Monday, November 14, 2016

an open letter to Donald Trump

Veterans Day November 11th, 2016 Friday

An Open Letter to Donald Trump:


By Anonymous


     You have captured the imaginations of many North Americans and enraged several others.  You have a fantastic opportunity to do something that even President Obama was unable to do. The first thing I would do is make sure you push through President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee who was rejected and not approved yet by Congress.  The Congressional disapproval on the part of mostly Republicans was a case of racism on the part of the Republican Party.  This is a test from GOD. If you prove that you will not be the same ole partisan type of President who rules with an iron fist one party over the other, you will probably have only one term and not have much of a legacy.   I would rise above this and insist the President’s nominee gets through as your first case of order.  You will have defused the angry demonstrators for a few weeks. I would look for other conciliatory, humbling things to do instead of shining up that iron glove you probably want to put on.

     Other things to do would include: reaching out to the Latin / Mexican  community; reaching out to Black business leaders with ideas and open-mindedness concerning jobs, economic development and specifics about How to achieve some economic parity along racial lines; and I would talk with the well-organized Lesbian and Gay community  about How you are going to tread lightly on their rights.

     Otherwise you will begin to tear this country apart along whatever lines and pave the Way for another Left victory in 2018. I consider our Nation the United States of Native America. I have been sent here in part to make sure that the home of Native Americans is returned back to them.   I know this flies in the face of the pro-White Nationalist corner of your constituency.  The Republican ideas are basically good ideas.  They just need to be stripped of all the racism and White Supremacy that they are so incredibly steeped in. That to me is your job. Not further tearing apart an already divided and hurting nation.

      You can choose to do these things or consider me wrong and do something else. If you choose to take a hard line, you will find demonstrators wherever you go and they won’t be friendly, jovial and kind demonstrators. They will be mean, angry and will meet you with blood in their eyes.  

     I for one don’t think racism won on Tuesday past. I happen to think, and I can prove it, I think people rejected Hillary Clinton because she is the same ole line Democratic political hack who represents unprofessionalism, greed, thug-party politics, gerrymandering, nepotism, rule of a party elite and patronage that this country has been known for, for several generations – in fact since this party and nation was founded and only rich White men were allowed to vote.

     Several People voted for you because they want a change from those things I mentioned above.  You have a golden opportunity to either help our country heal with a LOVing and healing perspective that will be the envy of almost every country in the world, or you can present yourself as a hater with an itchy finger on the put on that is ready to fight more divisive wars and bring more of our beautiful young women and men back in body bags.

     Some People think I am foolish for even writing this article because you already showed How you are going to act all through the campaign. I hope you will prove them wrong.

     I can tell you the international community – and remember this includes some 52 African countries – are looking to see what you do.  They are also looking at films such as ``13th ‘’ and seeing Black People in this country as political prisoners. More than a few countries and powerful individuals feel this country should be taken up on international charges for some of the atrocities that were included in many of the previous wars and foreign interventions that have occurred over the last 71 years since World War Two.  Hundreds of North American lives were lost usually for no viable, legitimate reasons.  We can do much better than that. I hope and pray to GOD you will understand these ideas and find ways to help people in this country who need help, but help them to help themselves. I agree with you that the welfare state has been used as a crutch and for far too long by far too many.  

You can do something that President Obama never did. Get with some visionaries of all races and determine what a decent, sustainable, LOVing, caring and fair country and world should look like. Follow this path and don’t waver from it. You can work the increases in infrastructure and jobs and opportunity right along with this plan. A youth who I am planning to teach in the near future said He thought you may surprise people with your Presidency. I am Praying He is correct. 

This article was prepared through the auspices of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Incorporated. If you would like to place an article on our blog, it must be with an anonymous by line.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Proposed Testimoney For the Human Relations Commission by Brother Tracy Gibson

Testimony in front of the Human Relations Commission

From Mr. Tracy Gibson

October 23  -- October 25th, 2016


1)      This hearing was called to complain about some Black People being called the ``N’’ word by a White Club owner. This is just so much smoke and mirrors to me.


2)      I, as a Black Gay Man seeking economic redemption and economic fairness and economic equality am not so much concerned about being called the ``N’’ word because I know the most liberal White People sometimes use such words freely among themselves.


3)      What I am concerned about is our unity as Black People. I would first like to know how many People Black, White or any other color have an account at the United Bank, the Black Bank in town and at Progress Plaza and in Germantown? I see so and so many hands went up.  Some of these White-Run banks are very racist and I suggest you start right there and get an account at the United Bank and help money stay in your Black community.


4)      I have to ask are we really concerned about economic parity and economic justice or being called the ``N ‘’ word?


5)      I Am concerned about being called poor. I want to see 52nd Street from Baltimore Avenue to Lancaster Avenue called and so designated Africa Town by the City of Philadelphia. When I write the Black City Council People about this they have little of nothing to say about it. I have to ask you do you see any Black stores in China Town? Yet we have a preponderance of Asian stores with no Black employees in Our Black neighborhoods.  I LOVe all People, so don’t think I’m a racist. But I’m sick and tired of Black people not having their own place to shop right here in Philadelphia that is exclusively for Black People and our own merchants.  We have very few successful Black Gay merchants right here in Philadelphia. This is what I’m concerned about. 


6)      I have a petition to make 52nd street from Baltimore Avenue to Lancaster Avenue Africa Town and I want as many People to have the heart to sign it as possible. If you can’t sign this I have to wonder if you are serious about having economic justice for Black People right here in Philadelphia. You don’t have to be Black to sign my petition.  You just have to be a LOVing and caring person who wants to see real justice and real economic parity right here in Philadelphia.


7)      I have a corporation that will be 10 years old on December 18th, of this year. I need money to do a few things that will delight any Black person Gay or Straight who care about our Black People. If you want to buy my book or send in a donation, I have some papers here that will tell you how to give the support I need. I have done a tremendous amount of work for the Black community over the many years I have been an activist. I need your support. Most of all I need your signature on these petitions. I will send copies to the Mayor and our Congress People and our U.S. Senators. Please call me if you have any other suggestions about what to do to make this a reality. We need to stop shopping at Macy’s and places like that and start shopping at our own stores so we can have a Black Macy’s; Black hotels; Black Large apartment buildings; and we need a mature Black consumer that will seriously support a very large Black business community. This will give us the initiative and wherewithal  we need to  build the institutions our Black community needs now and will need 100 years from now. These institutions will not be able to be destroyed by Republicans who cut budgets for social programs because they will be supported privately by Black people and progressives of every race who authentically want to see Black people get ahead.


8)       The last thing I want to say is David Fattah had a Black club in West Philadelphia are the Black community didn’t support it. What happened? I want someone to testify about that. I need someone to have the heart to testify about this.  We had a golden opportunity to help Brother David Fattah out, but we didn’t do it. What happened?? We need more Heart!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

what the Devil


Don’t Be Fearful Of Witches, Werewolves, Warlocks, Serpents, Goons, Gargoyles, Goblins & Devils…..


                Brash hatred of White people can be used by them to ensure that they & White Supremacy are never defeated and fully overcome. In his hay day, Malcolm X said, among many other things, that White People were Devils.  Like most of you, I have many White friends. They don’t seem like Devils to me.  Some, if not almost ALL the people of European descent I know are involved in the progressive movement for human rights on some level. They have NOT let fear of Goblins keep them frozen in inactivity. (We as Black people need to get unfrozen also!!)We can let hatred of Whites get to us to a degree that we become immobile, inactive, frustrated and eaten up by our own hatred of them. White people are great for instilling and benefiting from such hatred in us. I made a conscious decision to interact with & seek out the Whites who are at least trying to assist Blacks and working against the oppression of Black people. There are a few of them. I have also sought out people of every hue who have similar ideas as I do and who do similar work as I do--through my own involvement in promoting & advancing the progressive agenda. This is part of my purpose in life itself. What is that progressive agenda? Working on issues such as: an end to homelessness; full employment; good, affordable health care for All Americans; no more wars—ever!! (and promoting peace through the concept of criminalizing war and the Pentagon war machine!!); cleaner streets; no crime; a vibrant living standard in our cities; Support programs for our youth; much improved educational systems; an end to nepotism and corruption; better housing for all; a cleaner environment; more political and religious tolerance; and more real freedom, openness, fairness and justice in the media, the corporate world and in government.  I have worked on these issues and more than 30 years.  My White friends are either involved in Progressive Politics & supported Senator Obama for President, or work hard for & even financially support the anti-war movement & or the human rights movement in the U.S. and or South Africa and other parts of the world.  My White friends are Jewish, Canadian, Irish, and, of course, have roots in other parts of Europe.  I think a lot of Black people go through unnecessary mental flips & rolls about how they feel about Whites.  Either we hate them & never want to be around them, or we love them and would go to the ends of the earth for them—meanwhile hating or denying some deep part of our own identity as Africans.  Then there is the middle ground where most of us live in the way we deal with White people.  I fall in the Middle somewhere, but I have drastically improved on the way I treat Whites and my mental well-being has improved significantly also as I have learned how to co-exist with them and even consider them as friends and political allies in some regards.


                First, let me say it is ok, any way you feel about Whites.   I understand the hatred because the majority of Whites in America have not & continue to NOT treat African Americans with respect, grace & dignity.  They claim ignorance about what our Nation has done and continues to do on the National and international scene & then they vote in people like Ronald Reagan & George Bush Sr. & Jr.  These so-called Presidents have continually & consistently carried the banner of White hegemony, White racism, White Supremacy and war. Many Europeans always have a sorry-assed excuse for their racist, anti-people, pro-profit, anti-worker views & policies.  They have carried the banner of the Status Quo, the Big Oil companies (aren’t you tired of paying almost $3.oo a gallon for gas, I am), the Pharmaceutical companies (I won’t even go into the cost of medicine), the military ($250 Million Dollars a day for two wars), the Pentagon, Wall Street profiteers, the gun lobby, the gaming industry & other profiteers in America.  I know full well that America is a Capitalist Nation (that’s why slave holders were given reparations after slavery and the slaves were NOT given their 40 archers and a mule), but there are Whites who you as a Black person, can connect with, who are about other and better things.  I find it healthier to have a diverse group of people as friends than just Black, Brown and Latin people.  Not just people of your own racial make-up, sexual preference, or even political and or religious background.  I even have good friends who are atheists, but I don’t think GOD is going to condemn me, look down upon me or strike me with a lightening bolt because of this. I also have Muslim and Buddhist friends.  There is a seed of good in ALL people.  Whether that seed takes root or not is often left up to us as individuals. Have you helped another person see and grow his or her positive seed today? Or did you water your own positive seeds of change today?  If you did, then GOD Bless YOU!!


                I attended the World Conference Against Racism in 2001.  One of the main reasons I went was to deal with my own personal concept of how I felt about Whites. (I also went to learn more about racism and how to fight it.) I know, at the time, I harbored much resentment & a great deal of anger about White people and how they vote, profiteer, exploit, expand and protect ``their’’ borders,  and act out in general.  The fact that they voted in people like George Bush Sr. who gave us the infamous Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court Justice, and how they, in general, have a smug & uncaring attitude about the poor & about issues that face Black people such as high crime, high unemployment, & drug dependency is what fuels my resentment—some of which I still have.  As long as these problems don’t hit home for Whites, they continue to vote Republican in large numbers, go to work & raise their children to be racists, profit-seeking, self motivated, lazy exploiters who take full advantage of their White skin for every advantage they can get.  Meanwhile they deny us, as Black people, every thing they can at every opportunity they have. No REPARATIONS, NO JOBS, NO DECENCY, NO HEALTH CARE, NO DAY CARE, NO MONEY, NO HOUSING, NO OPPORTUNITY, NO BANK LOANS, NO JUSTICE AND NO PEACE—EVER, CASE CLOSED!! Then, they want us to fight their wars. [Did you know that Black WWII soldiers were not allowed to march victoriously into Paris, France after WWII because they had Black skin?  It’s true!!] Not ALL white people, again, I’m talking about our Republican, Status Quo, conservative, hateful, reactionary, racist ``friends.’’ I’m also talking about the institutions they support and defend like the big banks and the Pentagon, Wall Street and Madison Avenue (advertisers) and the producers of many American films & TV programs and the decisions makers in Hollywood who reject our images and put criminals and fools like Wendy Williams on TV instead of intellectuals like Danny Glover and our beloved economist Claud Anderson. (For example, look at who, in the Pennsylvania legislature, is stopping the gun control legislation in Philadelphia—almost ALL White conservatives from outside of Philadelphia.) They don’t even know what is going on in Philly nor do they care. Not even when it is White cops who are being killed by well-armed criminals!!  The gun- toting, Second-Amendment-Blasting conservatives just want to make sure guns can be sold and distributed freely on the open market throughout America.( And guess who sends these Conservative politicians  political campaign funds—the status quo, the gun distributors and the gun makers among others!!) This speaks to the anger & so-called anti-Patriotism that resounded in the strong voice of Pastor Jeremiah Wright of Chicago last year and the voice of Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many others...  It is raw, real and mean anger but it is re-active and based on responding to REAL OPPRESSION.  An oppression that is reflected in all the statistics about hopelessness, homelessness, joblessness, crime & drug use that we hear about on TV & read about in the newspapers every day...


                I learned when I was about 36 that I didn’t need to allow institutionalized religion to scare me into giving them money so I could avoid Hell and damnation when my time comes to meet our maker.  I am no longer scared of the Devil, Racists or Gargoyles.  Europeans & institutions such as religion drum up such scary images to manipulate the public into responding by loosening their wallets & pouring funds into the church. (We need to question what our churches are doing with all that money.  Are they building new buildings through White contractors or are they providing needed programs& jobs for the community as economic times get tougher?)  Don’t let fear of Europeans guide how you feel about them.  Basically, Black people the world over, love Europeans more than they (Europeans) love themselves.  Europeans, like ALL people, must be judged by their own history &present actions. Don’t let them redefine what they do and have done by reinterpreting and lying about present facts and history.  If Whites blow the National election in November of next year (2010) by allowing themselves to be manipulated by the Big Business media & their own racism—we still have work to do as Black people.  Lots of work!!  Serpents and Goblins serve a purpose.  They can make President Obama or Pastor Wright or Farrakhan out to be a Serpent or a Goblin. The Republicans do it all the time. (They did a superb job of it in 1988 when George Bush Sr. beat the Democratic candidate (Michael Dukakis) over the head with Willie Horton (A Black convicted killer who was released in Massachusetts , again, again and again.) Don’t let that happen again!!  It is up to us to reach for the truth by doing the necessary research & not being herded into an opinion because of racist media manipulation that faces us each day as we change the dials.   Hilary Clinton was good at whipping up images & thoughts of evil and ignorance.  She will be ready on ``Day One’’.  Well, so is President Obama!!  He is Harvard educated, trained on the streets through years of valuable community work, he served in the Illinois legislature & as a U.S. Senator.  He can pick up the damned RED PHONE too!!  We have to be ready for the attacks that the Big White Goliath media continually puts across on us and never give up. We have to question why our progressive, Black perspective is always in the background, or never even put on stage. (They will talk with and about the integrated NAACP but the real grass roots organizations such as N’COBRA and THE Black Radical Congress rarely get Network media play).  Why is that? There are thousands of grass roots people who have worked hard for change, dedicated themselves to the cause, worked through the system and who have real professional standards, good ethics and wonderful community values. I don’t see them on TV!! I have seen countless shows where ALL WHITE males (On CNN and other networks) sit around and analyze the Democratic campaign. A campaign between a White woman and a Black man. (During the Primary season.) Now, turn that on its head and tell me if you would ever see a Black and female only news team talk about two White Male candidates who oppose each other?  I don’t think that will ever happen!!  We have to have the courage to stand up and rise above being racist ourselves and not let hatred get the best of us.  Few of us have any power to really discriminate against Whites on any level as they do all the time.  Our humanity is on our genes.  Don’t run away from being Black & being yourself.  And don’t get eaten up by racial hatred, intolerance & indifference.  Please read other articles on this web page. ( And don’t let the Devil pull your coat tail—he might not even really exist.    I don’t know about you, but I can see clear through most Republicans. Goons, Goblins, Devils and all!!

Solution: Harsh words such as devil do more to divide people than to build bridges of understanding and unity within or outside of races and classes of people. Yes, I get angry also, but guess what?  There are and always have been people of other races who have helped us as Black people. I’m not saying we don’t call out the ones like Rush and Anne Coulter when they continually act out as the true racist they are and distort the picture, but let’s celebrate the legacy of people like Ramsey Clark, John Brown and Noam Chomsky who dedicated their lives to working towards true freedom and justice for ALL people…..

Police Brutality & Cornbread

If you think police brutality & police misconduct is something new, take a look (gander) at 1974's ``Cornbread, Earl and Me'' featuring (Introducing) a very good performance by a very young Laurence Fishburn. The lead character is killed by the police and Fishburn's youthful character is devastated, as is the young man's mother and the community.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Healthier Foods at Larry's Steaks near City Line Avenue

Healthy Things to eat: A Review of the Healthier Items on the Menu at Larry’s Steaks

At 2459 North 54th Street (54th Below City Line Avenue).

1 (215) 879 1776

Open: Monday through Thursday 10 A.M. to 2 A.M.

Friday & Saturday:  10 A.M. to 3:30 A.M. (GREAT FOR LATE NIGHT EATING).

Sunday: 10 A.M. to 11 P.M.

A look at better food by Brother Tracy Gison

They don’t offer much for home-made desserts, but Larry’s Steaks has several items on their menu that will help the person eating out find something healthier to munch on.

1] You can just order a Vegetarian Pizza with a little cheese; or ask specifically for the kinds of toppings you want such as Green Peppers; Mushrooms; Onions; Broccoli; Spinach and / or Black Olives.

2] Chicken Cutlet Stromboli ; Grilled Chicken Stromboli; Vegetarian Pizza by the slice [$3.00]

[More prices will be added later].

3] Sweet Potato fries $3.25

4] Onion Rings $3.75  (Treat yourself to three & four)…

5] Gyros – Lamb or Chicken.

6] From the Catering menu (They serve as an official caterer for the Philadelphia 76ers) – Green Salad with Grilled Chicken [Serves 8 to 10 people]. You can get Russian or Oil & Vinegar dressing. $35.00.

7] Salads include: Garden Salad or a Turkey Salad with Italian, Honey Mustard or Russian Dressing.

8] [Just be bold & order a Vegetarian Pizza. It does not mean you are going to be a vegetarian and never eat meat again!!!]

9] Fish (Flounder Hogie – with no cheese $7.85)…

9A] Tuna [no cheese]

9B] Grilled Vegetable Hogies

9C] Grilled Chicken Grinder with no cheese;  [Even if you ask for just a little cheese, your waistline will thank you…..]

10] Wraps: Turkey & Cheese ($760.); Tuna; Grilled chicken.

11] Vegetarian White Pizza: (With little cheese).

12] Turkey Breast Panini;  Fat Veggie Panini; 10’’ Vegetarian Pizza.

13] Master Card; Discover; Am Ex; & Visa accepted.

14] They don’t carry Fiji water {which as far as I’m concerned is the best kind] , but they do have Spring Water, which is recommended as opposed to sodas and milk shakes.


15] There are many other items on the menu, but we were interested in items that burn up faster as calories and are not so fattening.  Any one trained a bit (even through self-training) can go through a menu and find more healthy items, if they are so inclined. The people at Larry’s Steaks were very friendly about my questions once I explained I was doing an article for my blog.


(I was hoping they offered me a free mean, which they did not—better that Way, I don’t want them to sway me in any Way in what I wrote.).

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Will Magic Appear...

 Itinerary for  Proposed visit from Magic Johnson to promote Safe Sex for Black Youth & to Promote Black Businesses in Philadelphia. As of August 12th, 2017.

In Philadelphia from October 13th through October 15th, 2017

October 13th:  Meet with youth at church at the Arch Street United Methodist Church – 55 North Broad Street; Visit West Phillie Produce at 18 South 62nd Street for a youth reception & shopping;  A visit with the 76ers. Mr. Johnson and His friends can have the rest of the day and night as free time.

October 14th: Meet with Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues [BEBASHI] Near 12th & Spring Garden to promote safe sex and have breakfast with staff and the surrounding community.  [This event will actually be held at the Chosen 300 Church Mission at 1119 Spring Garden] ; A 12 noon visit to the Enterprise Center with Iola Carter and staff and children; A visit to WURD Radio 900 AM The Voice of the Black Community & City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown on Delaware Avenue at 3 P.M. A 5: 30 P.M. visit to Lea Elementary School at 47th & Locust Street.  Mr. Johnson and His staff can have the rest of the Day off.

October 15th: A visit with community activist Ali Hacket in South Philadelphia; & later the Brother who runs Malcolm X Park  at 52nd and Larchwood Avenue; T- Shirt Promotions  at Jim’s Steaks on 5th& amp; South Street where Community Activist and business leader Brother Tracy Gibson will eat His first cheese steak sandwich in 15 years. Mr. Johnson can have the rest of the day off.

**None of these times and dates have been confirmed by any of the People involved except Mr. Tracy Gibson who has already agreed to appear. All times and dates are subject to change until we get confirmations from the People involved.

Order ``Let the Children Gather,'' By Tracy Gibson

What is ``Let the Children Gather’’ by Tracy Gibson  About – & How to order this important Book.
** It has been several long years of work, planning & toil for me – your Brother Tracy Gibson – to be able to say I have finally published a real book through more regular channels.  I became a serious writer at the age of 8 – if only in my mind’s eye. I knew I wanted to be a writer and wrote for my High School newspaper at University City High School.  I like to write to heal people and create an atmosphere of understanding and hope. I have also been accused of making matters worse by using striingly critical and biting words that have sometimes hurt feelings. Usually such words are reserved for people who are themselves rather hateful, negative, and backbiting. I try very hard to be loving, caring and kind. This book: ``Let the Children Gather’’ however, has some stinging criticism reserved for people like Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger. The purpose of this book is to give vision, direction and a clear conscious to many of the views held by many of our young Black men. We also want to help Black youth turn their anger into more helpful emotion such as LOVe, devotion, creative
community work, and helping our Black community. Not being a detriment to our people and our Black community.   You have to log onto www.LULU.Com to order a copy access here:
**  ``Let the Children Gather,’’ is a small short book (54 pages) of poetry that retails for $10.00. It serves our community well even though you must be forewarned that it does include some curse words. The curse words are there because the book is here to bring Black young anger under control. To do this, the book helps young Black men especially turn that anger into useful expressions of LOVe. That LOVe will help turn our Black community around and turn it into a place we as Black people can all live in and work together in peacefully & with harmony.  (OK, I know it ain’t that easy, but some profits from the book’s sale will go towards helping already existing & new  programs devised to help Black youth honestly face the many issues that have been holding them back. Such issues as: good, wholesome, solid home training; listening to & Respecting elders; having a positive can-do attitude; getting training to overcome drug use & poverty; not gossiping; staying in school; getting focused on education or starting a business; keeping clean and taking care of hygienic issues; not having children too early; not being duped into military service; staying away from illegal, un-prescribed drugs – selling or buying; being thrifty with money; learning Black history & the intrinsic value of our Black people & their labor; building a good value and good ethical foundation;  getting political knowledge independently; becoming Black Kings & Black Empresses instead of people with no hope & a bad word at every turn; taking one’s appearance, health, & nutrition very seriously; etc.)  In other words what we support is about helping the entire Black family. (Ask for a copy of our company’s 2015 Annual Report.)
** (If you send us your e-mail address we can send you our list of over 300important books for our youth to be reading instead of watching TV or listening to destructive rap music).    Send your e-mail address to me at BlackExecutive46@GMail.Com and put: ``Concerned about Black Youth’’ in the subject line. I’ll get right back to you. Call and leave more information on the phone. Be specific about what you need. Tell us where the poetry readings are in Philadelphia: 1 (215) 823 9985. We thank you!!! labor donated.

Research -- Public Relations
Idea Creation & Development
Writing -- Philanthropy
Black Community Relations
Support for Small Businesses
Books (On order or at www.LULU.Com Available now)
Look for ``Let the Children Gather'' under Tracy Gibson's name.
Tee-Shirts (to Come)
Black Greeting Cards (To Come)
Contact us at: Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Common's Wealth of Pennsylvania
1 215 823  9985
Building Black Community Loyalty; Creating an Advanced Black culture.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Is Winning By Tracy Charles Gibson

What is Winning

By Tracy Charles Gibson

Winning. Wall Street, the business establishment, the conservative politicians and Madison Avenue tell us winning is when they get all our money, along with the major banks, and the other and established institutions. To them this is winning. This, in my estimation, is not winning because thousands of people, especially Black people – except the very wealthy among us--, are left with very little. Native Americans, Latin people and white poor people as well as other ethnic groups are still left with not quite enough when Wall Street and the established order wins and gets what they want. (This needs to change for the better and is changing for the better, but not fast enough for people who are still in great need). So their winning, the established order’s winning,  is not winning for the majority of people on our precious earth.

** Winning is when there is a world system in a state of success and is permanently established that allows everybody on the planet to have a fair chance and actually achieve having a good and stable living condition and serious money in the bank for themselves. But People have to be serious about this and not spend such money on illegal drugs, fancy cars and other such ``dream state’’ items. We must invest in positive and good futures, pay our bills and establish businesses that will and can effectively give back to the Black community.  We must have enough clothes to wear; enough food to eat – healthy good food; enough money in the bank to more than survive, but also money to invest properly; and enough money to care for children properly and get families properly educated. We also need money to buy property and land to be developed for the best of our interests.

** We must also take time to be silly and have fun when we want, but not go overboard. This is winning.

** Another thing that exemplifies winning for Black people is when we respect each other, trust each other and know we are looking out for each other’s best interests. We have to stop acting like ``crabs in a basket’’ and support each other’s successes, while consoling each other and helping each other in times of need or loss.  None of us should be starving or having to do without when we live in a country that has so much. I saw a line to get some new video or video game the other day. It was a long line of Black people. There are not such long lines to get into our churches, even churches such as Mother Bethal, Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, Zion Baptist Church and White Rock Baptist Church or Bright Hope Baptist church. These churches are developing and implementing plans to make things correct and better for a mostly Black community or=f worshipers (I should point ot that worshipers of all color are welcomed at these churches). But we have to make sure we have respect for these churches and other Black churches by asking them and their Pastors to do the best for their parishioners and congregations. We must help our other institutions such as museums, Black colleges and Black universities, ande Black Banks and so forth do the right and correct things by remaining vigilant and putting adequate pressure on them to do their best to represent Black people in a fair, upstanding and positive Way. Don’t accept their letting us down consistently and selling us out to Black or White politicians or giving our land away or not being responsive when we as Black people need them.   This is winning. Respecting ourselves and our children. Respecting our Black institutions and expecting and advocating for them to be responsive to Black community needs. And loving each other in respected, appropriate, constructive and good and kind ways. Not being distrustful or being repugnant or, God forbid, being violent towards each other. This is winning for us as Black People.  This is a large part of our winning as Black people and I think part of achieving this is to go to Back stores and buy from them and stop supporting everybody else so much. We need to help our Black stores and our Black activists like myself and the other many good and positive black activists who are out here to make a difference for our Black community. This is winning.

** But it has to be more than that. It has to allow the people to actually own at least a part, and by that I mean at least 75 % of the means of production so they will never be end run into poverty and suffer great losses again as many poor and people of color have in the recent past and even back in the 1930’s after the great depression. Now that, in my humble estimation, is winning. 

** Such a system cannot be and must not be subject to any formation of corruption, undue influences, money influences, and influences of people with great wealth and power such as the Rockefellers, the Gates family, the Kennedy’s, the Mellons  and  or any other family with great power or wealth. And that includes even people like Tyler Perry or Oprah, who might mean well, but when all is said and done, are really taking care f their investors and their own interests, who are often white and not concerned about the constructive survival of Black people, nor want to see, necessarily, that Black people flourish. 

** I am not sure how such a system is put into place internationally, but this is what needs to happen. I say this so such wealthy and rich people cannot manipulate outcomes of elections and have other bellicose and undue influences over our lives and pull all the puppet strings, as it were, and control poor people and the so-called little people with reckless impunity and reckless disregard for human life and human decency.

** Ultimately, we must also have peace and a deep understanding between countries on this planet big and small. The large countries like the security council in the United Nations – Russia, The United States & China – they have too much veto power and need to be taken out of these roles and a vote one nation one vote needs to ensue to help bring on this fairness doctrine and international fairness process I’m talking about.

** When we can all get educated; all get good stable homes; all get access to good health care; all have a clean and stable environment – clean water and clean air—and not have such used as a political weapon; all begin to respect, understand and accept cultures other than the one we were born into – this is when I will feel happy and feel such world decency, world humanity, world peace and world equality is in place.

** There are rich people who want to see such a system of decency arise. Most rich people feel it is their job, such as the Bunker Hunt Brothers, and many others I could name – most rich people feel it is their job to keep the means of production in their hands, the hands of  the wealthy few, and keep running rough shod over the people. This is inherently unfair and is part of the reason people like me work so hard every day to bring about fairness, justice and equality. We want to see equality, decency and fairness all over the world in an unstoppable mode and through an unstoppable process that brings on this very same world fairness, world decency, world peace and an end to poverty, an end to racism, an end to sexism, an end to inequality and an end to discrimination towards people of color and people who have a different life style or sexual orientation.  It may well take years for such a process to happen and be completed.  And there is always pushback from the other political side as soon as something good, progressive and constructive is achieved. It is important to not only push back the push back, but have your evidence in hand, do your research and have dramatic examples of your suffering in hand to utilize for the enactment of even more dramatic legislation to help your side as a liberals, progressive, or even as a liberation-minded Black or other such person. This is why it is good to understand the other side, other people sometimes decide our own fate, but not if we are ever vigilant and watchful. We can utilize culture, & the arts to help heal minds and change attitudes. It will happen, I think, because GOD has such a world in mind and bends all of us towards that end. 

** Such a world has no place for people who hate on the basis of color, race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation. I don’t care how many Bibles you throw up against people, you do not have a right to discriminate against people and maintain White economic domination, White hegemony, and White supremacy over the world because doing so doesn’t allow everyone to breath properly and flex their own economic muscles and become whole people and live decent lives with the freedom and justice we have all so envisioned.  

** Some people think they can manipulate such a good and wonderful world from coming into being with their money, or just a key stroke or a bill in Congress or through business practices and business policies.  It is GOD who has a final say. And it is the people, especially the less fortunate, the poor and the disenfranchised through which the GOD I know and understand speaks and acts. But GOD has other powers I know not of and He or She uses them at His or Her will as well. She o r He will have the final say and I always Pray our beautiful earth doesn’t have to be destroyed for this new world to come about and be brought into being and existence. I PRAY about this every day, consistently.

** There are several organizations such as ISIS to the Central Intelligence Agency that are bent on stopping the people from really ruling and having true freedom and decency and justice. Black people, especially many of us living in the United States, but elsewhere as well, these are my people and many of them are bent on creating this new world and think voting will create it. It will not and most probably cannot be created by voting alone. And certainly not by voting a straight democratic ticket for a prefabricated, established machine politician such as Hilery Clinton. White people think Donald Trump is the solution. (I think he is the solution for more white supremacy and whites tuning business and our institutions into racist institutions and businesses. Everyone says they don’t want this, but then some people vote for people like Mr. Trump.  He is a racist and a klan member and must be exposed as such and as such is disqualified as a possible voting choice by all decent, caring, kind and thinking people).  If I vote, and I probably won’t, I would vote for Bernie Sanders who offers a big hunk of this new world I have envisioned here and written about here. (His stand on income fairness alone is more than plausible and doable. If we don’t do these things, we may be in store for a serious revolution that may be very bloody. I want peace and I know you do to.). But we must do far more than vote to win such a world as I have talked and written about here. We must write, cajole, donate to progressive causes, get informed, educate ourselves, donate to people who have the proper vision, expose wrong-doing, expose indecency, but do so not in a judgmental way but through a strong belief, I feel in GOD and with the best thoughts of our country and our people – Black people—and the best thought of our world in our mind & in our hearts.  I want more of us to be social activists like Jesus, Martin, Coretta, Rosa, Malcolm, Nelson & Winnie Mandela, Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, writer activist Lynn Washington, myself – Brother Tracy Gibson--and Medgar Evers were. That is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I can tell you unless you have a certain level of consciousness, you are setting yourself up and your people up for more years of the same ole system of wealthy run exploitation, white domination and white supremacy – a system that must be made illegal and replaced with one that is fair, open, kind, loving, filled with equality and filled with justice & decency.

** I’m sure you have your own views. These are mine and I know for a fact that many people, especially many Black progressive-thinking people agree with much of what I’m talking about and writing about.  

** That is how we all win. We must all lift our neighbor’s boats and our own boats and keep the warm acceptance of GOD in our hearts and in our minds.  We must become more awake- minded, aware and conscious and stop allowing ourselves to be run over economically and stand up and take pride in ourselves and create a more loving and decent world society. Otherwise we are all doomed because GOD  can destroy our earth if He or She so pleases. I don’t want to see that because I look at the children and I think they deserve time on this planet just as we have had. They deserve time to have their own input to make this world a better place just as we had time and are having time to make this happen.  So peace be with you and don’t forget our children and send messages of Peace on May Day instead of support the showing of war toys and prevent increases in war budgets by supporting a letter I wrote or doing something else peaceful and LOVing on May 1, 2016. Write me and I’ll tell you how. 


**Brother Tracy Gibson,

President, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101 – 2878

1 (215) 823 9985

Saturday, April 2, 2016

ADODI, 30 Years and Beyond: Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend...

ADODI, 30 Years and Beyond:

Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend…
Documentary Film Synopsis
ADODI, the plural of ADO from the Yoruba culture in Nigeria of West Africa means a man who loves another man (also called same gender loving {SGL} or two-spirit, as examples). We are thought to be healers, medicine men and shamans in dimensions of spirit in African traditions, fully accepted, and play an integral role in community -- in essence, Gatekeepers. Our organization, ADODI, was born in 1986 as an affirming and spiritually uplifting movement for same gender loving men of African descent.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond: Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend…" is a 2-part feature length documentary film which depicts a portrait of the lives and experiences of same gender loving men of African lineage; and further, how ADODI, with a 30-year legacy of putting on safe-space summer retreats, has impacted our lives in positive ways as individuals and the role of community building in our respective communities. By having a documented conversation with a myriad of diverse Ados from all walks of life across the United States and abroad, we can thus begin the next 30+ year chapter of ADODI by reflecting on its place in our lives and communities as SGL men of African descent.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond" is, in part, meant to appeal to and introduce new and potential ADOs (same gender loving men of African descent) who are unfamiliar with ADODI, and encourage participation in future ADODI summer retreats and local chapter activities; further, to serve as a catalyst for the larger African Diaspora to witness the VISIBILITY of the ADODI Brotherhood as the Gatekeepers we are who help nurture Black communities in their many facets. Our VISIBILITY will help facilitate a process of much needed dialogue and encourage bridging the gaps between Black SGL folks and the larger Black community, while continuing to heal the many facets of our communities.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond" was shot in 6 states, over 4 years, by producer and director ADO ROD PATRICK RISBROOK who has been an active member for 15 years. The brothers featured in the film have courageously shared their stories and their strength shown through about their retreat experiences.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

stock picks for the near future. please read fully. Many Black Companies included.

This is actually the stocks and Bonds I want us to buy with my new partner [very soon]..… 17 companies picked for investment.


  1. [a Black company]; DAAR Engineering Inc. Engineering services. (Number 97 on the Black Enterprise 100 list Black companies and Black corporations from June 2013.)

     2. [a Black company]; Moody Nolan Inc. Architecture, engineering and interior design. (number 88 on the Black Enterprise 100 list of Black companies and Black corporations from June 2013.)

    3. [a Black company]; Capstone Corporation Defense support services; information technologies / product and services. I plan to ask them to move away from defense stocks as our economy becomes more Peacetime oriented. (number 52 on the Black Enterprise top 100 list of Black companies & black corporations from June of 2013.).

    4.[a Black company] ; V and J Holding Cos. Incorporated. Quick service restaurants; (number 33 on the Black Enterprise top 100 list of Black companies and Black corporations  from June 2013.)

    5.[a Black Company]; Health Resources, Incorporated. Pharmaceutical products / services. (number 21 on the Black Enterprise list of Black companies and Black corporations from June of 2013.)

 6. [a Black company]; Global Automotive.  Automotive and aerospace parts supplier. May also need to back away from defense & military products as our economy goes more towards Peacetime. I will write them about this. ( Number 8 on the Black Enterprise top 100 list of Black companies and corporations from June 0f 2013.)

7.BP which stands for British Petroleum (I like to think it stands for Black People’s Oil Company, and I want Black People to buy stock and keep abreast of what this company is doing in the thought that eventually we will own the entire company and set a policy that is more humane, more consumer friendly and more friendly to the environment and animals.) I would also like progressive Black people to  set policy that begins, finally, to search and develop energy sources that are renewable, earth friendly and a whole lot less polluting to the water and air such as wind power; solar power; and water-based power.   

8.General Electric. I think we need, as conscious consumers,  to buy stock in this complex and multifaceted corporation because they are heavy into the entertainment business, energy and technologies, space and science.  This company has a sweet spot in my heart because my Dad used to work there (for 13 years) and retired from there. I used to visit re-entry systems right at 30th and Chestnut Street for employee- family get- togethers  (well, they actually may have been held at another location, but that is where the company was located back in the 1960’s and 1970’s). Mom and Dad sold stocks from GE to put me and my sister through college.

9.Sony Pictures. I see nothing wrong with buying stocks from this company.  Again, it is a diverse company that is mostly involved in producing films and TV.

10. [a Black company]; Black Enterprise Magazine and Publishing. One of my favorite companies because Mr. Graves has been one of the most ardent supporters of Black business and an enthusiastic Black businessman.  This well-run corporation is diversifying and has gleamed with a professional manner and a shining stewardship for decades. Mr. Graves has taught His sons well and His family is one of the most respected families in all of the business world.  I want us – my partner and I-- to buy a magnificent amount of stock in this company.    I have a very positive relationship with Black Enterprise ever since I ordered an ad in the magazine in 2007 or so and then couldn’t pay for the ad. A year later I finally had the money to pay for the $200.00 ad and did so. The brass of the company ws so touched that I came back and paid for the ad that they gave me of $6,000.00 in free advertising over about three years. I Am told that Mr. Graves senior often visits Howard University to talk to the youth and inspire them. How many Black or otherwise business people do you know who go back to their college or any college and talk about their successes and inspire young Black People? My hat is off to Mr. & Mrs. Graves and their entire family.

11.Black Entertainment Television  / (Viacom).  This is a corporation that needs to be bought back for the Black community internationally.  Many Black people were very hurt when Mr. Johnson, who became a billionaire when he sold BET, sold it to a behemoth  corporation called Viacom. Many Black people want it (BET) back in the Black column because they felt betrayed due to the sale.  Many Intelligent and thinking Black people also want BET to represent better more thinking programming that is tailored to fit Black community standards and Black community issues much, much better and resent Viacom approving on such drivel as the so-called TV show ``Martin,’’ and other such silliness. (Coo-Does go to Reverend Frank Tyson for helping me with this one). 

12.Pepsi. They need to stop selling and promoting so much soda and start selling other more healthy beverages.  We – as Black people—can have a large influence or their making better corporate policies towards that goal.   When we buy stocks with them we need to research their Annual Reports and look into their background and demand better as we buy more and more stock and take over more control.  They have done some very ``liberal’’ social activism which should be encouraged.

13.Reynolds Aluminum.  I personally would like to encourage more trade with and doing positive business with South Africa which has a very large deposit of aluminum in their country

14.[a Black company]; Universal Companies. Not to be confused with Universal Pictures, this company is locally based in Philadelphia and owned mostly by Brother Kenny Gamble. A record producer and very talented song writer and lyricist, Mr. Gamble has been the steward for Philadelphia International Records for years and now has gone into education as a viable owner and manager of many charter schools in Philadelphia and elsewhere. I think his company should be supported because he does many good things for the community f Philadelphia including providing housing and holding an annual men’s breakfast and health seminar. (The yogurt was good last year, but I could not attend this year). 

15.[ a Black company]; Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Incorporated. Doing very well with outreach and morphing into more of an entertainment; Food Service; and Education company very generous philanthropically.    A small tax bump will be dealt with positively next month and it will be full speed ahead. 

16.? you decide.  ? 

17.Philadelphia Municipal Bonds. Some people think Philadelphia is an ole hick town. I LOVe Philadelphia and would not even consider making my home anywhere else. It is easily accessible to Wash DC and that other city farther up. We have the Liberty Bell (and actually get to ring it on Martin Luther King’s Birthday); and we have the Philadelphia 76ers; and we have a need for more Black businesses of great stature and success.  We should call ourselves the Education city, but none of the Mayors will listen to me on that one. 

New Endorsements for the April 26th election.....

I had stopped voting for a time, about four years, but a friend of mine from church gave me the age ole argument that many Black people died for our right to vote (an argument, mind you, that I gave to many non-voters for years with limited success), but I was convinced and here are some of the people I'm voting for.

** Bernie Sanders (Ask him about starting a Peace-time economy; and lifting the minimum wage and taxing the greedy more (and asking for more from the rich) and he turns out pretty good on these issues. I'm not voting for that lady who is running. More of the same ole war and repugnance from her I think.

**  Joe Sestak for U.S. Senate. Now I know you want Toomey out and a former teacher at Cheney (even though he is white) can't be all that bad.

** State Representative Shirley Brown.  She helps little people like me with food stamps and food cupboards when times are rough.

{mo later]

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Minortity Business with the City of Philadelphia

I would like to know How to register as a minority business with the City of Philadelphia. I own and manage a Research; Education; Public Relations; Advertising; Philanthropy; &  Black Community Advocacy firm called Brother Tracy Gibson & Association, Incorporated. We incorporated on December 18th of 2006 in Philadelphia. We did test marketing of Afro-Centric greeting cards & Pro-Black-Message Tee-Shirts; & have been an advocate for Peace, Justice & Economic parity for years (Even though we are not financial and do not make much money, that I know of). Please feel free to contact me so we can register as a Minority Firm with the City of Philadelphia. If you call me I can give you our EIN number and other pertinent data. Thank you and have a good evening.

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Disabled, but highly motivated, honest, and responsible.  1 (215) 823 9985

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated
Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson,
President, CEO & Founder (Disabled, but highly functional)
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, PA 19101

To Kill a Mockingbird

It would be wonderful if Oprah Winfrey would get as excited about ``To Kill a Mockingbird,'' as She is about ``The Colour Purple.''

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Minority Business with the City of Philadelphia.

I would like to know How to register as a minority business with the City of Philadelphia. I own and manage a Research; Education; Public Relations; Advertising; Philanthropy; &  Black Community Advocacy firm called Brother Tracy Gibson & Association, Incorporated. We incorporated on December 18th of 2006 in Philadelphia. We did test marketing of Afro-Centric greeting cards & Pro-Black-Message Tee-Shirts; & have been an advocate for Peace, Justice & Economic parity for years (Even though we are not financial and do not make much money, that I know of). Please feel free to contact me so we can register as a Minority Firm with the City. If you call me I can give you our EIN number and other pertinent data. Thank you and have a good evening.

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Disabled, but highly motivated, honest, and responsible. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Real Super Deli Store

It looks like a Regular sToRe, but it is enchanted. The sToRe on the corner of 41st and Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia called the Real SupeR Deli StoRe. Go there to find Ways to work yourself out of poverty legitimately. Don't ask, just buy more healthy foods, less processed foods and more vegetables and fruits. Ask for no-salt ketchups; and ask for low-salt tuRkey Deli Slices; ask for wheat bread & brown rice. Buy JOY dish detergent. And by all means pay extra for Bounty Paper Towels (you get a bonus-- but don't ask about it).  THey will get the message.  Don't tell anyone who sent you. I'll deny writing this.

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated --  (I Am disabled, but very active, responsible, creative, effective, coherent, alive, & thankful for this life). Our firm is a firm dedicated to building better lives, bounty & sustainability for Black People and especially for Black youth. We use Research, Writing, Education, Advertising, Public Relations, Black Community Advocacy, Philanthropy & Business for our work. Loving Black People in the correct Ways is extremely powerful.

(One of my ultimate goals is to have a store that allows poor People, no matter what race, but I Am especially concerned about Black People, to have a $250.00 a month credit at no cost to them. The only catch is they must ``purchase items at this store only.'' The only other catch is that this particular store ONLY sells healthy foods such as low-fat yogurt; wheat & Pumpernickel & Multi grain bread; brown rice & wild rice; fresh organic vegetables; fresh organic fruits; free-range chickens; wild lake and wild grown salmon and other fresh clean fish; healthy butter substitutes like Smart balance with low sodium or Earth Balance butter spread; other whole grains like buckwheat flour & oats; oatmeal and healthier cereals; fresh free organic brown and white eggs; Olive Oil; salt-free nuts like almonds, cashews; Brazil Nuts & Pecans; natural juices like pomegranate juice, apple juice & orange juice with the pulp. I think you get the picture. Such a store can be paid for with large grants and People could support it if they wish through a small donation{Not required}. The big corporations might not like this idea, which means it may have Merit.   Feel Free to edit this e-mail & send it to your friends.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Expected letter for the Ford Foundation.....

Dear Ford Foundation: Please send any and all money for my $8,500.00 ``loan'' & the $125.00 application fee from the West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution to: Mr. Calvin Tucker;  WPFSI; 5200 Warren Street; Philadelphia, Common's Wealth of Pa, 19131. I thank you for your continued help and assistance.

From Mr. Tracy C. Gibson;
670 North 41st Street; Apartment B; Philadelphia 19104

1215 823 9985