Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A short subject on Religion..... By Brother Tracy C. Gibson

Some of What I Believe as Far as Religion, Spirituality and Why People Believe What They Believe.....

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Yes, it is true, I am GOD, but no more GOD than you are.  It is all a matter of spiritual evolution and how much time you have taken to work on your issues.  We all have issues.  If we don't admit that, it will just take us longer to deal with the truth and get real with ourselves. If you actually think you came up in North America and don't have any ``issues'' than that in itself IS one of your issues. I have taken the time to evolve--{politically, emotionally, Spiritually and psychologically} to deal with the personal issues that were dogging me for years--decades, such as sexual addition, food addition, depression, excess anger, self hatred as an oppressed member of a so-called ``minority group'' {I am BLACK and as part of the African Diaspora, I AM NOT A MINORITY!!!} Other problems I have faced:  jealousy, skepticism, lack of faith in GOD, poverty, Spiritual Poverty, lack of direction and purpose, lack of intimacy with other people, lack of finding that special someone, and a lack of relating with people on a real and honest level. Therapy and medicine, legally prescribed by a medical Doctor or a psychiatrist {A psychiatrist IS a medical doctor and someone trained in human behavior}, has helped me realize and come to grips with many of these issues.  I was in therapy for a long time, about 30 some years.  The benefits have been tremendous.  You might discount what I have written here because of the therapy itself, but I am NOT a crazy person.  There are, however, Mad Men running our government.  I don't mean the President himself, per say, but he has surrounded himself with some people who don't have the Common People of our Nation's best interests at heart. It takes time and work and reading to come to grips with these issues and work them out in our heads and our hearts.... {Please read the ``Getting Help'' Section of this Blog if you are having trouble adjusting}... The best thing one can do is read. Turn off the TV and stop going to the movies so much because what we need to hear and see is NOT being televised or put into major movies.  Look who owns the TV Stations and runs the major Hollywood studios and you will see what I'm talking about.  Try it for a week and you will see what I mean.....  I attend the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia {At 55 North Broad Street in Philadelphia} and I also go to BibleWay Baptist Church, Bright Hope Baptist Church and Zion Baptist Church from time to time. I was born into Saint Thomas African Episcopal Church at 63rd and Lancaster Avenue, a Black Episcopal Church. Finding a church home is NOT an easy thing, but Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia is MY HOME CHURCH.... Don't believe anything else.  If you have any questions of me, write me at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

Signing Off, Brother Tracy Gibson  

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