Friday, March 27, 2015

Sherrie Cohen for City Council at Large

March 26th, 2015 Thursday

From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

213 South 49th Str.

Philadelphia, Pa 19139

Phone: 1 (215) 921-2065

I receive my mail at:

Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878

To: Ms. Siobhgn Reardon

President. & Director of the Free Library

The Main Library of Philadelphia

1901 Vine Street

Philadelphia, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania 19103

Dear Ms. Reardon:

I am a good and qualified researcher and businessman who works and lives in West Philadelphia.  I am also a partially disabled worker and a budding philanthropist as well as a public relations man. I wear many hats. I am on disability, but work hard at establishing my own firm – Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated.  We also do advocacy for the less fortunate in the Black community & the Black community in general.  I want positive and progressive social change, but I want it through TOTALLY non-violent means. All I get is a disability check Social Security to live off of and believe me the $ 1,300.00 plus dollars doesn’t make ends meet at the end of the month each month.

The funny thing is I actually have a dedicated board of directors for my company and I have a vending license with the City of Philadelphia that cost $300.00. It took me ten years to get that license.  I DON’T want to be on disability, or at least I want to work while on it and make a decent earning at a decent wage. Ultimately, I want to GET OFF OF DISABILITY AND BE A BUSINESSMAN WITH A BIG HEART!!

The recent problem is I can’t go to the library without finding out there is yet another book that they say at the West Philadelphia regional library I lost or they can’t find. I returned ``Makes me Wanna Hollar,’’ by Nathan McCall and they have no record of it. I returned the video ``The Philanthropist,’’ and  they have no record of it. And a few weeks ago I returned ``The Art of Selling Yourself,’’ by Adam Riccoboni & Daniel Callaghan. This last book was returned at 40th and Walnut Street. They had no record of it….


NEWS FLASH --  UPDATE.!! In researching this letter I find out that ALL MATERIALS HAVE BEEN RETURNED. Isn’t this strange? I think I’m being harassed and I don’t like it. I deserve better.  Much of my work actually moves mountains and makes things happen.  What I need is for the library to consider giving a special library card to activists and academics who do research and other groups of people who use the library frequently for professional purposes. We should get receipts for our materials when we return things. Do you have any kind of idea what a bill for a $20.00 lost book can do to my entire month’s budget? It throws everything off and causes all kinds of problems with my being able to buy food and medicine and pay my phone bill or internet bill [I don’t have the luxury of cable tv and don’t want it!!] There are people who use the computers to play games and look at pictures of people. When I’m at the library I am almost 100 % of the time doing vitally important work such as researching probable solutions for the Middle East; discovering Ways to relinquish police violence in the Black community; or helping us all take issues like domestic violence and poverty very, very seriously.  I’m not playing games. If I want to look at adult pictures I’ll do that in the privacy of my home.

I don’t want to come off as sounding difficult, out of place or cranky. I just DON’T think things are running as smoothly as we think they are when we come to the library at the Main Branch or at a neighborhood branch.  I know full well that the librarians work hard and are very professional in what they do. A good friend of mine, Mr. Levin Tilghman, is a librarian and I know he works hard in the face of the difficulties of the home challenged people who come in and might not be as clean or smell as nice as some people would like; and in the face of all the changing technologies; and in the face of the security problems & issues throughout the library system; and in the face of the have not’s looking at a person funny when they have a tuna sandwich when other people don’t have one.  I am not trying to blame anyone for the difficulties, but at the same time, I think things could run much smoother and better if certain people who have acted more than polite and use the library in a more consistent manner and for professional purposes was given a special card and was allowed to get a receipt for their returned books & other items.

Another part of this equation is the almost total lack of Black men on the Main Library staff and  among the library pool.  This is not good and causes a real ethnic gap among the people who use the library and the people who work there. [Certainly a Black  ``Brother’’ – not a guard, mind you, would be much better at dealing with the home challenged people and the mentally ill than a rather frail older female librarian who feels threatened by the home challenged People.  I am not saying this to be verbose or catty, I am just stating fact. I look at all the Library Dignitaries & Ole World Administrators on the wall on the second floor of the Main Library and I see the faces of almost totally Caucasian men.  THIS HAS TO CHANGE!!  This is part of the detachment people are feeling when they come to use materials, get a book, use the computers, or just read a newspaper, magazine or get away from the fact that they don’t have a place to relax because they are home challenged. Having an exhibit of art work by incarcerated men just shows us another part of the problem that the Main Library is a part of: exclusion; incarceration; profiting from the victims; elitism bordering on fascism; racism; homophobia; sexism and on and on.  The Main Library and the library system can’t solve all the problems in the world and must not be expected to. But thank GoD we have people like Sherrie Cohen, an out lesbian running for City Council at Large who was a leading organizer for Coalition for Essential Services. She stood up to keep the libraries open, the pools open the parks open and for youth jobs when the City of Philadelphia wanted to cut back on essential services and turn back the legitimate expansion of progress. When the Mayor and the City wanted to close them down; She stood up for the home challenged people and was actually a victim of police abuse Herself when police under Mayor Rizzo actually pushed and shoved Her and other teachers fighting for a Gay Rights bill down the steps at City Hall back in the 1960’s.{I have to admit I was even shocked when She told me this at our church service –Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia--last week – March 22nd, 2015 Sunday –when Ms. Cohen actually came to our church, a church open to all, but with several gay and lesbian and transgendered and bisexual members, I was even shocked when She spoke about Her experiences at the hands of brutal police back in the 1960’s.  Some people want our fair City to go back to such law and order and abusive tactics, but thank GoD People like Sherrie are standing up and helping us remember what happens when we don’t stand up. We can’t afford to rest on our laurels!! This is the kind of leadership we need and this is why I’m endorsing Sherrie Cohen for City Council at Large.

Meanwhile, please put some Black people on your administrative boards, some women, some Latinos & Latina’s , Some Asians, Some East Indians, some Arabs & some other left out ethnic groups. This country is NOT and never has been a melting pot.  We don’t want to all become ``Caucasian Americans’’  we want America to respect us for the differences we have. We want to be a tremendous fresh salad that everyone can enjoy like the ones you get from    ``Sweet Greens.’’ Full of a mix of vegetables, lettuce,  fruits, great dressings and so forth—with each ingredient making a whole that is a wonderful healthy  cornucopia of GoD’s creation for all to share, enjoy and experience.

This is also why I advocate for more museums for different communities.  We have wonderful Asian restaurants in Black neighborhoods, but Black people—especially the Grass Roots—know very little about the differences between the Chinese People; the Japanese People; the South Korean or North Korean People; or the Laotian People or the Cambodian People.  There are vast and drastic differences between these Asian groups.  We do a vast disservice to each and every one of  them by not understanding their differences and what they each had & has to contribute to the family of man, humanity,  world culture—music, dance, film the other arts, etcetera, world history and our experience on this precious planet. Too often our Black community only sees Asians as exploiters and people after our money. There are all kinds of Asians who have other goals and aspirations besides just making money.  Where do we learn about them? From them and from our museums and libraries!!!!

Suffice it to say we need more respect of diversity. We all need to be more willing to share more and speak to different People who are not like us. Be kind and courteous.  Be more outgoing and share resources. Be able to accept the fact that to move forward some in high places might have to give a little more. People at the bottom have done without for well long enough. Hey are not accepting such mistreatment and exclusion any longer. We all thought more inclusion and positive development and jobs was going to be a large part of what President Obama was going to do. Many People still feel left out and mistreated. This is why we need People like Sherrie, but we all have to take a stand and demand more in a consistent, ongoing and everlasting—forever kind of fashion. We have to keep the pressure on or this thing will never work. Complacency feeds into the downfall of great nations. Activism, truth, reality, dignity, grace and honor feed into the heart of democracy and true freedom with democratic principles.  This is the undercurrent of the national debate about police violence and community responsibility and this is the undercurrent about the hatred the President of the United States has to deal with every day when He is sometimes doing a better job than anyone else who ever held that position.  I Hope & Pray I have made myself clear without being too much of a nudge.


LOVe, Peace & Blessings,



Brother Tracy Gibson,

Poet, Partially Disabled Worker, Budding Philanthropist, Businessman, Writer, Researcher, Proud Uncle ,





Monday, March 23, 2015

support for candidates

Tentatively Endorsed Candidates for City Council & Mayor.

Mayor of Philadelphia: Nelson Diaz.

City Council at Large: Blondell Reynolds Brown.

City Council At Large:  Sherrie Cohen.

City Council At Large: Isaiah Thomas.

All endorsements will be made official on April 9th, 2015, if they have taken the appropriate positions to merit such support. We will do the research.

Friday, March 13, 2015

What I Know About Money

What I know about money

** If you are poor or disenfranchised or working poor or dealing with poverty I know it is hard to save money. We, in the United States, live in a culture that doesn't stress of emphasize saving money for a rainy day or for money to start a business. What is stressed during everyday life is spending what we have to support people who already own mostly large businesses.  This allows the rich to maintain wealth and financial power while they keep the means of production, what is produced and how, in their possession.  Meanwhile few little People like you and me get to make the huge profits of stores like Macy's; Wal Mart; or oil companies like British Petroleum; or Exxon. Some major American corporations like Disney Film Studios make over $40 Million dollars in raw profits a year and they are not known to share with the little man or the little woman who made them rich. Moving to another planet won't change all that. We have to stay on earth and make things better here.

** It is NOT impossible to do well financially in North America. You have to save money and sacrifice, and do without and invest and buy thing, only what you need mostly, on sale. Get some Certificates of Deposit or buy some no-load stocks and you will see your money grow over time.  If you come up with ideas for that Super Business if you write them down send a copy to yourself so you have some copyright protections under your belt. You can also find stocks that are environmentally and people friendly so you don't have to buy stocks in companies that are dangerous to People and the environment. You can go to the business section of the Free Library and read several books about business to get started. You don't have to go to an expensive business school to start a small business.  If you escape to another planet you end up living, if you can survive the environment, in a world that is untested with laws and a society you might not recognize or understand. Some people might have told you things will be better, but have you checked out these people's credentials and backgrounds?

** I started a for-profit company in 2006 [we started research in 2002]; that is dedicated to helping Black youth become better more stable individuals and more responsible People who can change things around for the better for themselves and their families. It is called Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. We are looking for investors. We can't make a lot of promises, but I can tell you I work everyday to do things to get us off the ground and in the running so we can do research, Public Relations, Black Advocacy & Advertising in a positive, progressive and even revolutionary Way that will pay big dividends in getting & keeping our Black neighborhoods more stable. I am founder, differently abled worker, Chief Executive Officer & President and I will not rest until we have made our youth begin to think more positive of themselves and give them the kind of opportunities they need. We want to sell them on the idea of manufacturing tee-shirts & greeting cards and make these items ourselves with them as well-paid factory workers, foremen and forewomen, and as other employees. This can be done, but I need other People to envision this along with me. I have a Board of Directors but I need some young People to serve on the Board as well. We fully expect to have paid positions on the Board very, very soon--within days. For more information, please call me at: 1 (215) 921-2065 and ask for Brother Tracy Gibson.

** I read that Money Likes the truth and money like trust. I believe I read this in a book by Suze Orman.  The title is ``The Money Class''. I found some problems with the book for Black People because it never addresses they way our United States economy was grown from the backs of slavery and our country will NEVER be correct until this is corrected, in my Way of thinking. But there are several other good points in the book that make it well worth reading. I read the whole book.  On another planet this book may not be available & other needed books may not be available as well. As long as we are on the planet earth and there is air to breath, we have the opportunity to make things better, read, study and find solutions as well as find and make real North American dollars.  If we live in another country or in another world their may be no respect for how we are used to making money and the whole economy may benefit People other than us as Black People. It may be worse than what we have. All I'm asking is that you make an effort to do some research and discover the truth about whoever is selling you that rocket ship ticket. Ms. Orman also has a book called ``The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke.'' I have NOT read this, but I highly recommend it.  The world we live in is quickly changing. Sometimes we need to take our time, sit back and listen to the grass grow, take it easy and read instead of listen to the hottest news, look at the most attractive men or the most attractive women or listen to music all day after school.  The young People who take time to read and study further after school will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2015

the new watch computer

a nightmare for police as poor Black People who have no job prospects almost literally fight to steal these watches and make them into a hot ``street'' item with big returns for Black men who want to feed their families. Another excuse to put more Black men in jail. I will not buy one.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spirit First Foods... On Baltimore Avenue

If you are seeking a break from fast food places and really want to try some great food, try Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods at 4505 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia.   She serves breakfast items such as turkey beacon, eggs, vegan pancakes, gluten-free pancakes and salads with salmon for lunch [UMMM!!]. Call them at 1 (215) 939-3298 or just stop by. They are conveniently located in West Philadelphia near Clark Park... They Specialize in Vegetarian and Vagan and Raw foods... Atiya once catered an event for me last year and EVERYBODY LOVED THE RAW FOOD--even people who had not tried it before!!! The Salmon Wraps are just great. She also has alkaline water, low salt popcorn and vegan chocolate cake. She comes highly recommended...

** Late addition: recently I had Her Black Bean soup and a Salmon Salad and vegan chocolate cake. You are talking about something really great. I also get a great deal of wisdom when I visit Atya Ola's because many very smart Black people like to stop by for a meal & to see what's goin' on. It is becoming an effective, if small center for grass roots community education.