Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Part Four: Lower Oil Prices and Middle East Peace......

Why Shouldn't Israel Become An International City of Peace {A FREE STATE FOR ALL} Like Paris?

The Israel People will discover a Public Relations Bonanza if and when they discover the safest thing for them to do in regards to Peace in the Middle Eastern Region is to make the entire State of Israel a region of International Peace and Solidarity for the entire World, instead of just a state run for the Jewish People.  They will quickly discover authentic support from a much broader World Community than they have enjoyed since the inception of the Israel State in 1948 when they make the State of Israel more like the exciting city of Paris, with open shopping, eclectic crowds, fantastic foods, beautiful travel spots and most of all PEACE...  The enemies of the State of Israel, will enjoy more economic inclusion as the discrimination they once faced falls by the way side, and the Palistenian People, as well as the Ethopian Jewish People will also enjoy this new inclusion as the Irael economy expands and grows under just such a plan.

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