Monday, July 9, 2012

Supporting the Building Fund for the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia.....

The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia at 55 North Broad Street in Center City Philadelphia, is my home church and has been for about three years.  It is a diverse church with mostly Black members who are Gay  {Same Gender Loving}, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bisexual in orientation, but our church is open to ALL community members.  We have been generating funds for our Building Fund for a few years now and things are moving forward and increasing in magnitude and importance.  We will be having a FUND RAISER on Sunday the 15th of July at the church building after service. THE PURPOSE OF THE EVENT IS TO RAISE MONEY FOR OUR BUILDING FUND.  ``We are In it to Win It,'' is the theme of the Men's Committee and our Men's day coming up on September 23rd.  Our colors are Blue and White.  On the 22tnd OF July we will be selling ice cream with all the trimmings to raise funds for the Church Building Fund.  Our service begins at about 2 P.M. in the Afternoon of Sunday.  ``Sundaes for Sunday'' is our theme.  Please come out and support the Building Fund.  If you would like to make a large anonymous contribution to our fund, please write Minister B.J. Tilliman at the Church Post Office Box at: Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia; Post Office Box 8004; Philadelphia, Penn 19104.  You may also call our Pastor Mr. Jeff A. Haskins at 1-917-609-2369 if you wish.  Please also come to our service on Sundays.  We have a lively, rousing, spirited and thoughtful service that you will really enjoy!!!  

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