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Friday Night Education Symposium at the Franklin Institute.....In Philadelphia, PA

A Friday Night at the Franklin Institute Examines The Schools Issue...
By Brother Tracy Gibson
On September 28, 2012, Friday night, I attended a symposium on Public Education held at the Franklin Institute at 222 North 20th Street in Philadelphia. A very bright group of interested Leaders was included among those on the panel.  Including: Christine Beck, the author of ``Listen to Our Voices,'' ; Stacy Holland, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Youth Network...and State Senator Vincent Hughes, who has worked on education issues for decades as a State Senator and as a State Legislator.  Other panelist included Rahim Islam of the Universal Companies {Owned mostly by Black Millionaire Record Producer Kenny Gamble}; and Mark Gleason, who through The Philadelphia Schools Partnership, a non-profit designed to assist schools that are performing ``better'' by systematically injecting $100 Million Dollars; and Sandra Dungee Glenn, former head of the School Reform Commission {She served as host}; William Hite, Jr. was asked many questions because he is the new Superintendent of Schools for the School District of Philadelphia. 

Unfortunately the event was NOT well attended at all.  There should have been a rousing chorus of parents and youth and students from the Philadelphia School system, yet there was only a sprinkling. There were no Students on the panel {Which one parent thought was ridiculous, as did I}; and there were no Parents on the Panel either {Which at least one parent mentioned and thought was equally ridiculous.} Another thing I thought was really bad is that while Shara Lomax Reese, who is with the radio station that helped sponsor the event, thanked the corporate sponsors, there was very, very little thanks to the people who took time out of their busy day to attend and help represent the struggling student body of Philadelphia. 

One parent said there needs to be an effort to stop emphasising the testing of students and their proficiency standards in various subjects and put more emphasis on helping students become whole, decent, well rounded people, ready to make our world a better, more sustainable place to live. To Paraphrase Writer-Activist Alice Walker who was recently on Free Speech TV's ``Democracy Now'' Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of her book ``The Color Purple,'' We need to be about making the world a more sustainable place for all of us to co-exist--not fight wars and learn how to kill.  Few people seemed to really understand the depth of what this particular parent was putting across.     
WURD Radio and Universal Companies were among the corporate sponsors.

``Your Way IS The HIGH WAY

Very often we fail to realize that, after reading our Declaration of Independence, Our Bill of Rights and our Constitution, it is us, we, who really run this sucka called North America.  We let our Captains of Industry and our Big Booted politicians act like they are in control, but as Ghandi said, ``When People Lead, Leaders Will Follow.''  So in Essence, Our Way Is the High Way.... The Way of high principal, high ethics and high moral value...if we work towards that and really want that to be so.  We only need to do our best, be honest, love ourselves and others and not be vicious and always be fair in the end, even if we are dealt a hand that is no good, we can come back to a person or people that we might have done to wrong and make corrections, if they are still speaking to us.  This is the correct thing to do and the GODLY thing to do!!!

The More Diverse We Become the More Important Our democracy Becomes...

The more the United States and the world becomes more diverse and multicultural, the more important our system of democracy becomes to us and the rest of the planet. As I have said, this is true not only for us in the U.S., but to other powers around the globe who truly appreciate our system of government and want to emulate it. {It must be pointed out that such emulation must take into consideration the cultural differences of the indigenous people in the various countries where such democracies are to take root.  I don't think everybody in the world is interested in become like us culturally.....}

Stupid Men Going to Mars Where There Is NO Air or Water After Destroying Our Planet

my question is why is there excitement created about going to Mars when we haven't done our work here on earth?  We are just way too anxious and happy to leave this planet--if we have the millions and billions to do so--and not take full responsibility for alleviating this precious planet of the many problems that plague the lives of humans here.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Why The Cuban, Palestinian and World Revolutionary People { Including Many African People} Are Chosen.....

The Jewish People, funny isn't it, are always talking about being ``Chosen People'' Where do they get such malarkey from in the first place? Certainly there is much talk and ballyhoo about Jewish People and the State of Israel in the Bible.  I am NOT a Biblical expert, but I know that the Jewish people talked about in the Bible and the European Jewish People of today are two different People. [I have written extensively about the Jewish People in other articles on this Blog.]

The Jewish people of 2000 years ago were most likely of African decent, with dark skin and woolly hair, and other African features. [We may NEVER know the truth about this for sure because the Cairo Museum in Egypt and the British Museum in London, England have hidden and covered up a great many anthropological and architectual artifacts that would likely prove African origins of Egyptian and other high cultures mentioned in the Bible].

I say African People and Cubans in Revolutionary Cuba, are the choosen people because they have authentically suffered at the hands of White, sometimes Jewish oppressors.  If you are a follower of the Bible, you know that it speaks repeatedly of the weak, the meek and the powerless one day overcoming their oppressors and ``overcoming,''

This is a work in Progress and needs more writing and editing!!!

Palestinians: The excuse many conservative Jewish Scholars give for want the Palestinian People off of ``their'' land is Biblical in context.  THey point to the many references of Israele in the Bible and say they have rights ``Given by GOD.''  However, like I said, I believe that such references were NOT made about present-day European Jewish People, but the Jewish People of Old, who were More African in theis historical orientation--I believe.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Being Excluded From The Gay Community's Economic Development, By Brother Tracy Gibson...

Being Excluded From The Gay Community's Economic Development

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

It is a district that takes up a good chunk of the heartland of what is Center City Philadelphia.  It is ``loveingly'' called Philadelphia's Gayborhood.  It reaches from Lombard Street in the South to Chestnut Street in the North.  And from 11th Street in the East to Broad Street in the West.  It is filled to the brim with successful Gay-owned, Gay themed, Gay oriented and Gay operated businesses like florists, the historic Giovanni's Room Bookstore and bar/ Restaurants like Woody's. There are other places of business as well, but few if any of these businesses are owned and operated by Black Gay or Black Same Gender Loving people. {I can't think of one owned by a Transgendered Black person either...} We, or maybe I should just say I, don't feel a part of the ``Gayborhood'' even though I am a Board Certified homosexual.  Being Black has put me in the loop of ``Brother Outsider''--accepted as a consumer, but NOT as a potential or actual business owner, established leader or as a voice--not even a voice for the Voiceless.

The PGN, or, as it is really known in more formal terms, the Philadelphia Gay News, is owned by, of course, a Gay person.  A man named Mark Seagal who, I find to be a devoted racist--even though he is a homosexual or a Gay person.  {I don't know Mr. Seagal personally, but judging from his newspaper, I find the editorial positions, content and the vision of the PGN to be sorely lacking in racial diversity and lacking in positive news content about the achievements of Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered People of Colour.} Often the PGN defies logic in the way it present stories about people of colour. Always depicting the stories that present Black and Latin people who are trying every day to improve the circumstances of their respective communities in a bad light when they make a mistake, but forgetting about our achievements and the encouraging things we do to fight racism, exclusion, racial hatred and the fights we fight to improve our community locally, state-wide and nationally on human rights issues, Civil Rights issues and a host of other issues.....  That, to me smacks of a true and deep racism that is not only found at 505 South 4th Street, where the PGN has been situated for years, but this racism runs deep throughout Gay Philadelphia and emanates from the if-you-come-screaming-with-your-dollar-Bills-in-hand-and-are-Black-I'll-accept-you-only-on-that-level ``GAYBORHOOD!!''

But don't ask for space and Capital and financial acceptance as a business person in this bastion of liberalism and expect to get anywhere--you most likely won't. Seagel and the Philly Gay News is very, very racist and exclusionary in the way they present and report the news. If you are a top Black gay administrator for the City's office of Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bisexual Community you will find your picture and a story splattered all over the paper if you have a minor legal infraction with the Philadelphia Police Department. But if you achieve something Big or dedicate yourself to working for your people, be they Gay or Straight, you will most likely be ignored. But the racism emanates from many other parts of the city's ``Gayborhood'' as well. If you go to Woody's on a regular basis and decide NOT to suck up to White men you may well be ostracized of even castigated.  Welcome to the Gayborhood of 2012 in Philadelphia!!!  Racism and Racial Hatred is alive and well in the Gayborhood in Philadelphia. There desperately needs to be some sharing and healing along racial lines in the Philadelphia area--especially in Center City's Gayborhood and the rest of center City.

I went in Giovanni's Room at 345 South Street, {12th and Pine} a few months ago and asked the manager/owner, who I somewhat know, about the possibility of a bookstore in West Philadelphia that would host Gay and Black themed books.  I was never given the chance to meet with the owner privately to discuss my ideas, nor was I ever called or supported or encouraged to go to another source for possible funding. I have been an activist in Philadelphia for over 35 years and that was the treatment I got.  Mind you that Giovanni's Room is one of the more positive characters in the Gay community because they have a long, long history of supporting Black writers and having Black activities in their 12th and Pine Street Store.   However, when you take things to another level and start talking about ownership, shared ownership and working with marketing, Black customer development, a new second location in the Black Community or The Penn community {which is very accessible to the Black community of West and South West Philadelphia, you get blank stairs and non-answers even though Blacks make up a good cross-section of the customer base for Giovanni's Room...


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Movie Reviews.....

Black LOVe, the color and excitement of Carnival in Rio, music, dance and Tragic death--but also, at the same time, the reemergence of new life and rebirth--are at the center of the classic film ``Black Orphis,''

This film is just perfect for young Black adults to begin to understand the power of and value of life itself. It is a film acted out through the lense which catches so much vitality and exuberance--it sees to almost pop from the screen.
Orphius finds and then, tragically loses the LOVe of his life. But as he himself loses his life at the end of the film, we see a new Orphius and Fuletta reborn through the hopeful eyes of children.  The movie points out to me why it is important to protect and value our young people because as life ends, it is important to bring on New Life.  Don't miss this classic film ``BLACK ORPHIUS''
available on DVD at the Philadelphia Free Library.
As political thrillers go, Director George Clooney's ``The Ides of March,'' has to be rated TOP in its' class.  Mooris {Clooney} has ``All the Right Stuff'' to be the perfect Presidential candidate.  He pushes ALL the political buttons about the ``Rule of the RIch'' and how the ``Military is out of control.'' But he properly wraps himself in the American flag at the perfect times.
Frankly, I have never heard better political rhetoric from a fictional political character than I did from Clooney at Mooris in this picture, and that is REALLY saying something.  But the intrigue and tense drama of this film intensifies like taking a ride on a Roller Coaster as it reaches that first Big Hill--you have an idea about what's coming and that it's going to be wild, but you really have no idea what you are in for.

But the real charm of this movie is in its' ``Inside look'' at the daily operations of a top-notch Presidential campaign and the movers and shakers--and positioning which takes place.  This film ``ain't playin yall!!!'' I highly recommend it in these highly-charged political times we are living in.  The stock characters in this ensemble cast were absolutely excellent.  From the easily bought off Black U.S. Senator to the starry-eyed Campaign Executives who earns a top job by becoming jaded, ruthless and realistic--about out political system and how to manipulate it for personal political gain.  The secret, bubbling in the background creates a tense undercurrent which will keep your snow caps turned upside DOWN!!!


Tyler Perry has a new movie out. Unfortunately it is NOT one of his better ones {In my opinion he only made three good films as yet: 1} ``Mr. Deeds''; 2} ``I Can Do Bad All By Myself;'' and ``Daddy's Little Girls'', The rest of his films, especially the ones where he plays ``MA-Dear'' are, frankly, trash and very destructive to the Black male image. Mr. Perry needs to come out of the closet and stop trying to play a macho man.  He is a homosexual and he needs to come clean with this fact to his audiences.  Several White Actors and performers have done it such as the gentleman who plays in ``How I Met Your Mother {Name to come}; and singer/ songwriter Sir Elton John.  Elton John was actually Knighted by the Queen of England AFTER he came out of the closet.  Mr. Perry thinks that because much of his following if from Black church-goers, that they will not accept him.  Many people don't accept the fake Macho image he tries to put across like he is doing in his new film which is full of sexual abuse and physical abuse of women; sex; violence; sudo-masochism; more violence and just the mistreatment and abuse of women like I have never seen even in film previews in ages. He should be ashamed of this fact and Never, ever make such a film again.  I refuse to go see it, not just because some of my heroes are women {Like Alice Walker --who has the gull and the WILL to stand firm in her opposition to what is going on in Israel where pass-laws, abuse, bull-dosing of homes, second rate schools for their children, no jobs and other mistreatment of Palestinian people is ramped {I will list some books to read later}...  {Palestinian People are really even less than second-class citizens}, but because I think the violence in films and on TV needs to be curtailed because it is rubbing off on our young people and on how they relate to each other; their peers; their parents and how they relate to Rap Music and to their elders and the people in the communities in which we live.  We have Tyler Perry and several others to thank for this..... Don't support the backwards movie world that Tyler Perry creates for viewers.

African Redemption Church.... Saturday Meetings and Prayer

Pastor Carla Nzinga hold church service at the African Redemption Church, in the SOnghai City Cultural Center at 3117 West Master Street on Saturdays at 12 Noon.  Pastor Carla really needs commuity support and has ALWAYS been there for the commuity in times of need and to work towrads improving the community on issues of community such as education; police brutality; economic parity and economic development without the displacement of our good indiginous people; economic opportunities; and youth issues such as teen pregnancy, STD's, and not dropping out of school...  We hope you can come and support her church.  There are often guest speakers and lunch is available for a nominal cost.

Please visit the Songhai City Cultural Center, Inc., at 3117 Master Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 13, 2012 on Self Determination Saturday to hear Brother Maurice White talk about the history and prospects of African-American Entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur program will be from 12 noon until 2:00 pm. Donations will be appreciated. Vendors welcome.

We will be covering and discussing such topics as:

1. What are the secrets of success for Black entrepreneurs throughout history?

2. What is the role of Faith in Entrepreneurship in general and Black Entrepreneurs in particular?

3. Who were some of the pre-Civil War African-American Entrepreneurs and what did they accomplish?

4. What has been the measure of success for Black Entrepreneurs in History?

5. What is the future of African-American Entrepreneurship

From The New Living Translation of the Holy Bible and MORE!!!

September 29th, 2012 {Saturday}

From the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible:


``Write to the Angels of the Churches of Philadelphia''

``This is the message from the one who is holy and true, the one who has the key of David. What he opens no one can close; and what he closes, no one can open.''  {End Quote}

Dear Church Commoners; Pastors; Church Friends and Followers and the Special People of the Church:

I write you today to let you know how vitally important you are during difficult times economically, in the Black Community.  You keep the Castle of Hope Open and Brightly Lit; you hold our hearts up to GOD and ask Him to write the charter of our hearts and our lives; you lift our Spirits and allow us to receive the LOVe from GOD we rely on to go to work with Hope, Grace and Dignity and make it yet another day.  The role our Churches play in the community can be and almost always is a positive one that can and often does have an incredibly positive impact on Black Lives. Your potential for Positive Good for the Community through your Missions, Community Work and through your outreach and your spreading of the word of GOD is Phenomenal and unlimited....

I am only sending this letter to encourage you to do More and Better work.  I have one thing which I Pray you will understand is just a strong suggestion to make a few changes which will help the Community in a very Lasting and Basic Way.  A friend of mine, Ms Debbie Simpson, was enlisted by her church several years ago to actually teach better nutrition and food preparation habits and skills to her disenfranchised church members.  Many churches are Way, Way ahead of me and First Lady Michelle Obama on this issue.  Some, not so much.  Many Black churches are already serving healthier foods so we can all have healthier lives.  People are eating less pork, les red meat, less beef, less fried foods, less butter, less sugar, less processed foods, less foods contaminated with pesticides and foods with less salt.  Serving such healthier foods in Black Churches can have a Very Big Positive impact on improving health in our communities.  We can actually also have a Big Positive impact on lowering health insurance rates as the result of healthier food consumption becomes a fact in our society.  We Will all experience Lower Blood Pressure Rates, Healthier Blood Sugar Levels, more stabler and healthier heart rates, Lower Positive rates for cancer and healthier heart rates in general.  I want to encourage you to serve healthier food including less mayonnaise, lower salt and sugar usage, and more fruits and vegetables. Sodas and PORK should be cut out altogether!!! Time grows short... GOD will Bless you for actually saving lives.

I encourage you to MOVE positively into the future by thinking more positively about nutrition, starting exercise programs through your church and pinpointing individuals who need specifically designated help through nutritionists, health professionals, and exercise trainers, etc.  Such help might include, but not be limited to: having such people talk one-on-one with such professionals; having in-church discussions in groups {such as seminars, workshops and so forth...} with such professionals; and helping people avoid weight gain and improve their nutritional habits in other Ways.  How weight gain impacts the joints and how people can avoid taking joint medicine by lowering body weight and avoiding certain foods that are high in traditional fats, salt, sugar and pesticides; and making it a Family Affair to exercise, lose weight, eat better and stay healthier, should be a church goal. I don't think Our Society can afford anything else.
In Jesus Name I ask you to make these positive changes and I want you to know how you are LOVEd and appreciated by people who care about our community.
If there is ANYTHING at-all I can do to help you in your work, please let me and my company {Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.}  know.  I also pray you will go about your work with Pride, Dignity, LOVe and Respect in your heart and the Liberation of the disenfranchised and oppressed from their economic, financial and mental bondage on your mind and in your heart and in your actions always. With LOVe, Respect and Dignity,
Brother Tracy Gibson,
President and Founder of the Black Millionaire's Network...
Brother Tracy Gibson
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205
From the September 23rd 2012 church Bulletin from ``Bright Hope Baptist Church''
``Scripture to Meditate on this week''
``Sitting down, Jesus called the twelve and said ``Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of ALL''
Mark 9:35 {NIV}     


Leader: What is God's promise to those who tithe?
People: I will open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that you will not have room to receive it {Malachi 3:10}
From Psalm 19: 1 {NIV}
A word of encouragement
``The heavens declare the Glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands ''

All The Things You Think Are SO Important!!!!!

All The Things You Think Are SO Important, Are Usually NOT!!!

By Brother Tracy Gibson

One thing I just discovered yesterday is that, ALL the things I think are so important are NOT THAT IMPORTANT AT ALL!!!  People are important, but one person can't save ALL the people in the world.  That is a job for GOD... He or She {GOD} Might well enlist one or more of us humans to help Him or Her, but we can't handle all this alone.  Working together helps.  Another thing I have also noticed and learned is, it is important to work with other people, gain and earn their Trust  {But hopefully for altruistic reasons and good reasons}, BUT IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO SAVE MONEY..  PAY YOUR BILLS... {For Me}  I have to curb movies and Dinner Out because I love these things and can go to the extreme with them...  I also have a problem with overeating--that I have to work with and defeat.  So far I'm winning.  {Last November I weighted 270 LB, I am now down to 235 LB!!!}  This is a great achievement for me and I'm Not finished yet.  My Church, The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, has been instrumental in my own growth and development and my overcoming the negative aspects I have struggled with; my therapist, Doc Karen T. Jordan, has also helped me immensely; as have many, many of my friends such as Jerome Carter; Bruce Harvey; Minister Brian and Carl; Monique; and Sistah's Charlotte and Carla {Nzinga}.  So has the Reverend Frank and Ramosius and the memory of my Mother and Father and other relatives....  My Sistah Aziza and her Doctor Husband, Doc Keith Hunter, have been an immense help to me as well, as have their children.....I have a boat load of friends and family members who have helped me immensely.  But I have to get the spending under control and I have to STOP borrowing money.... SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!  I spent $17.25 on Dinner and a movie on September 24th    2012.  This money should have gone to Bills; My Dream Building efforts; the store and the building for the store I envision; Printing etc.  I have to find ways to cut costs by sending more e-mails and less regular mail. {I spend a King's Ransom on Postage...} Oprah and The President are NOT writing me checks yet, so I have to take responsibility for myself.  SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, Pay the BILLS.  ``Sometimes you have to go overboard before you can stay on ship and properly bail the water!!
I borrowed some money last week, but guess what, everybody will be paid back:
McKale Gets: $3.
Godfrey Gets: $25.
Andrew Gets: $10.
Pastor Nzinga Gets: $25.
Bruce Gets Paid: $25.
Ed Gets: $25.
Lemar Gets: $10. {For the Flier he did for the Adodi Film Event}
Eddie J. Gets: $20. {to give out fliers.}
Doc Jordan Gets: $50.
Black Enterprise Gets: $18. {Subscription}
Vegetarian Times {Gets: $22. for a new subscription..}
Cable TV Gets: $30.
Capital {A formal Loan Gets: $15.}
Video Gets: $40.
Copyright Gets: $30.
Staples Gets: $ 75. {for a new Computer Screen...}
On This Day, Tuesday at 3:30 A.M. I make a pact with Myself ti stay on Budget and NOT over spend.  Pay Bills, and stop exorbitant spending.. {I am working with a very, very small amount of money anyway.} PAY TAXES& SAVE;& SAVE;&SAVE!!  
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Brother Tracy Gibson.....

*Watch ``Hancock'' tonight at 8 P.M. on FX 9/25/2012 ..... He, GOD, did NOT have to give me another day or another chance...

The Gifts God Gives Us ALL as Americans Everyday.....

There are many, many gifts we have as Africans living in North America.  All people who live here also get them as well.  Yes, we are held back by the Powers and Authorities if we challenge the system which oppresses us; Yes it is not an easy road to hoe; NO it is not easy for many of us.  But we are screaming in the wind if we are sitting on the street corners waiting for something to just fall in front of us and to be given to us.  I totally don't understand the Brothers and Sisters who just sit in idle hopelessness on the streets or in front of their house and do nothing when there is so much to do. Just look around you!!!  Every time I see a fat or overweight person, I am thinking to myself ``Yes I have work to do to inform this person about her or his being overweight and how they can control this aspect of their life; I think I have a lot of work to do when I think about all the children in Philadelphia who are getting sub standard educations--what can I do to help? ; When I see the Paul Robeson House {at 50th and Walnut Street} looking like someone threw it into a mess factory, I know I need to lend a hand and help; when I see our men and women locked out of the housing industry as carpenters; mechanics; carpet layers; electricians; Sheet-metal workers; housing contractors; Dry Wall Layers; Maintenance Persons; I know there must be some way for me to help, so I do what I can...  I don't understand the concept of ``JUST SITTING THERE''  When there is so much to be done.  For example: Friday night at the Franklyn Institute 20th and the Parkway, at 5 P.M. there is a fantastic City Wide Meeting about how to improve our schools and help build our schools into better schools for our young people. I will be there.  What will you be doing? Watching the Eagles? Watching the Phillie's? Watching the 76res? Hanging out? Smoking dope? Hopefully you will be relaxing too tired to go to the meeting because you had a busy work week.  I will understand if YOU don't go to this meeting.  But many of us SHOULD be there!!!  Now, If I sound like a REPUBLICAN, believe me I am far, far away from being such. I am a Liberal, a Progressive and even a REVOLUTIONARY thinker who wants to change the system we live under for good, with the help of many, many others like me.  Where are we on TV? Where are we in the Movies? I'm TALKING ABOUT REALLY CONSTRUCTIVE, WELL-PUT-TOGETHER MOVIES, NOT THE JUNK AND CRAP THAT IS BEING RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC RIGHT NOW... We are non-existent TO A LARGE DEGREE....  So we need you to show up on Friday to make us all, as progressive activists, become more visible in the future. WE ALSO NEED TO BE VISITING THE library MORE OFTEN.  DO YOU REALIZE WHAT AN ADVANTAGE WE HAVE IN HAVING SUCH A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT THE FREE LIBRARY?  PEOPLE HAD TO FIGHT TO GET THEM TO STAY OPEN BECAUSE OUR MAYOR WAS TRYING TO CLOSE MANY OF THEM FOR COST-CUTTING MEASURES.  THE PEOPLE GOT TOGETHER AND ROSE UP AND SAID NO IN AN ON-GOING AND ORGANIZED WAY.  THIS WAS A TRULY GOOD THING AND i AM PROUD OF OUR PEOPLE FOR DOING THIS...  Call me about the other things I'm doing to better the chances of our youth growing up to be: law-abiding; responsible, respectful, educated, up-standing, positive-thinking and driven individuals. I can be reached at of 12154716494.....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23rd, 2012 RE: A Letter About the American Addicion to Pornography.

Send To: 1} The Attorney General of the United States
2} The Department of Health and Human Services
3} The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta
4} Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
5} Congressman Chaka Fattah
6} Senator Shirley Kitchen:701 West LeHigh Avenue; Suite 104; Philadelphia, Penn 19132
7} State Senator Vincent Hughes
8} Congressman Bob Bradey
9} Governor Tom Corbett
1}  Porn usage is a Hidden Addiction in many People's Lives.
2} Some people who partake of pornography are also highly religious and / or highly Spiritual people.
3} A request to testify in Front of Congress about Pornography
4} Pornography usage among Bible-Thumping Southern Baptists.
5} My own personal story about Pornography. Using it to heal and advocate for the banning of dangerous sexual activities and also making the pornography Industry more educational and less corrupted and less exploitative. Year ago I: wrote personal notes to Porn Stars about getting educated and dropping out of the pornography industry
6} The criminal side and the underworld side of the Porn Industry.
7} How much money is made in the Pornography Industry? {Some older estimates are that they made more money than all three {former} Major Networks make in revenue COMBINED}
8} Comments about Kirk Franklin and His Struggle with Pornography.
9} International Perspectives: Is Pornography a problem in India, Pakistan and Africa?
10} MOB Connections in the Black Church.
11} Concluding remarks and assessments...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Have the Courage to Come to a Meeting of the African American Freedom and Reconstruction League.....

The Next League Meeting will be at Cheltona and Greene on September 29th, Saturday at the Coleman Library, at 1 P.M.  If you care about Black people and our future, you will not be disappointed...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A September 2012 Letter to Suzie Orman about Standing in Truth and REPARATIONS!!!.....

September 19th 2012 Wednesday 2:04 A.M. [Re-Edited Later]

To: Writer Suzie Orman
From: Brother Tracy Gibson
The Black Millionaire's Network
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139-4205
Dear Ms. Orman:

I pick up a lot of books on self-help and read about 20 to 30 pages. Then I find some kind of excuse and never finish the books.  I was reading ``The Money Class'' and I found the information quite good and useful.  However, I was talking with a Black Nationalist friend of mine and because you are White, he totally discounted what you might have been able to contribute to his present financial life situation, which I believe is in need of help, by the way. I spoke with Him about this and I realized He had a point.  White people in the U.S. are living on a financial cushion that has been provided by People of colour for generations. By Some estimates by Black historians and Black researchers, there are about $ One Trillion Dollars due Africans and African Americans for past and present discrimination, slavery, The Black Holocaust, illegal financial manipulation through the Banking system and through the Mortgage process, etc. This is something you never, never discuss in your book. It is a reality my Nationalist friends harp on all the time.  It is just part of the reason that White people continue to out-strip Non-Whites [Especially Black people, Native Americans and Latinos--at least Some groups of Latinos, especially Puerto Rican People and especially males]--and it is the reason why when you talk about ``Standing in Your Truth'' I cringe and it also made me put your book down.  You are only standing in a partial TRUTH.  When you have generations of people of colour who have had their economics and their economies devastated by conquering White Settlers; en slavers with White skin; and discriminating Whites here on the Main Land--and on the Main Line by the Way, as Well--who take all the good jobs for themselves and leave us people of colour with nothing more than serious left-overs--you haven't REALLY looked at the truth for everybody at all. You should read the books I have listed on a separate sheet of paper here by Doctor Charles Ogeletree, Joe R. Feagin and Doctor Claud Anderson.  They speak a much deeper truth to Black people, indigenous people, oppressed people and those who feel discriminated against, exploited, used and abused by Whites and by Capitalism {as we know it}.  Unless you admit this and acknowledge how this exploitation and continued discrimination has built a cushion for Whites {Which still exists today} and has devastated Blacks, women, the indigenous and exploited people--you are only telling part of the story and you are only standing in a partial Truth yourself.

There are policies--covered under so-called National Security--that allow Blacks only a second-Class existence; There are policies that allow Black and Latin people to be discussed as a consumer class of people for other groups of in-coming Americans to come to Our Communities and set up businesses and pull literally Billions of dollars out of our communities without batting an eyelash.  The Jewish People did it; The South Koreans did it; and some New more wealthy and well-connected Latin groups are now doing it.  Of course, regular White folk--like Irish, Italians, WASPS, French, German and so forth, have also been about taking our money and giving very, very little back in return...  This is why my Nationalist friend gets upset and he has helped me see the falsehood and the hypocrisy in your New Book ``The Money Class.'' At the very least you should have had a section about how Whites through a system of exploitation, degradation and discrimination, have used Government and corporate policy to keep White Male faces at the helm of corporations and keep money in the pockets of Whites that is totally lacking in the pockets of Black people and other exploited groups like women {some among them}, Latinos {some among them}and indigenous peoples like Native Americans.

This is a truth that you are NOT standing in and I challenge you to write a book that looks at this
TRuth so we can really pull the rug off of the more heinous aspects of American life that Whites -- especially Republicans--continue to benefit from and yet refuse to admit is happening. I have worked myself with a group of dedicated Black men and Black women on the REPARATIONS issue which is dedicated to bringing economic justice to OUR cause as Black People. Most recently, I have moved into becoming a business person because I want to have a positive impact on helping myself become more financially sound and also helping my people become more financially sound.  I have been working at establishing my business since about 2002 and worked on research and development for years to start my own company.  We incorporated in 2006, but still are NOT fully solvent.  This is, in part, due to more of the same treatment I mentioned earlier.  I don't get much help from our Mayor in Philadelphia, Mr. Michael Nutter, nor Our City Councilpersons Jannie Blackwell and Blondell Reynolds Brown. [I have to ask in a more direct and forthright Way and stop pussyfooting!!] You see, while Black people vote them into office, it is Whites and American Asians who open their checkbooks and write the checks to make their campaign coffers fat and lovely.  This is something that creates an imbalance of Power--both social and especially economically--which they are NOT teaching at our city's prestigious Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and it is something that exploited classes of people are not even fully aware of at the Grass-Roots Level. [This is the reason I have written several books which have yet to be published]. So in the end your book ``The Money Class'' is written on a half-truth. Yes, we MUST ALL take more responsibility for our financial decisions--but this Nation of Ours is by no means a level playing field.  It is a field that continues to benefit and prop up people with While skin.  The supporters of people with White skin  might get red-hot headed but the masses of Black people such as those in North Philadelphia, South West Philadelphia and even parts of West Philadelphia and German Town continue to feel the economic whip of the task-master and continue to be left out in the cold economically.

This is true of the economic policies handed down from the Treasury Department on down to the State Department which continues to allow Blacks and some groups of White poor people and Poor Latin People to be talked about as people who must be kept ``in their place'' and made to remain a ``consumer class'' while White men on means--means that are ill-gotten in many instances--are funnelled into our Nation's best Business Schools to become rich, powerful, connected Captains of Industry.  These policies, remain in tact regardless of the colour of the person in the White House and regardless of whether we have a Republican or a Democrat in office.  Until you deal with this level of dishonesty, manipulation, exploitation [both historically and present-day] and the evilness inherent in the North American way of life and the American system--you are NOT ``Standing in Truth'' at all.  Please read the letter which will be posted on my Google Blog {The Blog is called ``The Politics of Real''.  The letter is to Warren Buffet and describes how Whites of means can invest to begin to correct these wrongs, but basically, we as Black people will probably end up correcting these wrongs because White People, quite frankly, have very little record of doing the correct things when it comes to justice and fair play.  Please also see the enclosed information about the Black Millionaire's Network which is a path for Black and other oppressed people to create more economic fairness, equality, leverage, stability and economic justice for themselves and help open the eyes of oppressed people to help educate the and level the playing field FOR THEMSELVES!!! BASICALLY IF WE DON'T DO IT, NO ONE WILL!!! 

Some Suggested Books: ``All Deliberate Speed: Reflections on the First Half-Century of Brown V. Board of Education,'' by Charles J. Ogletree.

``Racist America: Roots, Current Realities and Future Reparations,'' by Joe R. Feagin.

``Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search for Power and Economic Justice,'' by Claud Anderson.

``PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black Americans,'' by Claud Anderson...

Slightly Edited for Clarity on May 14th, 2013 [Tuesday] by Brother Tracy Gibson...

Letter to Senior Pastor Reverend Doctor Alyn E. Waller of Enon Tabernackle Church, 2800 West Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia 19150

September 19th 2012 Wednesday                             FROM: BROTHER TRACY GIBSON
                                                                                   To: The Senior Pastor At Enon Baptist Church,
                                                                                          Reverend Alyn E. Wallwe    
From: Proverbs 21 Section 4 - 6
4} ``Haughty eyes, a proud heart and evil actions are all Sin...'' { My Comments: I Don't Believe in the Concept of Sin.}
5} ``Good Planning and hard work Lead to Prosperity but hasty shortcuts lead to Poverty,''
6} ``Wealth created by a lying tongue is a vanishing mist and a deadly trap.''
7} ``The violence of the Wicked sweeps them away, because they refuse to do what is just,''
Psalm 66 Section 12
``Then you put a leader over us {Not President Obama and NOT Mitt Romney--in my opinion}
We went through fire and flood
but you brought us to a place of Great Abundance,''
Dear Senior Pastor Waller:
I thank you many times over for the wonderful work you and your other church members, other Pastors, Deacons and your church supporters and professionals are doing to support the community in such economically difficult times. I especially want to thank you for the excellent youth program you are providing for the youth and young people of your church and your community.  This is indeed a gracious and wonderful thing and a Blessing.  You are to be commended for it.
I have a favor to ask of you, for you see, I am in a bad predicament that is of my own doing.  There is a Bible verse saying ``You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies'' {Psalm 23.5} It rings very true to me and I believe GOD walks with me and is In me everyday.  For some people, things seem cloudy and unclear. I know full well that God made me the way I am for His or Her Devinne Purpose. I am many things. People see the Black man and if they are Black also they say Yes; But people see the social activist and they become fearful.  They don't seem to know or understand that God's son Jesus.....
``I Set a table before mine enemies and you will have Great Abundance.''
...was a social activist also who loved us all, but who made great demands of us as well.  Part of being a Good Christian is to Love the Ways of God and Love Justice and want to be ``Like Jesus Christ'' or ``Christ Like'' and Love people who have been left out of the benefits and wealth, but who have God's voice Ringing in their hearts everyday. So part of my personality is not only that I am Black, but that I am also oppressed and also poor {at least temporarily}.  But I am left out for another reason as well.  I am also a homosexual or a Same Gender Loving Person and I belong to a church that is very open and friendly to people who are Same Gender Loving. {Most of our congregation is homosexual as well} 
Reverend Jeffery Haskins {our founder and Pastor} is also Same Gender Loving or Gay {He has even made it clear to us that He is HIV Positive, as Well as being a homosexual.}  As is Pastor Victoria Skeete, our head Pastor, and we LOVe both of them dearly because they have made a Way for us to Be accepted and Loved in the House of God... A Way when there was no way. We are the rejected stones that are talked about in the Bible also.  ``The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia'' at 55 North Broad Street is inside the Arch Street Methodist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
But we have a problem.  Like many churches and many people right now, we have a shortage of funds.  We want to have a celebration for Our Men's Day on September the 23rd, but we don't have the $550. needed for the caterer for the annual brunch.  {Many people will probably be bringing food from home for the brunch to help with making the event festive and bright. } Like a really irresponsible, unthinking, but faithful person I ordered a ``Place of Abundance'' for our men, women and Transgendered people to partake of this celebration, but I have NO $550. to pay for the food.  {Believe me I won't let this happen again. I am going to live within my means from NOW ON!!}
The food is being prepared by one of your own church members and caterers and ushers, Mr. Thomas Heckstall. {I am going to get into all kinds of trouble for mentioning this and for asking for a handout like this, but I Will find a Way to pay for this and work with you and your church and you to pay this ALL BACK and I DO MEAN ALL back to you.  Thomas is a good and dear friend of mine and I don't want to let Him down... I know full-well that you and your church members need your money and that you do Great and Positive things with that money for the community at large.... {Thomas even told me that you have Missions or Churches in Africa!!--This is a wonderful thing!!}  Still, I'm hopeful you can help by paying Mr. Thomas Heckstall the $550. for us at Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia.  We will be indebted to you forever.  I promise to be honest, open and loving with you and make sure it gets paid back.  Please let me know if you can make our Men's Day At Church Bright and Cheerful--if you can help.  I haven't been to your church during service recently, but you preached my Uncle Lionel Gibson's funeral and you did a wonderful, wonderful thing. You really captured the Essenes of What Uncle Lionel--who died on February 20th of 2008-- was all about.  Uncle Lionel was my Dad's Brother and a Fair Mount Park Mountie.  He was a very responsible man with three children and he never, ever cursed--according to his wife my Aunt Helen. He was also a Landlord like I am and like my Father the late Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson was as well... I watch pornography, curse like a sailor and I have no children--yet I think I am Blessed by GOD each and every day because I am as honest as I can be each and every day and I LOVe the Lord.  It is one thing to go to church because you are a child and your parents take you there, but it is totally something different when at age 55 you go because you have developed a great relationship with GOD throughout the years.  I know ALL people are special and Loved by GOD Himself or Herself. So please let me know if you can help with paying for the food for the Men's Day at Church. I am ever Grateful Already.
Peace and Blessings,
Brother Tracy Gibson

Brother Tracy Gibson
Visionary -- Businessman
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4250


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Letter to John Legend.....

September 18th, 2012 Tuesday

RE: Investing in A Community Based, Self-Help, For Profit Company in the West Philadelphia area.
``We are Dedicated to helping Black Youth Find a More Positive Way’’

TO: Brother Stevie Wonder, Sister Alicia Keys, and Brother John Legend…
From:  Brother Tracy Gibson, Owner Operator and Founder of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. / and Founder and President of:  The Black Millionaire’s Network…
Dear Good Friends and Fellow Dedicated to the Advent of Our Black Youth into many Positive Tomorrows…

I have been touting many ideas about how to help our Black youth become less destructive and self deprecating, and more productive and helpful to their communities, themselves, each other and to the country at large. I want to tell you about three components of the ideas I have been working on: 1) The Knowledge Hut Stores is designed to be a store that doesn’t just throw products at our young people and wait to see what they buy.  Instead we will offer items from a selected pool of products that have been specially designated to help young people grow and develop into productive, responsible, reliable, law-abiding and wise North American Black citizens.  We will offer: Tee-Shirts with progressive sayings on them and progressive, often Afro-Centric images; CD’s and DVD’s with music that is conductive to creating better values in our youth {not promoting bad language, the victimization of women, promoting crime and the thug life and, or homophobia, bullying et,}; DVD’S {entertainment and educational}  in a similar order that promote acceptance of the diversity in our communities and good values concerning education, decency, family, and trust; Greeting cards with funny, inspirational and positive sayings eventually to be written by the young people themselves; Books that teach better substantial values, our history, our purpose, how to respect each other and that will help develop good business ethics.  Other products such as healthy food snacks will also be for sale.  Eventually we want to produce many of the products in our own factory right in West, South West or North Philadelphia and have many youth who don’t want to attend college on a full-time basis, work at our factories at good pay, with benefits.  {We have projected that our products-Tee-Shirts for example—may well have to sell at $50. Each to make up for the cost of decent wages, benefits and so forth, but the shirts will also be a fund–raising device to pay for future corporate investment.  2) The second component of our corporation is the two books I have been working on getting published.  The First one is entitled ``A Grass-Roots Criteria for Liberation.’’  It is some 650 pages long and is dedicated to building better values in our youth through the telling of my own personal story and offering political vignettes, commentary, history, Celebrity Profiles, reviews of artistic events and so forth. 3) A Full-Fledged National security firm aimed at protecting and defending the new and existing infrastructure we will be building and developing as our economic movement takes hold. We will be hiring Brothers and Sisters coming out of the military and various police departments to take part as managers and employees at good pay and with benefits.  Considering what happened to the Black Wall Street in the 1920’s,---a military, government sanctioned attack on our vital interests in Tulsa Oklahoma which left some 300 Black people dead and our Hotels, Stores, Restaurants and so forth, burned to the grown because they were left defenseless—we will need to defend our investments and our people.   I have included my executive Summary which talks about the funds needed for the ``Knowledge Hut Stores’’ alone.

We hope you can help with some seed money {Say $20,000.} for these on-going efforts.  As you can see from my resume, I am hard-working, dedicated and committed to the cause of our Black youth pulling ahead and making something very, very positive of theme selves.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Our Corporate EIN Number is 27-0145705. We were incorporated in December of 2006 in Philadelphia under the banner of (Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.}

Please Send to:

Mr. John Legend
The Show Me Campaign
Post Office Box 252176
Los Angeles, California  90025

From: Brother Tracy Gibson
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205


Please Log onto my BLOG at: www.ThePoliticsofReal
To view various articles that will describe my philosophy , dedicated work and future plans…

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Credo Phone Company... A Better Deal.....

There is a phone company called ``Credo'' that has as its' main focus the concept that they will not support entities such as the Tea Party; defense contractors; racist organizations; or organizations that are NOT friendly to the environment.  This is a real plus for people like you and me who are Progressive Thinkers because it means that we DON'T have to oppress ourselves by supporting stores and manufacturers that have political policies that work towards our detriment and undermine our progress.  ``Credo,'' is not a Black owned company, as far as I know, but they do take certain precautions to make sure they don't support or directly deal with political interests or business interests that are a detriment to our future existence or our beliefs as people working towards true freedom.  Personal Accounts: 1.877.762.7336; Business Accounts: 1.800.791.2015; Address: Credo Mobile; Post Office Box 480010; Atlanta, Georgia  30346-0010... 

Two Great Book Suggestions.....

1} Doctor Ben Carson's ``Think Big,'' is a great book for we people who think too small and don't take on our communities and our world in a BIG enough way.  This book will have you come away thinking--in fact knowing--you can do anything!!  This book allows us to expand our minds and allows others to do so as well without getting jealous and deceitful...  Growing ourselves allows others to grow also.  We, as a community of businessmen and businesswomen, are in this together.... One of us may decide to buy a BMW, but the other might well decide that making such a purchase when there are literally thousands of people in our communities almost starving from hunger--well we might think such a purchase is a waste of money.  And speaking of money...

2} ``The Money Class,'' by Suze Orman is a great new book about ``Standing in your truth'' about where we are with money and how to work ourselves loose from the financial constraints of BIG debt, Student loans, personal loans, school loans, underwater mortgages and the expenses that we don't think are draining us, such as Lotto tickets, alcohol and marijuana--and frankly even silly movies {Like I always end up seeing}. Both of these books come highly recommended and should be read from cover to cover.  I am presently readying ``The Money Class'' and completed ``Think Big'' over a year ago.  The next time you buy Lotto tickets ask yourself if you made anything or got anything back personally from your Lotto Ticket purchases.  Take your Lotto ticket money and save it in an envelope for a month.  Take that money and buy these two books. Then treat yourself to some frozen yogurt--you deserve it!!!! You will be delighted at the result. 

READ Vegetarian Times Magazine...

Vegetarian Times Magazine is a fantastic magazine to get if you want to delight in changing your diet to a more happy healthy diet that includes less red meats and more fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  The magazine, of course, includes plenty of great recipes, color pictures and great articles about food trends, where to eat in certain cities and plenty of other articles.  I HIGHLY recommend that you get this magazine and read it as much as you can.  They can be reached at
or you can write them at: Vegetarian Times; Post Office Box 420165; Palm Coast, FL  32142-9105

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Listen Up, Before You Give Me the Boot...

Listen Up, Before You Give Me the Boot...

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Before you give me the boot because I am Same Gender Loving or a Homosexual there are a few things you should know about my history, motivations, goals, aspirations, and my acceptance and or non-acceptance of my so-called ``lifestyle''... I am a Pro-Black Family Man, I may not have children myself {That I know of} or a wife, but I want our children to grow up straight and have families--I DON'T want them to share my lifestyle. I love Black Men AND Black Women.. I love Black children—but only in positive, progressive, holistic, spiritual and appropriate Ways {I pray about this ALL the time, and I mean ALL the time}-- and I have dedicated my life to our black children’s betterment and advancement.

I may well be and definitely am a Homosexual, but that doesn't mean I want others in our community to take on this lifestyle. I want to see our young men and young women grow up to be straight, responsible, caring, loving, respectable, law-abiding, trustworthy, non-drug using {Illegal drugs I mean}, and honest people. If they do turn out to be Homosexual or Same Gender Loving, I don't want to see them ostracized by our community and hated or disrespected, but accepted and given the chance to accomplish what they can for the short time we are all here on this planet earth. So-called Gay people or Homosexuals are a secret weapon in our fight for liberation and a secret Way to help finance our struggle and movement—especially black gay and lesbian and black transgendered people, but they need to be trained, respected and loved and appreciated…. [A TALL order, I know.] {Many of us—as Gay people--have disposable income because we don't have children and the medical bills, food bills and tuition costs that comes along with being parents..} To be ostracized for being Same Gender Loving is just the same as being ostracized for being disabled, Black, left-handed, or into an addictive lifestyle such as having a food addiction or a drug dependency... We all need to not only have more tolerance of ourselves and each other, if we want to be accepted ourselves, we also need to learn to take on the nature of LOVe, Peace, Understanding, Self-Acceptance, Growth, Kindness and Sharing--not the non-virtues of greed, hatred, deceit, repugnance, guilt, and deception.

Yes, Yes, Yes, all this is very hard to discuss because I am right in the heart of the Black community of West Philadelphia and I can be targeted like anyone else. But I have to be honest with the community because I not only want your emotional support, but I also want your financial support and I want to be looked upon as an ethical leader among the Black men of the community.

As you may or may NOT know, I was sexually molested as a black child growing up in West Philadelphia. I was about eight or nine and I was working for a shop-keeper helping him run a general store. One day we were sitting in the back of the store watching ``Gomer Pile,'' –I swear this is true--and he must have been board or something and he decided to put his hands where they didn't belong. I was way too young to know what the heck was going on so I let things occur. After the incident {Which didn't include any penis penetration on either of our parts} I left the store and never went back. Talking about this to you is no joke and it should signal to you the importance of what I'm getting at. Sometimes, for the good of the community, we have to get over embarrassment and talk about the difficult things.

I thought my childhood was a great thing, a great time, but a few years later I started to have the issues of anger and resentment for no apparent reason. I finally talked with my Mom and Dad about the incident when I was about 17. They were shocked and saddened by what had happened, but it was something that, even then, they didn't really want to talk about.

What I'm getting at here is the fact that now I want to help other youth, especially Black youths, who have been ostracized by their families because of the fact that they are Homosexuals. I also want to help Black families deal with talking more directly, openly and clearly to their young men and young women about sex in a positive, honest and forthright way {without fear and embarrassment. So what happened to me doesn't have to happen to them so easily and so quickly without something like therapy and prison time happening to the perpetrator (s). I want more forthright talk and discussion on ALL the issues that face us, not just ones surrounding sex. It is interesting to note that according to some statistics, something like 50 % of Gay or Same Gender Loving men were sexually abused when they were children--often at the hands of a Father, Uncle, Family friend, Employer or someone else like a Step-Father or cousin. This is something we don't want to talk about and something that still gets swept under the rug. In case you haven't noticed lately, there are a lot of lumpy rugs in the Black community. My self-proclaimed job has been to lift those old rugs up and start a cleaning and dusting process that will help us look at not only our sexual abuse issues more clearly, but also other issues such as how we deceive ourselves about our finances; how we abuse ourselves and each other physically and mentally; how we obsess over food, clothing, cars, diamonds and other material items and how these obsessions are NOT healthy mentally, financially or even socially and physically; how we waste millions of dollars each week on the Lotto; and how we have allowed drugs {legal prescriptions and illegal drugs} to take a hold of the ethics in our community and turn our entire community upside down. I want to see us turned right-side up like Farrakhan does, but I DON’T think we have to hate Jewish People or Lesbian and Gay people to get there. {I do think Jewish People have taken advantage of us as black people. They have helped exploit and oppress us, but we can boycott their stores, research and find out what stores they own and stop purchasing the diamonds and gold chains that they are mining in Africa. That is the Way to get at them, not just bad-mouthing them and hating them. That is childish and silly.}

It is time for a fresh start. It is time for fresh discussions. It is time for fresh and new people to get a chance to lead our people and our nation. The Old Guard has largely been manipulated, at a real expense to our community and to our oppressors. Our old guard taught us a lot, but considering the state of our community they have, at least partially, failed Big Time. It is time for a New Look... It is time to bring truth to light, as the Brilliant Reggie Bryant, formerly of WRTI Radio and WURD Radio used to say. There are thousands of men and women in our community who want to bring more truth, understanding and light into how we deal with each other and how we deal with our own oppression. I have dedicated about 35 years of my life to this struggle--the struggle for human rights, civility, Civil Rights, decency, Women's Rights, and even Gay rights {I know some of you don't like that one, but I'm trying to explain why we should take a second look at that instead of allowing the Right Wing to control the debate and listen to them. We should make up our own minds on this subject. } The Black Church, at least some sectors of it, have allowed themselves to be manipulated and moved to right wing actions like chastising Gays and Lesbians, ostracizing gays and lesbians and transgendered people, and even supporting the killing of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people in Africa, which, by the way, is something I deplore and something I plan to fight actively against through presenting positive information that will help to internationally criminalize taking physical action against people who have different lifestyles.

As you know there have been more and more people coming out about their own experiences. There is a former NFL player who is a Homosexual and has been speaking out about his experiences. He is also Black, as I am also. There are other activists like Keith Boykin who have written books on the subject such as ``One More River to Cross: Black and Gay in America,’’ ; and there are films coming out about the subject such as ``Noah's Arc: The Complete First Season,'' {Cable TV Show}, Starring Nick Arquette, Jensen Atwod and Rodney Chester; ``Dirty Laundry,'' starring Rockmond Dunbar, Loretta Devine, and Jenifer Lewis; ``Tongues Untied,'' directed by Marlon Riggs; ``Looking for Langston,'' Starring Ben Ellison, Matthew Baidoo and Akim Mosaji; ``Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom,'' Starring Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood, {2008} ``Brother to Brother'' (2005) Starring Anthony Mackie, Larry Gilliard Jr., and Duane Bouttle; ``A Litany For Survival, '' by Lesbian filmmaker Michelle Parkerson, {A play cousin of mine who I know personally}; and ``Adodi--25 Years

Later, The Legacy.. '' a film by filmmaker Rod Patrick Risbrook for which I was interviewed and which is due out next August {2013}..

There are also several books on the subject such as: ``Brother to Brother,'' By Essex Hemphill ``In the Life: A Black Gay Anthology’’ by Joseph Beam {The first such know book in history...} ``Another Country,'' by famed Black writer James Baldwin and ``Sister Outsider,'' by Poet Audry Lord...

When we as Black thinking people see a subject that people are squabbling, fighting, arguing over and that is driving a shaft of hatred and anger through our community, the best thing to do is to take time and read about the subject and NOT take on angry and hateful position that only causes consternation, disgruntlement, anger and more hatred. That leads us nowhere fast. Elections have been lost by us on a National level, like in 2004, when the Republican Party manipulated this ``GAY'' issue and used it like a rope around our necks. Knowledge loosens the rope and lets us breath and reach agreement to work together on what we can and not feel hatred about different sectors of our community.. Reading and research also allows us to understand points of view different from our own.

I have noticed the very obtuse ways in which we are living in North America. We are letting a culture that basically hates us raise our children by letting them freely watch the muck and mire on TV; we are allowing our children to run free and curse us, disrespect us and not attend church or Mosque when we know they will greatly benefit from some constructive, consistent religious experiences; we let our society say we should not allow our parents, grandparents and trusted and respected elders and guardians and other such trusted and respected friends and extended family members and our children experience time together and read together and learn to respect each other. We have lost this part of our African root and our African culture. We can win it back and re-institute such positive cultural and social advantages back into our communities. It will take time, It can happen, but we ALL have to work at it. It may mean replacing some politicians and some churches who are about profits and not people, but if that is so, let it be and let it happen, or get out of the Way. We must and can do better.

The ``Doing Better'' part is where me and my company come in. I am not alone. There are literally thousands of activists who want to help Black people reach more unified, understanding and work together where we can. I hope you will read several other articles in this BLOG:


so you will understand the level of dedication I have shown in helping resolve and work on community problems on a local, statewide, national and international level. Give me and us as part of the Vanguard of the community a chance. Open your mind. Read. Listen to others. Read Progressive writing like: ``The Nation Magazine,'' ``The Progressive,'' ``Mother Jones,'' ``The Crisis,'' and ``The Worker's World Newspaper,'' and ``The Final Call,'' which have liberal and even radical perspectives on this issue of Gays and Gay Rights and other issues. There is also an organization called the Black Radical Congress, which is a Black radical Organization {Which I have worked for, for a brief time in the past} which has a more open and understanding policy in dealing positively with Gay, Lesbian and Same Gender Loving issues and people. I thank you for reading this and I wish you well...


Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's Support Our Activists In A Coordinated, Constructive, On-Going Way.....

Part of my plan is to start a multi layered foundation specifically for Black people which has rotating and diverse leadership from within the Black community. It will be depended on to fill our needs, specifically the needs of the most desperate and needy from within our community. It will generate its' own money through the sale of products, goods and services and be self-perpetuating and self sufficient..... It will be crucial to have people working for this foundation who are totally above board, honest and trust-worthy. I think, as an activist, another component and duty of this foundation will be to find our progressive community activists and inventors who are at the forefront of helping others in our community, but often go with with little or no support or recognition..... These people must be supported in an on-going fashion for us to continue our positive work at helping others. These investments in our people will generate greatly needed Capital for the foundation itself as these folks who are getting the support become financially able and stable enough, and are able to give back to the very foundation which supported them in their time of need. Such a foundation needs the financial and active support from the Black Celebrity Community to get off the ground and to generate the public support it will need in the future. Brother Tracy Gibson

Investors; Employees; and Supporters Needed from the Local, National and International Community of Black Leaders and Black Opinion Leaders...

Investors; Employees; and Supporters Needed from the Local, National and International Community of Black Opinion Leaders, Black Business Leaders and Black Elder Statesmen and Stateswomen......

Must be at least 22 to apply. Must be a self-starter, a positive thinker, a Progressive personality seeking positive social change for Black people.  We are The Black Millionaires Network.  We are not all rich, but we are all on a path to wealth through: increasing our credit ratings; buying Real Estate; saving money; investing intelligently; attending financial seminars and workshops; and developing effective Black businesses and positive Black stratigies for positive social change and the forward motion of Black people.....
We need donations to build Our Movement and we want you to send in your resumes.  In a Cover Letter, please mention your own hopes, dreams, plans, aspirations, goals and ambitions.  What have you been working on that might apply to the work you will be doing with us? Describe what inspires you.
We are part of a Network of for-profit companies designed to stabilize the Black Community through creating modalities which are interacting positively with the various entities within our community that are making headway towards a brighter future for all of us.  Another one of our major components is ``The Knowledge Hut Stores''--please see ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan'' for more details.  It is listed on this BLOG:
For investments call: 1.215.471.64.94...
Any donations can be sent to: The Black Millionaire's Network; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Penn 19101...  Please send Postal Money Orders only made out to: Brother Tracy Gibson.  Even small donations of five or ten Dollars can help with the cost of postage and stamps or the cost of envelopes, ink cartridges and so forth. 
We thank you for your support.  Please read my resume and profile {also on this BLOG} for more information about me and my interests, life's work, goals and motivations. Look under Brother Tracy Gibson's Resume to note my years of dedicated work and my qualifications.
We need: Business Managers; Journalists; Researchers; Writers; Computer Experts; and Contractors to work with us on this Mission.  A number of exciting positions are available including: Special Assistant to the President; Staff Writers; Staff Researchers; Operations Specialists; Customer Service Coordinators; In-House Marketing staff {3 positions available}; and Partner...
Thank you for applying, We promise a prompt response.

The Legacy of Adodi And Brother Clifford Rawlins on Film.....

The Legacy of Adodi and Clifford R. Rawlins...

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

A dozen courageous Black Same Gender Loving men came together at the Songhai City Cultural Center at 3117 West Master Street {The heart of North Philadelphia}, to pay homage to Brother Rod Patrick Risbrook's new documentary: ``ADODI -- 25 Years And Beyond: Claiming the Legacy, Continuing the Legend...'' The film is set to be released in August of 2013.
The film tells the story of Adodi--a support group for Black men who are Same Gender Loving and who refuse to be stereotyped, categorized and put down, but who insist on being treated--and treat each other--with dignity, respect, LOVe, kindness and as men of Tomorrow today.  Men who are and will lead our people in a positive direction and men who take responsibility for their sexual activities and actions, deciding to act as responsible adults--not immature children.
Adodi was founded in May of 1986 by Creative Arts Therapist Clifford Rawlins, also an artist, who opened his home to create a warm and loving atmosphere each week on Sundays, that helped nurture and educate literally hundreds of Brothers through the beginning stages of the AIDS / HIV Crisis. Clifford held us spell-bound during those heady early days as we were surrounded by his fantastically gifted art work, the art work of other Black artists and luscious jazz music as we learned survival tactics, and techniques to help us build vital self-esteem that would carry most of us on into another millennium and another generation.  Many more of us would have perished if it had not been for Adodi.
A brief trailer of Brother Risbrook's film was shown at this recent gathering of men and the courageous attending Brothers took the time to talk about the up-coming National election and how they think President Barack Obama will fair; the history of the Black man and the Black woman in business; The history of the Black church movement in Philadelphia; the expectations of Blacks in the Arts and film; the potential of this particular film and how it was conceived; the vast potential for a new Black Renaissance that will not only lift Black people locally, but lift our hearts and spirits as a Black Diaspora internationally.  There was also talk of the White Male's penis envy of Black men.
The event was sponsored by the Black Millionaires Network and offered a chance for the filmmaker, a good Brother from Brooklyn, New York, to discuss his film {which is still in production}, and meet with some of the people that are part of the heart of its' creation--The Adodi Brothers themselves. {Earlier in the day, three Adodi Brothers, including myself, were interviewed on film as part of the production}....  The Brothers who attended this event had the courage to not be defined by there own fears nor by their supposed oppression, nor by the exclusivity, marginalization, discrimination and homophobic attitudes we often face from our own Black community and even our own Black families and Black churches.  We had the courage to move forward and attend an event in the heart of North Philadelphia which is stereotyped as a violent, miseducated and oppressed neighborhood when in fact while there may be some aspects of North Philadelphia that are like that, there are and always have been Brothers and Sisters in North Philadelphia who have struggled for decades to improve the schools, improve living standards and improve the lives of Black North Philadelphia residents.
There were 38 empty seats at this event, but they were filled by our Ancestor's strong forthright, forward-moving and supportive spirits as the night went on and everyone enjoyed each other's company and the delicious vegetarian food prepared by Sister Atiyaola, who catered the event and who owns a vegetarian restaurant at 4505 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia....
When the film is released, This writer plans to help the producers and director get it seen widely throughout the country because the story of Adodi is close to my heart and it is a story that needs to be told.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Legacy of a Nation...Radio Program ... How To Tune In...

Type in:\TheLegacyofaNation

The Focus of the Programming is Black people and African People.  The specific person or topic gives it's uniqueness.  Monday night is about Black entrepreneurs Night; This Tuesday is on Psychology and Racism 12-Step Program to re-Afriancanization; Wednesday night is the African who Have Actually Done the Work--their life stories are featured; Thursday night is the African community chat--All the problems of Africans in a Chat form offering solutions; Friday Night is Youth Action Night--When we listen to the challenges of the youth and offer solutions.  Saturday Night is Astrology night, but we will be having Chat; Sunday night is Metaphysics.

Call IN Number 1.661-554-9123 

You can join us by Chat room or on your computer.

Monday -- Wednesday and Friday at 8 P.M.

Thursday: 9 P.M. on the first, third Thursday {Forth and Fifth when it is available}

Saturday 10: P.M.

Sunday at 7 P.M.

The programs can also be heard on and

I have gone on this program as a guest and have really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RE: Letter to My First Cousin, Leslie A. Peterson, September 3rd, 2012 {Monday}

From Brother Tracy Gibson
Visionary -- Businessman
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205

Ms. Leslie Banks
The Place Where ALL the Money Is

Dear Leslie:

How the heck are you? I miss you a great deal all the time. I am writing you this letter to ask for help in getting my businesses established, profitable and off the Ground.  I am putting ads in the paper looking for investors, employees and help.  I need your positive spirit on my side.  I think we had a hard time relating once we got older, Leslie, but I never, ever stopped loving you. I know you loved our family and would and did do every thing you could for the children in the family.  I think I did a few things to really, really piss you off. I want you to know that it was NOT done intentionally.  I think you were really a victim of this Capitalist system as I also have been.  I am constantly told it is not good to look at the world through the eyes of victims and perpetrators or oppressors and oppressed--yet we live in an age of Travon Martin; Thousands of Black men being put in Jail for basically nothing; and Black women being asked to work for almost nothing in Third World Nations like Africa and Venezuela.  Some people think our state of oppression will never end unless we take up arms and spark an international insurrection which will be bloody and deeply costly in human lives.  I am praying that such a bloody insurrection can be avoided and that we can work through small businesses like mine to come up with solutions that will free us and help us reach true economic parity with our White Friends.  I need your spiritual power to come down from Heaven and protect and surround me as I go about the business of working our youth and the rest of us free from the economic, Spiritual, social and political bonds that are holding us back.  It is challenging and more than worth while.  I thank you for whatever you can do, but I hope and pray you can forgive me spiritually for asking for that $50.  loan I needed that got you so upset.  I had no where else to turn to get food and medicine which I needed at that particular time. As you know part of the Established Order's plan is to keep us on disability and child support, welfare and unemployment or trapped in dead-end, meaningless jobs--especially the most Brilliant among us--so we just feel hopeless and weak and never really make anything much of ourselves. So I hope and Pray you will forgive me for anything I may well have done to offend--that was not my intention.  I Love you and I love the memory of you. I will never forget the good times we had coming up as children--our Mom's being sisters and All.  You were so funny with those Big Rosy cheeks and your Deputy Dog Doll.  We both Loved your Mon Helen and your Dad Pete.  Those Days in Cape Maye were the Best Ever.  I thank GOD up Above for making us first Cousins and I will LOVe you for sever eternities.
GOD Bless you Forever___
Many, Many Blessings and Peace,
Brother Tracy Gibson
Brother Tracy Gibson
President and CEO
of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.
A Growing Concern; 213 South 49th Street; Philadelphia, Penn 19139; BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com