Monday, July 23, 2012

The Great Black Amerian Black Out!!!

                              Black Out!!!

Black men and Black women need to stop smoking, regardless of the age they were at when they started smoking and regardless of how old they are NOW!!! They really need to stop smoking because it, smoking, is costing us millions of dollars as a community, in health care cost, millions of terars in early deaths and it is costing a great deal of physical pain and economic hardship as we try to ``make the price'' of a $5.00 or, in some awful cases, a $6.00 box of cigarettes.

The new thing in the community is the sale of what have lovingly, and I say this sarcastically, ``loosies''.....  This is the sale of single cigarettes, usually ``Kools'' or ``Newports'', at a cost of $1.00 per cigarettes.  This has the impact of costing about $20 per pact and is the cigarette sale equivalent of the pay-day loan that the great banking system in this country gave us about five years ago.

The health risks from smoking are quite evident.  They can and do cause lung cancer, emphysema, other forms of cancer such as thought cancer, and they can stunt your growth and be dangerous to pregnant Black women their so-to-be babies.

I don't think I need to spell it out any further.  Don't Smoke.  And if you have already started, and live in the Philadelphia area, please log onto: or call 1.800QUIT-NOW and get some advice about stopping and now not to give up the fight.  As I said, smoking is a costly thing. Remember, if you relapse, don't despair. Get help and keep trying to get off the cancer stick.

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