at Temple University and with the Money School in Wilmington and New Castle, Delaware.  We did the test marketing from April 2006 to September 2007.  Our key manager will be our concept designer, Brother Tracy Gibson, until we can get funding and hire additional staff.

We want to have 15 locations and about 300 employees.  We also want to manufacture our own products in the United States and provide shipping and handling at a reasonable cost.  At the same time, however, we want to pay all employees good wages and have suitable benefits available for employees, as we can afford.  According to reliable Internet sources most book stores reach about $ 3 Million Dollars in annual sales for each store.  Since we will sell other products besides books, we project about $5 Million a year in sales for each store.  The total income from all 15 stores would be $60,000,000 {Sixty Million Dollars a year.}

We are seeking $15 Million Dollars in start up funds through about five investors.  The funds will be used to buy, modernize and refurbish existing property and hire staff.  Investors will get their funds back.
     Business Budget for Three Months:
My Salary: for Three Months is: $24,999.00 *

Staff and Staff Development {Includes use of a consultant for initial personnel development, All figures are for three months}: $50,000.00 *

Office Supplies: $2,100.00  *

Office Furniture: $5,500.00  *

Computers: $18,000.00  *

Rent for One Year: $10,500.00  *

Rental use of vehicles plus car fair: $4,500.00   *

Capitalization and Renovation of Building to be purchased and / or rented: $25,000.00   *

Legal fees: $5,000.00 *

Merchandise and inventory to be bought wholesale to be modified or improved on: $50,000.00   *

Purchase and Modernization of Property to be used for the Factory in North Philadelphia: $375,000.00   *

Postage for Three Months: $2,500.00   *

Internet and Web Page Development: $5,000.00   *

Phone and Utility Bills: $2,727.00   *

Phone Installation: $400.00   *

Community Outreach, Promotions and Advertising: $7,500.00   *

Additional Communications, Accounting and Consultants:  $2,250.00   *

Other Legal Fees, Licenses, Contracts and Consultants:  $7,500.00   *

Other Costs and Consultants: $1,500.00   *

Security:  $19,200.00   *

Health Insurance for Four Employees {Including Myself} for Three Months: $48,000.00   *

Total Expenses for Three Months:  $666,676.00   *

* All figures with Asterisks have been added into the total...

Still Being Edited for the next two weeks.