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A note to the former Vice President.

Dear Dick Cheney: Fudging it doesn't win football games.

Peace and Blessings,
A former Philadelphia Eagles fan

Malcolm X on the Trap of Racism.....

But these are traps. He traps us because he knows it's impossible for us to go forward unless we get together.  But what basis are we going to get together on? We've got to get together on the same basis they got together. Italians got together because they were Italian, the Jews got together on the basis of being Jews, the Irish got together on the basis of being Irish. Now what basis are you and I going to get together on? We've got to have some kind of basis. But as soon as we mention the only basis that we've got to together on, they trick us by telling our leaders, you know,that anything that's all Black is putting segregation in reverse. [Laughter] Isn't that what they say? So the people who are Black don't want to get together because they don't want segregation. See, the man is tricky, brothers and sisters. I mean the man is tricky. He's a master of tricks. And if you don't realize how tricky he is, he'll have you maneuvered right on back into slavery--I shouldn't say back into slavery because we're not out of it yet.  [Applause]

From Malcolm X on Afro-American History

Comments by Brother Tracy Gibson:

We still have much to learn from our Brother Malcolm X. We should constantly read His works and books and get copies of his audios. The audaciousness of the crap being sole and presented to us as movies and TV programming can be re-defined in its' proper light by studying Malcolm X and some of our other more radical, established Black thinkers.  If you read and of my blog, you know I'm pretty well self-educated myself, but I am a lightweight compared to Brother Malcolm X. Find His early speeches especially and gain knowledge that Will
 help you deal more correctly, honestly and positively with this White man.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

letter to Michael Jordan


September 5th, 2013 Thursday

From: Brother Tracy Gibson

Activist / Uncle / Educator / Lecturer /  Writer / Fund Raiser / Philanthropist / Worker

Founder, President and CEO OF:

The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878


Important Letter From The What Must Be Done Series # 1.

To: Mr. Michael Jeffrey Jordan

333 East Trade Str.

Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Dear Mr. Jordan:

I hope this letter finds you and your family well.  I am writing you with some economic concerns I have centering on some of your business practices and some suggestions for improvements.  First, I want to commend you on reaching such a high point in business.  This is no small feat for a Black man, even for a major athlete such as yourself. Congratulations!!! Second of ALL I refuse to believe that a man, such as yourself, who supported the making of the highly important historical and cultural document called ``Malcolm X,’’ a vital, courageous and exciting film made by Mr. Spike Lee back in the 1980’s can be all bad.  I know that you and other supporters of the making of that film such as Ms. Janet Jackson and Mr. William Cosby, had to think that decision over because of the political volatility inherent in Mr. Malcolm X’s life and how that volatility would certainly HAVE to spill over into the film about Malcolm.  I know this was not an easy decision and you had to think about the economic hit you three might take as a result of the film being released with your names associated with it.  It took guts, courage and fortitude to give that film the go-ahead and to shell out the money for Mr. Lee’s project.  I never formally thanked you or the other two investors, so I want to take the time now and to that.  Thank you so much for supporting the Malcolm X Film.  I recently watched it once again and continue to find it not only important, but a dramatic, Well-made, Well-thought-out, Well-directed, Well-acted and entertaining film. Denzel Washington, I know, should have received the Academy Award for his portrayal of the Black Nationalist leader for the Malcolm X film along with the other awards He received. 

But, as my very much alive and Well Sister, MRs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter, an artist and activist in Her own right, has pointed out, the missing equation in the Malcolm X film was the economic component that The Nation of Islam brought to the table for the Black community.  The NOI was very instrumental in bringing fresh fish, baked goods and such items as the famous bean pie to many, many Black families in North America and other parts of the world during the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.  This FACT was never mentioned in the film or ever even shown in any Way.  The NOI played and still continues to play an important economic role in our communities. 

In Philadelphia, along 52nd Str, from Baltimore Avenue in the South and from Lancaster Avenue in the North I have proposed this district be called Africa Town and that many, many BLACK stores and businesses be given all due possibilities to flourish and grow there.  I am by no means the first person or the only person to work on and or promote the Pro-Africa Town issue in Philadelphia or in other areas of the country…. There are probably a good 2000 people who have worked on or are working on this issue besides me in Philadelphia and in other cities.

There is a thriving China Town in Philadelphia and an historically established Italian Market.  The Pennsylvania Dutch are also allowed to work in various sections of the city and sell their fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods, most notable at 30th Street Station.  Other ethnic groups are also allowed and encouraged to sell their items in certain parts of town.  However, there is no such section set up for people of African descent to sell their items in an on-going, consistent and successful manner that is fully supported in any multitude of Ways by the City of Philadelphia, the Visitor’s Bureau, The Mayor’s Office, The State of Pa, The Federal Government and the City Council of Philadelphia. There is certainly a  level of anger and resentment among Blacks in Philadelphia at being left as consumers only, and not being allotted a specifically designated space or spaces to flourish along business lines so our community can become viable, stable and so money can have a chance to breath needed economic life back into our community.

The city of Detroit’s City Council denied that Michigan town’s Black community the right to forge ahead with the development and formation of their own Africa Town.  The result 10 years later has been the default of that city economically.  We can only imagine what Detroit would have been like – [a City with less crime, a thriving city economically, a HUB in the Upper Mid-West, a place where Black people could have gone to successfully find employment and economic opportunities]—had their Africa Town been given the go-ahead to develop and thrive.  We know what trouble Detroit is in now due in large part to the aborted efforts of Her people to develop Africa Town.  We don’t want that to happen here in Philadelphia.  So, I’m asking you and your wealthy friends such as LeBron James, William Cosby, Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklyn, Jay-Z and Beyonce, John Legend, Angela Bassett, Danny Glover, Oprah Winfree and whoever else who might want to get involved in the project to come to Philadelphia and take part in a meeting with, some select Black Churches such as: The Church of the Advocate,  Zion Baptist Church, Enon Baptist Church, The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, Arch Street United Methodist Church and New Vision Church at Broad and Westminster Avenue, OIC and the Urban League and some more Grass Roots concerns here to talk about and help convince our City Council that what we need is a diverse, thriving and developing section designated as Africa Town so Black People can feel, once again, safe and proud to shop among our own People right here in the City of Brotherly LOVe…

Some of the Benefits of an Africa Town Will Provide include:

·         The Creation of a source of consistent economic support for the Black Community in Philadelphia which will help stabilize said community.

·         A Place from which pride and a feeling of inclusiveness can spring for the Black community here.

·         A viable place for the City of Philadelphia to collect taxes from.

·         A place where Black youthful business people Will gather grass-roots experience in the Business community that will translate into very useful business experience in general..

·         A Place where we can generate and support positive Black cultural events [such as dance, poetry readings, traditional studio art and photography, film, theater, and music] that will be a HUB for many other events in the City.

·         A help in cutting back on the local unemployment rate [especially for Black males.].     

I am afraid that because of the history of the country we live in, Africa Town Will have to be protected and I mean Well-protected.  Just look at the events that occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1920 when The Black Wall Street was torn down and burned and over 300 Black people were killed in a race riot sparked by an incident involving White Supremists -- and you know what I’m talking about. We have to be sure that this does NOT happen again.  We have to be realistic and ever vigilant in protecting our rights as Well as our property and people.  I would be more than willing to help set up such a meeting for late October of this year [2013] because this matter is timely and crucial for our development as a City.  Please contact me in as many Ways as you can concerning this matter and as soon as possible...

On another matter, I know full Well of your economic involvement with the Nike Company.  I am sure it has been a lucrative and rewarding relationship for you that has resulted in the sale of hundreds of pairs of sneakers for Nike Company.  However, as I am sure has been pointed out to you in the past, Nike Company has been consistently criticized for their continued use of slave wages; sweat shops; and questionable and often illegal practices in the treatment and wage levels of their employees in place like New York City, South Korea, Kenya and Mozambique.  While I applaud your economic advancement as a Black man, I am very critical of and concerned about your acceptance of Nike Company policies that have a real tendency to be exploitative, unconcerned  about human rights, and generally non-compliant with the suggestions and policy improvements that progressive political groups concerned with economic exploitation at the Nike Company have suggested for Nike. Such Progressive Political groups, if they have a track record and have been working on this issue for some time, MUST be considered seriously and their demands and suggestions MUST be incorporated into Nike policy. Otherwise, I am asking that Your company sever ties with Nike.  It is my deepest hope and wish that you step up to the plate and hit a home run on this one the Way Jackie Robinson Did for the Brooklyn Dodgers back in the Ole  DAYS and say no to such disappointing corporate policies that allow such exploitation and economic degradation to exist. Every time I see Black and poor people wearing Nike sneakers I think how they are actually supporting their own oppression and are unaware of the negative track record of Nike Company in regards to human rights and worker’s rights. There are even homeless people who I talk to and relate with everyday who wear Nike Company sneakers and they continue to be unaware of how they are supporting policies, through Nike, that are keeping them down, poor, disenfranchised and homeless. I very much wish to hear from you on this matter as Well. It is gravely important.


I look forward to hearing from you very soon.  There are thousands of business people in Philadelphia who need to hear from you and who want to meet you—a true SuperStar!!!!.


Peace and Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson…

Why Native Americans Don't Like The Red Skins.....

Article Coming...

When GOD's Name is on the Dollar.

October 29th, 2013 Tuesday

When GOD’s Name is on the Dollar Bill

That is YOUR name, He—GOD—has entrusted you with the money of OUR country.  You have a right and an obligation to hold politicians, the Government, and bankers, the banks and other financial institutions, other financial People, the rich--especially the rich and the very rich--and All People who ever spent a dollar, earned a dollar or wanted a dollar, responsible for their actions and how those actions impact on the general public, the poor and everybody else in the United States and around the world—this is your duty as a righteous Human Being.  It is also your duty as a Black Person to support Black businesses with those hard-to-come-by dollars to help stabilize our communities and help support our schools and the positive development of Black minds.


By Brother Tracy Gibson

Also Known As:

Tracy Charles Gibson

The quote highlighted in green was added Today, 8-13-2014

Monday, October 28, 2013

Saving Money From Your Lottery Ticket Stash....

I have a suggestion for Sisters and Brothers who like to buy lottery tickets.  Why not take five dollars away from the money you spend on lottery tickets each and every time you buy them, and put that five dollars cash aside.  At the end of the month, you can save it at the United Bank at either Progress Plaza; Center City or German town branch. After three months or so, you can take the money and buy some developing stock in a progressive company such as the Vanguard Social Awareness Fund or other such stock.  Let me know if you think this is a good suggestion..... Write me at BlockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

Avenging The Ancestors Coalition Meeting EXCELLENT!!!

Five years ago I used to attend the meetings at Avenging The Ancestors Coalition when they were held at the Women's Christgian Center in North Philadelphia. The meetings were held to bring the community together to look back at the slaves held by the First President of the United States George Washington and how we as a community of activists and Black community members should go about honoring them.  What came out of years of work, headed by Attorney Michael Coard, was a memorium down at the First White House near 5th and Market Street to honor them.  Several thousands of dollars were raised and the memorial still stands today.

I recently attended a meeting of Avenging the Ancestors Coalition and the meetings were great back some five years ago, but now they are just excellent!!!  They have matured as this grass-roots, People-First Organization has grown.  They start out with an honoring of the African Ancestors through a process called pouring libations; People come together and hold hands and honor our family leaders, regular people and activists gone by who did so much to get us where we are today.

A bit later several communty people gave reports on several issues tthey were dealing with.  Meetings were announced such as: The Radio Courtroom being on Wednesdays and Sundays at 12 Noon on WURD Radio; A meeting on Religion and Black Folk on Saturday the 2nd of November with Professor Molefi Asante at his center on Germantown Avenue; A November 8th Town Hall Meeting and Strategy Session at 6 P.M. at the Church of the Advocate at 18th and Diamond Street in North Philadelphia; and a Day of Awareness to pay homage to Activist Assata at the Calvery Church at 48th and Baltimore avenue, FROM 2 p.m. TO 6 p.m.  There were also reports by City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell and the Mayor's Chief of Staff, Everette Gillison. 

I had to leave early, but I totally enjoyed the professional nature of the meeting and the vital information the Sisters and Brothers gave out. 

This article is being edited and will be finalized later today or tomorrow.....

Random House Book Proposal...

Elements of the non-fiction book proposal

Writing In Wet Cement…

Cover Letter:

October 28, 2013 Monday

Brother Tracy Gibson – Formal Name:

Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

213 South 49th Street

Philadelphia Pa 19139

Random House Reference And Information Publishing

1745 Broadway 15-3

New York, New York 10019

Dear Random House Publishers:

I am a writer with a host of experience seeking publication with your publishing company.  My new book ``Writing in Wet Cement,'' would do well as a work for your worldly-thinking Black youth readers--and yes there are such people [We had a Black Film Festival here in Philadelphia this past summer and such beautiful, thinking, courageous and bright Black young people came out of the woodwork. I was delighted and overwhelmed.].  I have enclosed a short excerpts for your consideration and a formal book proposal as best I could manage to get together. [If it is NOT suitable, please let me know who you might suggest to get it in much better order, for your formal consideration.].  Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. 

Peace and Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson,

Phone: 1.215.471.64.94.

E-Mail: BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

 [For more formal Business]


 [For sport and more informal communications.]

Copy of Query Letter

Title Page

``Writing In Wet Cement,''

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Table of Contents [for the proposal]


About the Author

Brother Tracy Gibson is an uncle, writer, businessman, philanthropist and activist living and working in the West Philadelphia area.  He was educated at The Ohio State University [BA in Journalism with a minor in Black Studies]; and he has worked for two major publications--The Philadelphia Tribune and after a Summer Internship in 1977, he took a position at TV Guide Magazine in 1981.  He worked there for a year and a half and was transferred to Radnor, PA the mega magazine's National Headquarters. He worked at TV Guide for a total of 13 years.  He loves politics and especially loves mixing metaphors by writing about political events while also being an activist for progressive events and struggling people, especially Black People.  Anything to do with the advancement of Black people, Mr. Gibson usually finds His Way weighing in on the issue and working towards making positive, progressive change.  A life-long Democrat, Mr. Gibson recently changed to being an Independent voter.  He considers Himself a true North American Patriot. He is single and ``In The Life.''

The Market / The Community We are Targeting for Sales

We are looking at the parents, guardians and grand parents of young Black males and young Black females as our main customer base. Their children, ages 12 through 27 who are interested in growing their knowledge of self and of being a more viable, productive, politically aware and informed youth, with take interests in the book as Well.  The parents, guardians and Grand Parents will be between the ages of 35 to about 97.  The reason we are choosing this particular audience for our book is that this is the group needing the most help in establishing better values through education, religious experiences, spirituality, social contacts, political education and so forth.  This is also the group that can best gain from good, solid political analysis and stories with ethical and moral values held within the telling.


I think parents and young people alike Will find the volume--``Writing in Wet Cement''--I wrote to be constructive, delightful, thought provoking, informative, intelligent, open-minded, helpful, respectful of our elders, and respectful of our people and our ancestors and even an inspiration to do better in life.  With a study plan, help from our churches and Mosques and work towards discovering and rediscovering who we really are, this book will help us towards a path to righteousness, responsibility, dignity and self-respect.  These aspects on life are often missing in much of our own upbringing and in the upbringing of our children.


There will likely be several publications about Black men coming out soon, but I haven't seen many that deal with Black youth and Black male teens in particular.  Coming from the perspective a a Gay Black man who DOESN'T want to see more Black teens take on this particular lifestyle, I think I have a very unique but highly desirable perspective.  First of all: one of the threats to Black men and boys is this whole idea that our masculinity is under attack.  [ It IS under attack and this is an issue I deal with in a unique Way in the book.]  Second of ALL, Most of the Black community wants to see our Black youth become responsible, reliable, Law Abiding, Up-Standing and employed or successfully in business for themselves......  This book has all kinds of paths and roads towards those ends.  I also have solutions and suggestions at the end of each chapter that help lead people on paths that are more viable in helping attain success in North America. Included:  good work habits; successful entrepreneurship; earning a degree; and buying a home.  Starting a family too soon is one of the major drawbacks of being Black and living in the inner city.  I strongly suggest our youth get educated and wait for marriage and children until they have started on a path to financial solvency. This one decision can have an incredibly positive impact on life chances for stability and happiness...  I also have a great and unique perspective about our parents who have Gay and Lesbian children.  We don't need to encourage that behavior, but if our young teens or older teens  or young adults do choose or take on that lifestyle, the last thing we should do as parents, guardians or loved ones and or grandparents is throw them out of the house and disown them.   There is also a real need for an organization for parents, guardians and grandparents who are dealing with the homosexuality of their children that may well be an off-shoot of the book--such as Black Parents of Gays, for example.

Partial Outline

New Outline for My New Book: ``Writing in Wet Cement,’’ By Brother Tracy Gibson, October 16th, 2013 Wednesday...

1} Introduction; Page 1- 5.1

2} Quote About the Hopi Indians; Page 5.2

3} Quote About the Jewish People; Page 5.3 – 5.4

4} Dear Good Brothers and Sisters. A Rap on My Being Gay; Page 5.5 – 8

5} Malcolm X’s Comments on Ancient Black Civilizations; Page 8.9 – 9.1

6} Other Quotes;  Page 9.2 – 9.9

7} Getting Help and Quotes from W.E.B. DuBois; Page  9.9 – 11.9

8} Warnings and Disclaimers; Page 11.9 – 1

9} Introduction #2; Page 12.3 – 14.2

10} Dedication to: Leon; Larry and Frank; Page 14.5 – 15.6

11} To: Knee Knee Dedication #2; Page 15.7 –6.2

12} Not So Famous Quotes; Page 16.3 – 18.8

13} Being Patient; Page 18.9 – 19.5

14} Being Honest and Open; Page 20.4

15} More Quotes; Page 20.5 – 20.8

16} An Open Letter About Homosexuality; Page 20.9 – 22.7

17} More Quotes and an African Folk Fable; Page 22.8 – 26.9

18} Sections of This Book; Page 27

19} What I say As Grace; Page 28.1 – 28.2

20} The Power of Being Black….. and Loving It…..; Page 28.4 – 30

21} The Broken Poem; Page 31.5 – 31.8

22} The Decision; Page 31.9 – 32.1

23} Visit Africa; Page 32.2 – 35.5

24}The Dog That Peed on the Birthday Cake; Page 35.5 – 35.9

25} Why Do All My Superheroes Have to be White??? Page; 36.9 – 37.8

26} The Truth About The Honorable Elijah Muhammad; Page 37.8 – 47.5

27} The Decision; Page 47.6 – 49.2

28} Green Light; Page 49.3—49.9

29} Why Many Black People Will NOT Vote for Obama Again; Page 49.9—52.6

30} What Would Happen???...; Page 52.7 – 53.3

31} How I Feel About Black People, Being Black, and About Our Achievements as a Race…; Page 53.4 – 55.2

32} Humiliation and Disappointment ; Page 55.3 -- 56

33} Why I Despise the Term ``Trade’’ as it is used to Signify Black men and Other Stories of Discontent about the Black Same Gender Loving Community; Page 56.1 – 56.5

34} Hatred and Homophobia Hurts Us All; Page 56.6 – 58.8

35} Men’s Country; Page 58.9 – 60.1

36} There Is Something Sad about Being Gay; Page 60.1 – 60.9

37} Liberty Vs. Liberation; Page 60.9 – 63.3

38} Forgiveness? Not So Fast; Page 63.3 – 64.3

39} Dealing with Your Anger, Frustration, Rage, Hatred and Jealousy in a Positive Way Could Save Your Life… and Someone Else’s!!!; Page 64.3 -- 67.5 

40} Another Healing Confession… What Goes on In Mental Institutions; Page 67.5—68.9

41} On Being Frustrated; Page 68.9 – 70.2

42} A Report from Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about Haiti; Page 70.2 – 74.9

43} Pushback; Page 74.9 – 78.1

44} The Spy Who Never Loved  Us; Page 78.2 – 80.8

45} We Are Not the United States of Haiti… But We Should Help…; Page 80.9 – 83.1

46} Friends of Somafco—Reaching Out to South Africa in a Positive Way; Page 83.2 – 84

47} Sports and the Black Man… From Terrell Pryor and LeBron James to Michael Vick and Don’t Look Back…; Page 85 – 87.9

48} Muhammad ALi; Page 87.9 – 88.5

49} Your Big Day; Page 88.6 – 89.7

50} Damned Yankees; Page 89.9 – 90.5

51} NBA Players; Page 90.5 – 91.2

52} We Have Become Numb: There is So Much Violence in America; Page 91.2 – 93.3

53} Over Production in the West and How Indigenous Peoples Learned Centuries Ago, to Live Off the Land --  Only taking What they Need…; Page 93.3 – 94.5

54} The Stolen Treasure of Tutankhamun; Page 94.5 – 95.5

55} Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and the Wonders of Africa; Page 95.5 – 96.9

56} ``Pirate’’ Issue in Somalia, West Africa Not So Cut and Dry…; Page 96.9 – 98.2

57} Don’t Be Fearful of Witches, Werewolves, Warlocks, Serpents, Goons, Gargoyles, Goblins, and Devils…; Page 98.2 – 101.9

58} There Is A Wealth of Talent In Our Family Roots…; Page 101.9 – 103.9

59} Life Is A Big, Ripe, Juicy Piece of Fruit, Grab a Piece and Take a Big Bite We Are Not Here for Long!!; Page 103.9 – 105

60} The Confessions of a Black, Radical Homosexual Writer…..; Page 106 – 109.5

61} There Is Nothing Queer about Being Gay; Page 109.5 – 109.6

62} The Kennedys; Page 109.6 – 111

63} The Gay Community vs. The Same Gender Loving Community; A Conflict in More Than Just Terms; Page 111 – 115.7

64} A Life Lesson That Lasted; Page 115.7  -- 116.2

65} A Message to All Black Celebrities; Page 116.3

66} Mo About the Big ``O’’ Scam; Page 116.4 – 119.1

67} Media Chump Tyler Perry: What Will Be His Legacy? ; Page 119.2 – 122.8

68} The Missing Angle from the Media Triangle; Page 122.9  --  124.2

69} Three Champions; Page 124.2  --  126

70} Good Health Care; Page 127 – 128.1

71} Good, Authentic National Security: (Minding Our Own Business) – A Better Strategy for the United States and for International Justice; Page 128.1 – 133.9

72} Running a Peace-Time Economy; Page 133.9 – 135.2

73} Cutting Back on the Bloated, Wasteful U.S. Military Budget... Who Says We Can’t?; Page 1135.2 – 136.5

74} A Statement on the Importance of the Word…; Page 136.7  --  137.5

75} Why I Don’t Like Tiger Woods…; Page 137.6  --  138.4

76} Why We Need Reparations Now; Page 138.5  --  141.3

77} A Positive Message to People of European Descent Who Do the Correct Thing (Not the Right Wing) Thing; Page 141.4  --  143.2

78} My Years At the All Peoples Congress; Page 143.2 --  144.2

79} Being Exclusive is NOT The African Way; Page 144.2 – 146.8

80} Why and How Obama Happened; Page 146.8  --  148.5

81} More on President Obama; Page 148.5  --  149.8

82} More Still On President Obama: His Achievements After One Year; Page 149.8  --  150.5

83} The Number of Hangings in the U.SW. --  Mostly Down South; Page 150.6 --  151.2

84} Voting—Why We Must!!!; Page 151.3  -- 153.7

85} From the Bottom—Patriotism – Who Owns It? ; Page 153.7  --  154.5

86} Skills Assessment; Page 154.6  --  155.6

87} Economics And Finances for Black Folk; Page  155.7 --  164.5

88}  Leaving the Poor People’s Club Behind Forever; Page 164.5  --  167

89} The Knowledge Hut; Page 168  --  174.6

90} Twelve Disciples; Page 174.7 --  175.5

91} Powerful Third Eye; Page 175.6  --  179.9

92} Brothers and Sisters; Page 179.9

Sample Chapters

Sample Chapter # 1:

Introspective Thoughts on Being Black and Gay in North America….

 By Brother Tracy Gibson.

 It is not easy being Black and Gay in North America--especially if you are a Grass-Roots Patriot...Yes we are attractive and in ``Vogue.’’ Yes we have sex and have fun and can, to some degree, enjoy our lives, especially now with the higher level of acceptance of Gay and Lesbian people in general. But underneath the parties, the bar scenes, the entertainment industry jobs and flashy new acceptance and the ``Gay Marriage’’ issue; there is a lot of pain that runs very, very deep and a Black community that is still unforgiving, harsh and often hateful towards us. But all that aside, I have to ask each and every Gay and Lesbian Black person in North America, what have you done lately to raise the ethical standard for yourself and our community? What have you done to be more honest in your personal and business relationships? What have you done to make your living as a faithful Christian, Jew or Muslim ring true, real and authentic with yourself [ourselves] and in the face of GOD? What have you done to be honest with yourself about the issues you have that need clarification, study, thought and mental and emotional healing? When we do these things, this introspective homework, we will see our level of acceptance rise and even if we don’t our level of self-esteem, self-LOVe and self-acceptance will go up significantly and that will cause the healing and the forward motion we have all been working towards, waiting for and or are seeking to actually begin.....

I have been politically and financially and even socially ostracized for some of the views I have. When you LOVe God and LOVe yourself, you have a tendency to step on the toes of racism, injustice, bullying, phoniness and hate without even trying or taking calculated steps to do so. The Bull-Shit artists have to move out of your Way so you can do your work. It is NOT easy to be real with yourself. Especially if the Bull Shit artists sit in the White House, in Union Halls, in Editorial Board meetings at the Philadelphia Tribune or at Philadelphia Magazine’s plush down town editorial office. Or, yes, on Wall Street or at the TV Networks or other places of power like the Pentagon or Madison Avenue. There are now, more than even, a lot of Bull Shit artists in this world. [I could name several, but you might be surprised at the names I come up with. You might also be surprised to find that I am NOT only talking about White racist Republicans.] I am also talking about young attractive Black men who are homosexual, but because of a job and a paycheck, stay inside a cocoon they perceive as safe and cushioned. Just ask the Brother who is now getting all the accolades for ``coming out’’ as a Gay BLack man who plays for the NBA. Everybody loves him now, but no one is talking about the people he may have hurt when he was flexing his perceived Heterosexual muscles by calling other Gay men, maybe even sex partners, the big ``F’’ word... Calling people that name may have made his male ego larger and helped him shrug off the looks he might have been getting when it was discovered in the press that he had no steady girlfriend.

But those are only allegations. I can really only talk about myself. Therapy has done me a world of good. I have seen a therapist for about 34 years. Now I mostly go to get medicine every third month and to chat a bit about any real troubles I’ve been having. Usually now the troubles are more professional than personal in nature, especially since I don’t have a steady man friend right now. But we as Black Gay men do a lot of hiding, shady treatment of others and back-biting that feeds into a lot of negativity. This negativity ultimately goes into the general perception that we are not a healthy segment of the Black community. But our Whole Black community needs to be sitting on the Psychiatrist's sofa. We have, as a people, some very hurt feelings and hurt ideas that need to be set correct, healed and rectified so we can, as a people move on and move forward...

I want to share with you two things that my Pastor at church, the Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pastor Jeff Haskins said to me or omitted to comment on that show just how far we have to go as Black Gay and Black Lesbian people and as Black people in general. I once mentioned in an e-mail that we should have a picture of a Black Christ at church, not the White one that has been there for seven years. [We share the church space, so I’m not sure this is possible, but it would have been nice to have gotten enough respect to have gotten an answer.]Don’t get me wrong. Pastor Haskins is a sweet, kind, generous [in spirit], LOVing, and healthy person [in mind and body]—much more so than many of us as Black people are. Really we can even have a White Jesus and A Black one, but we should certainly have a BLack one.  There is only a White one there now.... He visited my home once when I was feeling a bit down and not making good decisions for myself for a brief time. I was not dealing with reality correctly and honestly for a while there and Pastor Haskins and my LOVing Sister, Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter, really helped me find a better path. GOD helped also. But the fact that there is a White Jesus at church--and only a WHITE Jesus-- speaks volumes about how we don’t or can’t correctly take on the mantel that GOD has given us and move forward with it. When we truly LOVe ourselves we want to see our image in positive places and represented by positive people. Sometimes I think it doesn’t matter if Jesus was Black or White, but to pray in the presence of a White picture of Jesus in a mostly Black, politically aware, self-affirming Gay church says we are not really serious about who and what we are and how we can advance from where we are to what we want to be. That little picture says it ALL. Black images have been emasculated, destroyed, torn asunder, disheveled and misrepresented since the days of Amos and Andy right through to the images that are displayed in Tyler Perry’s movies. That one little picture may be part of the reason we don’t have the new church building and new location we want for our church. Another thing that Pastor Haskins did that showed me where He is as opposed to where He needs to be was I once told him over a nice Asian dinner at 40th and Chestnut Street, that I had suffered with some anger issues around race in North America. He said point blank, ``I Guess you are just racist.’

’After I picked my broken ego off the floor, I said, no I’m not a racist .I have totally legitimate concerns about being Black in North America. I think those concerns have been revealed by the dismay many people have after the ``innocent'' verdict for Zimmerman as a dead Trayvon Martin lay in the ground....I think those concerns are revealed when we look at the incredible numbers of Black men and Black women who are incarcerated in U.S. prisons. I think those concerns are totally understandable when we look at the continuing unemployment rates in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit [where the City Council voted down a proposal for Africa Town and now the City is going Bankrupt], Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark and Camden to mention only a few.And I think those concerns are still very real when I look at the total mismanagement of our Schools at the hands of a mostly-White state board in Pennsylvania that is more concerned about the profits of the private sector than the Well-being of our youth and their proper education.

Some of the leaders of the Black Gay community are in desperate need of more training on racial matters; leadership matters; matters of relating to other leaders without letting ego get in the way; and in matters of raising funds properly and ethically. There is a segment of the so-called ruling class that really wants to help us even though much of our stigmatism has been their fault. We have to find Ways of letting that help and healing happen in positive and meaningful Way without falling all over each other grabbing for dollars, free professional services and the non-gentrified refurbishing of our houses, businesses, communities, churches and schools. We cannot afford to be in high and respected places and be novices politically. That just doesn't work.

On yet another matter and in my relating to another Black Gay activist in Philadelphia. I sent an e-Mail to Brother Tyrone Smith about how I felt a real level of ostracizing or marginalizing from our own community, but I personalized it and mentioned him and Michael Hinson, another Black Gay leader--very visible--in Philadelphia during the Street Administration. Michael was also very visible before that as head of the Colours Organization. [Brother Tyrone was head of an organization called Unity which provided support services to people with HIV and Aids in the Philadelphia area.]Unity was very, very effective for any number of years and Brother Tyrone MUST be commended for part of that effectiveness under His stewardship. I want to publically apologize to Brother Tyrone and Michael for that remark, but like I’ve said, I’ve felt out of the loop for years in some circles of leadership right here in Philadelphia, even though I have dedicated myself to the political struggle here for over three decades.

Copyright warnings and infringements from ``It's Your Biz,'' By Susan Wilson Solovic, with Ellen R. Kadin and a forward by Edie Weiner. Page 150...

 ``Because I write many columns and blog posts for a variety of companies and media organizations, I use search-engine tools to alert me if anyone is picking up and using my material. Some people have literally copied my writing and presented it as their own, even though this is an obvious copyright infringement. There are both civil and criminal penalties for copyright violations, and the severity of the penalties depends on the situation.''

 Supplemental Materials

[Such as a resume]


I Am Brother Tracy Gibson—Writer—Consultant—Advocate----Businessman: 213 South 49th Str; Philadelphia; PA; 19139-4205. Phone: 215.471.64.94. E-Mail: BrotherTracy11@Gmail.Com.


To find a job as a consultant to help advocate for issues and concerns facing businesses and non-profits owned by People of color communities, especially within the Black community.

Work History:

I have developed several components for my own company [Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.], including:

The Black Millionaire’s Network—devised systems to help substantiate and stabilize Black communities. We are building a plan to help people in the Black community find and develop jobs; increase credit ratings; build savings; send youth off to college on scholarships; and systematically support Black businesses, positive, healthy franchises, and Positive Partnerships….

The Knowledge Hut Stores—I am laying the ground work for a network of stores that will sell positive, constructive and ethically centered products to our Black youth such as positive DVD’s and CD’s; Black History and self-help books; and positive message Tee-Shirts and greeting cards.  This is to build better ethical values to young Black lifestyles.

Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.—Through our Parent Company, [Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc.] we are doing positive advocacy work and research on various issues that are critical and vital to the Black community such as: Advocating for the placement of The First Black woman on the Supreme Court; Better relations and a constructive relationship with the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia; establishing legal grounds to abolish the trade embargo against Cuba; establishing positive ties between the Black community and the city’s community of Black Gay and Lesbian people [Funds derived from these unorthodox partnerships will go towards Black women with children having more funds for Day Care in the home...

Progressive Writing History:

I have an extensive blog entitled: The Politics of Real. Access At:

I have written for the following publications: The Leon Williams Journal; SBC Magazine; TV Guide Magazine [TV Listings and programming evaluations only]; The Philadelphia Tribune.


BA in Journalism with a minor in Black Studies from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Also: attended Community College and Temple University in Philadelphia...

Blog Access: Member: National Writers Union

The Children of Adodi.....

The Children of Adodi

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

We are children
We are Gods
We are Men
Black men who
LOVe other Black men
Adodi helps us peal off
our defiled mask of oppression
And re-discover our
Black manhood
Boldness, Creativity, Courage,
Activity, Fairness
re-lighting an Ancestral Light within
re-claiming our African selves
Not needing any one's Permission
to be Black Nationalist
if we so desire
Seeing our outer beauty as Black men
re-emerging as Princes,
Kings, and Village Warriors
Re-Entering society as
Whole Healed People
Natural African Medicine Men
in Flip Flops
Pin Striped Suits
African Garb
or God Sandals

Our hair with
Natural cuts,
or Short Fros
or Clean and short,
or Grown out Buzz
or All Twisted Up
Or in Locks
or in corn rows

We come back to earth
better to relate with ourselves
Our Black community
Our Loved Ones
Our Families
We honor our founding Chieftains:
Clifford, Eric, Michael, Darrell,
Delmar, Haines, and YOU

We honor the Native in us
We honor the African in us

We honor the Two Spirits in us
We LOVe the intellect of Being
We LOVe Learning how to unlock our African Selves
Learn of us
be one of us
Journey with us
Holistic, Well Rounded
Men of Peace
Renewal, Strength and LOVe

Adodi Strong...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

35 Things to be Thankful For

35 Things to Be Thankful For..........

1] The World's Children.

2] The World's Couples.

3] LOVe .

4] Kisses.

5] A Warm House.

6] Bills paid.

7] A warm indoor place to sleep.

8] Warm clothing over the winter.

9] More Kisses and hugs.

10] Holding hands with my future male lover in the movies.

11] My nieces and my nephews.

12] Family and Friends.

13] My Teachers.

14] Movies, Good Movies.

15] Money for the Poor.

16] The ability to have and make choices.

17] My Parents and my Ancestors.

18] Sharing and caring among ALL the World's People.

19] Kind hearted, redemptive and appreciated LOVe, respect and Intimacy among Black People.

20] African Children.

21] Respecting Black People.

22] Liberating Black People.

23]Saving the Lives of myself and as many Black People as I can.

24] Staying clean and sober.

25] Having good and trusted friends and good and trusted family.

26] Money.

27] Good health.

28] Intimate relations.

29] My Sister.

30] Having plenty of money to do my correct and proper job of Liberating Black People and myself.

31] Starting a construction firm.

32] Running a large restaurant efficiently, effectively and profitably. [which caters to Homeless also and breaks down class barriers.]

33] Owning Real Estate in West Philadelphia and where ever else is needed and desired.

34] Making the Black Millionaire's Network Profitable and an assest for its' members.

35] Getting proper payment and credit for the work I do.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear People of East India: GRACE for the Untouchables.....

I promised you Way back in August of 2001 that I would write an article about the untouchables of your country.  It is a shame that the untouchables with disease and pestilence are shunned the way they are.  I don't know or understand why they are treated the way they are. [I need to do a historical research study on this subject and on the East Indian Cast System...] ...They are sometimes treated like Black People the world over have been  treated--kept at arms length.  But things are changing.   As Black People have taken up efforts to help themselves and insist on decency and respect--Like RE-RE says, we actually get more respect, opportunities and positive attention.......  It takes courage, it takes fortitude, it takes real stick-to-it-tiveness, but we have had some triumphs [Like our newly reinvigorated idea that we need to make our struggle global and emphasise economics, entrepreneurship and job creation much, much more.] There have been set-back also, [like the Travon Martin murder case.]  We need RESPECT!!!  They, the untouchables, must be treated with dignity, grace and LOVe.  They, the untouchables, must NEVER, EVER, be shunned, placed in solitary confinement or made to suffer ever again.  The entire world MUST find a solution and a cure for ALL the pain and illnesses they suffer and have suffered.  We must ALL beg GOD, ask GOD, Pray to GOD, the real creator YA-WAY and JESUS to forgive us for the way we all discriminated against the untouchables of East India. We must also pray to whatever positive force we consider GOD and to our ancestors, if we are of African, Caribbean or Native American ancestry--especially the positive forces among these positive and good spirits. Never again should any people on earth be treated in the mean, nasty, horrible way the untouchables were treated.  If there is anything I can to to help set up a foundation for them or give a donation to help them please let me know.

Brother Tracy Gibson.

Philanthropist - Writer - Activist - North American Patriot - Revolutionary

[This article needs more research.  It WILL NOT take me 13 years to do the research!!!]

Public Service Announcement About 52nd Street Being Africa Town.....

Public Service Announcement: For WURD RADIO and BEE 101…. Check out the Afro-Centric Store at 221 South 52nd Str. in West Philadelphia--near 52nd and Locust Street.  If you are interested in signing a petition to make 52nd Street from Woodland Avenue to Lancaster Avenue, AFRICA TOWN, please come in and sign the petition. This would help the city, state and federal goernment help pinpoint suport services for that area and make it easier for Black owned business to florish ther and would help stabalize Black communities in Philadelphia. The Brothers at the store have joined up with a few brave members of the community for this important endeavor.  Call them at 1.[215]-476-0680  they are open regular business hours.  Send over infoatWURDRADI.Com


Monday, October 21, 2013

Tar Baby.....

Sam Langford—The Boston Tar Baby…

From The Jewish Newswire: The Village People said it best: ``Negros are scared of Revolution.’’  I have no better personal example of this than my own reluctance to write about fighter ``The Boston Tar Baby: Sam Langford.’’

This is a Boxer who never won a major title fight, or, according to ``Kings of the Ring: The History of Heavyweight Boxing’’ He never won a title fight at all…. But goes down in the hidden history of BLack People as one of the great fighters.

To quote Jack Dempsey from page 66 of that same book ``I think Sam Langford was the greatest fighter we ever had. I didn’t have the experience to fight a man like that. He was a hell of a puncher, so why should I get my brains knocked out for nothing? Even at my best I don’t know whether I could lick him. He was a good man, good puncher, rough, tough.’’

Apparently Langford was no sissy.  He came to the Boston area from Nova Scotia, Canada, where he was born around March 4th, 1883. [even the exact date of His birth may be off by three years, according to Kings of the Ring, which was penned, by the Way by Gavin Evans. Langford may have been born in 1886, as some sources say.].

I want you to get the book mentioned out of the library and read for yourself just how incredible His career—that of Sam Langford’s—was.  All I will say in closing is that His early or first job at about 10 or 11 was as an ox-driver and log hauler as He earned $1.25 a week. [And to think we complain about low wages now!!]

If you find any glaring errors in this article please call me and I’ll get one of my Celebrity FRIENDS to pay you for my having made the mistake.  You will receive $103,000.00.  All you need to do is point out the mistake and give me the correct information.  Call me at 1.215.471.64.94.  DON’T E-MAIL ME!!! Family members and close friends are exempt.


The Above article is By Brother Tracy Gibson, The information for this article was paraphrased from the book mentioned: ``Kings of the Ring: The History of Heavyweight Boxing,’’  by Gavin Evans.  If you are into boxing, which I’m NOT—but I love to look at the feet and thighs of men as they kick-box—this book is for you.  It is detailed, well-written and has terrific pictures of the handsome boxers, both BLack and White. It includes just about all the North American boxers up until recent times.  It comes Highly Recommended!!!   

Aretha Franklin and The Native Americans.....

With RESPECT…….For Native American People and Their Traditions…

By Brother Tracy Gibson…..

No ethnic group in North America has been treated as harshly—with almost total annihilation at one point and with repugnance, hatred, discrimination, murder and lies at other times—than the Native American People.

According to their own written material from the Scholarship Committee of the American Indian Education Foundation, of which I have been asked to be a part and for which I graciously accept, and I quote: ``Centuries before the first European settlers reached North America, American Indian communities were thriving. Indian communities built advanced systems of tribal government, developed sophisticated methods of engineering and farming, and nurtured cultures of astonishing depth and beauty.  American Indians revered the natural world around them, treasured their Elders, cherished their children, and passed their values from generation to generation.’’

``But when the white man arrived, the lives of American Indians were changed forever.  Whole nations vanished, decimated by disease, warfare, and environmental destruction.  Millions upon millions of acres of tribal land were taken away.  Treaty upon treaty was broken.  Centuries of language, culture and learning disappeared.’’


There were short times where Native People were utilized by the U.S. military for help with certain wars, to break and create military codes such as during the Civil War and at other times, but mostly they themselves, the Native American People,  were the enemy of the U.S....  But they have not always been our enemy, as Africans and African Americans. I strongly suggest, and have quietly worked for our building new ties between Native American and African, Caribbean and African American Peoples. Often Native Americans were allied with Black African slaves and or runaway slaves.  The Native Americans stood with us against the treachery, hatred and mistreatment of their people and ours.  They actually helped hide and care for runaway slaves at some points especially in the State of Florida.

But at other times, the Buffalo Shoulders, black Union solders, took up arms for the White man and actually destroyed Native Americans.  This, I feel, is NOT something to be proud of and is, in fact, a sad part of our own history as Black People...

Today Native Americans are living on their own reservations mostly.  They still have not totally integrated into mass Western society in the U.S. and elsewhere. They mostly don’t want to because they value their own traditions and Ways and find European ways destructive, unethical , unsustainable and not based in moral, ethical or financial reality for the masses of People. Native People also feel European culture goes against the grain of the environment as well as humanity.  Some Native Peoples have accepted North American culture, but most have not. [This is something We, as Africans, should have learned from them 250 years ago.].  There are Native American colleges and universities which, I feel, give their people a chance for bright futures.  I have supported them with donations as I have been able. They generate support through an organization called the American Indian College Fund and other funds and foundations, including The  American Indian Education Fund, which I have been asked to be a part of. . .

I suggest we as African Americans support them because we will learn from them and reap benefits we can’t see right away, but those benefits are real. Often they will be of the heart and Will reflect the taking on of a better value system, not only financial or material benefits.

Still, Native Americans suffer from high rates of alcoholism and have problems among their youth that stem from the inabilities of our federal government to treat them fairly by adhering to the treaties and agreements the U. S. government signs. The U.S. signs treaties, but often turns their backs on those treaties...  to give them the land they want, need and deserve and all the other legal modalities that our government agrees to, but never go through with, I suggest we support organizations such as the Native American Rights Fund….  Our government is still reneging on treaties and other legal documents they signed or have signed with supposed good intensions.  The Native American Rights Fund which I have wholeheartedly supported, even though I have criticized them in the past for not having at least a few Black people on their staff, continues to fight righteously for Native American’s rights in many, many legal cases and in many instances where Native people come up against our U.S. government. Again, I whole-heartedly support them and suggest those among us who have the financial where-with all do the same.  If you don’t have money to support them, support them with your prayers.  I often include Native People and their positive tribal Spirits in my Grace when I am about to eat a meal especially.

My feeling is the Native Americans MUST not only be treated with respect and dignity, but MUST be first in line for REPARATIONS, just as Doctor Malana Keringa—who bought us Kwanzaa-- [Check Spelling of His name] has said.

Native Americans are a profound and ole people with rituals and traditions that could NOT be washed away by the White man and his culture.  We as Africans, must re-establish our own African culture, re-fresh ourselves with our history, and bring together our elders and our youth to take part in celebrating the miracle of our existence here in North America.  The Native American People can help us on this journey.

I also want to suggest that as the African American Smithsonian Museum opens next year, we not only go visit it, but we also take in a day to enjoy the incredible history, cultures, traditions and Ways of the Native American People by visiting the American Indian Museum at the Smithsonian also. I have visited there twice and have never been disappointed.

Are We Really ALL That Cool.....

Are We Really ALL That Cool…..

By Brother Tracy Gibson…..

I have to ask the question. Are We as BLack People really all that cool, or are we just accepting our own visual, literary, and creative view of ourselves as ``COOL’’ to avoid the work we have to do to reach any kind of acceptable level of real and positive achievement in North America and the World—including AFRICA and THE CARIBBEAN?

Are we really cool when we would rather watch ``the game’’ instead of help junior with His homework? Is that ``cool’’? Are we really all that cool when we get fat as houses by eating MacDonald's food when there is a healthy restaurant we could go to called ``Hummus’’ ONE property away on 40th and Walnut str, but we are too lazy to do the research to discover how important diet is in curbing high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, joint ailments, heart ailments and other physical problems that plague our community and ``our’’ bodies? This doesn’t sound very ``COOL’’ at all to me, but we accept the vision of ourselves as ``COOL’’ people because we created Jazz and have an illustrious JAZZ History, but WE are NOT listening to it and are NOT the ones buying it in great numbers—our so-called enemy ``THE WHITE MAN’’ and ``THE WHITE WOMAN’’ are the ones buying and enjoying Jazz!!! Sometimes I think Dizzy, Miles and Lionel and Nina and Ella are turning over in their graves at our acceptance of the thought and design of ourselves as ``COOL’’ People when we really are NOT all that ``COOL’’ at all. We need to make a breakthrough from all the Bull and get to steppin!! And start doing some heavy lifting and helping ourselves instead of engaging in so much of this popcorn and potato chip culture we live in in North America. I’m not kidding, if you haven’t noticed…

Maybe I am exaggerating.  Maybe I’m NOT giving us due credit.  There are some really ``COOL’’ Black people like the hoard of Black Progressives and Black Radicals that work at WURD Talk Radio—900 AM our stellar talk radio station in Philadelphia [I’m talking about Sarah Lomax Reese, Al Butler, Michael Coard, The Karamu, Sister EYE-JOY, the financial People who give us millions of dollars in advice,  and Sandra Dungee Glenn to name just a few ; and the Brothers and Sisters who are part of and work for and are connected with Michael Coard’s work, and helping Him with the work of ATAC [The Avenging the Ancestor’s Coalition]—now there, in my mind, are some really ``cool’’ Black People who have taken the time to learn our History and act in the present to move us onward and upwards as Black People into a Progressive and even, Radical Black future—a future that our children can be proud of as WE stand on the shoulders of the work of Rosa Parks and Malcolm x and Kwame Ture, and Ella Baker and Ida B. Wells-Barnett and Nelson and Winnie Mandela and Medgar Evers and yes, even good ole Martin Luther King Jr.—those were cool Black People in my mind and there are examples of cool Black People today.  Like Angela Davis and Alice Walker and Shirley Kitchen [the State Senator from North Philadelphia] and State Senator Vincent Hughes [who champions many causes in our community -- such as education-- for His district, mostly in West Philadelphia]; and there are even some City Council People who are ``COOL’’ to me like Councilman Curtis Jones and Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown and a few others.

But there always seems to be too many handkerchief heads in the mix as well.  People who sometimes hold high positions and just want to go along to get along and NOT change things and shake things up that so badly need shaking up.  People like Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas—who causes me to be ashamed of our People and who has caused our great late former Supreme Court  Jurist Thurgood Marshall to spin in His grave so many times and with such centrifugal force and speed that He has almost literally caused a pipeline to China to be built with no help from real and actual technology and hard ware.  Of course I’m joking here, but I think you get my drift. You get my point—sharp ain’t it!!

I am amazed at our People who eat at fine White dining establishments about once or twice a week and never even think about supporting the fine Black dining establishments in Philadelphia such as the ``RELISH’’ Restaurant on Oganze Avenue [I ate there a while back and the Sunday Buffet was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!] or ``WARM DADDY’S’’ in South Philly near Delaware Avenue…..  Our BLACK establishments REALLY need our support, but don’t get it with the kind of significant consistency that will help establish a financial base that can help us and our children do greater things in the future.   I have seen good BLACK restaurants like The CafĂ© Harlem that used to be over in Yeadon close their doors when they used to serve food that was more than terrific and with prices that were more than reasonable and the setting incLuded JAZZ and a fine ethnically sensitive atmosphere for a date between two men, or two women or a man and a woman—but we would rather do Downey’s in Central City or The Irish Pub on Chestnut Street and rub elbows with White People who sometimes don’t even want us there.  [I have been to Downy’s and the Irish Pub also, and never experienced discrimination, and enjoyed the food, but in hard economic times we need to find restaurants that are about us and owned by us or at least owned by our Progressive allies.  It is not that hard a thing to do. It is not rocket science.  Read Sister Maggie Anderson’s book ``Our Black Year…..’’ and YOU WILL see what I’m talking about.] We have work to do to be a really ``COOL’’ People.

But don’t get me wrong.  There are really cool Black People in our midst. Like the People who run Philabundance Community Kitchen in North Philadelphia and Philabundance in general….  They have a Culinary Arts Program that graduates People who are down on their luck and have been unable to find work.  These graduates, mostly BLACK Brothers and Sisters, get a second chance at life and learn ALL the ins and outs of being a fine Chef.    They also, and this is at least just as important, they also get a chance to learn about their weaknesses and strengths and how to survive in a work condition and work environment that may well be designed for their failure.  They learn about positive attitude; good grooming; hygiene; getting and keeping a good positive attitude; working with people who are not especially like you; and getting to know one’s own faults that can hold you back and how to overcome them. This program and just about EVERYTHING else that Philabundance does needs to be supported by ALL BLack People who are Cool and those who are NOT so cool, but think they are,  because what Philabundance is doing—providing food for mostly Black People [78% of their clientele are Black People, according to their own figures], but many other People as Well in Philadelphia who need emergency food right now, before they are almost literally starving. This is happening right here in Philadelphia right now today…..October 21st, 2013. That is a very Cool thing in deed. I Will be writing them to offer my services as a Public Relations Expert, for a fee, to help them start the ball rolling to create a full-service, state-of-the-art restaurant that serves Poor and Homeless People and the general public--ALL races--for free or for very little. My vision, and I am sure other People have a similar vision, is to serve ONLY really healthy food [no pork products and no processed foods, not a lot of fat and salt and sugar] to the public so they can go about their day healthier and ready to face the challenges of living and moving forward in Philadelphia.  [I believe there is a similar program and restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland that hires many of the less-fortunate, including ex-convicts and so-forth--which is excellent]. I have written them, Philabundance, a letter about this and about how I can help them in hopes that they have the same or a similar vision as I have.  I was supposed to go through with their chef’s program, but it was rather intense and I was not ready at the time because I have my own company to run [even though we are not making money right now, Minister Brian, what we do thank you—education, advocacy, Public Relations and Research—is vitally important and I didn’t want to put it aside right now when we are making a breakthrough.] Plus I’m currently attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to learn about Financial Literacy [I got a certificate for that already—BREAKTHROUGH, BREAKTHROUGH!!  Is anyone listening??!!] and Entrepreneurship [I will got a certificate for that also. BREAKTHROUGH, BREAKTHROUGH!! IS ANYONE LISTENING!!!??? Plus I will be learning about  saving and investing money in a serious and on-going Way next week that has great positive implications for my for-profit, parent company—Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. If it is NOT in my name and fully controlled by me right now, it Will be very soon, I guarantee it…..].  GOT THAT MINISTER BRYAN?  

I have supported other people who are making breakthroughs ALL the time, literally on a daily basis.  Breakthrough. Breakthrough.  Get it? Like Attorney Michael Coard’s Avenging the Ancestor’s Coalition [ATAC]. I write Him frequently and support His work and the general work of ATAC—such as seeking and getting recognition of the slave-ownership History of the First President of the United States, George Washington—through creating, with over a million dollars in federal funds—creating a memorial to some of George Washington’s Slaves such as Hercules.  This memorial is right there on 4th or 5th and Market near the site of the First White House, which was located in Philadelphia.  I went to early meetings for that process to come to fruition with my mentor, Ms. Carrie Engraham, my now late neighbor from Sansom Str--and learned a great deal about colonial times and slavery and HOW we overcame. [I took a course at Temple University’s Community Education Program [] where former radio host Reggie Bryant was a guest speaker.  He told us the REAL history about what happened to slaves—not the made-for-TV niceties of the ABC miniseries ROOTS.  Runaway slaves, for instance, when re-caught, were sometimes forced to drink hot molten led, which, of course, led to their death. Sometimes such run-away slaves and slaves in general were also forced to wear these oddly, torturous neck braces that had strange sharp prongs on them that made it next to impossible to do almost anything like eat or go to the bath room or clean themself…. The cruelty was unheard of…..  By the Way, Michael Coard teaches a class on basic Law which is excellent and which I took; and a class about Rap Music, which I tried to take but only attended a few lectures because of scheduling conflicts.  If you haven’t listened to The Radio Courtroom on WURD, 900 AM [MAKE the Time] instead of watching the football game and those losing lousy Dirty Birds. If you are not listening and have a hard head like ED you are NOT cool in my book. You are part of the problem.  The Radio Court Room is part of the solution to solving the conundrum which is our oppression. And what does Michael Coard get for His troubles? He gets a fat bill to pay every week to keep the activism going [don’t I know about that], and He gets the un-opportunity to NOT be recognized by the People who He works for You and Me and WURD. Who, WURD by the Way, decided NOT to give Him an award. They gave the awards to Codie Anderson and Reverend Louise Bishop. I’ll reserve further comment until next week when things get really HOT as they get cooler. Cool. A nice concept, but are we really all that cool?? The Radio Courtroom is chocked full of so much Black History and literally thousands of Bucks worth of legal advice, you feel you come away from the program with your pockets full of money and a degree in Black History—which may not be of value—the Black History degree that is-- to some people like Minister Brian at Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Philadelphia, but is worth a Million Dollars to me.  Attorney Michael Coard is a treasure chest of information, funny anecdotes, and general warmth for Black People, that is part of the glue that holds our City’s Black Radical and Black Progressive community together and helps other BLACK People who don’t have Radical or Progressive views, become more open-minded, curious and thirsty for knowledge and positive information centered on BLACK PEOPLE!!! [Knowledge is the LIGHT Minister Brian as the young Mr. Jordan—not even out of college--said in His preaching Sunday at the Arch Street United Methodist Church. [I invite some of the snooty people from my HOME church to stay a while after church and meet and eat with the Homeless People—that’s right, those ``dirty’’ homeless people who carry bed bugs and dirt with them, but have open minds and open hearts and actually let a 20 something preach in front of them even though he doesn’t have a deep manly voice and is a bit effeminate. And He did an excellent job.    Attorney Michael Cord MUST, not should, Brother Brian, Minister Brian, MUST be supported by us as Gay and Lesbian Black People if we are by any means necessary serious about our liberation…..   Don’t miss the radio Court Room because it may well be the hippest trip you ever did take. [Remember that from Soul Train? Remember the Afro-Sheen Commercials that instilled self-respect, Black Pride and Black Unity—well they have taken, I believe, they have taken Afro Sheen off the market. Funny how a small thing like that can show the White Washing of America and the loss of our decency as Black People, isn’t it Minister Brian.  Attorney Michael Coard is literally a walking Black computer mind of knowledge [they used to say encyclopedia but they have mostly done away with them also. Did you even notice how easy it is to lie in the net.  The encyclopedia didn’t often lie, But they are doing away with them. HUmmmmm.  Is this getting to be too much for you, Minister Brian? …and Michael Coard is very, very key to our success as Black People right here in Philadelphia.  His sexual identity is NOT important to me and none of my damned business.  He is a Black precious stone, a gem, a man for ALL seasons, a Man who holds golden futures in His hands as He helps educate our Black People—as are you, Minister Brian. I salute Him and I salute Reverend Al Sharpton and I salute you as well, Minister Brian….. GOD BLESS the three of you……

There are a few more Golden, Black COOL people I want to mention. I will be accused of nepotism for doing this, but I don’t care about that.  I don’t care because Joseph Beam planted a seed in me 30 years ago and so did Joseph Bunch. Do you know who these Brothers are Minister Brian?... My Sister, Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter is a Progressive to Radical artist who works out of Washington, D.C.  She has raised some of the most intelligent, thoughtful and LOVing Children you can imagine, along with Her great husband, Doctor Keith Hunter, also of Washington, D.C. The Children are now grown and in school or working, but they were raised vegetarian.  Do you know how rare that is—to be raised vegetarian and go to BLACK colleges and be raised by Progressive-thinking parents who have high expectations of you? Unfortunately this is too rare and is something we need to get COOL with and make breakthroughs on and get with the program.  We keep throwing our children into the public school system and asking them to teach them, which is like throwing them in front of a bus, sometimes, and I literally mean that.  I LOVe our children and I don’t want them taught most of the bull crap that is being taught in public schools. Our BLack churches and Black Mosques need to take on this challenge and change this picture. SOME Charter Schools are doing a fine job with our Children, but some are worse than public schools. The Civics, Math and Science Charter School on Buttonwood  is a fine example of what can be done to bring forth the best for our children as they have an advanced  success rate and a phenomenal graduate rate and a Phenomenal  % of children going on successfully to college or university………………..…..  Sometimes breakthroughs take two or three generations—if you know what I mean, Brother Minister Brian—not just seven years……….. By the Way, my sister ran an art collective and Had her own Greeting Card business while she raised those four well-behaved vegetarian children who either have or will graduate from Black colleges soon. And Her husband, Doctor Hunter, did a lot more than watch football—the game-- and basketball during the process.  He didn’t allow Himself to be brainwashed.  He has held health conferences for Black MEN [one this past summer, which I missed, but which was very successful], and He has also actually run a company that filmed President Obama’s trip to Africa.  Doctor Hunter has been to Cuba and Ghana and has an incredible educated Black mind—Buffa, Buffa.   Now this couple is REALLY cool in my mind, and there are several hundred such couples in the Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Chicago; Atlanta and Los Angeles area—just to mention a few places and by no means be all-inclusive…. Breakthrough, Breakthrough…. Are you getting this Minister Brian? Breakthroughs are NOT only financial.  I make them ALL the time. It starts by not being scared to stand up for yourself and your Black people no matter what headquarters says. How about lunch with your friend Carl, Minister? I want to talk REVOLUTION wit ya. Buffa Buffa!!