Tuesday, March 29, 2016

stock picks for the near future. please read fully. Many Black Companies included.

This is actually the stocks and Bonds I want us to buy with my new partner [very soon]..… 17 companies picked for investment.


  1. [a Black company]; DAAR Engineering Inc. Engineering services. (Number 97 on the Black Enterprise 100 list Black companies and Black corporations from June 2013.)

     2. [a Black company]; Moody Nolan Inc. Architecture, engineering and interior design. (number 88 on the Black Enterprise 100 list of Black companies and Black corporations from June 2013.)

    3. [a Black company]; Capstone Corporation Defense support services; information technologies / product and services. I plan to ask them to move away from defense stocks as our economy becomes more Peacetime oriented. (number 52 on the Black Enterprise top 100 list of Black companies & black corporations from June of 2013.).

    4.[a Black company] ; V and J Holding Cos. Incorporated. Quick service restaurants; (number 33 on the Black Enterprise top 100 list of Black companies and Black corporations  from June 2013.)

    5.[a Black Company]; Health Resources, Incorporated. Pharmaceutical products / services. (number 21 on the Black Enterprise list of Black companies and Black corporations from June of 2013.)

 6. [a Black company]; Global Automotive.  Automotive and aerospace parts supplier. May also need to back away from defense & military products as our economy goes more towards Peacetime. I will write them about this. ( Number 8 on the Black Enterprise top 100 list of Black companies and corporations from June 0f 2013.)

7.BP which stands for British Petroleum (I like to think it stands for Black People’s Oil Company, and I want Black People to buy stock and keep abreast of what this company is doing in the thought that eventually we will own the entire company and set a policy that is more humane, more consumer friendly and more friendly to the environment and animals.) I would also like progressive Black people to  set policy that begins, finally, to search and develop energy sources that are renewable, earth friendly and a whole lot less polluting to the water and air such as wind power; solar power; and water-based power.   

8.General Electric. I think we need, as conscious consumers,  to buy stock in this complex and multifaceted corporation because they are heavy into the entertainment business, energy and technologies, space and science.  This company has a sweet spot in my heart because my Dad used to work there (for 13 years) and retired from there. I used to visit re-entry systems right at 30th and Chestnut Street for employee- family get- togethers  (well, they actually may have been held at another location, but that is where the company was located back in the 1960’s and 1970’s). Mom and Dad sold stocks from GE to put me and my sister through college.

9.Sony Pictures. I see nothing wrong with buying stocks from this company.  Again, it is a diverse company that is mostly involved in producing films and TV.

10. [a Black company]; Black Enterprise Magazine and Publishing. One of my favorite companies because Mr. Graves has been one of the most ardent supporters of Black business and an enthusiastic Black businessman.  This well-run corporation is diversifying and has gleamed with a professional manner and a shining stewardship for decades. Mr. Graves has taught His sons well and His family is one of the most respected families in all of the business world.  I want us – my partner and I-- to buy a magnificent amount of stock in this company.    I have a very positive relationship with Black Enterprise ever since I ordered an ad in the magazine in 2007 or so and then couldn’t pay for the ad. A year later I finally had the money to pay for the $200.00 ad and did so. The brass of the company ws so touched that I came back and paid for the ad that they gave me of $6,000.00 in free advertising over about three years. I Am told that Mr. Graves senior often visits Howard University to talk to the youth and inspire them. How many Black or otherwise business people do you know who go back to their college or any college and talk about their successes and inspire young Black People? My hat is off to Mr. & Mrs. Graves and their entire family.

11.Black Entertainment Television  / (Viacom).  This is a corporation that needs to be bought back for the Black community internationally.  Many Black people were very hurt when Mr. Johnson, who became a billionaire when he sold BET, sold it to a behemoth  corporation called Viacom. Many Black people want it (BET) back in the Black column because they felt betrayed due to the sale.  Many Intelligent and thinking Black people also want BET to represent better more thinking programming that is tailored to fit Black community standards and Black community issues much, much better and resent Viacom approving on such drivel as the so-called TV show ``Martin,’’ and other such silliness. (Coo-Does go to Reverend Frank Tyson for helping me with this one). 

12.Pepsi. They need to stop selling and promoting so much soda and start selling other more healthy beverages.  We – as Black people—can have a large influence or their making better corporate policies towards that goal.   When we buy stocks with them we need to research their Annual Reports and look into their background and demand better as we buy more and more stock and take over more control.  They have done some very ``liberal’’ social activism which should be encouraged.

13.Reynolds Aluminum.  I personally would like to encourage more trade with and doing positive business with South Africa which has a very large deposit of aluminum in their country

14.[a Black company]; Universal Companies. Not to be confused with Universal Pictures, this company is locally based in Philadelphia and owned mostly by Brother Kenny Gamble. A record producer and very talented song writer and lyricist, Mr. Gamble has been the steward for Philadelphia International Records for years and now has gone into education as a viable owner and manager of many charter schools in Philadelphia and elsewhere. I think his company should be supported because he does many good things for the community f Philadelphia including providing housing and holding an annual men’s breakfast and health seminar. (The yogurt was good last year, but I could not attend this year). 

15.[ a Black company]; Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Incorporated. Doing very well with outreach and morphing into more of an entertainment; Food Service; and Education company very generous philanthropically.    A small tax bump will be dealt with positively next month and it will be full speed ahead. 

16.? you decide.  ? 

17.Philadelphia Municipal Bonds. Some people think Philadelphia is an ole hick town. I LOVe Philadelphia and would not even consider making my home anywhere else. It is easily accessible to Wash DC and that other city farther up. We have the Liberty Bell (and actually get to ring it on Martin Luther King’s Birthday); and we have the Philadelphia 76ers; and we have a need for more Black businesses of great stature and success.  We should call ourselves the Education city, but none of the Mayors will listen to me on that one. 

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