Thursday, June 28, 2012

The For Real, For Real Republicans

                       The For Real, For Real Republicans....

Through Brother Tracy Gibson

Many people think they know the Republican Party. That is just those guys and gals who basically want things to remain the same and NOT change much. No matter if most North Americans are being chocked by the system that is supposed to be serving them, they just want things to basically stay the same. They also are a Big Help to Big Business as opposed to the Little Guy and the Unions and People of Colour and or Non-Whites and the disadvantaged, disabled, the middle income or poor.By the Way folks, that is MOST of us!!!  Well, that is by no means all that the Republicans are all about.

The Republicans have traditionally had ties to some of the worst racists in the country. These people don't only want things to stay basically the same; they also want to hold us back as Black people, Latin people, The poor, and the struggling. They hold out hope and opportunity, but instead of really offering us such things, they slap our hands and take our money, stomp on our Civil Rights and Our Civil Liberties and laugh at us as they roll all the way to the bank... And I mean REALLY ROLL to the Bank--usually with Billions in tow, not just millions..... And we are suppose to sit still and say nothing..... {This is why we really need the Democratic politicians, community leaders, community activist and Progressive and independent thinkers to speak up and stand up.  The Republicans have very little honesty, dignity, sanity and humanity when it comes to how they treat human beings through the policies they create and promote.......
But my contention is that the Republican Party is much worse than even that. They are a harbinger for dirty dealings business wise; they have close ties with Mafia people and Mafia interests; they are financial manipulators with their eyes set on economic World Domination and International exploitation; they want to be in every body's bedroom, most notably recently, the Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered community {and let's NOT forget that we have about a 10 % population of Gays, Lesbians and Transgendered People right within Our Community of Black People}. They also want to STOP COLD a woman in retaining and acting on her right to have a safe, legal and relatively inexpensive abortion {There they go in the bedroom again!!!}.  They are also manipulators with their eyes set on taking and maintaining power for the White so-called Majority in North America with power grabbing and money grubbing being at the core of their international financial, business and industry connections, dictates and policies. But what I want to talk about with the Republicans today is the FACT that I don't even consider them a legitimate Political Party at all. Racism, White Supremacy, and bold, shameless Capitalism--at any cost and at the risk of hurting and trampling on human rights and the environment--that is their goal.  They are also getting a taste for even Natsi-styled fascism at the core of their ideology and what they have planned for the populace in the United States if they take over more power and re-take the Executive Branch in 2012.... If you deny this you are denying the truth and you are denying reality. Now I don't have anything against Capitalism. I, myself are a Capitalist. But I am against exploitation of the masses. I want to start companies that share the wealth; that have only $100,000.00 as a top salary for top executives; that pays a living wage--not just minimum wage; and that has generous health care benefits and generous 401K's and retirement benefits. We want factories in the United States so we can help put workers BACK TO WORK and we want to hire plenty of the hard core unemployed--the homeless, the disabled, women, people of colour or Non-Whites, the elderly, displaced workers, veterans {both disabled and able-bodied}, members of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Community and youth, especially Black and Latin Youth--ALL at a living wage--not just a fair or minimum wage. This, to me, is really what America is ALL about--helping others and helping everybody make money--not just the top 10 %... Who said you have to be ruthless and Right Wing to be a Capitalist? There are plenty of examples of people going into business to help the less fortunate, provide jobs and provide generous social services and support for NGO's and Non-Profits, not just people out to line their pockets and worry about the Bottom Line.  Such corporations as Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream {Under their original ownership}, Southwest Airlines, Google and Virgin Airlines, for example, have pretty good records of treating employees well and providing fair job opportunities for a diverse group of people and also taking on some of the social agenda I spoke of earlier. But let's be honest, do you actually think that following a social agenda that empowers the poor and levels the playing field is what the general corporate structure, with the FULL backing and blessings and protection from the Republican Party, want to do? I can guarantee you that helping the poor and creating fairness has nothing to do with the kind of super exploitation that the wealthy like the Bunker Hunts, the Mellon’s, the Rockefellers’ and the Koch Brothers have in mind when they are starting businesses or when they are taking over businesses that their parents left them. No!! They are talking about going overseas and hiring cheap labor and migrant workers at pennies a day and making super profits. I'm looking at the factories that are owned by companies like NIKE; Coca Cola; Exxon; BP; Haliburton; Kellogg’s; Wal-mart; McDonalds; Boeing; McDonald Douglas; and so many more. They are hiring people in East India; Africa; China; Indonesia; The Philippines; South Korea and South America at pennies a day and making super profits as part of this dastardly process. And they are doing this under laws made very workable and easy by the Republican Party. This Dastardly Process ends up throwing Black, White, Latin, disabled, Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered, older workers and women and Labor Union Members out of work and on to the unemployment rolls, the welfare rolls and the homeless shelters and soup kitchens. {This is literally throwing people away--on the Ash heap of society--or so the Republicans think. But many, if not most of these same people also vote}... Joining the Republican Party or voting Republican will NOT stop this process or bring us the legitimate Freedom and Salvation we so richly deserve as oppressed workers and Black people. It will only serve to encourage them, the Republicans, to keep up what they are doing to stop real, authentic, and legitimate and righteous Progress from taking place.... This is why we have to do much, much more than vote now and it will NOT be easy. We have to start facing this new reality--it is actually a reality that can be traced back to the early 1960's and the Viet Nam War, because you see, the wars of aggression that we fight as a Nation and which take the very lives of our valued and treasured young people, are also part and parcel of this dastardly process. We usually fight wars to lay the ground work and do advance work for economic intervention, social oppression overseas and financial and corporate exploitation.

But I digress. What I wanted to talk about is racism, White Supremacy and the Republican Party. This gets me back to that subject. The Republicans are closely associated with the South and this has been where they traditionally get most of their votes. Now the Old South has changed a bit, I will admit, but basically things are still based on race, racial prejudice, racism and the fact that we have to still fight tooth and nail to find a decent job or start a legitimate business and or get such a business funded properly. {These things are also a problem in the North, but a little less so normally, but with the economy in a shambles the way it is right now, it is also a problem here in the North.} It is not an easy thing to achieve any of these options if you are a legitimate Black businessman, legitimate Black businesswoman or a legitimate person of any race seeking employment who has a disability or is older. YOU WILL FACE DISCRIMINATION IN NORTH AMERICA!!! There have been books written about the Republican Party's attachment to the KKK and the Old South mentality of segregation and racism. {Read here in a few weeks and I will list some of these books. Meanwhile Google the Republican Party and Racism and see what comes up.} The racism in the Republican Party shows through at EVERY National Election for President and Vice President of the United States... When George Bush Senior ran for President his Black whipping Boy was Willie Horton, a Black inmate who had been found guilty of rape who was let out of jail and went on to commit other crimes. Commercials of him were used time and time again at nausea and Willie Horton ended up getting George Bush Senior in office after he served as Vice President for Ronald Reagan. George Bush Senior went on to later nominate Clarence Thomas, a Black person, to the Supreme Court. Thomas is the gift that keeps on giving to the Black Community {and I mean that sarcastically}. He has been one of the worse Supreme Court Justices since the founding of the Court--always ruling AGAINST the interests of Black people in cases that, for example, involve labor rights, affirmative action and the rights of Black, Latin People and women, as well as Lesbians and Gays. Bush Senior, a former Head of the CIA, has done about a thousand dastardly and wicked things that go against the interests of Black people and as far as I'm concerned, that qualifies him as a racist, a hater of Black people and someone who should have never been President in the first place.

I don't know if you follow some of my other writings, but I actually was for one of the gentlemen running for President in 2012 for the Republican Nomination. I felt that John Huntsman would have brought a new chance for our country to breathe a fresh breath of air and get a new start. He served as Ambassador to China for the Present Administration and showed a keen sense of fairness in some of the decisions he had made in the past and in some of the ideas he had for the future. {For example, he was showing a very real sense of fairness in how he planned to deal with the economy and unemployment}... He also wanted to cut the Defense budget, end the wars early and reinvest in North America while drastically lowering unemployment by not only using the public sector, but by generating a great deal of cooperation with the Private Sector. He also wanted to end many of the tax loopholes that the Big Corporations enjoy and also ending the tax decrease that the top 20 % of the wealthy North Americans enjoy as well. His rhetoric also seemed a great deal less racially inflammatory than say a Newt Gingrich or The former Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum... Sounded. But what did the Republican Party do to Mr. Huntsman? They made sure he didn't win a single Primary and drummed him out of the process in quick fashion. Another point to strongly show that The Republicans are very, very sick with a mental illness called RACISM { As theorized by Black Psychiatrist Francis Welsling}... Mo Later..

.....If you want to do some more reading on the Klan read: ``The Nature of Hate,'' By Robert J. Sternberg, PhD. and Karen Sternberg, PhD.  

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