Sunday, May 22, 2016

Healthier Foods at Larry's Steaks near City Line Avenue

Healthy Things to eat: A Review of the Healthier Items on the Menu at Larry’s Steaks

At 2459 North 54th Street (54th Below City Line Avenue).

1 (215) 879 1776

Open: Monday through Thursday 10 A.M. to 2 A.M.

Friday & Saturday:  10 A.M. to 3:30 A.M. (GREAT FOR LATE NIGHT EATING).

Sunday: 10 A.M. to 11 P.M.

A look at better food by Brother Tracy Gison

They don’t offer much for home-made desserts, but Larry’s Steaks has several items on their menu that will help the person eating out find something healthier to munch on.

1] You can just order a Vegetarian Pizza with a little cheese; or ask specifically for the kinds of toppings you want such as Green Peppers; Mushrooms; Onions; Broccoli; Spinach and / or Black Olives.

2] Chicken Cutlet Stromboli ; Grilled Chicken Stromboli; Vegetarian Pizza by the slice [$3.00]

[More prices will be added later].

3] Sweet Potato fries $3.25

4] Onion Rings $3.75  (Treat yourself to three & four)…

5] Gyros – Lamb or Chicken.

6] From the Catering menu (They serve as an official caterer for the Philadelphia 76ers) – Green Salad with Grilled Chicken [Serves 8 to 10 people]. You can get Russian or Oil & Vinegar dressing. $35.00.

7] Salads include: Garden Salad or a Turkey Salad with Italian, Honey Mustard or Russian Dressing.

8] [Just be bold & order a Vegetarian Pizza. It does not mean you are going to be a vegetarian and never eat meat again!!!]

9] Fish (Flounder Hogie – with no cheese $7.85)…

9A] Tuna [no cheese]

9B] Grilled Vegetable Hogies

9C] Grilled Chicken Grinder with no cheese;  [Even if you ask for just a little cheese, your waistline will thank you…..]

10] Wraps: Turkey & Cheese ($760.); Tuna; Grilled chicken.

11] Vegetarian White Pizza: (With little cheese).

12] Turkey Breast Panini;  Fat Veggie Panini; 10’’ Vegetarian Pizza.

13] Master Card; Discover; Am Ex; & Visa accepted.

14] They don’t carry Fiji water {which as far as I’m concerned is the best kind] , but they do have Spring Water, which is recommended as opposed to sodas and milk shakes.


15] There are many other items on the menu, but we were interested in items that burn up faster as calories and are not so fattening.  Any one trained a bit (even through self-training) can go through a menu and find more healthy items, if they are so inclined. The people at Larry’s Steaks were very friendly about my questions once I explained I was doing an article for my blog.


(I was hoping they offered me a free mean, which they did not—better that Way, I don’t want them to sway me in any Way in what I wrote.).

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Will Magic Appear...

 Itinerary for  Proposed visit from Magic Johnson to promote Safe Sex for Black Youth & to Promote Black Businesses in Philadelphia. As of August 12th, 2017.

In Philadelphia from October 13th through October 15th, 2017

October 13th:  Meet with youth at church at the Arch Street United Methodist Church – 55 North Broad Street; Visit West Phillie Produce at 18 South 62nd Street for a youth reception & shopping;  A visit with the 76ers. Mr. Johnson and His friends can have the rest of the day and night as free time.

October 14th: Meet with Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues [BEBASHI] Near 12th & Spring Garden to promote safe sex and have breakfast with staff and the surrounding community.  [This event will actually be held at the Chosen 300 Church Mission at 1119 Spring Garden] ; A 12 noon visit to the Enterprise Center with Iola Carter and staff and children; A visit to WURD Radio 900 AM The Voice of the Black Community & City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown on Delaware Avenue at 3 P.M. A 5: 30 P.M. visit to Lea Elementary School at 47th & Locust Street.  Mr. Johnson and His staff can have the rest of the Day off.

October 15th: A visit with community activist Ali Hacket in South Philadelphia; & later the Brother who runs Malcolm X Park  at 52nd and Larchwood Avenue; T- Shirt Promotions  at Jim’s Steaks on 5th& amp; South Street where Community Activist and business leader Brother Tracy Gibson will eat His first cheese steak sandwich in 15 years. Mr. Johnson can have the rest of the day off.

**None of these times and dates have been confirmed by any of the People involved except Mr. Tracy Gibson who has already agreed to appear. All times and dates are subject to change until we get confirmations from the People involved.

Order ``Let the Children Gather,'' By Tracy Gibson

What is ``Let the Children Gather’’ by Tracy Gibson  About – & How to order this important Book.
** It has been several long years of work, planning & toil for me – your Brother Tracy Gibson – to be able to say I have finally published a real book through more regular channels.  I became a serious writer at the age of 8 – if only in my mind’s eye. I knew I wanted to be a writer and wrote for my High School newspaper at University City High School.  I like to write to heal people and create an atmosphere of understanding and hope. I have also been accused of making matters worse by using striingly critical and biting words that have sometimes hurt feelings. Usually such words are reserved for people who are themselves rather hateful, negative, and backbiting. I try very hard to be loving, caring and kind. This book: ``Let the Children Gather’’ however, has some stinging criticism reserved for people like Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger. The purpose of this book is to give vision, direction and a clear conscious to many of the views held by many of our young Black men. We also want to help Black youth turn their anger into more helpful emotion such as LOVe, devotion, creative
community work, and helping our Black community. Not being a detriment to our people and our Black community.   You have to log onto www.LULU.Com to order a copy access here:
**  ``Let the Children Gather,’’ is a small short book (54 pages) of poetry that retails for $10.00. It serves our community well even though you must be forewarned that it does include some curse words. The curse words are there because the book is here to bring Black young anger under control. To do this, the book helps young Black men especially turn that anger into useful expressions of LOVe. That LOVe will help turn our Black community around and turn it into a place we as Black people can all live in and work together in peacefully & with harmony.  (OK, I know it ain’t that easy, but some profits from the book’s sale will go towards helping already existing & new  programs devised to help Black youth honestly face the many issues that have been holding them back. Such issues as: good, wholesome, solid home training; listening to & Respecting elders; having a positive can-do attitude; getting training to overcome drug use & poverty; not gossiping; staying in school; getting focused on education or starting a business; keeping clean and taking care of hygienic issues; not having children too early; not being duped into military service; staying away from illegal, un-prescribed drugs – selling or buying; being thrifty with money; learning Black history & the intrinsic value of our Black people & their labor; building a good value and good ethical foundation;  getting political knowledge independently; becoming Black Kings & Black Empresses instead of people with no hope & a bad word at every turn; taking one’s appearance, health, & nutrition very seriously; etc.)  In other words what we support is about helping the entire Black family. (Ask for a copy of our company’s 2015 Annual Report.)
** (If you send us your e-mail address we can send you our list of over 300important books for our youth to be reading instead of watching TV or listening to destructive rap music).    Send your e-mail address to me at BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com and put: ``Concerned about Black Youth’’ in the subject line. I’ll get right back to you. Call and leave more information on the phone. Be specific about what you need. Tell us where the poetry readings are in Philadelphia: 1 (215) 823 9985. We thank you!!! labor donated.

Research -- Public Relations
Idea Creation & Development
Writing -- Philanthropy
Black Community Relations
Support for Small Businesses
Books (On order or at www.LULU.Com Available now)
Look for ``Let the Children Gather'' under Tracy Gibson's name.
Tee-Shirts (to Come)
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Contact us at: Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Common's Wealth of Pennsylvania
1 215 823  9985
Building Black Community Loyalty; Creating an Advanced Black culture.