Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letter to Senior Pastor Reverend Doctor Alyn E. Waller of Enon Tabernackle Church, 2800 West Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia 19150

September 19th 2012 Wednesday                             FROM: BROTHER TRACY GIBSON
                                                                                   To: The Senior Pastor At Enon Baptist Church,
                                                                                          Reverend Alyn E. Wallwe    
From: Proverbs 21 Section 4 - 6
4} ``Haughty eyes, a proud heart and evil actions are all Sin...'' { My Comments: I Don't Believe in the Concept of Sin.}
5} ``Good Planning and hard work Lead to Prosperity but hasty shortcuts lead to Poverty,''
6} ``Wealth created by a lying tongue is a vanishing mist and a deadly trap.''
7} ``The violence of the Wicked sweeps them away, because they refuse to do what is just,''
Psalm 66 Section 12
``Then you put a leader over us {Not President Obama and NOT Mitt Romney--in my opinion}
We went through fire and flood
but you brought us to a place of Great Abundance,''
Dear Senior Pastor Waller:
I thank you many times over for the wonderful work you and your other church members, other Pastors, Deacons and your church supporters and professionals are doing to support the community in such economically difficult times. I especially want to thank you for the excellent youth program you are providing for the youth and young people of your church and your community.  This is indeed a gracious and wonderful thing and a Blessing.  You are to be commended for it.
I have a favor to ask of you, for you see, I am in a bad predicament that is of my own doing.  There is a Bible verse saying ``You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies'' {Psalm 23.5} It rings very true to me and I believe GOD walks with me and is In me everyday.  For some people, things seem cloudy and unclear. I know full well that God made me the way I am for His or Her Devinne Purpose. I am many things. People see the Black man and if they are Black also they say Yes; But people see the social activist and they become fearful.  They don't seem to know or understand that God's son Jesus.....
``I Set a table before mine enemies and you will have Great Abundance.''
...was a social activist also who loved us all, but who made great demands of us as well.  Part of being a Good Christian is to Love the Ways of God and Love Justice and want to be ``Like Jesus Christ'' or ``Christ Like'' and Love people who have been left out of the benefits and wealth, but who have God's voice Ringing in their hearts everyday. So part of my personality is not only that I am Black, but that I am also oppressed and also poor {at least temporarily}.  But I am left out for another reason as well.  I am also a homosexual or a Same Gender Loving Person and I belong to a church that is very open and friendly to people who are Same Gender Loving. {Most of our congregation is homosexual as well} 
Reverend Jeffery Haskins {our founder and Pastor} is also Same Gender Loving or Gay {He has even made it clear to us that He is HIV Positive, as Well as being a homosexual.}  As is Pastor Victoria Skeete, our head Pastor, and we LOVe both of them dearly because they have made a Way for us to Be accepted and Loved in the House of God... A Way when there was no way. We are the rejected stones that are talked about in the Bible also.  ``The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia'' at 55 North Broad Street is inside the Arch Street Methodist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
But we have a problem.  Like many churches and many people right now, we have a shortage of funds.  We want to have a celebration for Our Men's Day on September the 23rd, but we don't have the $550. needed for the caterer for the annual brunch.  {Many people will probably be bringing food from home for the brunch to help with making the event festive and bright. } Like a really irresponsible, unthinking, but faithful person I ordered a ``Place of Abundance'' for our men, women and Transgendered people to partake of this celebration, but I have NO $550. to pay for the food.  {Believe me I won't let this happen again. I am going to live within my means from NOW ON!!}
The food is being prepared by one of your own church members and caterers and ushers, Mr. Thomas Heckstall. {I am going to get into all kinds of trouble for mentioning this and for asking for a handout like this, but I Will find a Way to pay for this and work with you and your church and you to pay this ALL BACK and I DO MEAN ALL back to you.  Thomas is a good and dear friend of mine and I don't want to let Him down... I know full-well that you and your church members need your money and that you do Great and Positive things with that money for the community at large.... {Thomas even told me that you have Missions or Churches in Africa!!--This is a wonderful thing!!}  Still, I'm hopeful you can help by paying Mr. Thomas Heckstall the $550. for us at Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia.  We will be indebted to you forever.  I promise to be honest, open and loving with you and make sure it gets paid back.  Please let me know if you can make our Men's Day At Church Bright and Cheerful--if you can help.  I haven't been to your church during service recently, but you preached my Uncle Lionel Gibson's funeral and you did a wonderful, wonderful thing. You really captured the Essenes of What Uncle Lionel--who died on February 20th of 2008-- was all about.  Uncle Lionel was my Dad's Brother and a Fair Mount Park Mountie.  He was a very responsible man with three children and he never, ever cursed--according to his wife my Aunt Helen. He was also a Landlord like I am and like my Father the late Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson was as well... I watch pornography, curse like a sailor and I have no children--yet I think I am Blessed by GOD each and every day because I am as honest as I can be each and every day and I LOVe the Lord.  It is one thing to go to church because you are a child and your parents take you there, but it is totally something different when at age 55 you go because you have developed a great relationship with GOD throughout the years.  I know ALL people are special and Loved by GOD Himself or Herself. So please let me know if you can help with paying for the food for the Men's Day at Church. I am ever Grateful Already.
Peace and Blessings,
Brother Tracy Gibson

Brother Tracy Gibson
Visionary -- Businessman
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4250


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