Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When GOD's Name is on the Dollar.

October 29th, 2013 Tuesday

When GOD’s Name is on the Dollar Bill

That is YOUR name, He—GOD—has entrusted you with the money of OUR country.  You have a right and an obligation to hold politicians, the Government, and bankers, the banks and other financial institutions, other financial People, the rich--especially the rich and the very rich--and All People who ever spent a dollar, earned a dollar or wanted a dollar, responsible for their actions and how those actions impact on the general public, the poor and everybody else in the United States and around the world—this is your duty as a righteous Human Being.  It is also your duty as a Black Person to support Black businesses with those hard-to-come-by dollars to help stabilize our communities and help support our schools and the positive development of Black minds.


By Brother Tracy Gibson

Also Known As:

Tracy Charles Gibson

The quote highlighted in green was added Today, 8-13-2014

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