Monday, July 30, 2012

Controlling Stress...

To Control Stress is to TAKE ACTION in your life.  It is to say ``NO'' to allowing the established Order to dictate to you how you will interact with the people of our Nation and the Culture we live in.  Reducing stress also allows you to take greater control over your life and to discover more, new positive things about you.

I am NOT a doctor or a psychiatrist but some of the things that have worked for me in my personal attempts to reduce stress have been:

*Calling a good friend and talking out what's bothering me.

* Turning off Network TV, especially the news, and violent Police Shows and reading a good book, listing to classic jazz [or even some classical European music] or exercising instead.

* Calling my Pastor at church to discuss any serious problems I might be having.

* Going for a good rudimentary walk.

* Having sex with a significant other or your special partner.

* A Good Professional massage will help lower stress also.

*Going to see a good old-fashioned comedy at the movies or an exciting OLD FASHIONED action movie.

* Other exercise like Aerobics, Jazz Dance or Push Ups or SIT UPS.
[I have to be honest, at my age, 56, I rarely do these.]
* Do house work such as cleaning, or wasing the dishes or dusting or fixing something that you know for sure how to fix.

* Attending church service or visiting with friends...

* Writing a letter about something that is bothering you or to someone who has hurt you, even if you so not mail it.
*Listening to the Calming ocean waves and the ocean crashing on rocks or the shore [This really helps me and is REALLY fantastic...]

Stress reduction, in these difficult economic times we live in, can actually save lives and make life easier because it helps to:

* Reduce interpersonal conflicts.

* Relax the mind and body.

* Lower blood pressure.

* Burn off dangerous fats.

*  Act as a coping mechanism.

* Help you get more enjoyment out of life.

*And make personal interactions more meaningful and enjoyable.

* The exercise aspect can also help you lose weight which is very helpful health wise.

It is important to remember to ``Do Something''  about stress, take an active Roll, instead of get angry and let it eat you up inside.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Black Business Guidelines

* Competition and Cold profits should NOT be the main goals of Black corporations, companies and foundations...

* The Main focus of Black Corporate, companies and foundations must be to work together to break down the barriers that are keeping us separated as Black people.

*TO: Help raise our children and youth with higher ethical and moral values.

*TO: Help explain the importance and substantial contributions of Black Business innovators and Black investors.

* TO: Promote those within our race who excel politically, economically and morally who do so without selling their high ethical standings in the community.

TO: Instill better values and ethics among the general National and International business community by serving as an upstanding business interests as a Black Business.

*TO: Support the activities and Policies of Corporate Accountability International which have been critical of North American Big Business interests

* TO: Find new and innovative Ways to interact positively with White-Owned businesses; Latin Owned Businesses; Asian-Owned Businesses; Arab-Owned Businesses, as well as businesses owned by Other Ethnic groups to encourage them to be more ethical in their business practices and develop new and progressive business practices that uphold positive community standards.

*TO: Work Positively with government bodies to expand on and uphold high ethics.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goals of the New West Philadelphia Real Estate Group.

* We will act as a forum for the exchange of information on Real Estate and related issues such as: improving personal finance; increasing credit ratings and keeping them up; developing oneself as a trusted financial entity; and other avenues to establish good credit.

* We will serve as a forum which partnerships are formulated (mostly from within the group). Said partnerships are going to be developed to further the financial interests of those interested in the group.

* Some of our partnerships will actually be able to buy ad rehabilitate homes for a profit.

*We Will also establish for profit companies; LLC's and corporations for the benefit of our members and through this process, improve on and increase trust levels with our trusted members.

*We Will interact positively with Realtors in the area for the benefit of our association and our membership.  Some of our Realtors will be Black, but not necessarily so.

*We will be a central point for our members to get the positive reinforcement they will need as people of color trying to get ahead and we will be there to help refute any and all negative forces and information that says we can't get ahead as Black and Progressive People.

* Many of our members will be Black, but not necessarily so. Other members will be people of all races who have a proven grassroots record of struggle and a/ or a proven record of working with members of the Black COmmunity for that community to get ahead, prosper and move forward.

A Work In Progress...

Charles S. Gibson's Obit...

Charles S. Gibsonwas a husband, father, family man, worker and landlord who took ALL these roles seriously and faced life with fortitude and conviction.

He was born to Mable Camille Fitzpatrick and Joseph Saint Clair Augustus Gibson on March 15, 1927—the Ides of March—and was the eldest and last remaining of five boys, Lionel, Ken, Lloyd, and Raymond. Charles was baptized at the Episcopal Church At Saint Thomas. He was educated at Kato Middle School, which is now the Paul Robeson High School, at 43rd near Chestnut in West Philadelphia. He also attended Dobbins Technical School, where he excelled in sheet metal work. With the encouragement of his cousin, Enid, he later attended Lincoln Prep. Due to heart problems as a child, Charles did not join his brothers in the sports of track and field. Instead he spent hours constructing model airplanes which developed into a passion for all things having to do with flight, aeronautics and engineering

Paul Robeson High School, at 43rd near Chestnut in West Philadelphia. He also attended Dobbins Technical School, where he excelled in sheet metal work. With the encouragement of his cousin, Enid, he later attended Lincoln Prep. Due to heart problems as a child, Charles did not join his brothers in the sports of track and field. Instead he spent hours constructing model airplanes which developed into a passion for all things having to do with flight, aeronautics and engineering. After being inducted into the Army during the Korean war, Charles Gibson’s interest

He had a lovely wife, Mrs. Jessie Mae Gibson, who he met on a blind date arranged by is cousins. He would always say,” It was love at first sight”. They married in the spring of 1951 and remained married for 55 years. Their union produced two children—Claudia Helene, and Tracy Charles. The children were raised at their home on 49thstreet in West Philadelphia, which became a showpiece of Mr. Gibson’s own workmanship and construction skills. He took the family to Canada, the World’s Fair in New York and on several camping trips. Mr. Gibson was a devoted and dedicated family man and father who strongly instilled the work ethic in his children and in others who knew him. Once asked what his life’s credo was he answered: ``Work, Work, Work!!’’ Known to his cousins as “Nipper” he was a stabilizing agent in his immediate and extended family. He encouraged the education of his children and grandchildren. Charles and Jessie successfully urged both children to complete college educations. The graduations of his grandchildren were exceedingly anticipated and joyful events.

Together Charles and Jessie operated a real estate business. Charles Gibson loved his St. Clair apartments located in University City, his crown jewel. Many of his tenants considered him ``one of the best landlords that ever existed," because Mr. Gibson was quick to respond to problems with his buildings and assured the building’s “curb appeal” was more than adequate. His life became a relentless struggle and balancing act

Together Charles and Jessie operated a real estate business. Charles Gibson loved his St. Clair apartments located in University City, his crown jewel. Many of his tenants considered him ``one of the best landlords that ever existed," because Mr. Gibson was quick to respond to problems with his buildings and assured the building’s “curb appeal” was more than adequate. His life became a relentless struggle and balancing act to refurbish and improve the buildings he owned, extend his real estate holdings through purchases, maintain a “day” job, and to provide for his wife and family.

Mr. Gibson loved his community, and became a role model for many young men, teaching them skills in carpentry, electronics, brick laying, house painting, plumbing and more. In his younger years, French Creek, and Fairmount Park were a few areas of the city he would travel to enjoy nature with community youth and other adult leaders in the neighborhood. For many young people, Mr. Gibson became a surrogate father.

Mr. Gibson was seen as a trailblazer, family man, a community man, and a Renaissance man. His wife Jessie preceded Charles in death. He is survived by two children: Claudia Helene; and Tracy Charles, a Son-In Law; Dr. Keith Hunter; four grand children; Kamau, Anoa, Thandiwe, and Muata, his senior cousin Ruby, a host of cousins, nieces, nephews, his faithful friends Sheridan and Joe, and his companion, mentee and care-giver Beverly McCullough.

Charles S. Gibson made his transition on July 10th, 2012, due to advanced heart disease. He was 85 years old. Services will be held on Friday, July 20th at the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas, located at 6361 Lancaster Ave. The viewing will be from 9:00-11:00. The service will start at 11:00. The internment will be at Fernwood Cemetery.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A short subject on Religion..... By Brother Tracy C. Gibson

Some of What I Believe as Far as Religion, Spirituality and Why People Believe What They Believe.....

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Yes, it is true, I am GOD, but no more GOD than you are.  It is all a matter of spiritual evolution and how much time you have taken to work on your issues.  We all have issues.  If we don't admit that, it will just take us longer to deal with the truth and get real with ourselves. If you actually think you came up in North America and don't have any ``issues'' than that in itself IS one of your issues. I have taken the time to evolve--{politically, emotionally, Spiritually and psychologically} to deal with the personal issues that were dogging me for years--decades, such as sexual addition, food addition, depression, excess anger, self hatred as an oppressed member of a so-called ``minority group'' {I am BLACK and as part of the African Diaspora, I AM NOT A MINORITY!!!} Other problems I have faced:  jealousy, skepticism, lack of faith in GOD, poverty, Spiritual Poverty, lack of direction and purpose, lack of intimacy with other people, lack of finding that special someone, and a lack of relating with people on a real and honest level. Therapy and medicine, legally prescribed by a medical Doctor or a psychiatrist {A psychiatrist IS a medical doctor and someone trained in human behavior}, has helped me realize and come to grips with many of these issues.  I was in therapy for a long time, about 30 some years.  The benefits have been tremendous.  You might discount what I have written here because of the therapy itself, but I am NOT a crazy person.  There are, however, Mad Men running our government.  I don't mean the President himself, per say, but he has surrounded himself with some people who don't have the Common People of our Nation's best interests at heart. It takes time and work and reading to come to grips with these issues and work them out in our heads and our hearts.... {Please read the ``Getting Help'' Section of this Blog if you are having trouble adjusting}... The best thing one can do is read. Turn off the TV and stop going to the movies so much because what we need to hear and see is NOT being televised or put into major movies.  Look who owns the TV Stations and runs the major Hollywood studios and you will see what I'm talking about.  Try it for a week and you will see what I mean.....  I attend the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia {At 55 North Broad Street in Philadelphia} and I also go to BibleWay Baptist Church, Bright Hope Baptist Church and Zion Baptist Church from time to time. I was born into Saint Thomas African Episcopal Church at 63rd and Lancaster Avenue, a Black Episcopal Church. Finding a church home is NOT an easy thing, but Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia is MY HOME CHURCH.... Don't believe anything else.  If you have any questions of me, write me at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

Signing Off, Brother Tracy Gibson  

Monday, July 23, 2012

When Are We Going to Take a Stand Against Gun Violence?

There has been yet another rampage of gun violence in Colorado. This time in a crowded movie theater at a ``Batman'' Premier. I won't go into the details. Suffice it to say, if we as Black people gave just $5.00 a year to either the www.BradyCampaign.Org or started our own anti-gun advocacy group {There may be one, I haven't done the research as yet}.....  We could make the National Rifle Association {NRA} a thing of a past or at least an organization that is basically a Toothless Tiger because we would, as a people, be armed with the truth about what the facts are on this issue.  The endless violence that occurs in our country is shameful and it wouldn't have to happen if we stood up and did something about it besides read the horrible news in the papers and went back to work the next day.  I will give my $2.00 to the Brady Campaign in October, when my budget will allow it.  What are you going to do?  If 200,000 Black people just gave $2.00 once in their lives, that would be $400,000.00. Believe me the Brady Campaign could do a great deal of work with that money.  They could advocate for better fairer gun laws; actually get positive and progressive legislation passed; and pay for a positive ad campaign to bring up the level of public awareness.  I am too lazy to do the research to find out of there is a Black group that works on researching Gun Laws for Black people, so let me know if you hear of any.  I can be reached at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

The Great Black Amerian Black Out!!!

                              Black Out!!!

Black men and Black women need to stop smoking, regardless of the age they were at when they started smoking and regardless of how old they are NOW!!! They really need to stop smoking because it, smoking, is costing us millions of dollars as a community, in health care cost, millions of terars in early deaths and it is costing a great deal of physical pain and economic hardship as we try to ``make the price'' of a $5.00 or, in some awful cases, a $6.00 box of cigarettes.

The new thing in the community is the sale of what have lovingly, and I say this sarcastically, ``loosies''.....  This is the sale of single cigarettes, usually ``Kools'' or ``Newports'', at a cost of $1.00 per cigarettes.  This has the impact of costing about $20 per pact and is the cigarette sale equivalent of the pay-day loan that the great banking system in this country gave us about five years ago.

The health risks from smoking are quite evident.  They can and do cause lung cancer, emphysema, other forms of cancer such as thought cancer, and they can stunt your growth and be dangerous to pregnant Black women their so-to-be babies.

I don't think I need to spell it out any further.  Don't Smoke.  And if you have already started, and live in the Philadelphia area, please log onto: or call 1.800QUIT-NOW and get some advice about stopping and now not to give up the fight.  As I said, smoking is a costly thing. Remember, if you relapse, don't despair. Get help and keep trying to get off the cancer stick.

The Black Millionaire's Network

The Black Millionaire’s Network

July 23rd, 2012 {Monday}

· We are NOT a ``Secret Society’’

· We are mostly Black and from the Black African Diaspora, but we have let a few non-Blacks who want to peacefully help and advise us {and learn as well} slip in as well.

· We are not ALL Black Millionaires’ but also Black people who want to get on the path to becoming wealthy and taking on the mantel of responsibility and adulthood which comes with being independently wealthy and working towards great wealth, while learning how to share wealth with others.

  We pledge to:

· Consistently improve our credit rating.

· Pay off old debts in full with consistency.

· Prepare to buy a home, if we don’t already have one, and prepare to buy income property near where we live to improve our income level, credit standing and expand on our economic base.

· We will also find suitable work if we are unemployed or underemployed, and get the proper attire for job interviewing if we don’t have it.

· We will get interview coaching; help in preparing an effective resume; and help with entering or re-entering the job market in a presentable, professional and positive manner.

· We are serious.

· We will also be allotted networking opportunities and have full and responsible input from us fully considered by Network Root men and Network Root women.

· We will seek out and receive advice on the viability of major purchases and try to make them from Black pervayers.

· We will also have access to a professional council of qualified financial advisers, qualified lawyers, and qualified Real Estate Brokers and Planners. We will seek out and use qualified Black Professionals whenever and where even possible. {Financial services will come at the rates asked for by those providing the services.}

· Please DO NOT SEND any checks or Money Orders until August 25th, 2012 / {Wednesday}

· At that time: Please make Money Orders and checks payable to The Black Millionaire’s Network and send them to : TBA

If you have any questions call Brother Tracy Gibson at 1-215-471-6494

Or E-Mail me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

All Members Will Be Required to read FIVE {5} books a month: The First Two Books will be:

``Ethical Ambition: Living a Life of Meaning and Worth,'' by Derrick A. Bell...

``Succeeding Against the Odds: The Autobiography of a Great American Businessman,'' by Lerone Bennett, John H. Johnson and Ouinn Currie.

{As you know Mr. Johnson is the late, great owner and founder of Ebony Magazine...}

Post Office Box and More Info to come very soon...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

McDonalds? What UP!!!!

Dear Good Brothers and Sisters: I have volunteered to help the MOVE Organization in the PHILADELPHIA area to act on a boycott of McDonald's. I know what you are going to say: Why McDonald's? There are plenty of other criminals selling us fast food that is killing us as well!!! This is true, but in the successful movements, you have to target your points and fine tune your message. You can't go after everybody. The reasons why we have selected McDonald's is that:
* McDonald's is really harming and victimizing animals in the way they kill stock for meat for burgers.
* McDonald's is very intransigent in the way they don't respond positively to customer complaints and suggestions about new products that are less fatty, salty, sugary, dangerous, and filled with pesticides. There are easy alternatives, but McDonald's keeps pumping out the same old stuff that is killing our people with High Blood Pressure; Heart Disease; Sugar Diabetes; Cancer and on and on. It is time to take a stand.
* McDonald's is responsible for on average of about 6 % of ALL the trash in the Whole Northern United States. They need to use less paper in their packaging and more environmentally purposeful packaging to lessen trash and the multitudes of trash that they are spreading across our Nation and the world.
* We also chose McDonald's because they are such an open target and because they are ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! They have a waiting line to get a franchise and it still cost over a million dollars to wreak this havoc on the people. It has to end and they need to be dragged, kicking and screaming if need be, into the future... A future that is more humane, decent, loving, kind, receptive, respectful, understanding and able to care for people instead of just seeing people as open wallets to be exploited.
* The MOVIE``Super Sizer Me'' really points out the health risks of eating at McDonald's on a regular basis. The director of the film eats at McDonald's for a period of time and finds his health going South steadily. { his liver practically turns to jelly} The film is a documentation about the real health risks of eating Double Quarter Pounders; Greasy fries; milk shakes; cokes; greasy piece-meal fish sandwiches covered with tarter sauce; sugary cookies and other items that Black, Latin and Poor White families across the Nation are stuffing down their children. IT HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE!!!
* One Last Note: A Lot of People didn’t notice when the University of Pennsylvania Hospital closed the MacDonalds at Children’s Hospital. We DID!!!.... This proves that the food is NOT suitable for children who are trying to get better in the HOSPITAL—WHY IS IT EVER USEFUL OR HEALTHFUL AT ALL IF IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF PENN HOSPITAL’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL COMPLEX?????
Please send this rational for the boycott of McDonald's to as many people as you wish and have them write me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
If you want to read other articles by me as an activist and writer, please look up Brother Tracy Gibson under GOOGLE and look under ``The Politics of Real'' under their Blogg information.
Thank you and please stay in touch.....

If you want to write McDonalds: Please do so at: The McDonalds Corporation
                                                                                1 McDonalds Drive
                                                                                 Oakbrook Ill  60523-1911

Write about how they need to change their food choices and make suggestions as to what they should sell to improve their menue.
Brother Tracy Gibson...

What Is Emily's List: And Why Should I Support Them?????

Emily's List is a Non-Profit organization that supports mostly Democratic and Progressive WOMEN to congress, the Senate and various state Houses.  I have given them donations in the past, but feel they really need to support more Black women for the various posts they work towards getting women elected to.  If you want more information about Emily's List go to WWW.Emily'sList.Org

Friday, July 13, 2012

Taking Only ``YES'' for an answer

I've heard ``NO'' a hundred times. Maybe even a thousand time or ten thousand times.  Every time I hear it the stronger my resolve gets to one day soon hear that resounding and positive ``YES'' that will make my day, month and year so worth while.  All the effort will have been worth it.

If the ``Yes'' never comes, please know that God and the Creator and the Ancestors have already laid a Path for at least part of what I'm doing to be passed on to the younger generation--if they are interested.

We can't force anything on anybody.  All we can do is offer the information and expose the young people to the positive information we are composing, researching, constructing and reconstructing.  It is up to them to accept or reject it and Build on it.

So, let loose with your ``NO's,'' your ``NEVER'' your ``Over My Dead Body''-- I especially like that one, being a man of Peace and Non-Violence and ALL... I know for sure that GOD has a different Plan than  ``NO!!''  It may take time and positive thinking, patience and concentrated effort, dedication, focusing and hard work, but eventually I will hear a clear and resounding ``YES'' and I have already made ready as to what to do from there.....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Investment Opportunity: TO: George Soros

July 12th, 2012 {Thursday}

Dear George Soros:

I am an impassioned international Black activist who is finding himself more and more able to focus on what is important to me and many, many others--World Peace; the spreading of effective, stable and Peace-filled democracies acoss the World; Real Truth; Real Justice; Real Freedom; and changing how we do business and how we function effectively as a Capitalist system to make it ALL more humane, sustainable and equitable into the near and far future..... I want us ALL to remember that, We are In It to Win It, as we read on.....

There are more ideas that need to be examined besides the old fashioned ones that have worked--or NOT worked--over the last one hundred years.  The old ideas are NOT working for the vast majority of people in North America and the World.  The idea that a certain class of people--those with money; those with connections; those who manipulate others callously and ruthlessly; those who hold high office; those who exploit others; and those who just blindely follow the ordes of such people--that these people hold ALL the keys and controls over the natural resources, mineral wealth and monitary wealth--and everything else--That idea's time has come to pass and is no longer based in reality...

I am part of  ``a new gentry'' of people who are bringing about a New World because the Old one is being cast aside and is, mostly, no longer useful....

Look at the young people and the students in Egypt and Syria.  They want change and have a strong inner spirit and inner flame of Real Truth and Real Justice that is not easily put out. There are literally millions of other students like them in places like Cambodia, Ty won, China, Africa, Brazil, South Africa, South America, Central America and all over the World.  They will be heard and they cannot be stopped with bullets or manipulated and misguided dollars spewed forth by The Established Order....

These students, and millions like them, represent the New Ideas of sustainability, fair play and equality that speak to the future not the past. The future I am talking about is a future of doing business in a fashion that does NOT allow: workers to be blatantly exploited in the world's sweat shops, mining camps, farming centers and elsewhere; does not allow CEO's to make $62 Million Dollars a year and pay no taxes while a secretary or file clerk working for the same company makes $60,000.00 a year and pays 35 % of that salary to taxes; does not allow for the open pollution of Our streams, waterways, parks, rivers, communities, and oceans; does NOT allow for us to let people be foreclosed on by the banking system and the states and allow for run-away prices for Real Estate and housing; and does not allow the World to slip, once again, into useless, expensive and brutal wars. State terrorism against the student movements has got to stop and new more progressive governments have to be elected in a free and open fashion without the advent of the oppressive military. Hostage-taking and  terrorism must end; bullying in ALL forms and at ALL levels, and ALL forms of abuse against children, Women, Gays, Transgendered People and Lesbians; and people of color and Non-Whites must also be stopped in its tracks....

As this new concerned gentry, we have to do something and we are doing something.  For me, as an activist, that ``something'' takes many formations.  I am currently restructuring a Parent company--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.--that has some 16 components.  It is a multinational corporation.  We are a Public Relations, Marketing, Community Advocacy, Education and Research firm that has a deep concern for bringing progressive work to bare on the current World condition in which we live, but in a positive, progressive and Non-threatening Way.

But what I want to talk with you, Mr. Sorose, is just three of these components and how I might enlist your financial support to help.

1} ``The Knowledge Hut Store.'' This is a concept that brings a limited amount of cherished DVD's, CD's Videos, books, T-Shirts, greeting cards and posters in front of Our young people and their guardians for them to peruse and purchase.  Our products will be limited because they MUST have a certain positive content to even be considered for Our store.  Our products will be designed and selected to reflect a positive social and political value and reflect wholesome community values and wholesome community standards.  We will NOT allow the rap stars whose music objectifies women or castigates Gays, Transgendered People and Lesbians to be sold by Our stores; We will not sell books--no matter how classic or desired by the general public they are--to be sold in Our stores if they are found to be racist, anti-women or homophobic in content or image in ANY way.

We did test marketing of a line of Tee-Shirts from April 2006 to September 2007 at our home office at 3819 Lancaster Avenue and met with a fairly good level of success.  We also interacted positively with the surrounding community on business matters and community issues and started to develop personal skills and networking skills that are still helping us even today.  We are sure--through the development of our Business Plan for The Knowledge Hut Stores {Also available on this Blog} that we have worked out much of the financials and done some of the research to examine the feasibility of this idea.  {Please read what stage we are at in development right now.}

2} I have just about completed the writing of two books.  The first one is ``A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation.'' It is dedicated to helping our youth--oppressed and often left out of the system's successes-- to find inroads to being more reliable, substantial, responsible, and, at the same time, law abiding individuals who will be a big asset to Our Nation's future, not a liability.  This is achieved through the intertwining of my personal story of a Black, Same Gender Loving ``Gay'' man who is determined to reach a tangible level of financial success with many political anecdotes, funny family stories and progressive analysis in an up-beat and interesting Way.  The present manuscript is over 659 pages and a copyright from the Library of Congress has been applied for.

This volume is also going to find a target market among youth and younger people who want to meet the challenges of the future by taking direct and positive action to improve their lives.  We expect this book to meet with massive success and sales because of it's honesty, uniqueness, reliability, readability and due to the marketing technique we are employing to promote and sell the books.

The other book is entitled: ``A Gathering of Children...'' and is a poetic compilation of many political views and social analysis of current social events and social upheavals that have had an important impact on the world. 

3} The third component of my interests I will discuss today is the development, implementation and full staffing of a Security Team and a Security Agency {Yet to be named, but planned to be 49 % owned by a European owner and 51 % owned by me and other Black interests}and to be headquartered in Philadelphia.  When you look back at the history of Black economic development in the United States you find the events that took place at ``The Black Wall Street'' in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1920's.  {Tulsa was home of great Black economic development during this time, including, catering establishments, hotels, stores, restaurants ans schools.}  There was a racial incident in Tulsa that sparked a White Supremest riot that left over 300 Black people killed and the Black economic development of that era destroyed.  We must learn from this example.  I am sure I stand with many thousands of Black business people who do NOT want to see the horrible lesson of the 1920's repeated any where in the World today--with Black people being murdered and Black property being destroyed.  A good security agency that hires along mostly Black lines is a certain Way to help protect against such useless violence against people and property in the future.

I hope you will contact us soon regarding these three important components of our 16-point corporate expansion program.

We are requesting $4 Million Dollars in start-up funds for our expansion.  We have already been in touch with Mr. Quintin E. Primo III; Mr. Magic Johnson; Muhammad Ali; Spike Lee; Common; John Legend; Quincy Jones; Oprah Winfrey; Bill Cosby; Magic Johnson; and I have also recently written Rosie O' Donald.  We are expecting any one of them to take positive action on our business objectives within days.  If you want to head them off, now is the time to act.

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

President and Founder of the Black Millionaire's Network; President and CEO of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.; and co-chair of the Coalition to Find and Fund Sane, Reasonable and Coherent Solutions for the Crisis in the Middle East.

This proposal / Letter is still being edited.......


Monday, July 9, 2012

Supporting the Building Fund for the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia.....

The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia at 55 North Broad Street in Center City Philadelphia, is my home church and has been for about three years.  It is a diverse church with mostly Black members who are Gay  {Same Gender Loving}, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bisexual in orientation, but our church is open to ALL community members.  We have been generating funds for our Building Fund for a few years now and things are moving forward and increasing in magnitude and importance.  We will be having a FUND RAISER on Sunday the 15th of July at the church building after service. THE PURPOSE OF THE EVENT IS TO RAISE MONEY FOR OUR BUILDING FUND.  ``We are In it to Win It,'' is the theme of the Men's Committee and our Men's day coming up on September 23rd.  Our colors are Blue and White.  On the 22tnd OF July we will be selling ice cream with all the trimmings to raise funds for the Church Building Fund.  Our service begins at about 2 P.M. in the Afternoon of Sunday.  ``Sundaes for Sunday'' is our theme.  Please come out and support the Building Fund.  If you would like to make a large anonymous contribution to our fund, please write Minister B.J. Tilliman at the Church Post Office Box at: Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia; Post Office Box 8004; Philadelphia, Penn 19104.  You may also call our Pastor Mr. Jeff A. Haskins at 1-917-609-2369 if you wish.  Please also come to our service on Sundays.  We have a lively, rousing, spirited and thoughtful service that you will really enjoy!!!