Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Boston Tar Baby.......

Sam Langford—The Boston Tar Baby…

From: Brother Tracy Gibson. The Village People said it best: ``Negros are scared of Revolution.’’  I have no better personal example of this than my own reluctance to write about fighter ``The Boston Tar Baby: Sam Langford.’’

This is a Boxer who never won a major title fight, or, according to ``Kings of the Ring: The History of Heavyweight Boxing’’ He never won a title fight at all…. But goes down in the hidden history of BLack People as one of the great fighters.

To quote Jack Dempsey from page 66 of that same book ``I think Sam Langford was the greatest fighter we ever had. I didn’t have the experience to fight a man like that. He was a hell of a puncher, so why should I get my brains knocked out for nothing? Even at my best I don’t know whether I could lick him. He was a good man, good puncher, rough, tough.’’

Apparently Langford was no sissy.  He came to the Boston area from Nova Scotia, Canada, where he was born around March 4th, 1883. [even the exact date of His birth may be off by three years, according to Kings of the Ring, which was penned, by the Way, by Gavin Evans. Langford may have been born in 1886, as some sources say.].

I want you to get the book mentioned out of the library and read for yourself just how incredible His career—that of Sam Langford’s—was.  All I will say in closing is that His early or first job at about 10 or 11 was as an ox-driver and log hauler as He earned $1.25 a week. [And to think we complain about low wages now!!]

If you find any glaring errors in this article please call me and I’ll get one of my Celebrity FRIENDS to pay you for my having made the mistake.  You will receive $103,000.00.  All you need to do is point out the mistake and give me the correct information.  Call me at 1.215.471.64.94.  DON’T E-MAIL ME!!! Family members and close friends are exempt.


The Above article is By Brother Tracy Gibson, The information for this article was paraphrased from the book mentioned: ``Kings of the Ring: The History of Heavyweight Boxing,’’  by Gavin Evans.  If you are into boxing, which I’m NOT—but I love to look at the feet and thighs of men as they kick-box—this book is for you.  It is detailed, well-written and has terrific pictures of the handsome boxers, both BLack and White. It includes just about all the North American boxers up until recent times.  It comes Highly Recommended!!!   



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