Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Endorsements for the April 26th election.....

I had stopped voting for a time, about four years, but a friend of mine from church gave me the age ole argument that many Black people died for our right to vote (an argument, mind you, that I gave to many non-voters for years with limited success), but I was convinced and here are some of the people I'm voting for.

** Bernie Sanders (Ask him about starting a Peace-time economy; and lifting the minimum wage and taxing the greedy more (and asking for more from the rich) and he turns out pretty good on these issues. I'm not voting for that lady who is running. More of the same ole war and repugnance from her I think.

**  Joe Sestak for U.S. Senate. Now I know you want Toomey out and a former teacher at Cheney (even though he is white) can't be all that bad.

** State Representative Shirley Brown.  She helps little people like me with food stamps and food cupboards when times are rough.

{mo later]

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