Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can You Help Me Heal?

There is so much I haven't learned to morn properly and let go of.

1} The death of my Best Friend Mr. Joseph A. Bunch.

2} The death of my Father, Mr. Charles S. Gibson.

3} The ruthless, confusing, sad and mournful murder of New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

4} The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

5} The senseless assassination of African Leader Patrice Lamumba by the Central Intelligence Agency.

6} The murder of Brother Malcolm X.

7} The Murder / Assassination of Medgar Evers.

8} The loss of my Mother Mrs. Jessie M. Gibson.

9} The loss of so, so many Black men and women to the prison system, to the lack of education and unemployment, and, frankly, their stupidity and our lack of an ability to protect and defend our Black boys and girls and women and men.

10} I also morn my own loss of innocence and what I still stubbornly insist was the loss of my ``manhood'' -- my being sexually molested and sexually abused by a West Philadelphia shop keeper I worked for when I was a young boy. If only I could heal from this!!

11) The tragic loss from ruthless assassination of Our Righteous leader The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

12) The Ruthless killing of Maurice Bishop by former President Ronald Reagen.

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