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What Is Winning By Tracy Charles Gibson

What is Winning

By Tracy Charles Gibson

Winning. Wall Street, the business establishment, the conservative politicians and Madison Avenue tell us winning is when they get all our money, along with the major banks, and the other and established institutions. To them this is winning. This, in my estimation, is not winning because thousands of people, especially Black people – except the very wealthy among us--, are left with very little. Native Americans, Latin people and white poor people as well as other ethnic groups are still left with not quite enough when Wall Street and the established order wins and gets what they want. (This needs to change for the better and is changing for the better, but not fast enough for people who are still in great need). So their winning, the established order’s winning,  is not winning for the majority of people on our precious earth.

** Winning is when there is a world system in a state of success and is permanently established that allows everybody on the planet to have a fair chance and actually achieve having a good and stable living condition and serious money in the bank for themselves. But People have to be serious about this and not spend such money on illegal drugs, fancy cars and other such ``dream state’’ items. We must invest in positive and good futures, pay our bills and establish businesses that will and can effectively give back to the Black community.  We must have enough clothes to wear; enough food to eat – healthy good food; enough money in the bank to more than survive, but also money to invest properly; and enough money to care for children properly and get families properly educated. We also need money to buy property and land to be developed for the best of our interests.

** We must also take time to be silly and have fun when we want, but not go overboard. This is winning.

** Another thing that exemplifies winning for Black people is when we respect each other, trust each other and know we are looking out for each other’s best interests. We have to stop acting like ``crabs in a basket’’ and support each other’s successes, while consoling each other and helping each other in times of need or loss.  None of us should be starving or having to do without when we live in a country that has so much. I saw a line to get some new video or video game the other day. It was a long line of Black people. There are not such long lines to get into our churches, even churches such as Mother Bethal, Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, Zion Baptist Church and White Rock Baptist Church or Bright Hope Baptist church. These churches are developing and implementing plans to make things correct and better for a mostly Black community or=f worshipers (I should point ot that worshipers of all color are welcomed at these churches). But we have to make sure we have respect for these churches and other Black churches by asking them and their Pastors to do the best for their parishioners and congregations. We must help our other institutions such as museums, Black colleges and Black universities, ande Black Banks and so forth do the right and correct things by remaining vigilant and putting adequate pressure on them to do their best to represent Black people in a fair, upstanding and positive Way. Don’t accept their letting us down consistently and selling us out to Black or White politicians or giving our land away or not being responsive when we as Black people need them.   This is winning. Respecting ourselves and our children. Respecting our Black institutions and expecting and advocating for them to be responsive to Black community needs. And loving each other in respected, appropriate, constructive and good and kind ways. Not being distrustful or being repugnant or, God forbid, being violent towards each other. This is winning for us as Black People.  This is a large part of our winning as Black people and I think part of achieving this is to go to Back stores and buy from them and stop supporting everybody else so much. We need to help our Black stores and our Black activists like myself and the other many good and positive black activists who are out here to make a difference for our Black community. This is winning.

** But it has to be more than that. It has to allow the people to actually own at least a part, and by that I mean at least 75 % of the means of production so they will never be end run into poverty and suffer great losses again as many poor and people of color have in the recent past and even back in the 1930’s after the great depression. Now that, in my humble estimation, is winning. 

** Such a system cannot be and must not be subject to any formation of corruption, undue influences, money influences, and influences of people with great wealth and power such as the Rockefellers, the Gates family, the Kennedy’s, the Mellons  and  or any other family with great power or wealth. And that includes even people like Tyler Perry or Oprah, who might mean well, but when all is said and done, are really taking care f their investors and their own interests, who are often white and not concerned about the constructive survival of Black people, nor want to see, necessarily, that Black people flourish. 

** I am not sure how such a system is put into place internationally, but this is what needs to happen. I say this so such wealthy and rich people cannot manipulate outcomes of elections and have other bellicose and undue influences over our lives and pull all the puppet strings, as it were, and control poor people and the so-called little people with reckless impunity and reckless disregard for human life and human decency.

** Ultimately, we must also have peace and a deep understanding between countries on this planet big and small. The large countries like the security council in the United Nations – Russia, The United States & China – they have too much veto power and need to be taken out of these roles and a vote one nation one vote needs to ensue to help bring on this fairness doctrine and international fairness process I’m talking about.

** When we can all get educated; all get good stable homes; all get access to good health care; all have a clean and stable environment – clean water and clean air—and not have such used as a political weapon; all begin to respect, understand and accept cultures other than the one we were born into – this is when I will feel happy and feel such world decency, world humanity, world peace and world equality is in place.

** There are rich people who want to see such a system of decency arise. Most rich people feel it is their job, such as the Bunker Hunt Brothers, and many others I could name – most rich people feel it is their job to keep the means of production in their hands, the hands of  the wealthy few, and keep running rough shod over the people. This is inherently unfair and is part of the reason people like me work so hard every day to bring about fairness, justice and equality. We want to see equality, decency and fairness all over the world in an unstoppable mode and through an unstoppable process that brings on this very same world fairness, world decency, world peace and an end to poverty, an end to racism, an end to sexism, an end to inequality and an end to discrimination towards people of color and people who have a different life style or sexual orientation.  It may well take years for such a process to happen and be completed.  And there is always pushback from the other political side as soon as something good, progressive and constructive is achieved. It is important to not only push back the push back, but have your evidence in hand, do your research and have dramatic examples of your suffering in hand to utilize for the enactment of even more dramatic legislation to help your side as a liberals, progressive, or even as a liberation-minded Black or other such person. This is why it is good to understand the other side, other people sometimes decide our own fate, but not if we are ever vigilant and watchful. We can utilize culture, & the arts to help heal minds and change attitudes. It will happen, I think, because GOD has such a world in mind and bends all of us towards that end. 

** Such a world has no place for people who hate on the basis of color, race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation. I don’t care how many Bibles you throw up against people, you do not have a right to discriminate against people and maintain White economic domination, White hegemony, and White supremacy over the world because doing so doesn’t allow everyone to breath properly and flex their own economic muscles and become whole people and live decent lives with the freedom and justice we have all so envisioned.  

** Some people think they can manipulate such a good and wonderful world from coming into being with their money, or just a key stroke or a bill in Congress or through business practices and business policies.  It is GOD who has a final say. And it is the people, especially the less fortunate, the poor and the disenfranchised through which the GOD I know and understand speaks and acts. But GOD has other powers I know not of and He or She uses them at His or Her will as well. She o r He will have the final say and I always Pray our beautiful earth doesn’t have to be destroyed for this new world to come about and be brought into being and existence. I PRAY about this every day, consistently.

** There are several organizations such as ISIS to the Central Intelligence Agency that are bent on stopping the people from really ruling and having true freedom and decency and justice. Black people, especially many of us living in the United States, but elsewhere as well, these are my people and many of them are bent on creating this new world and think voting will create it. It will not and most probably cannot be created by voting alone. And certainly not by voting a straight democratic ticket for a prefabricated, established machine politician such as Hilery Clinton. White people think Donald Trump is the solution. (I think he is the solution for more white supremacy and whites tuning business and our institutions into racist institutions and businesses. Everyone says they don’t want this, but then some people vote for people like Mr. Trump.  He is a racist and a klan member and must be exposed as such and as such is disqualified as a possible voting choice by all decent, caring, kind and thinking people).  If I vote, and I probably won’t, I would vote for Bernie Sanders who offers a big hunk of this new world I have envisioned here and written about here. (His stand on income fairness alone is more than plausible and doable. If we don’t do these things, we may be in store for a serious revolution that may be very bloody. I want peace and I know you do to.). But we must do far more than vote to win such a world as I have talked and written about here. We must write, cajole, donate to progressive causes, get informed, educate ourselves, donate to people who have the proper vision, expose wrong-doing, expose indecency, but do so not in a judgmental way but through a strong belief, I feel in GOD and with the best thoughts of our country and our people – Black people—and the best thought of our world in our mind & in our hearts.  I want more of us to be social activists like Jesus, Martin, Coretta, Rosa, Malcolm, Nelson & Winnie Mandela, Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, writer activist Lynn Washington, myself – Brother Tracy Gibson--and Medgar Evers were. That is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I can tell you unless you have a certain level of consciousness, you are setting yourself up and your people up for more years of the same ole system of wealthy run exploitation, white domination and white supremacy – a system that must be made illegal and replaced with one that is fair, open, kind, loving, filled with equality and filled with justice & decency.

** I’m sure you have your own views. These are mine and I know for a fact that many people, especially many Black progressive-thinking people agree with much of what I’m talking about and writing about.  

** That is how we all win. We must all lift our neighbor’s boats and our own boats and keep the warm acceptance of GOD in our hearts and in our minds.  We must become more awake- minded, aware and conscious and stop allowing ourselves to be run over economically and stand up and take pride in ourselves and create a more loving and decent world society. Otherwise we are all doomed because GOD  can destroy our earth if He or She so pleases. I don’t want to see that because I look at the children and I think they deserve time on this planet just as we have had. They deserve time to have their own input to make this world a better place just as we had time and are having time to make this happen.  So peace be with you and don’t forget our children and send messages of Peace on May Day instead of support the showing of war toys and prevent increases in war budgets by supporting a letter I wrote or doing something else peaceful and LOVing on May 1, 2016. Write me and I’ll tell you how. 


**Brother Tracy Gibson,

President, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101 – 2878

1 (215) 823 9985

Saturday, April 2, 2016

ADODI, 30 Years and Beyond: Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend...

ADODI, 30 Years and Beyond:

Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend…
Documentary Film Synopsis
ADODI, the plural of ADO from the Yoruba culture in Nigeria of West Africa means a man who loves another man (also called same gender loving {SGL} or two-spirit, as examples). We are thought to be healers, medicine men and shamans in dimensions of spirit in African traditions, fully accepted, and play an integral role in community -- in essence, Gatekeepers. Our organization, ADODI, was born in 1986 as an affirming and spiritually uplifting movement for same gender loving men of African descent.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond: Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend…" is a 2-part feature length documentary film which depicts a portrait of the lives and experiences of same gender loving men of African lineage; and further, how ADODI, with a 30-year legacy of putting on safe-space summer retreats, has impacted our lives in positive ways as individuals and the role of community building in our respective communities. By having a documented conversation with a myriad of diverse Ados from all walks of life across the United States and abroad, we can thus begin the next 30+ year chapter of ADODI by reflecting on its place in our lives and communities as SGL men of African descent.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond" is, in part, meant to appeal to and introduce new and potential ADOs (same gender loving men of African descent) who are unfamiliar with ADODI, and encourage participation in future ADODI summer retreats and local chapter activities; further, to serve as a catalyst for the larger African Diaspora to witness the VISIBILITY of the ADODI Brotherhood as the Gatekeepers we are who help nurture Black communities in their many facets. Our VISIBILITY will help facilitate a process of much needed dialogue and encourage bridging the gaps between Black SGL folks and the larger Black community, while continuing to heal the many facets of our communities.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond" was shot in 6 states, over 4 years, by producer and director ADO ROD PATRICK RISBROOK who has been an active member for 15 years. The brothers featured in the film have courageously shared their stories and their strength shown through about their retreat experiences.