Monday, September 30, 2013

to A Kind Pakastani Family.......

Dear Pakistani Family who provided food for poor and Homeless People at 63rd and Market Str near Philadelphia...
I want to thank you ever so much for providing the turkey meatballs with pasta in an exquisite sauce to us poor folks, last Saturday night.  That had to be one of the best meals I've had since eight months ago when I first started eating at church missions for the poor.  I have done this so, even though I have a very, very limited income, I can support my progressive-change business and invest in my progressive change business. [We are Masters at providing Public Relations, Education, Research and Advocacy services to the under served, the poor and the Black {other races can take advantage of our services as well, and for little charge}.]
You obviously cooled that food with loving hands, and with hearts of Gold.  Your generosity Will never be forgotten or go unnoticed. and I and the others who you  served, I am sure, are very thankful.  God Bless you, and I have to apologize for our country bombing your country, which I have spoken out against about for several months and years--apparently not with much success in ending the bombing and bringing peace home at last. I wish our President and His wife could enjoy such a fantastic home-made turkey meatball meal with that fantastic hummus, garlic and Currey sauce. Maybe they would see the Folly of the bombing through their stomachs when they realized how loving and kind some of your people are.  GOD Bless You,

LOVe and Respect,

Brother Tracy Gibson...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Where the BIG Boys Play.....

How come aLL the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents on the Bus Poster are White and what are They Shielding who against?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Listen Up, Before...

Listen Up, Before You Give Me the Boot...

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Before you give me the boot because I am Same Gender Loving or a Homosexual there are a few things you should know about my history, motivations, goals, aspirations, and my acceptance and or non-acceptance of my so-called ``lifestyle''... I am a Pro-Black Family Man, I may not have children myself {That I know of} or a wife, but I want our children to grow up straight and have families--I DON'T want them to share my lifestyle. I love Black Men AND Black Women.. I love Black children—but only in positive, progressive, holistic, spiritual and appropriate Ways {I pray about this ALL the time, and I mean ALL the time}-- and I have dedicated my life to our black children’s betterment and advancement.

I may well be and definitely am a Homosexual, but that doesn't mean I want others in our community to take on this lifestyle. I want to see our young men and young women grow up to be straight, responsible, caring, loving, respectable, law-abiding, trustworthy, non-drug using {Illegal drugs I mean}, and honest people. If they do turn out to be Homosexual or Same Gender Loving, I don't want to see them ostracized by our community and hated or disrespected, but accepted and given the chance to accomplish what they can for the short time we are all here on this planet earth. So-called Gay people or Homosexuals are a secret weapon in our fight for liberation and a secret Way to help finance our struggle and movement—especially black gay and lesbian and black transgendered people, but they need to be trained, respected and loved and appreciated…. [A TALL order, I know.] {Many of us—as Gay people--have disposable income because we don't have children and the medical bills, food bills and tuition costs that comes along with being parents..} To be ostracized for being Same Gender Loving is just the same as being ostracized for being disabled, Black, left-handed, or into an addictive lifestyle such as having a food addiction or a drug dependency... We all need to not only have more tolerance of ourselves and each other, if we want to be accepted ourselves, we also need to learn to take on the nature of LOVe, Peace, Understanding, Self-Acceptance, Growth, Kindness and Sharing--not the non-virtues of greed, hatred, deceit, repugnance, guilt, and deception.

Yes, Yes, Yes, all this is very hard to discuss because I am right in the heart of the Black community of West Philadelphia and I can be targeted like anyone else. But I have to be honest with the community because I not only want your emotional support, but I also want your financial support and I want to be looked upon as an ethical leader among the Black men of the community.

As you may or may NOT know, I was sexually molested as a black child growing up in West Philadelphia. I was about eight or nine and I was working for a shop-keeper helping him run a general store. One day we were sitting in the back of the store watching ``Gomer Pile,'' –I swear this is true--and he must have been board or something and he decided to put his hands where they didn't belong. I was way too young to know what the heck was going on so I let things occur. After the incident {Which didn't include any penis penetration on either of our parts} I left the store and never went back. Talking about this to you is no joke and it should signal to you the importance of what I'm getting at. Sometimes, for the good of the community, we have to get over embarrassment and talk about the difficult things.

I thought my childhood was a great thing, a great time, but a few years later I started to have the issues of anger and resentment for no apparent reason. I finally talked with my Mom and Dad about the incident when I was about 17. They were shocked and saddened by what had happened, but it was something that, even then, they didn't really want to talk about.

What I'm getting at here is the fact that now I want to help other youth, especially Black youths, who have been ostracized by their families because of the fact that they are Homosexuals. I also want to help Black families deal with talking more directly, openly and clearly to their young men and young women about sex in a positive, honest and forthright way {without fear and embarrassment. So what happened to me doesn't have to happen to them so easily and so quickly without something like therapy and prison time happening to the perpetrator (s). I want more forthright talk and discussion on ALL the issues that face us, not just ones surrounding sex. It is interesting to note that according to some statistics, something like 50 % of Gay or Same Gender Loving men were sexually abused when they were children--often at the hands of a Father, Uncle, Family friend, Employer or someone else like a Step-Father or cousin. This is something we don't want to talk about and something that still gets swept under the rug. In case you haven't noticed lately, there are a lot of lumpy rugs in the Black community. My self-proclaimed job has been to lift those old rugs up and start a cleaning and dusting process that will help us look at not only our sexual abuse issues more clearly, but also other issues such as how we deceive ourselves about our finances; how we abuse ourselves and each other physically and mentally; how we obsess over food, clothing, cars, diamonds and other material items and how these obsessions are NOT healthy mentally, financially or even socially and physically; how we waste millions of dollars each week on the Lotto; and how we have allowed drugs {legal prescriptions and illegal drugs} to take a hold of the ethics in our community and turn our entire community upside down. I want to see us turned right-side up like Farrakhan does, but I DON’T think we have to hate Jewish People or Lesbian and Gay people to get there. {I do think Jewish People have taken advantage of us as black people. They have helped exploit and oppress us, but we can boycott their stores, research and find out what stores they own and stop purchasing the diamonds and gold chains that they are mining in Africa. That is the Way to get at them, not just bad-mouthing them and hating them. That is childish and silly.}

It is time for a fresh start. It is time for fresh discussions. It is time for fresh and new people to get a chance to lead our people and our nation. The Old Guard has largely been manipulated, at a real expense to our community and to our oppressors. Our old guard taught us a lot, but considering the state of our community they have, at least partially, failed Big Time. It is time for a New Look... It is time to bring truth to light, as the Brilliant Reggie Bryant, formerly of WRTI Radio and WURD Radio used to say. There are thousands of men and women in our community who want to bring more truth, understanding and light into how we deal with each other and how we deal with our own oppression. I have dedicated about 35 years of my life to this struggle--the struggle for human rights, civility, Civil Rights, decency, Women's Rights, and even Gay rights {I know some of you don't like that one, but I'm trying to explain why we should take a second look at that instead of allowing the Right Wing to control the debate and listen to them. We should make up our own minds on this subject. } The Black Church, at least some sectors of it, have allowed themselves to be manipulated and moved to right wing actions like chastising Gays and Lesbians, ostracizing gays and lesbians and transgendered people, and even supporting the killing of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people in Africa, which, by the way, is something I deplore and something I plan to fight actively against through presenting positive information that will help to internationally criminalize taking physical action against people who have different lifestyles.

As you know there have been more and more people coming out about their own experiences. There is a former NFL player who is a Homosexual and has been speaking out about his experiences. He is also Black, as I am also. There are other activists like Keith Boykin who have written books on the subject such as ``One More River to Cross: Black and Gay in America,’’ ; and there are films coming out about the subject such as ``Noah's Arc: The Complete First Season,'' {Cable TV Show}, Starring Nick Arquette, Jensen Atwod and Rodney Chester; ``Dirty Laundry,'' starring Rockmond Dunbar, Loretta Devine, and Jenifer Lewis; ``Tongues Untied,'' directed by Marlon Riggs; ``Looking for Langston,'' Starring Ben Ellison, Matthew Baidoo and Akim Mosaji; ``Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom,'' Starring Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood, {2008} ``Brother to Brother'' (2005) Starring Anthony Mackie, Larry Gilliard Jr., and Duane Bouttle; ``A Litany For Survival, '' by Lesbian filmmaker Michelle Parkerson, {A play cousin of mine who I know personally}; and ``Adodi--25 Years Later, The Legacy.. '' a film by filmmaker Rod Patrick Risbrook for which I was interviewed and which is due out next August {2013}..

There are also several books on the subject such as: ``Brother to Brother,'' By Essex Hemphill ``In the Life: A Black Gay Anthology’’ by Joseph Beam {The first such know book in history...} ``Another Country,'' by famed Black writer James Baldwin and ``Sister Outsider,'' by Poet Audry Lord...

When we as Black thinking people see a subject that people are squabbling, fighting, arguing over and that is driving a shaft of hatred and anger through our community, the best thing to do is to take time and read about the subject and NOT take on angry and hateful position that only causes consternation, disgruntlement, anger and more hatred. That leads us nowhere fast. Elections have been lost by us on a National level, like in 2004, when the Republican Party manipulated this ``GAY'' issue and used it like a rope around our necks. Knowledge loosens the rope and lets us breath and reach agreement to work together on what we can and not feel hatred about different sectors of our community.. Reading and research also allows us to understand points of view different from our own.

I have noticed the very obtuse ways in which we are living in North America. We are letting a culture that basically hates us raise our children by letting them freely watch the muck and mire on TV; we are allowing our children to run free and curse us, disrespect us and not attend church or Mosque when we know they will greatly benefit from some constructive, consistent religious experiences; we let our society say we should not allow our parents, grandparents and trusted and respected elders and guardians and other such trusted and respected friends and extended family members and our children experience time together and read together and learn to respect each other. We have lost this part of our African root and our African culture. We can win it back and re-institute such positive cultural and social advantages back into our communities. It will take time, It can happen, but we ALL have to work at it. It may mean replacing some politicians and some churches who are about profits and not people, but if that is so, let it be and let it happen, or get out of the Way. We must and can do better.

The ``Doing Better'' part is where me and my company come in. I am not alone. There are literally thousands of activists who want to help Black people reach more unified, understanding and work together where we can. I hope you will read several other articles in this BLOG:


so you will understand the level of dedication I have shown in helping resolve and work on community problems on a local, statewide, national and international level. Give me and us as part of the Vanguard of the community a chance. Open your mind. Read. Listen to others. Read Progressive writing like: ``The Nation Magazine,'' ``The Progressive,'' ``Mother Jones,'' ``The Crisis,'' and ``The Worker's World Newspaper,'' and ``The Final Call,'' which have liberal and even radical perspectives on this issue of Gays and Gay Rights and other issues. There is also an organization called the Black Radical Congress, which is a Black radical Organization {Which I have worked for, for a brief time in the past} which has a more open and understanding policy in dealing positively with Gay, Lesbian and Same Gender Loving issues and people. I thank you for reading this and I wish you well...


Power of LOVe...

The Following Article was written by Brother Tracy Gibson some several months ago and is revisited here on December 11th, 2012 {Tuesday} for youR enjoyment, information, healing and consideration..... .

The Power of Being Black...... And Loving It.....

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Not enough of us, as Black People, really enjoy or understand the power and glee of being Black and really relishing in that fact. The fact of Blackness that cannot be changed... Not enough of us understand that politically, one of the best things in this world to be is a Black Person, and specifically and especially, a Black American at this present particular time in History........

Why do I say this? It has to do with moral and ethical leverage. We are a people who have historically suffered, but overcome. Who knew, for example, that when the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. was killed on April 4th in 1968 that he would become an international--if not an intergalactic moral and ethical star--a compass from which other moral and ethical leaders the world over would be compared to and that King would be appreciated and studied by school children all over the world. April 4th, 1968 was a sad day and at the time it looked as if we would never survive the day and get past the riots and the pain of such a loss--Let alone flourish and become some of the most imitated people {artistically and for our political planning, training, tactics and techniques} people on the planet. You might think that other people, especially some White People, really hate us, and some of them do. The haters are a very small minority. Most Whites just don't understand us and will never see the importance of understanding... {Not even with a Black President in the White House right now at the end of 2012 and on until the beginning of 2017....} But some of them, the White People, have tried for generations to do away with us through starvation, unemployment, lack of economic opportunities for our small and moderate sized businesses and by putting us on the front lines of their wars--or even actual using extermination through forced sterilization of our women. {There is even the Tuskegee study that killed several of our Black men through disease experimentation with STD's}.. This is history, I'm not making this stuff up. Yet we have survived and flourished as a people and our numbers have remained steady. {Certainly our quality of life has recently suffered with the economic down turn and the loss of jobs and economic clout, but there is always hope on the horizon.} Much of our strength has come from Doctor King who has taught us, along with hundreds and thousands of other community leaders and activists, Elijah Muhammad, Kwame TuRe, Angela Davis included, other teachers, civic and community leaders, just plane parents, pastors, doctors, writers, historians, visionaries and others in our community who have dedicated themselves to the community and our children and our children's futures these people have given us strength... Our strength and resilience has also come from our sheer ability to read and teach ourselves and each other about the problems we face and the truth about our history and the sheer insidiousness of the system we work and live under.

I say we have leverage because we are able to take our place as we exist in the world today--including our significant historic place in history--and pry open the minds of other people--Latin People, Asian People, curious White People, Muslims, Arabs, Jewish People and even Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered etc. People and others, and allow them to understand what importance our existence plays on the World Stage. {As I have said, several of these groups have mimicked our political tactics and strategies for their own benefit and we have to and need to start looking at this as a good thing and not be envious of other groups' gains, but look at their struggles as also moving humanity forward constantly and consistently. I say this especially about the current advantages that the Gay and Lesbian and or Same Gender Loving community have made [with marriage equality and Don't Ask Don't Tell in the Military] as well and especially them at this time}... Still, we have ethical leverage that many other people don't have or that other groups have not been able to pry free from the general public which has, until recently, remained steadfast in their rather Conservative and established political beliefs and their opposition to us.... {I say we have leverage because of how we have suffered and how we continue to be victimized even through Affirmative Action and jobs programs and other things that often don't work because we have been left out of the planning stages of these projects...} Our past and present suffering gives Way to us holding the keys to this leverage. But I don't, as our Pastor has said, I don't want us to be seen as victims. We have to surpass victim hood and see ourselves as heroes, champions and the leaders of tomorrow. It also has to do with self- love, self- respect and our constant and consistent desire to want to see ourselves move forward as a people. Block the hatred, and the negativity and move forward. BUT SELF LOVE is KEY!!!

What I really wanted to briefly discuss today is Black LOVE and how we gain so much from loving ourselves and our people. When we are proud of another Black person's achievements we have a real gift right there in our lap... When we are jealous we have something deep inside that needs to be dealt with..... Chills go up and down my spine as I write this because this is such a powerful thing that is right under our noses, and many of us understand the depth and magnitude of what I'm describing here. There is so much power, importance and fortitude in Black LOVE--of one's self and one's people. It is a secret weapon that allows us to experience a beautiful colorful prism through which life is seen anew, discovered a new and lived with new meaning, depth and girth. Being in LOVE with your people, and I mean just about ALL Black people, is a gift that you can really only give yourself if you were either raised with LOVE in your household, or have read enough and healed and appreciate Black people through your own personal expectations and your own personal colorful prism. Like me, you may have been filled with so much self-hatred, anger and self-pity that you experienced a series of emotional upsets and setbacks that required therapy over an extended period. Even so, the healing, once it comes, flows like the mighty NILE river UP to Egypt and has lasting and greatly positive benefits. This is largely how I came upon feeling this love for my people and myself and truly loving myself and ``WE.'' This LOVE has helped me achieve my own potential as an individual Black person, and has helped many of our other Brothers and Sisters achieve their own great and massive potentials as Well.

So, helping build self- LOVE, a LOVE for our people and respect for other Black people and LOVE for our achievements, is a gift you can give your children and grandchildren and is a gift that Will last and you and your family will reap a bountiful harvest from that gift for generations to come. Sometimes this ``gift'' comes in wolf's clothing. I have a friend, His name is Bruce, He lives in a rather squalid situation. He is a hoarder and He needs a lot of work done to His home. Bruce has helped me through many difficult times and is a LOVER of Black people, but He won't and can't seem to prioritize His own healing and get that house together. This is a mental illness. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I myself have had to struggle with mental illness--depression and bipolar ism. Bruce requires serious intervention before He will get himself able to extricate himself from his present circumstance. Most people let Him go and feel this is His business. He is a grown man, let Him be. I tried that for 10 years, but there has been no change. I did something drastic a few weeks or about a month ago. I took some shirts away from Him--away from His House--and put them in the cleaners. I told Bruce I would not give them back until he changed his circumstance. He was very angry and frustrated with me, even though He has now forgiven me. He might NOT be so forgiving soon, because I refuse to let Him drown with the Titanic Down at the Franklin Institute this month and early next year. Because, unfortunately for Him, {Bruce} I am not done yet. I can be a stubborn little fucker when I want to be. He loaned me $40.00 which I was suppose to get His shirts out of the Dry Cleaners with. I'm using the money for other things. I needed food because I only get $1,162.00 a month in disability and that is about enough to starve on. I won't have any money until next year {2013}... I decided 2013 will be something different for me. I'm NOT allowing myself to stay suck in the muck and mire of self pity, victimization, dis pare and anger. I'm pulling Myself UP. People tell me I must leave people like Bruce behind. But what do I do about all the LOVE I have for Him and how He has helped me for over ten years? What do I do about how He has Himself tried so hard to help Himself? This extrication and pulling up must be a mighty thing for me. Most people leave others behind, but I don't see how to do that. To the untrained naked eye I am just harassing Bruce, embarrassing Him and NOT acting in a LOVING way AT ALL.. People who think this are foolish, uneducated in the Ways of humanity and unknowing.... Sometimes the medicine of healing has a bitter taste. And sometimes you end up hurting yourself AND the other person by trying to lift up something that isn't ready to move. But Bruce is 60 years old. READY is here. The ``Other'' in me--the ``Other Black'' the man who has been cold and hungry and left out Himself knows I can't leave Bruce there in that situation. Should I call the authorities? Should I call my Pastor at church? I have to decide these issues and things in the next few days.

I hope you will understand the importance of this short article and how deep the feelings of real, authentic caring and LOVE are. It is NOT easy for some people to say they LOVE someone, because they were not brought up that Way. This article, writing it, has been a healing process in itself. I have been deeply hurt by another Black person {I have healed from it and learned with the vital help of a therapist over an extended period, as I have said. I never thought I would have gotten so many benefits that have kept on coming. You might need to do some healing yourself. You may have been or come up against a parent, an intimate partner, a stranger, a friend, another relative, an uncle, aunt, step-parent or grandparent or a Brother or Sister who hurt, mistreated or abused you, or you might have abused others. To really experience life to the fullest you must heal from that pain you felt or even the pain you caused others. The person who abused you MUST be forgiven for you to move on. It doesn't matter if the person who abused you is alive or dead. You have to find the healing POWER and forgive and move on... Otherwise you will find it hard to re-direct your life and move your life in the direction you want it to move into. You will find yourself addicted to food, drugs, sex, alcohol, or something else and your pain will come. It will come out in another way. The gift of mental and emotional healing is a great one and more of us as Black people need to understand this gift and help heal other Black people on a very deep level. My sister says that if Black people only got mental help and therapy for REPARATIONS it would do us all as a people a world of good. I agree. That is why I am intervening with Bruce and that is WHY people are calling me crazy. You see, you have adjusted to madness and craziness and so has Bruce. I have taken 35 years and healed. You probably haven't. That is why you can go into places that are called ``The Devil's Den'' and have coffee and sandwich and think nothing of it; that is why you can go Down Town in Philadelphia and spend $1,000.00 at Macy's Department Store and think nothing of it when there are no Black departments stores and WE as Blacks people continue to be relegated to being a ``consumer class'' of people; that is why you watch the news about a football player murdering his girlfriend and Himself in from of Football Executives and you go on eating your Captain Crunch cereal [because you have been inoculated against the truth having any impact on you the way it should for humans]; that is why you go on with the deep pain you feel inside and feel self-destructive and hateful towards yourself and refuse to get help and call it ``fear of the stigma of mental health healing'' and walk on with your pain in tact like a rusted iron butt plug up you ass.... Somehow you find pride and sanity as you watch ``The Simpson's'', on The FOX Network and think how nice it is that that little funny ``progressive'' cartoon has been on FOX [a Conservative network] for 20 years and that is just lovely. But I am here to question your sanity because I have already had my head examined and I am here to tell you about yourself, Greg, and IDA and Dena and Phil and Minister BJ.....and WADE and Terry [Love joy]--you for one Love joy are too fixed in comfort as are a few others at church.... You don't tussle any feathers and you don't want yours tussled, even though you told me you wanted to move from New Jersey, but you refuse to do so because you said yourself, you are ``comfortable'' ... Are you sane or have you adjusted to insanity?

When you have started on the Healing Path, you will find refuge and LOVE with other Black people who have also healed. When you have started on this Healing Path, you will find yourself able to talk more frankly and honestly with other Black people and tell them how you really feel and how glad you are that there is a GOD and a Jesus and that He has his hands over your life in a good Way. You will not mask your feelings, with too much marijuana or drink or blow or alcohol or cocaine--you will be able to have more open and honest relationships with your family members, LOVED ones and that someone special will appear or reappear in your life and you will be able to have that long term healthy relationship that you always wanted, but could never figure out why you could never achieve this and had to be alone for decades....

If you have NOT seen ``Flight'' with Denzel Washington I strongly suggest and recommend you go see it. It is about an airline pilot who is so cool He thinks He can ignore a cocaine and alcohol habit. But reality catches up with Him. This film is, like just about ALL of Denzel's films, it is well-acted, finely directed and sticks to your soul and memory like a good chicken and greens and apple pie dinner sticks to your ribs. Don't miss this film. It is a wake- up call. It will help guide you down a path of leadership and healing and better mental health. If you pay attention and don't continue to medicate yourself with food, medicine, alcohol, blow, cocaine, sex, hate, resentment and silly TV.

You, if you heal, you will have that better, more stable, healthier relationship as you heal. I don't care if you are 16 or 66, you will be ready when GOD says you are ready. It is never too late to start the Healing Process [the HP]. If you can't get the money for therapy or if you have bought into the silly ``prejudgments'' about therapy don't let that stop you because you can find your Way to the self- help section of the bookstore or library instead of buying new trains and going to the movies to see another comedy, or having rugged sex again GREG, you can start on that Healing Path [The HP]. This all includes me also, even after 35 years of therapy. Don't think I think I am exempt. This is how you weed the de il out of your life. And stop handing power over to him. You see, I no longer believe in the devil or sin, but that gets into another article. I can tell you this. I take the ``V'' out of the middle letter of that Mother Fucker's name and I turn it into the word VICTORY for myself and my people and your people--not for him to beat us up once again. It is that simple. Malcolm said BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY--I had to steal that ``V'' from that little Mother Fucker, you don't think he just gave it to me do you? Just like I had to steal Bruce's shirts........................................................iIhad to save Bruce's life and make the de il powerless..... You can do the same thing...

If you don't want to go to the book store and the library and go to the self-help section go to your Barber and your Pastor and talk it out, or a relative of significant other, but don't let things fester Like a raisin in the WHAT!!! Thank you Langston Hughes.... and Loraine Hans berry....fester inside like that football player did. You see the results there... Go with Abandon. Open you heart and your Spirit. Stop with the excuses, the self- medication, the alcohol and over sexualization the self-lies. I am NOT saying don't be gay or a homosexual. I'm a homosexual. BUT stop lying to yourself. Stop hiding things under the rug Ed. You live in a house that is also falling down and that has a lot of bumpy spots under the rugs where you have hidden your stories and lies and deceit. You are a church man. Do you actually think GOD doesn't know about what you have done and are doing? Do you actually think your church members don't know? When a person gets Brest cancer Cheryl they often have to have a radical mastectomy. The word Radical is what I am. People don't like that word. I am a radical person. I was put here by GOD to rip the wounds open so they can heal properly. Excuse the bumps inside my lips I have oral herpes. It will never go away or heal properly but it is somewhat treatable for the flair-ups on the inside..... Now, how will I ever find a LOVER who can deal with that? I'll have to take Him to the doctor with me and we will have to talk it out. This is therapy. I was lucky that I didn't get HIV because of the sexual activities I took part in, especially in New York City in the 1980's. Thank GOD that She [GOD] was with me in Spirit as I carried out my activities. The will kiss you on the cheek you will not get what I have, so don't go and get sick from stress you are causing yourself for not inviting me to you Birthday Party Mother Doris. I LOVe you and I think you have many more years with our church. You might NOT believe it, but this is a fine Way to bring about healing. There is a 900 pound gorilla at church at The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia and He is there every week. He is indifference, cattiness, pettiness, greed, hatred, self-hatred, anger, resentment, selfishness, stupidity, grief and silliness. It is OK to have political beliefs Brother Greg Jones. You can be a political Black man and not feel that you will feel persecuted. It is all throughout the Bible that you will be protected and have a long life. Please treat your lover Richard well. You see, I also love him, not in the Way you do, but He is my Brother and I love Him and YOU TOO... Yes, I was a bit jealous, but I'm had one apolitical lover before I really wasn't interested in having another one. It is time for this animal--this 600 pound gorilla--to go the way with the de il who is missing his ``V'' because the good ones among us stole that fucker's victory. You know what your problems are. You know because they DOG you each and every day. You know because you confess them to GOD sometimes, but most likely NOT even in church. They sit there among that 900 pound gorilla. In waiting, to pounce on all of us until you deal with them... Your Pastor tells you every Sunday, but you go and get some ice cream and medicate yourself with that and refuse to look at ``Michael Jackson's Man or Woman in the Mirror.....'' When you confess to your Pastor, your uncle, your aunt, your parents, your Brothers and Your sisters you will feel a new light a Bright Hope light burning inside you... You know what it is that is bothering you. You can't put your finger on it because the pain is too much. If you can't put your finger on it, try putting your finger on the feeling and talk to someone in your family or among your friends that your trust. An uncle or a Pastor. You will be giving yourself the gift of LOVE. You will be giving yourself the gift of Wellness wholeness, solitude, peace, self-worth, serenity, self-love and more stable thinking, a calmness... You will find it easier to make decisions and think through things properly because you will have an Angel on your shoulder and GOD in your pocket... the de il will melt like yesterday's nightmare... The decisions you make will be clearer, more accurate, better thought and through, more forthright, and more level headed. That means you too Carlos. I wish your LOVER could come to church with you once in a while. You have been a shining light for me and I LOVE you and I LOVE the Gay couples in our church.... Our church members will find themselves acting in reality NOT the fantasy way they saw last night on ``666 Park Avenue,'' Thanks Vanessa Williams, but don't give me more of the de il I'll just have to steal some more ``VICTORIES'' from that little will find yourself becoming a leader, not a follower. No matter what age you are. Gandhi said something like ``Encourage the People and the Leaders will Follow,'' and as you know, King studied Gandhi. The more honest you become with yourself, Sissy, the more able you will be to see yourself as a leader. Your opinions will be sought after and you will insist on living in a cleaner environment Bruce, and you Will enjoy surrounding yourself with people who are about something positive and forward moving instead of people who will be unnecessarily critical, unconstructive in their criticism, negative and who want to hold you back and ``WE'' back as Black people. You will burn new paths in life instead of follow others like lost sheep and GET BURNED by others. Just stat by selecting one of the books from my book list about healing and helping the world to be a better place. In no time you will find yourself turning off the TV and reading book after book after book. Remember I LOVE you and I want to help. We can work through this money thing and NOT having a new church building. We have shoes. we have socks--thank you McKale--that was a gift of words that will forever give back to me--the healing process..... I want the best for my valued Brothers and Sisters. Write me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

and I'll send you that book list over e-mail. I Will show you a whole New Way of healing, growth and financial prosperity that you never knew was just around the corner, just across the street or just around the bend in life. I want you to LOVE yourself and our people. It is a gift that keeps on giving--forever.

This article was written by, prepared by and researched by Brother Tracy Gibson, a writer, activist and businessman operating in West Philadelphia {Born and Raised} He would LOVE to hear from you. Yes, that means you.....

Copyright warnings and infringements from ``It's Your Biz,'' By Susan Wilson Solovic, with Ellen R. Kadin and a forward by Edie Weiner. Page 150...

``Because I write many columns and blog posts for a variety of companies and media organizations, I use search-engine tools to alert me if anyone is picking up and using my material. Some people have literally copied my writing and presented it as their own, even though this is an obvious copyright infringement. There are both civil and criminal penalties for copyright violations, and the severity of the penalties depends on the situation.''

Bout McDonalds.....

Beating McDonald's on the Food Tip...

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

Finding Alternatives to McDonalds…..

There are a number of Black Restaurants in Philadelphia that serve as an alternative to the stuff that is passing as food at McDonald's. As you know, I am working with the MOVE organization to BOYCOTT McDonald's because of the poor quality food they have and the FACT that much of their food can be traced back to the health problems and physical ailments we have as Black and otherwise oppressed people. Such ailments as heart disease, skin rashes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and joint ailments are linked to the food we eat that is not good for us. {See Reference to the nutrition article under What Up McDonald's}.....

[But before I get to Black restaurants, I want to talk about Non-White economic unity and cooperation is a new and thriving Philadelphia for a moment. I have to mention Chinese food and one of my New Favorite Chinese Restaurants. There is a controversy about Chinese Restaurants in Philadelphia among Black Radicals and Progressives. We like the food, but don't think the Chinese are interested in helping the Black community become a stable, self-sufficient, thriving, growing, loving, kind and open community as ALL communities should be..... Many Progressive and Radical Blacks, who are part of the backbone of the community, be they usually invisible, feel the Chinese come into our community and take money and offer jobs only to their own people. We never see any of our hard-earned dollars come back for positive Black economic development. It is time for a positive change. As Black Radicals and BLack Progressives, we like the food at the Chinese Restaurants because it is filled with fresh vegetables, little meat and little oil. Often too much salt, but we can ask for less salt. That shouldn't be a problem. The Problem is why can't the Chinese get together with some Black investors to bring major Hotels to Philadelphia that are NOT owned and operated by the White man... This would be a good Way to begin to share economic pie mutually instead of fighting and bickering over who gets what and no body being satisfied. I suggest some Black businessmen come to The Sang Kee Peking Duck House and talk about these things. We will find that some positive actions are forthcoming. The Sang Kee Peking Duck House is Home to many, many great dishes. I just had stir fried Snow Peas with Garlic sauce for a late snack with my night time medicine. This Way I don't eat any cheese, sugar or bread. [I didn't eat any rice with the meal]. It was late like 12 midnight, but this is a light meal that goes through and digest well and doesn't cause one to have nightmares or stay up too late unless one wants to work and study like I do at night. There are many other things to eat at The Sang Kee Peking Duck House at 238 North 9th Street [at The Corner of 9th and Vine in Philadelphia.]. I recently had the steamed vegetarian Dumplings [you get six for $5.95.]. They are very good and do not have a lot of fat for people watching their weight. They are served with a green Dumpling so you know they are vegetarian. I also recently had Kung Po Shrimp with Peanuts for $11.95. This was a great dish and the shrimp were ripe, Well Done, big, zesty and tasty. This dish WAS NOT swimming in a salty sauce like people like myself, who have a high blood pressure problem, like it. There are a number of other dishes that you might like if you come down for a Black business lunch of have to go to Traffic Court around the corner at 9th and Spring Garden Streets. Did you ever wonder why there are so many Black people in Traffic Court.... Don't White people also violate the traffic laws..... Just wondering........Their Chicken Egg Rolls are great and not greasy. They are not so hot that you can't eat them, but served just warm enough so as not to burn your mouth. Scrumptious!! The mixed vegetables with Pan Fried Noodles is also a great dish for $9.50; as is the Seafood Maw Soup, I am told... $$8.95 for two.; also Seafood with With Vegetables And Pan Fried Noodles for $11.50. Eating at Sang Kee will bring your business Good Fortune!!!!!!]

I also ate at 52nd and Chestnut in Philadelphia and I enjoy my breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with peppers and onions with Turkey bacon. My breakfast was only $5 and some change. [Mickey Dee Prices]... What I had was not fattening because I DIDN'T HAVE cheese [one of the worst kept secrets about weight gain is DON'T EAT CHEESE!!!].. I also had some veggies [the peppers and onions] and turkey beacon is MUCH LESS FATTENING than pork beacon. There are nice tables to sit at and the Wait staff was friendly. The food was done in a very short time as well. [This particular restaurant is right across the street from McDonald's, which should be avoided.].

One restaurant I like and that has very good food is Baltimore Crab and Seafood at 4800 Spruce Street {48th and Spruce on the South West Corner in West Philadelphia}. They have VERY GOOD flounder; very good string beans and very good steamed vegetables and fresh salads. They take a few moments longer than some of the other restaurants, but what are we always in such a rush for anyway? Believe me, I hope you will try Baltimore Crab and Seafood. They once gave a donation for a Black party I was having when I was the Block Captain of the 4600 Black of Sansom Street and I have never forgotten them for that. THEY DIDN'T CHARGE US A THING. They are real community supporters and always meet us with a smile. During these hard economic times, we have to really support our Black businesses and this is a good one. Prices for platters range from $24.00 on the high side to $4.50 on the low side. Stop on by and give them a try. You can order ahead of time at: 1.215.472.7040. Open Mon through Thu. from Noon to 11 P.M.; Friday and Saturday from Noon to 12 Midnight; and 2 to 10 P.M. on Sunday.

Sometimes I envision Black families taking more time for themselves and going out for a nice dinner instead of grabbing a bag of burgers and fries at McDonald's. The McDonald's on 40th and Walnut is a great place to avoid. But what you might not know is for heavy eaters, or people who like the buffet, there is a great East Indian place at 38th Street near Chestnut in West Philadelphia. It is called the Sitar Restaurant. Dinner or lunch is under $14 per person. I know exactly what you are going to say—and I’ll quote you. ``For $14 I can get a whole bunch of fillet of fish sandwiches, fries, soda and even a few apple pies. Why on earth should I spend that kind of money on some old East Indian food that I might not like…’’ The fact of the matter is, you deserve a break from eating McDonald's food. As I have said in the past. It is fattening, too salty, loaded with chemicals, greasy, unhealthy, bad for digestion, it can actually upset your chemical balance of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals and it will help make it hard for you to lose weight in the future. McDonald's, as filmmaker Morgan Spurlock_[``Super-Size Me’’ {2004}] proved by eating only McDonald's foods for a month and turning from a normal healthy young White male into a man with high blood pressure, a liver like ``jelly’’ and having gained several pounds. Don’t miss seeing His film. But I digress. I want this Black family I envision, be they a man and a man, a woman and a man or two Black women [with however many children], to go to Istar Restaurant and try the vegetarian chick peas; the delicious spicy chicken dishes, including of course curry chicken; the salad, the other vegetarian dishes and so on. You will have time to savor each morsel as your mouth takes on every taste from this far-away part of the world that few people from the U.S.—especially Black people—ever get to visit. It is worth your good health to eat better. Better food that is. More and more health professionals are saying that if you really want to have a positive impact on your health maintenance, EAT BETTER FOOD CONSISTENTLY, eat smaller portions, and get plenty of exercise. The two block walk from 40th and Walnut to 38th and Chestnut is worth the walk. You have GOT to try the Mango Juice. [$2.50] It is the perfect mix of tangy, sweet and thirst quenching in one glass. [It sure beats the Hell out of a McDonald's shake..] The visit to Ishtar Restaurant will give you and your family time to sit, talk and savor the food as it slowly digests in a proper manner, instead of quickly eat food that is not suitable for human consumption. [There is another film called ``Food Inc.’’ that depicts the commercialism and Big Business mentality of our nation’s food manufacturing/consumption experts and farmers. How they make such huge profits and why corn now plays such a big role in the production of food in our food consumption system is explored in this film. ] I strongly recommend ISHTAR for a night of enjoyable eating with friends, family or significant others.

As I have said in other articles: Family Variety and Deli at 310 South 52nd Street, is a delicious alternative to McDonald's. Their food is fresh, well prepared and they do NOT sell any pork, which The Nation has been telling us for decades is eroding the health and strength of our community. Family Variety and Deli sells great dinners on Fridays and Saturdays; as well as great sandwiches {You can get rye or wheat bread if you don't want the traditional hogie rolls which are NOT good for health}. I often go to Family Variety and Deli and I find the ladies and gentlemen who work there to be kind, courteous, friendly and helpful. I STRONGLY recommend you support them.

Another Restaurant I visited in Upper Darby is Tim's Roti Shop/Restaurant {Phone} 484-461-3080
They have Jamaican / African cuisine and I had some and it is quite tasty. This place makes a nice divergence from the McDonald's right down the street, which has the same old dried out hamburgers; fattening fish o fillets; and sugary sodas, shakes and greasy fries... What Tim's has is jerk chicken {Nice and spicy and quite good; delicious beans and rice; good fish and veggies without meat in them such as collard greens and cabrich. Enjoy!!! They are available for catering as well.....

It is also important to mention introducing new and exciting books about nutrition and the food industry into you life and thought process; Suggested Reading: ``Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed food Took Over The American Meal,'' By Melanie Warner [ available used for $16.14 of; ]''Cooking The Fat-Free, Salt-Free, Sugar Free, Flavor-Full Way,'' By Marcia Williams, [ available used on www.Amazon.Com for $28.98.]; ``Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us,'' By Michael Moss.; [Available used on for $10.95.] [You may also be able to view some of these authors on clips on Democracy Now by going to www.YouTube.Com and entering and looking through their film archives. They make a very considerable impact on thinking more positively about food choices.

If You want to write Black McDonald's Owners with your views and opinions: The National Black McDonald's Operators Association {NBMOA}; Post Office Box 820668; South Florida Florida 33082-0668

NOTE: Please know that while this material is NOT copyrighted, to my knowledge, it is the property of the author and not to be copied or reproduced, unless asked to be forwarded by the writer Himself. Just because we have the Internet and a more free floating idea of copyright ownership does NOT mean to steal things willy nilly without a care in the world. Such behavior is not proper or recommended for people who wish to have anything they may have produced held as their own in a court of law.

Knowledge Hut Business PLAN!!

A. Name of Company: The Knowledge Hut Stores.

B. Mission Statement and Objectives:

Mission Statement: The Mission of the Knowledge Hut Stores is to help younger Americans of Color to better understand their history, grow and develop as more productive and reliable adults and learn better ethical behavior through the development, production and sale of positive, defined and responsible products.

Objectives: To help parents, guardians, grandparents and others who care for youth to assist them in developing strong personal and community-wide values including responsibility, good health habits and hygiene, good ethics, good family values, cleanness, reliability, good and positive cultural values and other positive traits in an on-going fashion through the sale of good products that reflect those values.  While we are a for profit store, we will network with non-profits and social service agencies to bring on more support services for needy Non-White youths.

RE: ``The Knowledge Hut Stores'' and Why We Need Them.....

It has come to my knowledge, more and more over the years, that our young people are in deep trouble. Unless we act as responsible and concerned adults, they are doomed to create another generation of lost souls who are down and out economically and unprepared morally, ethically, culturally and politically for what faces them in a few short years.

This is why I have labored so hard to create the concept of ``The Knowledge Hut Stores'' and why I think the concept will be a Big Success when it goes National very soon.

The concept is a simple one: Instead of throwing a whole bunch of assorted products at young people when they come to shop, why not give them a selection of products that are designed to stimulate their thinking; develop the mind and body correctly; spark learning; and develop good strong family values and strong positive study habits in them including better eating habits.

What we would like to sell to our young people is music and videos with positive messages and positive images; Tee-Shirts that are developed to make people think of positive things and that are designed, drawn, written and developed by the young people themselves; food snacks and drinks that are healthy and exclude white flour, potato chips, soda and too much sugar, salt and fat; greeting cards with inspirational and funny sayings in them that are written and designed by the youths themselves that reflect strong positive political and cultural values; and plenty of books that reflect the same values and also describe and create roads to self-awareness, self-reliance, honor, holistic thinking, sharing progressive ideas, interacting positively with elders, other young people and other members of the community with respect, decency and humanity, and teach our history, languages and culture in a positive and upbeat Way.


                                   Executive Summary


We have registered our company name ``The Knowledge Hut'' Stores with Go.Daddy Network. Eventually we want to be an LLC.  We are planning to copyright our idea within the next few days.  We have done some test marketing through our Parent company--BTGandA.Com--and we are operating a mail order firm right now.  We are low on funds to develop our Tee-Shirts and buy other products right now.  Our Mission is to instill positive values in young people by helping them choose more politically conscious and ethical products.

Our company came about when our founder recognized a need to curtail the negative impact some of the more lured rap music and rap videos were having on American inner city and suburban youth. We will be selling Tee-Shirts, greeting cards, books and posters chosen by our staff to reflect and promote better values in youth. Those values include: doing homework; not bullying; having respect for parents and elders; avoiding teen pregnancy and STD's; and staying out of trouble with the law. We also hope to have outreach information in our stores from the youth service network, churches and Non-profit organizations that work on youth issues such as staying in school, attending college or university and starting youth-run businesses.

Our target market is youth and young adults, ages 12 through 27 and their parents, grandparents and guardians. Market trends show that church-going parents are looking for products to purchase that will enhance and support family and church values, and there is an obvious need to increase business knowledge and political awareness among young people.  We have circulated a petition and generated 30 signatures from people who support the concept of ``The Knowledge Hut'' stores and the community seems ready for the positive change.  Few stores of any size are offering only products that encourage better values in young customers so competition at this point is null.

I think we can compete successfully, especially if we can get on Board with Macy's because they have hundreds of stores Nationwide. {We have written letters of intent to possible investors about actually having our stores within Macy's network}.  While we have not actually officially approached Macy's as yet, we think their up-beat, youth oriented specialty shops would be perfect for our stores and well suited for our idea.  We have written General Mills about carrying their Nature valley Granola Bars.  {We do not want to sell potato chips, sodas and Twinkies which hamper young people's energy level by providing too many empty calories and too much sugar}. There could be barriers if someone beats us to the punch and gets investors or gets a major similar contract before we do.

Our concept designer has sound business experience, having  worked at Macy's, Sears, Gimbals and Staples as a cashier; and having test marketed some products that will be sold at The Knowledge Hut at our Parent company--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc....  Brother Gibson has also taken some business courses at Temple University and with the Money School in Wilmington and New Castle, Delaware.  We did the test marketing from April 2006 to September 2007.  Our key manager will be our concept designer, Brother Tracy Gibson, until we can get funding and hire additional staff.

We want to have 15 locations and about 300 employees.  We also want to manufacture our own products in the United States and provide shipping and handling at a reasonable cost.  At the same time, however, we want to pay all employees good wages and have suitable benefits available for employees, as we can afford.  According to reliable Internet sources most book stores reach about $ 3 Million Dollars in annual sales for each store.  Since we will sell other products besides books, we project about $5 Million a year in sales for each store.  The total income from all 15 stores would be $60,000,000 {Sixty Million Dollars a year.}

We are seeking $15 Million Dollars in startup funds through about five investors.  The funds will be used to buy, modernize and refurbish existing property and hire staff.  Investors will get their funds back.


     Business Budget for Three Months:

My Salary: for Three Months is: $24,999.00 *

Staff and Staff Development {Includes use of a consultant for initial personnel development, All figures are for three months}: $50,000.00 *

Office Supplies: $2,100.00  *

Office Furniture: $5,500.00  *

Computers: $18,000.00  *

Rent for One Year: $10,500.00  *

Rental use of vehicles plus car fair: $4,500.00   *

Capitalization and Renovation of Building to be purchased and / or rented: $25,000.00   *

Legal fees: $5,000.00 *

Merchandise and inventory to be bought wholesale to be modified or improved on: $50,000.00   *

Purchase and Modernization of Property to be used for the Factory in North Philadelphia: $375,000.00   * Postage for Three Months: $2,500.00   *

Internet and Web Page Development: $5,000.00   *

Phone and Utility Bills: $2,727.00   *

Phone Installation: $400.00   *

Community Outreach, Promotions and Advertising: $7,500.00   *

Additional Communications, Accounting and Consultants:  $2,250.00   *

Other Legal Fees, Licenses, Contracts and Consultants:  $7,500.00   *

Other Costs and Consultants: $1,500.00   *

Security:  $19,200.00   *

Health Insurance for Four Employees {Including Myself} for Three Months: $48,000.00   *

Total Expenses for Three Months:  $666,676.00   *

* All figures with Asterisks have been added into the total...

Still Being Edited for the next two weeks.

A Message to Europeans.....

A Positive Message to People of European Descent Who Do The Correct (Not the Right Wing) Thing…….

By Brother Tracy Gibson Of Philadelphia & Delaware

To ALL People who are of European ancestry and had the courage, this political season, to vote for Barack Obama, I want to say—THANK YOU!!! And I mean that in a big way. Things are bad economically right now in this land called North America. The dollar is falling in value, the housing market is unstable, auto workers are being laid off, the skyrocketing cost of fuel oil and gas has caused EVERYTHING to increase in price—far out pacing increases in income and wages. America is a ship on its’ way to disaster—unless things change and thinking changes. There is only one major candidate who has a strong enough stand in his record to continue to take the correct path to steer us away from the clear and present dangers of what might face us. That candidate is Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Many, many Whites in the states of Delaware, North Carolina, Oregon, Mississippi, Iowa, Virginia, Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, New York, Florida, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Nevada, Utah & Colorado gave Senator Obama their votes. No, he did NOT win all those states, but thousands of White people saw a way to support him. There is a long tradition of people of European descent and Jewish people helping Black people and being able to see that the rights guaranteed White Americans are not necessarily placed at the feet of Black Americans. From the old abolitionists of the 1700’s and early 1800’s on through the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement and on until today there have been writers, activists and politicians, housewives, home-makers and handymen who have crossed the line and not only campaigned or worked in the Black community, but have given back needed dollars to help Black progressive causes and candidates. There is the likes of John Brown who is know for attempting a slave revolt in 1859 at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. He largely went down to defeat and was hung because he couldn’t get many Blacks to join him. There are few Whites who will make that kind of sacrifice. But there are people like Ramsey Clark, Jane Fonda, many of the Kennedys, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and even some personal friends of mine such as John S., the Piettes (Joe & Betsey) and Aaron L. of the Philadelphia area who happen to be White and have dedicated their lives to helping Blacks and fight against racism, poverty and oppression. Such people, around the world, are fighting for a host of humanitarian causes. Often Black Nationalists say such people are very few and far between, but there is a growing number of people of European descent who will not just give to the United Negro College Fund, and the NAACP, but also vote for Black candidates, advocate against racism and give to more progressive organizations and causes. There numbers are slowly growing. Some people, like the governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, said there were not enough Whites to make the difference for our Brother Barack. I think there are, certainly not a majority of Whites, but I know the number can grow if we recognize those who has had the courage and audacity to hope, to grow with us and to support us in our quest towards full human status in North America and the rest of the world. .. By saying it won’t happen, it continues NOT to happen. By recognizing that it has—in Georgia, Tennessee, Delaware, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and Colorado—it can continue to happen in the future.

We have seen what the Clintons have done. (Write me at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com and I will send you an interesting article about them.) We need a fresh start and we need someone who is NOT tied to ALL the corrupting influences of the established order. Barack is NOT perfect, but he IS trying to give our Nation a fresh start and bring some badly needed ethics into the political spectrum of North America. His Republican opponent will wrap himself in the American flag and whip up phony patriotism to try to make it past the November finish line ahead of his Democratic challenger. I am praying that North Americans won’t be fooled by that again as they were back in 2000 and 2004. (I hope you will read the article on Patriotism on this web page—[] or write me for a copy.) There was a White person who helped me buy my first home who was also a personal friend of my father’s and I was trained in politics by people from a multitude of races—including Whites. It will take ALL of us to win in the FALL election. But first we must look deep inside and ask: Why can’t the North America Dr. King dreamed of and that so many have fought for become a reality? There is NO REASON why we can’t live in a world that is peaceful and oriented toward real JUSTICE instead of so much greed, suffering and pain. A world where people don’t have to be exploited by Big Oil companies like Exxon because such companies are simply driven by (excluded) in favor of companies like Citgo which gives back to poor and disenfranchised people. It should not only be fashionable to NOT shop at Wal-Mart, (because of some of their harsh and anti-people, anti-family policies) but why not choose Target which gives back to people-oriented social programs that help those of us most in need. To get back on the subject, I again thank ALL people of European descent who have taken the time to really study the issues and have seen that their best interest is tied to voting for Barack. GOD Bless you!!

Moving Forward.

A Getting Un-Stuck and Moving Forward Production.....

I was fortunate enough to get my credit rating increased by 200 points over the last seven months. I had to take the initiative and work at it. If you want to get un-stuck I need you to do a few things. Prioritize getting your credit rating up because a low credit score is at the root of many of our financial problems as Black and ``so-called'' oppressed people. There are steps you can take and I am listing some of them for you here:

1} Start off the New Year by refusing to stay stuck. Call my friend Aline Wechsler at Consumer Information Bureau and allow her to help you get into a program to get your credit score for free and follow her program to get your Credit Score up for the New Year. You will find it easier to buy a house; buy a car; finance investment property; get a personal or business loan and any multitude of other advantages will come along much easier also. There is a cost for Aline's services, but that is well worth the expense. She can be reached at: 1.800. 535.12.55 at extension 6870 / or call her direct at 1.954.623.68.70. {Call during regular business hurs or later until 8 P.M. or call on saturday from 12 noon to 7 P.M.

2} Two young Brothers held a book signing at Giovanni's Room at 11th and Pine, on Saturday night, December 22nd, 2012 to discuss their New Book; ``Don't Just Dream About it... Wake Up! Awaken Your Inner and Outer New World...'' By Darien K. Marshall and Darius L. Jones. I Highly Recommend this book and plan to get a copy myself. Even I am still stuck and want to move forward also.... more directly and on due course...

3} ALSO: Get a copy of: ``The Money Class,'' by Suze Orman... I have read most of this book and it will change your ideas about money and how we look at money as consumers instead of people who are serious about holding onto money; saving it; having it in the future; and being ``well off'' enough to be comfortable.... An excellent book....

4} Join the Black Millionaire's Network. [The BMN] Call me and I will tell you more about that. Membership is free until March 1, 2013.... I will tell you how to join and what some of the benefits are. Memberships are FREE until March 1, 2013. Look for information at church {Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia} and please read below about the BMN about how to reach me if you lose this e-mail. Phone: 1.215.471.64.94. E-Mail: BlockBoi75@yahoo.Com.

5} pick up a copy of: ``The Life You Want: Get Motivated, Lose Weight, and Be Happy,'' by Bob Greene, who was a coach for Oprah. This is another life-changing book about diet, food, exercise, addiction and getting on with the healing process for yourself, your friends and your family.

6} Pick up a copy of the thinner Oprah magazine for January 2013.... It is time for a Big Change and you don't have to believe me to know that. Oprah Magazine Writer Martha Beck is writing about it.


``May We Help You,''

``Imagine the Choices

You'd make if you had no fear--of failing, of losing, of being alone, of disapproval,''

I strongly suggest everyone read this article as soon as possible. It is on Page 43 through 44 and on page 49.

of the Oprah Magazine for January 2013.


Also, Brothers and Sisters, and my Transgendered friends, We want you to read about sugar from an expert in Oprah Magazine. You don't have to take My word for it. Read pages 81 through 83 all about sugar. It is in the January 2013 issue of Oprah Magazine.... An article by Stephanie Schomer gives what some Doctors think about sugar, how to avoid it, and what the really bad effects are and can be.....

``The Sweet Low Down,'' gives you the REAL sweet Science on SUGAR....


``The Garden Variety'' by Katie Arnold-Ratliff with Photography by Marcus Nilsson

describes a number of really great recipes that are vegetarian... including ``RED Cabbage with Feta and Mint'' and ``Cali-flower Cake''

Don't miss this exciting issue and don't forget to subscribe to Oprah Magazine. It is getting rather thin and even she needs our help and support.

Brother Tracy Gibson...


As usual, don't forget to read what Doctor OZ has to say about health in his column as well...

Post Script: By the Way Oprah was just thrilled by one of my writing colleagues, Sister Ayana Mathis' new book ``The Twelve Tribes of Hattie,'' It is reviewed by Oprah Herself.... She was deeply touched by this novel and very moved. The book isn't even in bookstores as yet. It is about 12 different character's life stories and how their stories interplay with the movement of Blacks from the South to the North in the 1920's and 1930's. {There is even one section on a character named Philadelphia.}

Get the Book. I plan to because I know I will enjoy it. You will to.


Brother Tracy Gibson.....

Leading Member of

The Black Millionaire's Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101

for blog access click here:

Note: The Black Millionaire's Network is NOT a group of millionaires, but a group of ordinary, extraordinary people, mostly Black, who want to move ahead with their financial plans by being more thrifty, financially responsible, buying viable Progressive stocks, spending money with stores that are either Black owned or that have the best interests of the Black community at heart, saving money for positive use in the future, improving their credit ratings, sending our young LOVed ones to college or technical school, and preparing to go into entrepreneurship as effectively as possible, with the proper financing, to bring on a day of Bright Hope for ourselves and our community.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Bridging the Racial Divide......

Bridging the Racial Divide…….


A while back The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People advanced the idea of doing away with the word ``NIGGER’’ and we all started using the term ``The N Word’’ instead.  
This was to squash the indignities, vileness, racism, hatred and abusiveness of that term so readily used for Black People, especially during the height of the Civil Rights struggles of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s before part of the struggle also took on the more radical edge of Black Power as termed by Kwame Ture and others like Angela Davis.
There was not only racial hatred connected to the word, but also racial attacks such as the murder of Malcolm X’s father; the bombing and murder of four Little Girls Down South [See Spike Lee’s film ``Four Little Girls’’]; the murder of our National Leader Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4th, 1968; the murder of Emmitt Till; and the murder later in Chicago especially of Black Panthers who were fighting to implement an effective program to feed and educate the Black community and Black children.  The ruthless FBI agents carrying out orders from FBI Head J. Edgar Hoover did some really dastardly things to our Brothers and Sisters back in the 1970’s,that many of us still haven’t forgotten.
But violence didn’t only happen to people who were leaders in the political and economic struggles of those early days.  It also happened to thousands of Black activists who took part in the Freedom Rides Down South or who were just trying to go to school on a desegregated bus; or who risked their lives in other Ways up South like in Philadelphia where several school children were harassed and beaten at a demonstration for better education  as Philly police officers under Frank Rizzo who was Police Commissioner cracked down on the protesters—many of them children and women. 
 Many of these people, known and unknown, will be remembered at the Civil Rights Museum Down South/ [Research needed}!!! And or at the New Smithsonian Institute’s African American Historical and Cultural Museum slated to open in 2014 in Washington, D.C. on the Great Mall, near the African Museum.   
But the NAACP only did part of the job.  They get a ``C.’’ We should have also banned—if banning was or is our purpose—we should have also banned the term ``White Trash,’’ also.  And symbolically buried the term also, right along with the Big ``N’’ word like they did.  No People, in my opinion, are trash.  I don’t think GOD made them—White Folk, that is—to be trash nor for them to be treated like TRASH…..  The NAACP should have also banned the word ``White Trash.’’
When we call White humans ``White Trash’’ we give them verbally at least, the Green Light to act like trash and the Green Light to treat us, as Black People, like trash as Well.  This, I don’t think, is what we want.  
Europeans and people of European decent living in North America are still holding a large portion of the ownership of property and wealth in our North American country.  We still have to come to them for whatever reasons, for some of the jobs, some of the housing and for some of our improved living standard.  We are making progress as Black people, but we have to control greater proportions of the means of production to really get a much better foothold on improving our own situations and circumstances.   
This is still true and still a reality today.  Many Whites may have used unscrupulous ways and unscrupulous tactics to attain wealth and they may Well have victimized us, as Black People, to attain that wealth.  We should see ourselves as New Ruling Class because we are determining our futures more; we are building our infrastructures more and supporting our own people and our own Black businesses and Black Progressive individuals more.  We are reading the Books written by Black authors more and taking care of each other more—even if it is only our families and neighbors.  This is a great advancement and a great step forward.  Opportunities are finally beginning to abound and open up from within our communities and from outside our communities.  But being cruel in how we treat the very ancestors or Great Grand Children of those who enslaved us, is never going to help matters. 
So I publically ask for the NAACP to start the ball rolling by burying and de-legitimizing the term ``White Trash’’ as WELL!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

If I Step on a Twig...

  If I step on a Twig…..


If I step on a twig with sharp ice in it do I have to go back in time and un-step on that twig to warn others not to do so? That is about how foolish it is to ask me as a homosexual to not be a homosexual any longer to warn others about the homosexual lifestyle among the Europeans…  Who better to tell our young people about something they might experience than a person who was it or is it? Believe me I can’t change this about myself. I am not your typical homosexual nor do I engage in relations with multiple partners. I seek one man to share the rest of my days with. If I find someone I will date Him and find out a great deal about Him before I share bedroom space with Him.

What I want to warn our Black Brothers about is not to play folly with their intimate lives.  Not to allow themselves to become male prostitutes and allow older men to have sex with them for money—a mistake many young Brothers are making that can have severe consequences if you want to be an effective Father and Husband. I also want to warn them about the frivolity, silliness and meaninglessness of much of what we have come to accept as the homosexual lifestyle in North America and Europe and how Black men MUST—note that I did NOT say should—MUST create and re-create our own Black Gay culture in the states.  They have already begun this process in New York with the institutionalization of the Audry Lord Community Center [Audry Lord was a poet / activist who became Poet Lauriat of New York for some time.  She was a Black lesbian, mother and Earth mother.]. There needs to be such institutions in ALL major cities in the U.S., including Philadelphia. We need to take back and recreate our dance, movies, film, theatre, literature, TV and videos in a manner that respects ALL members of our BLack community.

I am an ole man of 56 who has had His day with many men.  To think that I Will be able to turn the clock back and to forbid me from talking with our young Brothers about the pitfalls sometimes involved in the determination of one’s sexuality is ridiculous, silly and non-productive for Our Revolution.

A man is still a man if He is principled and Gay.   


By Brother Tracy Gibson…

Kicking It Up On 52nd Street.....A Letter to MichaJ. Jordan.......

September 5th, 2013 Thursday

From: Brother Tracy Gibson

Activist / Educator / Lecturer /  Writer / Fund Raiser / Philanthropist / Worker

Founder, President and CEO OF:

The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878


Important Letter From The What Must Be Done Series # 1.

To: Mr. Michael Jeffrey Jordan

333 East Trade Str.

Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Dear Mr. Jordan:

I hope this letter finds you and your family well.  I am writing you with some economic concerns I have centering on some of your business practices and some suggestions for improvements.  First, I want to commend you on reaching such a high point in business.  This is no small feat for a Black man, even for a major athlete such as yourself. Congratulations!!! Second of ALL I refuse to believe that a man, such as yourself, who supported the making of the highly important historical and cultural document called ``Malcolm X,’’ a vital, courageous and exciting film made by Mr. Spike Lee back in the 1980’s can be all bad.  I know that you and other supporters of the making of that film such as Ms. Janet Jackson and Mr. William Cosby, had to think that decision over because of the political volatility inherent in Mr. Malcolm X’s life and how that volatility would certainly HAVE to spill over into the film about Malcolm.  I know this was not an easy decision and you had to think about the economic hit you three might take as a result of the film being released with your names associated with it.  It took guts, courage and fortitude to give that film the go-ahead and to shell out the money for Mr. Lee’s project.  I never formally thanked you or the other two investors, so I want to take the time now and to that.  Thank you so much for supporting the Malcolm X Film.  I recently watched it once again and continue to find it not only important, but a dramatic, Well-made, Well-thought-out, Well-directed, Well-acted and entertaining film. Denzel Washington, I know, should have received the Academy Award for his portrayal of the Black Nationalist leader for the Malcolm X film along with the other awards He received. 

But, as my very much alive and Well Sister, MRs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter, an artist and activist in Her own right, has pointed out, the missing equation in the Malcolm X film was the economic component that The Nation of Islam brought to the table for the Black community.  The NOI was very instrumental in bringing fresh fish, baked goods and such items as the famous bean pie to many, many Black families in North America and other parts of the world during the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.  This FACT was never mentioned in the film or ever even shown in any Way.  The NOI played and still continues to play an important economic role in our communities. 

In Philadelphia, along 52nd Str, from Baltimore Avenue in the South and from Lancaster Avenue in the North I have proposed this district be called Africa Town and that many, many BLACK stores and businesses be given all due possibilities to flourish and grow there.  I am by no means the first person or the only person to work on and or promote the Pro-Africa Town issue in Philadelphia or in other areas of the country…. There are probably a good 2000 people who have worked on or are working on this issue besides me in Philadelphia and in other cities.

There is a thriving China Town in Philadelphia and an historically established Italian Market.  The Pennsylvania Dutch are also allowed to work in various sections of the city and sell their fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods, most notable at 30th Street Station.  Other ethnic groups are also allowed and encouraged to sell their items in certain parts of town.  However, there is no such section set up for people of African descent to sell their items in an on-going, consistent and successful manner that is fully supported in any multitude of Ways by the City of Philadelphia, the Visitor’s Bureau, The Mayor’s Office, The State of Pa, The Federal Government and the City Council of Philadelphia. There is certainly a  level of anger and resentment among Blacks in Philadelphia at being left as consumers only, and not being allotted a specifically designated space or spaces to flourish along business lines so our community can become viable, stable and so money can have a chance to breath needed economic life back into our community.

The city of Detroit’s City Council denied that Michigan town’s Black community the right to forge ahead with the development and formation of their own Africa Town.  The result 10 years later has been the default of that city economically.  We can only imagine what Detroit would have been like – [a City with less crime, a thriving city economically, a HUB in the Upper Mid-West, a place where Black people could have gone to successfully find employment and economic opportunities]—had their Africa Town been given the go-ahead to develop and thrive.  We know what trouble Detroit is in now due in large part to the aborted efforts of Her people to develop Africa Town.  We don’t want that to happen here in Philadelphia.  So, I’m asking you and your wealthy friends such as LeBron James, William Cosby, Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklyn, Jay-Z and Beyonce, John Legend, Angela Bassett, Danny Glover, Oprah Winfree and whoever else who might want to get involved in the project to come to Philadelphia and take part in a meeting with, some select Black Churches such as: The Church of the Advocate,  Zion Baptist Church, Enon Baptist Church, The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, Arch Street United Methodist Church and New Vision Church at Broad and Westminster Avenue, OIC and the Urban League and some more Grass Roots concerns here to talk about and help convince our City Council that what we need is a diverse, thriving and developing section designated as Africa Town so Black People can feel, once again, safe and proud to shop among our own People right here in the City of Brotherly LOVe…

Some of the Benefits of an Africa Town Will Provide include:

·         The Creation of a source of consistent economic support for the Black Community in Philadelphia which will help stabilize said community.

·         A Place from which pride and a feeling of inclusiveness can spring for the Black community here.

·         A viable place for the City of Philadelphia to collect taxes from.

·         A place where Black youthful business people Will gather grass-roots experience in the Business community that will translate into very useful business experience in general..

·         A Place where we can generate and support positive Black cultural events [such as dance, poetry readings, traditional studio art and photography, film, theater, and music] that will be a HUB for many other events in the City.

·         A help in cutting back on the local unemployment rate [especially for Black males.].     

I am afraid that because of the history of the country we live in, Africa Town Will have to be protected and I mean Well-protected.  Just look at the events that occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1920 when The Black Wall Street was torn down and burned and over 300 Black people were killed in a race riot sparked by an incident involving White Supremists -- and you know what I’m talking about. We have to be sure that this does NOT happen again.  We have to be realistic and ever vigilant in protecting our rights as Well as our property and people.  I would be more than willing to help set up such a meeting for late October of this year [2013] because this matter is timely and crucial for our development as a City.  Please contact me in as many Ways as you can concerning this matter and as soon as possible...

On another matter, I know full Well of your economic involvement with the Nike Company.  I am sure it has been a lucrative and rewarding relationship for you that has resulted in the sale of hundreds of pairs of sneakers for Nike Company.  However, as I am sure has been pointed out to you in the past, Nike Company has been consistently criticized for their continued use of slave wages; sweat shops; and questionable and often illegal practices in the treatment and wage levels of their employees in place like New York City, South Korea, Kenya and Mozambique.  While I applaud your economic advancement as a Black man, I am very critical of and concerned about your acceptance of Nike Company policies that have a real tendency to be exploitative, unconcerned  about human rights, and generally non-compliant with the suggestions and policy improvements that progressive political groups concerned with economic exploitation at the Nike Company have suggested for Nike. Such Progressive Political groups, if they have a track record and have been working on this issue for some time, MUST be considered seriously and their demands and suggestions MUST be incorporated into Nike policy. Otherwise, I am asking that Your company sever ties with Nike.  It is my deepest hope and wish that you step up to the plate and hit a home run on this one the Way Jackie Robinson Did for the Brooklyn Dodgers back in the Ole  DAYS and say no to such disappointing corporate policies that allow such exploitation and economic degradation to exist. Every time I see Black and poor people wearing Nike sneakers I think how they are actually supporting their own oppression and are unaware of the negative track record of Nike Company in regards to human rights and worker’s rights. There are even homeless people who I talk to and relate with everyday who wear Nike Company sneakers and they continue to be unaware of how they are supporting policies, through Nike, that are keeping them down, poor, disenfranchised and homeless. I very much wish to hear from you on this matter as Well. It is gravely important.


I look forward to hearing from you very soon.  There are thousands of business people in Philadelphia who need to hear from you and who want to meet you—a true SuperStar!!!!.


Peace and Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson…

NOTE: I will be at the Afro-Centric Store near 52nd and Locust Str, on Friday the 20th of September from 9:30 A.M. to 1 P.M. with petitions for signatures in support of 52nd Str becomming Africa Town..... Please come out and show your support.....