Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Author Cites Elimination of Institutional Racism in CUBA...

Author Cites Elimination of Institutional Racism in CUBA...

By Trace Gibson
[Of the Tribune Staff]

Institutional racism has all but been wiped out and great advances have been made in women's rights in Cuba, claims activets and author Margret Randall, who addressed a gathering Tuesday, October 17th at Temple University's Ritter Hall.
Randall, author of ``Cuban Women Now,'' was born in New York, but has lived in Cuba for the last nine years. Cuba, which is 12 percent Black, was a very racist country before the revolution in 1959, she said, indicating that the Spanish and North American influences played an important role in this regard.
Now, says Randall, ``Blacks are involved in every level of government all the Way up to the Communist Central Committee,''
The problem of sexism is still being tackled, although much less evident now than before the revolution. Randall continued, again citing Western influences, vestiges percent were working as domestic servants before the revolution.  There was also a 25 percent unemployment rate and this was part of the reason for widespread prostitution.
``To be a woman before 1959 was not a very nice proposition.  You had to be young, White and beautiful to be an elevator operator,'' Randall pointed out.

Later, there was a ``tremendous role change among women,'' Literacy increased, eduction became more widespread, Women ...

The Caribbean islands and Africa received a great deal of technical and medical aid from Cuba, according to the author, who added that she saw the aid as a positive effort by Cuba to help the less fortunate countries of the world even though Cuba itself is a poor country.

The above article was written by Reporter Trace Gibson who worked for the Philadelphia Tribune at the time [ Friday, October 20th, 1978, When this article was written.]

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the perfect sunny day....

The perfect sunny day is spent at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden watching and talking to the fish and other aquatic animals.  They hold the breath of GOD and will give answers to many questions I can't answer. Then, it's dinner at Karma Restaurant at 114 Chestnue Street in Philadelphia.  The special day is June 26th, 2014 Thursday, when 25 % of your bill at Karma goes to support a Child in Need. Log onto for more information.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Visit to an Area Super Market.....

I was in a supermarket / restaurant today [2-25-2014] and there was a woman near me eating who was as big as a cathedral. She was ``normal'' but seriously over weight. I quickly realized, having an over-eating problem myself, that she had a mental problem. It is a mental problem unlike child sexual abuse, rape or murder, that we have comfortably come to accept in this age of the ham hoggie with extra mayonnaise and cheese and the double-stuffed meat burgers and double-stuffed orieo's. We can go to almost any burger shop and ask for a Triple-Decker cheese burger with beacon and no one bats an eye. Such comfortable self-abuse is costing the North American Health Care system and the Health Care Providers-- and those of us lucky enough to have some form of health care--literally thousands of dollars in extra testing, care and treatment for heart disease, diabeties, high-blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks and other obesity-related costs. We must take the advice of people like Doctor Ian Smith and Doctor OZ [include their books here] and work 1/2 hour of exercise into our daily routine with each passing day. I guess, in our so-called Free democracy a requirement of less fat in sandwiches and wheat breads and less fattening cheese, less fattening bacon like turkey bacon and turkey burger patties or Veggie Pattie burgers--we can't make such things a requirement in our so-called free and open society [unless we can prove through the court system that such fattening items are a real threat to society]--but certainly we can demand that MacDonald's give us such options and choices if we are sane people and want to have some decency and honor about ourselves and honor our holy Temple--The Human BOdy each of us was given...

The cost of eating so much meat in our culture and our society like the huge Black lady I saw recently at 40th and Walnut Street stuffing a hoggie down her face--I wondered if the hoggie was eating her or was she eating the hoggie--this overeating also has costs in terms of our environment. It cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars more per year to produce cows, chickens--if that is what they really are, and this is questionable--poultry and goats than it does to produce tofu, wheat gluten, seatan, tempet, vegetables, and fruits.

Where do our food producers, with an ever-increasing inability to feed our growing world, think three meals with so much meat-- snacks, lunch, another snack, for example--where is all the water going to come from to feed and raise the bairly-live stock to produce such amounts of meat going to come from? It takes gallons and gallons less water to produce a 100 LB's of fruit or vegetables or tofu than it does 100 LB's of fried chicken, baked chicken, or even baked fish like the very popular and omega 3-filled Salmon many Black Families dine on [which is really good and great for us. It takes gallons and gallons less water--a vitally important limited resource, especially in parched, dry areas like Israel and California--to produce tofu than it does to produce goat meat or lamb meat. It takes hundreds less gallons of water and shorter gestation and farm-to-table periods to produce fresh vegetable and fruits like peaches, blueberries, varieties of lettus [such as arugula and radicchio], blackberries, star fruit, eggplant, onions, broccoli, oranges, bananas, mint, new potatoes [the purple or red variety--which are a bit better for you], yams, sweet potatoes, and pineapples than it does to produce the meats I mentioned earlier in this article.

Water is a valuable resource that we totally take for granted. We use it from sun up to sun down. When we shave in the morning and brush our teeth and flush the bath in the morning to when we take a needed shower at night with plenty of wonderful olive soap or mango soap from the Black soap company and BLack Shampoo from 2nd Chance Thrift Shop at 45th and Locust Street and the Afro Centric Shop at 221 South 52nd Street in West Philadelphia at 52nd and Locust across from the Historic BushFire Theater. We take the water we are using for a shower for granted, but we are lucky to have water seemingly all over the place in the United States of Native America. It is in the supermarkets--fresh and inexpensive--and clean and drinkable our of the spicket and right there for a shower--one of which I took today....

Some European counties and the Western most part of our country have to take this information into consideration as we use water in London, Los Angeles and Sacramento. That GOD gave us water and He can take it away if we don't come to terms with the facts in this article and many others that talk even more critically about wasting water and not taking it for granted. We can't afford to walk through life unaware of what we do with every precious drop of water and every precious bit of good food--that is if we have gotten wise to eating good foot at this point. We must wake up to what realities really are and read books like ...

The Suggested book: ``Cooking Light: Way to Cook Vegetarian: The Complete Visual Guide to Meatless Cookiing'' From Time Home Entertainment, was a resource for producing this article ans has been helpful in my adding more fruits and vegetables to my own personal diet.

This article is not yet finished and will require editing. It is written after having read a recipe or two from the ``Vegetarian Times'' magazine, which I subscribe to and strongly suggest to readers.

Friday, June 6, 2014

What Little Black Girls Are Made Of....

Simply The Best...


Isn't it a shame how families get so excited about being Parents, Uncles, Aunts & Grandparents when a child is born.  Somehow the excitement is doused with a Big Splash of cold water when it is discovered the child is a girl.  If it wasn't for grown girls we would not be here.  We all had to come from a woman. I LOVe and Respect Black women. I know plenty of Black men who are really women LOVers who don't really LOVe women...if you get my drift.  Why is it that some Big Intelligent governments actually penalize people who have the fortune of having girls instead of boys.  This is a shame.  I can just see Aunt Janet at the Family Dinner or Cook Out looking way down Her nose at the little children and saying to two-and-three-year-old girls ``Why Aren't you the cutest little things!!''  Aunt Janet should know better.  We don't need to be calling our children ``things.''  They are little people who hold the future of our Nations in their hands and minds.  They will either solve the plate load of problems we hand them--that we were unable, unwilling or unaware of their needing to be resolved--or they will hand them on to still another generation or worse, suffer the vibrations with the rest of us. To black girls, females and women out of this process of helping and being productive is criminal, and our government and many, many of our people should know better.  It is equally shameful that one of the steamship organizations that raises money for women to run for Congress and other political offices in the United States, Emily's List, seems to get mealy mouthed when I ask them why they don't support more Black women for public office.  This is why there are organizations like The National Congress of Black WOmen to support the issues of Black women and Black female teens and Black girls.  This is why I send them small donations whenever I can. I hope you will also.  If you can't do this, maybe you should get one less hair weave, one less dress, one less new pair of sneakers, one less hair locking, one less piece of cake, one less pare of shoes, or one less piece of fried chicken, or go see one less movie, play or sporting event and give the money to The National Congress of Black Women for the various events and issues they feel are important.  If you really can't afford to do this, maybe you can write to one of the Black Sororities like the AKA's and ask them to send in some money.  I will put the address of the National Congress of Black Women here very soon for the betterment of your chances to take this article seriously.  My mother raised me correctly, this is why I just wrote this and why I feel this Way. Several women in my life have helped me in my work to become a better man and help myself first, believe in GOD and believe in Black women and the need for their issues to be addressed properly.  I was very happy when I heard women speak up and talk about the crisis with Black women when they were just about tired of all the Hub Bub about Black men, Black boys and Black male teens.  Not to deny the Black men and Black males anything, but these inner city social issues need a great deal of help and attention from all of us. I am proud to be a man, but I LOVe to see Black women get their positive, deserved and needed reward for the hard work and dedication they have given to the Black Family.       

Monday, June 2, 2014

visit this restaurant and please be patient about the wait.

If you are seeking a break from fast food places and really want to try some great food, try Atiya Ola's at 4505 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia.   She serves breakfast items such as turkey beacon, eggs, vegan pancakes, gluten-free pancakes and salads with salmon for lunch [UMMM!!]. Call them at (215) 939-3298 or just stop by. They are conveniently located in West Philadelphia near Clark Park... They Specialize in Vegetarian and Vagan and Raw foods... Atiya once catered an event for me last year and EVERYBODY LOVED THE RAW FOOD--even people who had not tried it before!!! She comes highly recommended...

** Late addition: recently I had Her Black Bean soup and a salmon salad and chocolate cake. You are talking about something really great. I also get a great deal of wisdom when I visit Atya Ola's because many very smart Black people like to stop by for a meal.