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Partnership Jobs.....
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HOW to Find Peace in the Middle East...

To American Jewish World Service

I heard about you from a friend who is a Jewish Person. Her name is Karol. She is a retired teacher and She has almost always taught Black inner city children. She is very LOVing and effective. I don't say that about all teachers.  When I read your mission statement I thought to myself, mind you I'm a Black person, I thought ``most of my more-than-liberal Black militant friends would never think such an organizations of Jewish People even existed.'' This is true. The relations between Blacks in North America and Jewish People here have been strained for years and few people want to talk about healing things, mending things and finding solutions. There is room for blame all around and there is room for improvement all around. I have proposed the formation of an organization called ``The Progressive Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.''   I hope you will take the following articles and Peace Plan for the Middle East in the good-intended Spirit they were sent and written with. I have been working on this for years. I don't know everything about The Jewish People. I don't know everything about the Arab People. I do know that I have Jewish friends and, looking at some of the extremism and the laws intended to constrict, twist and turn corrupt our legal system in the United States [and I by no means call the United States or North America innocent] that are offered by some extremist Arab groups are not leading to justice, but to more powerlessness and degradation on the part of poor People, Black People, Latin People and other oppressed & disenfranchised People. You might think it strange, but at the same time, I am no Zionist. I am for a homeland for the Jewish People and for the Palestinians, but let's look at who owns land around the globe and what is being done with it? Who controls world wealth and what is being done with it? Is it being used for peaceful purposes? Or for further oppression, degradations, weapons sales, and further destruction of our precious planet, our precious resources our precious People, our precious animal life and our precious environment. The main crux of my proposal is simple: Take away the control of the United Nations Security Council [the United States, Russia, and China]; and allow all countries to have a vote on issues. Countries like Cuba, Brazil and Iran have items tabled all the time because they are vetoed by the Security Council. This is inherently unfair, unjust and unwise for world stability and Peace. Listen to and give voice to the Jewish voices and Arab voices who talk about finding peaceful solutions and finally give rise to a Jewish State & a Palestinian State that is run NOT by the Jewish People or the Palestinian People, but by a committee of People of all races who are proven incorruptible, by any powers on the earth and have that committee only serve for a short time. Have them only serve for, say five years, and have all members of this committee receive interviews on a regular basis as to their friendships; associations; and financial and political dealings to make sure in the minds of all concerned that they are NOT being corrupted. There also needs to be a Way set up to remove one member a year or so if they are deemed corrupted. Let Israel remain as a Free International country, not a Jewish State and let the Palestinians have some land and be run through the same means & process. The crucial part is the abolition of the So-called Security Council.  [Please read more in the Peace Proposal, enclosed here below.]. 

November 5, 2012 Monday Updated on September 3rd Through September 8th 2013 [Tuesday through Sunday]…


The Formation OF:

The Progressive Coalition For Peace and Justice in the Middle East…

The concept is to create an International organization of Friends & Associates who can examine the many issues, aspects and facets of the Middle East in a more organized and open fashion, where people of everyday life, not just politicians, journalists, academicians and educators, are allowed to come together and not just express views, but add to policy creation and give broader media consideration on more far reaching aspects of the issues concerning the Israeli / Palestinian conflict; the Middle East and it’s volatility in general; and ALL of the conflicts, skirmishes, wars, and policies among entities, people, organizations, groups, factions, political bodies, movements, peace organizations and peace movements, countries [and any other bodies concerned organized or unorganized such as businesses, multinational corporations, missions etc.] involved in or creating conflicts, helping spread constructive information and / or working towards peace and resolving conflicts in the Middle East. We want to carry out our work in a constructive and on-going fashion and Will spend every moment and dollar we have designated for such work to do so because this work is crucial to the further peaceful survival of our entire planet and ALL life on the planet…. Historical roots of National and international hatreds need to be explained, considered and expanded upon, but our purpose is not to place blame, but to find lasting, stable answers and solutions that Will not only stabilize the region, but bring fairness, equality, decent living, and LOVe, respect and honor to this part of the world and the entire world….…

WHY: Forging Forward:

This issue cost us as tax payers in the U.S. [North America], and other regions of the world, Billions of  Dollars [ or Billions in whatever other monetary unit one wishes to measure through]  every year and the politicians and the Pentagon have been able to do little to resolve or move the issue ahead much over the last 55 years since the creation of the State of Israel [ in 1948].   This issue has, more than once, brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and remains one of the most volatile political, economic, and fairness issues facing mankind [and womankind] on the planet.  It is both unwise and unfair to only have the Pro-American, Pro Israel side of the issue in the media so much and in the school books so consistently and repeatedly. (This opinion itself is something that is just my opinion and needs to be discussed, debated, written about and pondered, and all points and all sides of contention need to be heard and considered.) It is important to point out that their needs to be more than just the three groups heard from (Jewish People, Arab People and African Americans).  This issue is an international one.  Latino, East Indian, Native American, Asian, African, North American and all races and religions (men and women; Gay and Straight) should have access to The Progressive Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.   High oil prices; long held ethnic hatreds; Banking issues; systematic economic exploitation; systematic racial and ethnic discrimination; Women’s issues; Terrorism; the U.S. military’s economic sustainability and presence in the region; U.S. military aggression and intervention for the purpose of exploiting and selling War merchandise and War materials such as bombs, guns, bullets, grenades, etc.;  the manipulation of oil markets for profit; the potential of nuclear war; illegal torture [as stated in the Geneva Convention]; and Gay and Lesbian issues including homophobic violence, bullying, discrimination and even rape are just some of the issues that surround the considerations of the Middle East.  Many Black intellectuals say they never get asked to express their views on the important international issues that impact on the Black community systemically and directly on a daily basis. (For example many Black intellectuals say the whole geographic formation of the region [The Middle East] should NOT be called the Middle East at all. Many Black intellectuals also represent the view that quells up from the Black community in general—and that is one of feeling exploited by Jewish merchants and business owners, but never getting asked to give their opinions on the issues of the Middle East and how they are impacted by the taxes they have to pay for our bloated defense mechanism and the ``National Security’’ the U.S. feels obligated to sustain and maintain at home and abroad…. [This is also connected to the issue of a severe lack of economic opportunity for Black People within the U.S. [North America] and Africa and the Caribbean and other regions of the world where Black People live [our Diaspora].. For example: Some eight to ten Billion Dollars a year goes to the tiny State of Israel  while the entire CONTINENT of Africa only gets the same amount or a bit more in U.S. Aid (That’s for over some 50 African countries!!). The late Radio Commentator Reggie Bryant and a few others have championed the idea that the Palestinian ``Terrorists’’ or ``Bombers’’ are actually sacrifice bombers, NOT suicide bombers as they are called by the major American news media on a regular and consistent basis because they are sacrificing themselves for what they perceive of as a real cause, not just committing suicide.  Sacrifice Bombers have often been blocked completely out of the protest equation, the media and the peace process and feel they have no other recourse to express their anger, resentment and hopelessness concerning their position in the Middle East—so they resort to violence…. Is the real source of the violence those who would hold back and suppress such voices of decent?  This issue needs to be explored also. Also: The true issues of the ``terrorists’’ are never really examined by the National Major Media such as: who invaded who and when?; who started out as terrorists and are now considered National Jewish Heroes and martyrs?; Why do the Arabs bomb (Is it just historic hatred or are their substantive reasons for what they do such as: racism; economic exploitation; not having a say in their own governing process; resentment and anger at having had ``their’’ land  taken away and ``their’ houses destroyed by the Israeli Army and the Israeli government; resentment and anger at seeing Israeli privilege and not being able to have a voice and expose what is happening to them as oppressed Palestinian people  and oppressed Arabs through any other substantive and meaningful process that Will bring on the positive, pro-active and progressive change they seek, etc. Many of these aspects of the story are almost totally ignored by the Major American Goliath media’s portrayal of the saga of the Middle East.  Many people are fatigued at the TV coverage because they see it as so Pro-American and Pro-Israeli and too extensive while ignoring other more progressive, Peace-oriented aspects of the issue—such as those covered on Democracy Now on Public TV...  (For example, many Israeli Peace groups have NEVER even been interviewed by the National media and many Americans don’t even know what these groups are or how they operate and what they do. There is a humongous and horrendous vacuum in the National American news media’s coverage that is so one-sided and incredibly pervasive in determining crucial North American and world opinion on the subject of the Middle East and peace in that region.) For example, the views and work of Jewish People like activist and Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein are rarely ever explored and examined by the major American Goliath news media. Nor are Palestinian Peace Activists and North American Middle East Peace Groups such as The Progressive Coalition for Peace in the Middle East able to get their message across and through the media and to the general public.  This situation and these destructive policies have to change and more open and free speech and sharing of information needs to take place and very quickly if we are to have lasting peace and stop the threat of nuclear war………    

The political importance of this organization [The Progressive Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East] has only increased about 10 fold with the new liberation efforts that have grown like wildfire in the Middle East over the last two years….  These liberation efforts, which have struck Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and other areas in the Middle East and North Africa, only shows a very real need for such an organization for Grass Roots people, thinkers, Progressives, and African Americans, as well as Progressives of ALL races who want to see real solutions implemented as soon as possible. The fact that even I as chair of this organization [The Progressive Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East] didn’t know such liberation efforts were in the offing, shows there is a deep-seated need for greater openness, exchange of progressive information and Grass Roots analysis of the many issues, policies and concerns pertaining to the Middle East and how they can be solved in as humanely and as peaceful a manner as possible. This can only come about when more open and balanced information is available to the masses and when those masses get the motivation and political knowledge as to how best to take positive action that will lead to the substantive positive change we ALL seek…  

                                                                MANY MYTHS:

Start Editing HERE!!! It is NOW 11:24 P.M. on Monday the 2nd of September, 2013…        

There are many, many myths about the so-called Middle East that need to be dragged out from under the bed, exposed and discussed.  For example, I read in the National Geographic, in a recent article about Saudi Arabia, that there are many, many poor Arabs living in Saudi Arabia who are barely making enough to live on.  All we often hear about Saudi Arabia is that there are all these sheiks running around with, not Millions of dollars, but Billions of Dollars dripping from their clothing. Where is the truth?  The belief that all Arabs are wealthy is a major myth about the region and its’ people.  There are poor Arab, People, unemployed Arabs, hard-working Arabs and Arabs who just want to live in peace and harmony with man, woman, child and nature.  Where are their stories?  Not all Arab children are throwing rocks,

and some that are--aren’t crazy children, but frustrated children seeing no other route to take in their quest for a decent life.   They see their parents dragged from their homes, beaten, tortured and or killed, often by Israeli military and U.S. military personnel...  What choices have been left them? One other myth {about Jewish people this time} also concerns money and economics.  I know for a fact that there are poor Jewish People and or Israeli people within the U.S. and overseas.  Not every Jewish person is a Harvard educated lawyer living in a Penthouse Apartment near Wall Street (A typical stereotype we may have of Jewish Americans.)    The truth must be unearthed and soon.  This is part of our Mission as members of The Progressive Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East..

Something Else!!

I have a strong conviction that some Jewish People--who are peace-loving and progressive--should be left an option to live safely outside of Israel and outside of the U.S. if they want and choose to do so.  I thought of the idea of land being given to progressive, forward-thinking, positive-thinking Jewish People who want to live by simple means in a sustainable world and that this land be In Africa—if said Jewish People are willing to dedicate their lives to helping African people (Sub-Saharan) with their economic, health, sustainability and social justice issues.  (Research for such a project could allow us all to finally figure out just how much land the Jewish People already own in Africa in the first place and what their full present influence is on the continent of Africa.)   These Jewish progressives would be governed mostly by African People and would relate to African People who wanted to learn more and concern themselves with Jewish issues in regards to being more progressive and forward thinking.  Africa is land rich, but economically poor in many regions.  An influx of Jewish people with progressive backgrounds and social justice backgrounds could help tremendously if handled in a forward thinking and progressive manner!! We have to leave the old racial hatreds, ethnic resentments, cultural one-sidedness and anger behind!!  We must learn to respect cultural and racial differences and be much, much more open to learning about other races, other religious groups and other cultural groups besides our own without being so damned Nationalistic and only thinking that our particular race is the only one ``deemed Blessed, chosen and necessary’’ by GOD.

For Example: Arabs who want Peace in the Middle East and want to lay down their weapons should find refuge in ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD for their work.  They could and should be working on getting lower oil prices for the rest of the world instead of working towards bombing people and using violence. I know for sure that there are already people of Arab descent who are working towards peace, but their efforts are often undermined by some of the covert actions of the U.S. [such as through the military and through mercenaries]; other military actions of the U.S. [such as through the CIA and other so-called intelligence agencies supported by U.S. tax dollars and or the U.S. and other corporate structures in foreign lands.  These sources of money are often untraceable, but very real in their influence on foreign policy and world events and world stability] and covert and military actions of Israel and anti-people actions by the heads of governments in their respective Arab states who are backed by Big-Money and military influences in the U.S., Europe and Israel, as well as elsewhere.  Lowering the price of oil could begin a process to squeeze the Big Oil companies out of the gigantic profits they make and which they utilize to maintain, prop up and support military influences and bodies that are hostile to Peace in the Middle East region and in the world.  The Arab leaders who have tried to Nationalize the oil fields in their respective countries such as Mumar Quadaffie in Libya and Sadam Husane in Iraq were always the first to be chastised, crushed, overthrown, vilified and criminalized and killed by the Western press and the U.S. government, and ALWAYS the first to have their countries invaded by the U.S.  We often don’t want to look at how the U.S. overthrew a legitimately elected government in Iran in 1953, but this one cataclysmic event is the root cause for Iran’s hatred of the West and especially the U.S...  This hatred was a re-action—not a bold out-of-no-where ACTION that just gave rise to Iranian Fundamentalism out of thin air like it is portrayed in the formerly dominate Western Press.  It is also important and interesting to note that Iraq and Libya had some of the more liberal laws in their treatment of women in the Middle East before they were invaded and overthrown by powerful money influences and the U.S. and Israeli military.

``My Feelings’’

While you might not think my own opinions are important, I feel it is important to offer my own opinion so you will know the perspective from which I am coming as the creator & developer of the The Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.’’

  I don’t think a real Jewish Person, who adheres to the guidelines and tenants of his or her religion would be a hater of the Palestinian people and want to throw them off land that has been traditionally Palestine.  I think to do so, to be hateful, resentful, discriminatory and murderous, flies in the face of just about any religion or positive aspect of any religion including traditional indigenous African Religions or at least the positive aspects of those religions—and I DON’T think the Jewish People are to NOT be heard at all, but they must NOT be the only ones heard from either, like it to often is in the Western Press right now as other voices such as Alice Walker and Cynthia McKinney are discredited and drowned out by voices of haters and malcontents in the Western Press. There is a MOVEMENT afoot to chastise and isolate Israel for their reprehensible behavior in the Middle East and the world just like the Apartheid government of ole South Africa was isolated and economically boycotted until they finally began to relent [much of Apartheid still needs to be dismantled economically and much more land and opportunity needs to be extended to South Africa’s Black People as Well. It is interesting to note that much of the mineral wealth and mine wealth of South Africa is again owned by and exploited by Jewish People!! This MUST NOT STAND!!!]...  I am for the people’s popular movement in South Africa and have a long history of working for justice in South Africa as I served on the Board of a group of Progressives located in Philadelphia that dealt positively with South Africa called Friends of Somafco.] and I think and feel this pro-active movement in South Africa will be successful over time. The more of us who work on such issues and put down the remote for the football game and basketball game and the remote for the computer game the sooner the world’s problems get solved in a lasting and positive Way. We have to be more serious about our place in the formation of a positive and progressive world policy and in the making of positive, pro-active and even revolutionary headlines, history and news!!

By the same token, I don’t think that the Muslims and Arabs are doing the correct and religious thing by strapping bombs onto themselves and becoming ``sacrifice’’ bombers in the name of Allah. I think such behavior is also a detriment to peace and flies in the face of the Muslim religion’s mostly peaceful tenants and   beliefs. So the ONLY truly religious road is one that leads to mutual recognition, peace and a sharing of scarce resources and scarce land area in the Middle East.  To let the Palestinian people suffer without medicine and food in Gaza is irreligious, hateful and a terrible thing, but bombing Americans and Israelis is not the solution either. I find drone bombing both unacceptable and reprehensible and this is the main reason why I didn’t vote for President Obama in 2012. I found myself unable to personally vote for him due to my own moral and ethical beliefs against violence...  It was an activist, teacher and lecturer in Philadelphia, Mr. Tony Montero, who finally convinced me NOT to vote for the President in 2012’s November election. I had heard Mr. Montaro speak at 48th and Baltimore Avenue in Philadelphia at a meeting sponsored by the International Action Center and chaired by fellow activist and writer Ms. Berta Jobert, [fellow activist and former Congresswoman from Atlanta Cynthia McKinney was in Philadelphia to speak when I was thusly convinced NOT to vote for President Obama.] NOTE: I had finally registered as an Independent after listening to the advice of Brother Rob Gray formerly the leader of the African American Freedom and Justice League [known as the League], when I took His advice and registered as an Independent. I served on the Board of the League for a year.        

Taking a break at 3:50 A.M. on Tuesday morning, September 3rd, 2013.

The road to peace, be it fraught with setbacks, and incredible difficulties, is the only road to travel on. When we learn how to treat each other with civility we have made a great advance for mankind.  2-26-2011


Through town hall meetings, meetings with alternative news sources, networking between and among racial, religious and ethnic groups, sponsoring public events and having major media coverage and major events when and where possible and necessary—we will change the world in a positive Way in the Way thinking about the Middle East is dealt with…. People will feel and know they can and are having a positive impact on policy creation and a positive impact on influencing policy makers, thinkers, leaders, academicians, power brokers, business leaders and Gate Keepers concerned with and involved in this issue…   Also: We are formulating links between groups who have traditionally worked on the issue of Middle East Peace with more people-oriented and progressive groups outside of the traditional institutions that have formulated opinion and policy on the issue in prior years e.g. the National American news media, Academia, the State Department and the traditional Jewish/Israeli lobby organizations and the traditional Pro-Palestinian groups and organizations.  Of course all this is treading on thin ice in the eyes of many because of the ``terrorists’’ factor.  There are some elements that one doesn’t want to talk to, according to the recent (Obama) Administration in D.C.  However, the fact is that unless some more substantive discussion and more open and progressive media attention is not forthcoming on this issue, it could well continue to blossom into another full scale war that could drag in Russia—which has been more aggressive recently, and China, which has its’ own ethnic issues and contentions internationally. [The large debt owed to the U.S. from China is a factor here also.]    Of course the United States has tried to play both sides of the fence because we get so much oil from this region of the world and have a great many Jewish Americans and Jewish and Israeli business interests within the U.S.’s borders, and major Arab holdings here as well.  Americans are, generally speaking, deprived of substantive, consistent, progressive information on the subject of the so-called Middle East and this is done, largely through the work of the Right Wing and the so-called Ruling Class, for a real and present reason….. Whatever that reason is, we are demanding and working quietly and methodically for change in a consistent, on-going and Justice-Oriented manner…

The Real and Lasting Solution:

Our contention is that the Jewish State of Israel must [Please note we did not say ``needs to be’’, we said ``MUST’’ ] The State of Israel MUST be transformed into a Free State and an Open State for ALL and an International City whose borders are for ALL people.  No longer a Jewish State. Having a Jewish State is the root of the entire destabilization of the region and everybody, including the Jewish People, knows this. A Free and Open State MUST be organized quickly.  IT MUST NOT be run by the United Nations. Instead, it must be run, managed and controlled by whatever new international diplomatic body can be put together as quickly as possible that will have free and fair representation from ALL NATIONS in the WORLD….  THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL MUST ALSO BE ABOLISHED!! The U.N. Security Council has usurped and undermined much of the alternative international policy that would have helped shed needed light on the conflicts in the Middle East and would have alleviated much of the conflicts there.  An ``International City’’ status will allow people of all races, religions, ethnicities, sexes, sexual orientations and colours free and equal access to land, money, jobs, influence, power, and the wherewithal to live peacefully and maintain a free, open and happy existence on the land which is the former State of Israel…. Peace, Justice and prosperity  Will flow from this new state to ALL regions of the Middle East and ALL regions of our Earth… This MUST happen soon or the entire World will pay a dear and heavy price for the continued existence of a hated Jewish State. The use of and / or purchase of / and or the carrying or possession of any formation of weapon or gun or bomb is strictly forbidden and prohibited in the new Free and Open State that WILL take the place of Israel. . . This new Free and Open State will have to be renamed. It MUST have a name and a concept that is quickly agree upon by the Leaders of the Jewish People and the Palestinian People including, but not necessarily limited to the Non-Violent Peace Activists among them. We don’t have time to hem and haw over this. It HAS to happen and very soon… I have suggested that we take a language other than Hebrew or Arabic and use the word for LOVe for the New Name of this Free and Open State.  I suggest the language be Portuguese because the Portuguese were some of the worse colonizers of people in Africa, but have turned things around to be a bit more fair than they were as colonizers.  I am NOT saying that Portugal is a perfect country, but Portuguese is also spoken in Brazil and Brazil is also a country that is more fair and open, but still willing to struggle with human issues and improve…..  A fair and open process MUST be devised quickly to reach a decision as to which language to use, if you do not wish to use Portuguese… 

We Don’t Want to Reinvent the Wheel:

This information is being shared with Opinion leaders of many ethnic backgrounds because we don’t want to reinvent the wheel and create something that is already being done.  From what I can tell, there is no one organization that is designated to bring the many issues and concerns of the Middle East together—Zionists and Pro-Palestinian forces, Peace Keepers and war Generals, State Department Representatives as well as a host of intellectuals, academicians, media representatives and other ethnic groups, and just plain ole Joe from down the street,  who are or should be concerned about the region and the conflicts of the Middle East….. Poor people and the uneducated need a seat at this table as well—if not, more than one seat…. This seems to be a wheel that has not been invented as yet. This is why we are proposing The Progressive Coalition for Peace in the Middle East be an open organization with no membership dues and few rules and regulations for membership...   

                For some substantive views on the issues of the day, we hope you will visit the Web Page of the individual who wrote this position paper, Brother Tracy Gibson, at (; or his Blog Access: http://

Our feeling is that if we keep ignoring this festering problem it will not only NOT go away, it will fester  more and more and need, in some brilliant power leader’s opinion, an amputation (in the form of nuclear strikes) as opposed to a good, down to earth  chicken-soup-Collard Greens [with no meat] AND-pot-stickers discussions with more and more progressive and alternative media attention. 

Updated on11-11-12 and again on 9-5-2013

Start Here on 9-7-2013. It is now 5:43 A.M. on 9-5-2013… Updated: 2-6-2015, Friday at 6:13 P.M.What you can do:

1)            Call us AND give us the name of your representative who is concerned about this issue.

2)            Give us the names of any and all groups that you know of that are concerned about the Middle East and reaching a better understanding and resolving conflicts in the region in a Peaceful manner ONLY!!!!

3)            Make a contribution, no matter how small, to the work we are doing.

4)            Donate objects, cash or unwanted property to the cause of making progressive change in the region.

5)            Endorse the concept of the creation of an organization that will listen to ALL sides and create a People’s Viewpoint that can be leveraged in Washington, D.C. [as well as other places where power and influence is concentrated] and utilized to create Positive and Progressive media portrayals on the issue.

6)            Adopt Palestinian, Libyan, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Pakistani, Egyptian, Israeli, Afghan or other native children from the region who have been abandoned or left parentless because of the Middle East crisis and the violence there.

Editor’s Note: To Enrich AND Enhance this proposal I asked some questions of the Israeli Consulate in Philadelphia in hopes that they would answer.  They were given two months and I did not get an answer. I wrote them a letter with the questions included and I sent them two e-mails. No answer. I am including the questions here for your examination so you can draw your own conclusions… I am planning to send similar questions to the Missions of the U. N. or the Diplomatic Missions of several countries in the region as well.

2-1-2010 (Monday)

Questions for the Israeli Consulate in Philadelphia that have gone unanswered:

First I will need the Counselor General of Philadelphia’s name.

Introductory information about me: (Also see ``About the Author’’—a separate attachment on my Blog).

I am a Black writer-humanitarian and activist living and working in New Castle, Delaware {at the time}. {Now Philadelphia}…  The Middle East and its’ ongoing conflict is but one of many issues I’m concerned with. 

                I am presently writing a book about how people—especially Black people, would benefit greatly from maintaining a stronger knowledge base about political issues and how we could fair better by being more involved in community groups, civic organizations and political organizations  and from being more knowledgeable on the issues. 

I have five questions for you…

1)            Do you feel that Jewish Professionals in the communications and news media industries have too much power and influence on what is seen on TV News and do you feel such news coverage on the Middle East is slanted in a pro-Israeli way?

2)            Israel gets over $4 Billion Dollars in Aid from the United States annually.  The entire continent of Africa—about 54 Nations—only gets about $ 4 Billion Dollars in Aid from the United States.  What has Israeli done to warrant getting such support from the United States?

3)            Are you aware that the U.S. drone program bombing in Pakistan and other Hot Bed areas of contention in the region is actually killing innocent women and children?  What can be done to make sure this doesn’t happen?

4)            Have Progressive Jewish Americans and the groups and organizations they have formed as well as Progressive Israelis and the groups and organizations they have formed ever thought of moving into areas of Africa such as Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique where they could help the people there with their expertise in accounting, law, marketing, business management, the medical profession and such in exchange for constructive land use?

5)            What is your position on settlements in Israel? 

6) Please make any comments…


Statement: I have attached (separately) my Position Paper on the Middle East  [this document] which calls for the formation of a new organization that reaches beyond the typical politicians, academia and the established news media to solve some of the problems in the Middle East and take a fresh look at the situation.  It is only 10 pages.  I hope you will take a look at it and give me some positive feedback.  Please have a great day and please know how much I deeply appreciate your taking the time to answer these questions.   Additionally, I have contacted and await a reply from Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, regarding which legitimate Arab organizations to contact to broaden this document.  (I specifically asked for groups and organizations that are not connected to or affiliated with any terrorist cells or terrorist organizations.)  It has been over two years and I have NOT received a reply. It is NOW September 8th,  2013….

Contact Information:

Brother Tracy Gibson


Building Community Through Strength

Advocacy, Black Entrepreneurship, Human Rights, Black Media Relations, Public Relations, Education, Advertising, Promotions, Non-Violent Peace Initiatives, Other Professional Services and products,  Philanthropy…


Brother Tracy Gibson; ;

Please do NOT tamper with this original document as you may well be tampering with the future of our world’s existence.

The Above Peace Solution was sent to the Jewish Exponent over several years, about five years, while I worked on it. Recently as things have continued to heat up in the Middle East, I have sent it to American Jewish World Service in Manhattan; and others. I Am planning to send it to the President of the United States; The United States State Department; A Peaceful Arab Organization & some media outlets. I have also sent it to some African Embassies [Including the Ghanaian Embassy; The South African Embassy and the Kenyan Embassy; and Some of my political friends in Philadelphia.
**Brother Tracy Gibson, Poet, Peace maker
Something important added at the bottom

The Above Peace Solution was sent to the Jewish Exponent over several years, about five years, while I worked on it. Recently as things have continued to heat up in the Middle East, I have sent it to American Jewish World Service in Manhattan; and others. I Am planning to send it to the President of the United States; The United States State Department; A Peaceful Arab Organization called the Middle East Policy Council & some media outlets including the Philadelphia Tribune. I have also sent it to some African Embassies [Including the Ghanaian Embassy; The South African Embassy and the Kenyan Embassy, among others; I will send it to the United Nations' General Secretary as well; and Some of my political friends in Philadelphia.


**Brother Tracy Gibson, Poet, Peace maker...

Late Note: If the United Nations' Security Council cannot be abolished, perhaps their powers can be greatly reduced by taking away their veto powers and giving one nation one vote status to members of the United Nations regardless of ideology, race, skin color or religion.