Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We REALLY Need You to Sign The Petition to Make 52nd Str. Africa Town....... it is at 221 South 52nd Str....

And, you may do so at the Afro Centric Store at 221 South 52nd Str. in West Philadelphia.  While you are here, please buy some of the many products such as shampoo --which I have promised the older gentleman I would buy.  [And I Will, but you may have to remind me...] Please tell me how it is and if you like it. If you buy the shampoo, that is.... There are two of the kindest older gentlemen [they are brothers] who run this store.  They REALLY care about the future of Black People and our Black youth and the rest of us. They have been at this stuff, activism and Social Justice work and owning Black stores, a lot longer than I have.  And I've been at it for over 30 years.  So if you call me an ole head, I don't know what that makes them. I want to be respectful, but are they older heads? [Laugh] They are really nice and concerned about our community.  They have the petitions at the store at 221 South 52nd Str.......  It look like this below:

As Of: September 17, 2013

52ND Street as Africa Town…. To Build Self Reliance…

We the undersigned stand in support of the development AND POSITIVE BUSINESS ACTIVITY ON a thriving AFRICA TOWN on any and ALL Commercial Property on 52nd Street [The West side and the East side of the street. From WoodLand Avenue in the South to Lancaster Avenue in the North]. This will help African Americans become more stable economically and save our schools, OUR communities, OUR youth and OUR entire City.  We want full cooperation from the City Of PHILADELPHIA, the Business Community and ALL other CONCERNED and INTERESTED parties.

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From Brother Tracy Gibson.......   

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