Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Real Super Deli Store

It looks like a Regular sToRe, but it is enchanted. The sToRe on the corner of 41st and Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia called the Real SupeR Deli StoRe. Go there to find Ways to work yourself out of poverty legitimately. Don't ask, just buy more healthy foods, less processed foods and more vegetables and fruits. Ask for no-salt ketchups; and ask for low-salt tuRkey Deli Slices; ask for wheat bread & brown rice. Buy JOY dish detergent. And by all means pay extra for Bounty Paper Towels (you get a bonus-- but don't ask about it).  THey will get the message.  Don't tell anyone who sent you. I'll deny writing this.

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated --  (I Am disabled, but very active, responsible, creative, effective, coherent, alive, & thankful for this life). Our firm is a firm dedicated to building better lives, bounty & sustainability for Black People and especially for Black youth. We use Research, Writing, Education, Advertising, Public Relations, Black Community Advocacy, Philanthropy & Business for our work. Loving Black People in the correct Ways is extremely powerful.

(One of my ultimate goals is to have a store that allows poor People, no matter what race, but I Am especially concerned about Black People, to have a $250.00 a month credit at no cost to them. The only catch is they must ``purchase items at this store only.'' The only other catch is that this particular store ONLY sells healthy foods such as low-fat yogurt; wheat & Pumpernickel & Multi grain bread; brown rice & wild rice; fresh organic vegetables; fresh organic fruits; free-range chickens; wild lake and wild grown salmon and other fresh clean fish; healthy butter substitutes like Smart balance with low sodium or Earth Balance butter spread; other whole grains like buckwheat flour & oats; oatmeal and healthier cereals; fresh free organic brown and white eggs; Olive Oil; salt-free nuts like almonds, cashews; Brazil Nuts & Pecans; natural juices like pomegranate juice, apple juice & orange juice with the pulp. I think you get the picture. Such a store can be paid for with large grants and People could support it if they wish through a small donation{Not required}. The big corporations might not like this idea, which means it may have Merit.   Feel Free to edit this e-mail & send it to your friends.)

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