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Your Gibson Principles for Africa.....

The Gibson Principles, for AFRICA!!!

These principles are offered to ALL people of African descent and ALL people of the world who are concerned about us to begin a process, that has already started in some quarters, that will bring about greater decency, equality, respect, cooperation, and financial prosperity WITHOUT exploitation from any corporate, government, quazi-government or private or other force from within or outside the African Continent.  They are offered to bring about help for the African continent and its’ People, and help to build on an already existing program of support for the People of Africa and the entire African Diaspora. They are also offered in the same spirit of healing, LOVe and fairness that the Sullivan Principles [from the now late Reverend Leon Sullivan of Philadelphia’s great Zion Baptist Church] were offered to the South Africans during Apartheid.

              No African, regardless of your station in life, is to treat another African with anything but RESPECT and DIGNITY.

              All the people of the world who are concerned about the People of Africa, The African Continent and the African Diaspora are to show that concern in a real and lasting way through some process or consideration at least once a week.  That concern can be something as small as a letter to your Congressperson asking for more financial support for any given program that has been proven effective  in helping the People of Africa such as: rightful land ownership; land and property management; the use of private and public funds in helping African people; finding Ways to provide clean, fresh water and effective irrigation for the people and crops of Africa; finding Ways to lessen, end and or to avoid violence, civil strife, conflicts and war; finding effective and useful Ways to treat women, men and children in a respectful and dignified Way for the duration; and to help Africans who may be infected or affected in ANY way what so ever with  such maladies as  HIV and AIDS. This list is BY NO MEANS ALL- INCLUSIVE… Other Africans, Caribbeans, African Americans or others from the African Diaspora  working on such decency and Peace initiatives for the Continent of Africa MUST BE EQUALLY CONSIDERED…

              Wars of aggression on the African continent should be covered by ALL media just like any war in any other part of the world.

              People MUST be allowed to see the progress, highlighted in a positive Way, that is going on in Africa and that is spearheaded by African people just as much if not more than they see the negative things that African People are doing on the African Continent.

              Cultural differences MUST BE RESPECTED even though they are not supported or understood by people and governments and government leaders from the West. This RESPECT must be a forthright goal even if those cultural differences are considered heinous, strange, stupid, evil, ignorant or indifferent.

·         The massive influence and economic control that the international corporate structure has on Africa and the lives of Africans must be controlled, tailored, shaped and molded with the full consent, agreement, and control of the majority of the People of African descent living on the African continent and their leaders and those leaders MUST not be deemed controlled or unduly influenced by said international corporate structure or those leaders can be replaced through an open, non-violent and democratic process in a timely manner.

              We must all take time to understand the so-called tribal wars and tribal differences that exist among the Africans and find solutions and Ways of resolving those differences while bringing about a peaceful co-existence among African People.

              Different and divergent aspects of the Black community in the United States and Black communities and Black people around the world are asked to come together to bring forth a peaceful, meaningful, safe, mutually beneficial, and economically rewarding existence for ALL AFRICAN PEOPLE throughout the World.

              The harsh treatment of the environment is to be avoided at ALL cost and ALL AFRICANS are to get and prioritize clean water, a clean and safe environment, clean and pollution-free air and the building and retooling of buildings must follow ``green building’’ guidelines to be drawn up by groups of independent Africans who cannot and will not be impacted on by corrupt influences or Western influences except for technical and financial assistance. Such technical and financial assistance MUST be without money strings attached or corrupted in ANY WAY.  

              Population control must be part of the equation for proper and progressive development in Africa, but we must remember that Africa is a network of developing Nations. As such, the African People are not super consumers as we are in the West (Europe and the United States).  Africans use far less food, electricity, goods and services and other energy sources than the West does and an African Person is far less of a consumer because of this.  He or She leaves far less waste and far less harsh treatment to the environment than His or Her Western Cousin.  

              Businesses that do business and develop in Africa must do so with high principles, morals and ethics and have as their core value the benefit of the People of Africa NOT PROFITS AND THE KIND OF BRUTAL EXPLOITATION THAT TRADITIONALLY IS ASSOCIATED WITH WHITE-RUN BIG BUSINESSES ON THE AFRICAN CONTINENT.  Black Africans MUST be part of the business process all along the Way, and not just any Africans, but people who have a long history of positive community involvement / progressive political views and actions / and who share not only the profit-making motive but an authentic concern for the People and the Land of This Great Continent. They MUST also have the interests of ALL the African People at heart including the children of Africa, women, men and the disabled.

              Homosexual People or Gay and Lesbian People, Transgendered People and Bisexual People among the African People MUST be treated with fairness, respect and dignity even as cultural differences and historical conflicts are worked out, considered, pondered, examined, studied, written about  and explored. The model of South Africa having Gay and Lesbian Rights as part of their Constitution MUST be a goal for each and every African country. There needs to be a consideration of partnership rights, fair treatment, access to education, access to housing rights, access to employment rights and access to jobs and other such rights considered, even as the cultural, tribal and ethnic  differences that might see homosexuals as a threat, are explored, studied and considered. The goal MUST be to consider the rights of homosexuals and transgendered People just as fairly and equally as the rights of other people in Africa.

By Brother Tracy Gibson.

February 18, 2013 Wednesday

Re-Edited and Up-Dated on September 8th, 2013…

Check the spelling and meaning of ``Principles’’

At the Library and send as an e-mail to Oxfam America, The United Nations and the Ghanaian Embassy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Important MESSAGE TO WRITERS.....

You, as Writers,  have been entrusted with awesome power because what you write each day as a group of people influences and formulates--and can change--the thinking and activities of just about everyone on the planet and on a daily basis.. This is an awesome responsibility and must be handled in a serious and thoughtful manner. Please DON'T take what you do likely or in a non-serious manner.

When you write, write with integrity, dignity, accuracy, thoughtfulness, and PRIDE. Write to inform before you write to destroy or unduly influence. Write to tell the truth. Write to enlighten. Write to enlighten and educate. Even if you have strong opinions--as I do--remember to mention the opposing points of view. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Write with love in your heart and don't forget that Truth and Light will always be better than even advocacy.

Brother Tracy C. Gibson...

Writer / Visionary / Fund Raiser

New Open-Ended Rules of Protest & Organizing

April 19th, 2014 Saturday

The Following is an Open Letter to: The North Star Fund
520 Eight Avenue
New York, New York  10018-6656

From: Brother Tracy Gibson
Full Legal Name: Tracy Charles Gibson
African Name: Kokayi
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-2878

Reason for Writing: New Ideas for Activism.

1} Ole methods are not working & are ineffective.

2} Let us try something else; a new success mode.

3} Let us Lift ALL Boats.

4} Instead of Challenging the Ole Established order we Will find much more success when we take on a ``Let's Lift All Boats'' Philosophy and bring on change in a gradual fashion or manner while thinking of sharing with our neighbors. Sometimes this is not easy because sometimes issues are designed by the media and higher ups financially to pit different racial groups against others.  We must work at working with other people, and also within our racial and other groups we feel most comfortable with. RELAX!!!

5} Think of Policies that make dollars and sense {cents} -- And Positive, reasonable change for ALL People, All Concerned.  Being GOD-Centered and Loving ourselves in very important for me personally. It may NOT be a model that works for you.

6} We have been wasting time banging and beating on Doors that will never open. Some minds are closed and will stay that way until GOD finds the proper tools to theoretically open them in a non-violent, LOVing, and timely Way.

7} Find Ways to create our own opportunities; create jobs; make our sources of money and income to expand on opportunity, especially in so-called depressed or ``oppressed'' communities.

8} Cool Down criticism and find good in a few things our perceived enemies have where we can work together -- even only if we are in negotiations or short-term communications-- instead of arguing endlessly over philosophy, ideology & issues like abortion that will most likely never be solved to everyone's moral, ethical & Human Rights satisfaction.

9} Cool Tempers and Listen instead of talk endlessly.

10} Find Point Men and Point Women who can work with different groups, ethnic groups & different organizations TO MEND FENCES, BUILD BRIDGES AND KEEP LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN [THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE DISLOYAL TO YOUR PARTICULAR ETHNIC GROUP, RACE, SKIN-COLOR OR THE ORGANIZATION YOU ARE MOST LOYAL TO… IT IS VITAL IN DIFFICULT AND TRYING TIMES --EVEN THOUGH WE ARE MAKING ECONOMIC PROGRESS --  WHERE egos and tempers may be hot-wired easily, to keep communications open, keep in a positive Spirit and remember we are ALL really doing this work to create something decent, LOVing, and kind for the children of the world .

11} Talk, Talk, Talk; but keep a positive thinking philosophy and a positive mind at the forefront or All work in the movement.

12} If you are willing -- allow children to interact along, within and among different lines of race and ethnicity-- especially Asian, African and Latin children.

13} Find cultural and artistic experiences that help expand mental, physical and social awareness & positive, wholesome, & Justice-Oriented interactions among those involved.

14} Begin to Realize LOVing & Respecting Self is at the Root of Stability for Our People.

15} Do away with words like ``Struggle'' & ``Overcome'' & we find we have truly overcome the struggle and are on our Way to Real, lasting sustainable & ethical sharing of the world's bountiful resources.

16} These ideas and processes are offered as voluntary guidelines and are in NO WAY a requirement for any financial reward from my companies.

With LOVe, Peace & Respect,

Brother Tracy Gibson; Tracy Charles Gibson--KOKAYI

Neckless Man

Chicken Bone Necklace Man

By Brother Tracy Gibson

He would spend literally hours making chicken bone necklaces. They were colorful, rustic, funny-shaped and they were made by hand by a Master. He also made colorful African Walking Sticks by hand. He sold a few each month to try to make a dollar stretch. The meager Social Security check he made was barley enough to pay the rent and the light bill. How He managed to pay for food on His budget, I'll still never understand. The necklace-making was no small task. It was no small task because He did this by taking time away from His family to do it, and He did this by taking time away from His 55-plus years of activism to do this.  He added weeks, months and days onto His work as an activist like a master painter added works to His repat twa. He would spend over 55 years on the stump as a radical, left-leaning social protest activist. You know, those generals of the anti-War and the pro-choice and the Black-rights era who breath life into this often otherwise boring existence of a world of police fantasy and Gospel music and over eating and racing cars and Blow-Up movies and such we find on TV and can live without. You don't find many of these social activist on TV unless you look really hard because they represent such a thorn in the side of the status quo that they largely get ignored by the White-owned, Goliath mass media. If there was a Progressive cause and someone needed support, if no one else in the entire World would join you in your protest--even if it was a stormy, NASTY, rainy or snowy Day--Mr. Bill Hill, Chicken Bone Necklace Man, would be there for you.  He would carry His home-made placard, an almost literal barrel of good humor, a smile, a cold baloney and American cheese sandwich and His signature hand-made African walking stick or cane with Him. He always added life and vigor, honesty and mirth to the things He did.  He was funny, good natured, larger-than-life and He was a lover of Black History and the old stories of progressive and left-leaning radical political warriors such as Himself. {I didn't know who the heck Leonard Peltier was until Mr. Bill Hill and several others at the All People's Congress told me}... And He really just loved people of every stripe, demeanor and tempo as if they were liner notes and He was the Maestro who just had to play them on his piano. 

Do you know anyone who had a Big Party and a dinner thrown for them, and them alone, to honor their years of dedicated service to the Progressive and Radical cause and community? The only such person I knew personally was Mr. Bill Hill, formerly of Marion Avenue in West Philadelphia.  And people came.  People of all sorts came.  There were White people and Black people, and Latin Folks and women and men, and Gay People, like myself, and there were transgendered people and even children at that dinner.  I was so thankful that His friends at the International Action Center, gave this dinner in His honor. We showed great honor for Him while He still walked the earth, and none too soon, for Mr. Bill Hill would be given back to the cold, cold earth a few short years after that.

He suffered from a heart ailment and High Blood Pressure. He left us from Hahnamman University Hospital before I really got to say good bye.  He was a bit overweight and stout for such a short gentleman.  He was getting up in age. He was my personal friend and like a Father to me.  We would go to I-Hop for breakfast and He would get the Pigs in a blanket. I never ate pork since I was 14, but Mr. Bill Hill proudly ate His pork and you had better not say a damned thing about it. It was one of a few things we disagreed on. He never had so much respect for the Black Muslims as I did.  He didn't trust them, like I seemed to.Mr. Bill Hill was like a Dad to many people. You see, My Father and I never really got along much.  Clashing egos and some mental abuse that really didn't add up to a Hill of beans, was my excuse for allowing myself to stay on the wrong side of my real Dad for many, many years. Dad didn't make it easy, but Mr. Bill Hill made up for the rest of the Fatherhood I never had through my real Father, Mr. Charles S. Gibson of 49th Street in West Philadelphia.....

Mr. Bill Hill was a Father, grand Father and a Great Grand Father as well.  He would extend to me, an invitation to a Christmas Dinner at His family's HOUSE {The home of one of His daughter's in South {Philadelphia} that I will never forget.  There were plenty of children there and Mr. Bill Hill knew I loved children and would take care to act correctly around them because I was and am basically a good person.  Many other people never took the time to find this out about me, but Mr. Bill Hill knew this and cherished me more as a person because of this fact....

Once a junkie friend in His neighborhood left a child out in the cold one Winter's day. Mr.Bill Hill scooped the baby up and found a place for the child to stay--If I remember correctly it was a little Black child--a baby girl.  I drove around with Mr. Bill Hill and this little girl, she couldn't have been more than three years old, until we found a safe harbor for the child. He was NOT turning Her over to the department of Public Welfare or , GOD forbid, the police. Now that Mr. Bill Hill is gone I think about that cold day and that baby girl...  That female child could grow up to be another Rosa Parks, another Mehalya Jackson, another Maya Angelou, or another Barbara Jordan, or another Nona Hendrix, or another Mississippi God Damn or another Angela Davis,  or another Winnie Mandela or even another Betty Gains--now THAT would be something.... She would not have had that chance if the incomparable and heroic Mr. Bill Hill hadn't scooped this child up and saved yet another life. She was the cutest little baby girl with a pink hat on and a yellow snowsuit.  A lost neighborhood soul in distress who had turned to drugs and just given up... she just couldn't take it any more, but had left this sweet darling baby child behind to fend for Herself. Thank GOD there was someone there so save Her.

Someone there so save Her or Save Him--save us ALL.  That is what people like Mr. Bill Hill did in life. But there are no statues of Mr. Bill Hill foolishly placed outside the Municipal Services Building that some Philadelphias defy the police guard and pee on every chance they get, like there is of one Frank Rizzo, a Mr. Bill Hill nemesis. Mr. Bill Hill served as a role model for me to do similar things, but maybe I'll never measure up to Mr.Bill Hill and guess what, that is OK as Well....  I loved me some Mr. Bill Hill, but NOT in a sexual Way.  I loved Him for his spunk, His tenacity, His True Grit, His positive demeanor, His love of mankind and woman kind and transgendered kind as Well.  That's right--Mr. Bill Hill even loved the people who many so-called great people in our society would rather spit upon than hold close and love--He even loved the poor people like Himself--who weren't even mentioned during the whole Presidential election season of 2012; and even the transgendered people and the Gay people and the Lesbian people and the bisexual people who it has now become a bit more in Vogue to accept... Look back 20 years and you find more Anita Bryant attitudes getting their oranges off about gays and lesbians than you find acceptance.  Find the old Phil Donahue TV tapes and it will be proven true.   Mr. Bill Hill was in love with us all way back when Anita Bryant was throwing nasty spit ice sickles at us and throwing lighter fluid on the names that people would call us. Faggot. Dike. Queer. Hateful names spewing from the lips of hateful people--not ALL of them White...

Mr. Bill Hill would attend Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered and Bisexual Rights demonstrations Way, Way before it became cool to support Gay Marriage and Gay Rights in the eyes of the general public. He helped defeat Robert Bork from getting his sorry ass on the Supreme Court; he fought against South Africa's Apartheid system for about 20 to 25 years; he helped fight for a Free Haiti.  He enlisted as a communist and found even they could be racist.  Something He and my tapes on Richard Right helped inform me of years ago.  Mr. Bill Hill told me how the Communist Party used Him as a patsy--taking credit for what he did while Mr. Bill Hill would end up in jail--and never took His causes on totally until he met up with the Workers World Party and their people's political front at the time, the All People's Congress.

I met Mr. Bill Hill on a summer's day when I attended a demonstration against Racism--a People March Against Racism--that was held over the summer of Circa 1983 in Philadelphia.  A Lesbian woman named Betty Gains {or Smith} also joined us along with about 10,000 other people. Our All Peoples Congress march would wind around city streets chanting ``The People United Will Never Be defeated'' and several other chants and slogans as we turned the city literally upside down for a short time.  We stopped traffic, but were peaceful. The racism across North America and in other parts of the world and in Philadelphia was stinking to High Heaven and we were there to let our voices be heard.  Where are the protesters now? Where is occupy Philadelphia? They have been suppressed and usurped and driven underground with the proposed building of a $50 Million Dollar ice skating rink around City Hall.  A buy-out to take away God Given Constitutional rights if ever I saw one. {But then most people don't know that because of the Patriot Act and the Patriot Act II the right to assemble and for Free Speech have long been taken away in this so-called bastion of democracy we call North America.}

But Mr. Bill Hill's life was one to be celebrated, not one to get bitter and resentful about concerning political issues.  I have to say, I remember the sad occasion of His funeral was made more sad for me because the family--His Family--saw fit to allow the government--the military--to put a U.S. flag over his casket. {Bill was a veteran, but He spent His life fighting against militarism, war, bombings, military intervention and the like perpetrated by the U.S. against other countries}.  To me, this was a slap in the face--that flag over his casket. I doubt that Mr. Bill Hill would have wanted that because His life was spent fighting against the military and using high teak and low teak arms and armaments to fight for ``democracy'' when we don't even have it here, and for the peace we never reached while Mr. Hill was alive.  There was always some damned war to fight against. Viet Nam; Cambodia; Laos... and ALL the bombings. Iraq; Afghanistan; Haiti; Panama; Nicaragua and Cuba... They ALL experienced the fight against so-called terrorists, communism, foreign aggression and what ever else the racist and the war profiteers of doom decided to build a package of hate around. All the war mongers wanted was to make a political, social, media and economic justification for U.S. aggression.  Mr. Bill Hill stood against all that and He stood for steadfastly for peace, justice and real freedom.

He was against the death penalty and Pam and Ramona Africa were close and beloved friends of His. He stood with them for Mumia Abu Jamal's fight for freedom of a new trial. {Even I would only go as far as another trial for Mumia, like Amnesty International wants, because I think this is still one of the best Ways to expose what our government, the police and the district  attorney's office, the prosecutors and so forth were up to when they imprisoned Mumia--almost killing the Brother}... But Mr. Bill Hill said, what the heck, let's totally fight for freeing our Brother Mumia.

He wanted greater adherence for all the social justice agenda by our government at every level--the Supreme court, The Presidency, Congress, the Senate, the other courts and the entire war machine and the military/ industrial complex, and Mr. Bill Hill never lived to see a Black man, Barack Obama, elected President...      But it is and was Black men and Black women on the grass-roots level like Mr. Bill Hill, who died when he was some 80 years old, it was people like Mr. Bill Hill who made that Black Presidency possible. Mr. Bill Hill would put on a good pair of sneakers or some of those old beat-up sandals of His and he would actually lay the ground work for ALL the progress that has been made over the years. He did this like a gifted craftsman carving out His wooden African walking sticks or the colorful chicken necklaces He was famous for.

He fought with Tom Cronin for labor rights and with Rita Addessa for Gay and Lesbian Rights, but he also knew a little lady from Egypt named Fisa who He loved dearly. The struggle became international in scope in more people's minds because Fisa was also with us at the All People's Congress for several years.  I could have never, ever made my 1991 journey with the Ventreamous Brigade to Cuba without the ground work that Mr. Bill Hill Had done.  He gave me the courage to want to see what that island country was like along with a Mr. William Mena, a Puerto Rican Gay activist who helped me interpret Spanish in Cuba during that personal historic journey there.  Bill probably wanted to go, but I guess He couldn't afford the plane ticket.  You see, Mr. Bill Hill was one of the poor ones like I am myself am right now. Saying you are poor doesn't mean you will be poor forever.  We can work ourselves free from this mess.  But it takes time, work, endurance and patience and tenacity.  ALL the things Mr. Bill Hill was made of.  All the things He dedicated His life to.  All the things He instilled in His friends, His family and His comrades through the example He set for us.

When I turn on network t000000v and see all the police shows I realize how invisible the established order, the oligarchy and / or the ruling class would like to make people like Mr. Bill Hill and our labor leaders; and our Gay Rights leaders--represented in people like Act-Up members; and our Civil Rights leaders like Alphonso Deal, Georgie Woods, Nina Simmon and Roxanne Jones and Cecil B. Moore; and our other women activists like Harriet Tubman and Winnie Mandela {I actually met Ms. Winnie Mandela in South Africa}seem.  The former Ruling Class want to hold on to their sinking dollars and make us invisible. In place of their stories we get police show after police show after police show and the price is right and more monkey shire and stupidly like dancing with the stars.  We are lulled to sleep with the likes of David Letterman and we think we are free. We are made to think that this JUNK TV is OK and that the world is just fine without people like Attorney Miclael Coard who works with His group Avenging the Ancestors Coalition, or Pam and Ramona Africa who work with MOVE and The Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal, or Brother Rob Gray and Sister Silvia Gray who gave years and years of their lives dedicated to building the community and respecting Black living ancestors through an agency called The African American Freedom and Reconstruction League.... And internationally Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan and His work with the Nation of Islam to build a backbone for Black men and Black women by arming them with the truth....These are our Freedom Warriors, our Heroes and Sheroes. There are literally hundreds or thousands of others as Well in different parts of the city, the country and the world who go temporarily unrecognized, but times are changing and the sheets and covers and masks are being pulled off every day to reveal the true beauty and vivid work of these people like Mr. Bill Hill.  But the TV keeps telling our people about old White Boy Jim Bob on that TV news--a White man who gives the news and weather and looks just like the other White man on the other TV stations. Or we are able to dream of joining the military {and letting our children join the military} and come back from war in Afghanistan with an arm or a leg blown off--if we are lucky. But don't ask for your right and proper benefits, because they won't be coming unless we fight for them... That is what Mr. Bill Hill did, he fought for the benefits and the rights.  More young people MUST take up this banner and real soon, or I don't want to think where we will be very, very soon. Start editing PRocess here...

Where are the stories about people Mr. Bill Hill and I? They are not even on the cutting room floor.  They are like Ralph Ellison's book ``Invisible Man'' just not there, in the eyes of the established order.  We can't find funds for Paul Robeson's House being reconstructed, modified and open for regular hours with rich and fulfilling programs, seminars and workshops and classes about Paul Robeson--an All American football hero, a noted actor, thespian and movie star, a political activist and a writer and singer and an expert public speaker, but we can build a multi-million dollar ice rink around City Hall; and we can build a New {and ominous-looking} multi-million dollar Youth Study Center at 48th and Haverford Avenue in West Philadelphia which could be used to lock up and examine and pick and prod at our young men, and young women and young transgendered people--if we let them, but let's NOT let them.  And, at the same time, we can't find jobs for our youth.  And when I talk about Jannie Blackwell as the female dog that she is and I talk about Darrell Clark as the Dog that he is I get this blank unforgiving and questioning stair that people just don't understand. Clark and Blackwell have made this mess along with the so-called Mayor, and they want us to live in Hell and act like it is some sort of dignified privilege to be a poor Black person about to be jacked up and moved out of Philadelphia through a process called gentrification.  Another issue that Mr. Bill Hill fought against and exposed through part of His life's work.

His life was a life worth living. He loved Black people and Gay people and Poor people and people who fought against injustice like the mother of Amado Dialo and Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X and Fanny Lou Hamer.  But such people are rarely ever made into movie history like so many police shows that find their way onto the airways. So many, many useless police show that aggrandize the police and help keep the people in check through intellectual fear and intimidation and an underhanded, undercurrent of ``law abiding citizenship and adherence to laws'' that have just about been totally corroded by our government at all levels--including By the PResident of the United States who signed the Patriot Act II himself

As I was sitting here writing this, I decided to take on yet another task to go along with the seemingly hundreds of things I'm doing {even though I have tried to boil the things I'm working on down to three things, I always want to do more because there is so much to do and so few of us doing this work, or so it seems to me at times}. I am going to demand and work towards a special day being commemorated and set aside by the Mayor and City Council of Philadelphia for Mr. Bill Hill in honor of Him and His work.  Let's see if we can do something besides honor the Philadelphia Symphony, the hoagie and those nasty hard, cold, nutritionally worthless mustard pretzels in this damned city.

Copyright warnings and infringements from ``It's Your Biz,'' By Susan Wilson Solovic, with Ellen R. Kadin and a forward by Edie Weiner. Page 150...

``Because I write many columns and blog posts for a variety of companies and media organizations, I use search-engine tools to alert me if anyone is picking up and using my material. Some people have literally copied my writing and presented it as their own, even though this is an obvious copyright infringement. There are both civil and criminal penalties for copyright violations, and the severity of the penalties depends on the situation.''

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the mountain

There is Peace In The Valley. A Roving and Evolving Advertisement.

There is Peace & Generosity in the Mountains. You have already helped me create the mountain top. There Will Be Peace & Generosity on earth. You have already helped shape reality in a LOVing Way. Mankind will not only survive, but also thrive in a good, generous and positive Way.  And Soon. ALL of us of Good Will--with LOVing hearts, and an ability to give generously to others in need--NEVER cheating  other People in business--WE will live in abundance & harmony for many, many, many generations…. No, we will not live endlessly, but our creed and kind—courageous givers, LOVers of mankind [in a non-exploitative Way] and Lovers of womankind [in a non-exploitative Way], political activists and Social Justice folk of all races, people dealing with their issues in a positive and on-going Way who never give in and never give up to ethical or religious treason; or ethical or religious  tyranny --we will go on through our younger generations as we pass of ole age, or from whatever reasons. Our genetic code will live through generations and the goodness and positivity will last for many, many generations. Over sixteen thousand years—We Will Go On. Have no fear. This planet earth will be saved by us and our work. They will NOT be victorious in their destructive work. We MUST ALL take one day at a time and it is now only 2014. Stop fearing the end of the world and the end of the human race. The end of the earth as we know it is at hand, but it is a good end.  Rejoice. A New World is at Hand.  Harbor no ill will towards others.  Cool our tempers, GOD. Help us work effectively together.  Work effectively, humbly & consistently towards the world’s Economic stability & the People’s freedom from emotional, Spiritual, political & economic bondage or economic degradation or economic exploitation. Help bring Decency, oh Lord, Peace, LOVe & Harmony to every breakfast Table, every lunch Table, every buffet Table, every snack Table and every dinner table in the world, or any other place where People congregate to eat food, partake of merriment and enjoy each other’s company…... Is this within ALL our grasps?  Yes!! Today and FOREVER!!!!! Utilize peacefulness, an end of hate, a gratifying smile, a friendly handshake, a hug & a kiss on the side of the face to bring forth effective Ways to expand on dignity, generosity & decency. This Way we can all enjoy the foods & gifts from the Table of Joy, the Table of humanity, the Table of Decency, the Table of LOVe & the Table of Bounty. Have no guilt and no fear as you work. These are ALL one Table belonging to every man, every woman, every child, every human being & every elder ever born human unto this earth from their Mother & Father.  We who choose to make these things here our goals...thrive, LOVe and Grow. Don’t just do it. Research it, LOVe it and Thrive. Share your own wisdom, but do your research.

Please place the following ad here below in your magazine; blog; e-mail; other internet access window or publication, if you so wish. Please do not alter or change these words, just don’t use them if you don’t agree. Write your own words if you have something to say otherwise. I beg you, don’t change or alter these words.:


You want to help a progressive, peaceful, non-violent, Pro-Black national Revolutionary organization and grouping of such businesses fund itself, and other similar organizations & other such businesses that are prone to & actively engaged in the work to help Black youth—female & male—[ to end their designation as bothersome criminals, degenerates, misfits, trouble-makers, thugs and stupid lazy persons—PLEASE NOTE: not all our youth are these things MIND YOU!! Many are also progressive-minded, thinking, open-minded, capable of great things and capable of great achievements and capable of generosity, LOVe, decency, caring, hop, and goodness] you mare asked to send in your rare stamps & rare coins & other items of luxury & great value you don’t need & are freely willing to part with to help our cause.  They will—these luxury items I mean—they will be utilized properly and or sold at auction on line or turned into needed dollars in other legal Ways & the funds will be utilized & shared to help our poor & middle income communities create jobs for themselves; and to hire staff for my businesses [and other progressive & revolutionary non-profit and progressive and revolutionary for-profit businesses, with GOD’s help]to make positive changes and make positive, enriched lives for many, many people over the duration of time…. Funds Will: create opportunities for ALL people as I can [and others can help me] : gage and calibrate the talent & skills of people, not only of any one particular race or skin color or ethnicity or religion, but certainly those traditionally held back from progressing will receive help in an orderly and on-going Way in a sane & prioritized fashion]. We will help the People grow wealth & prosperity legally in our communities instead of pain, degradation, exploitation, hatred, jealousy and misery. If you would like to hire one of my companies to do work for you instead of sending in a non-tax-deductible donation, please know we do or are working towards doing: Peace work on Middle East issues involving Black students and other people traditionally left out of the Peace Process; positive Public Relations work; Corporate advice towards dealing successfully with People of Color communities; Diversity staff consulting and Diversity Staff development; Progressive, diversity and Black-centered Advertising; Progressive, Diversity work and Black-centered Community Advocacy; Community-based and grass-roots based Education of Black youth; African-based ethical development for individuals, groups, nations and Corporations; Progressive Philanthropy; support—through referral--for mental health services within the Black community; & healthful, vegetarian-centered nutritional advocacy, referrals and advice. [While I may not have experience or qualifications to deal with these issues personally, we will now and in the very near future, hire the proper people with the proper credentials to work for us in these various fields. I have ran an office and have a degree in journalism and Public Relations and I also have been a community activist for over 31 years]. We can refer you to other professionals for construction work & contracting; catering; skills development, employment & living-wage advocacy; or professional help with nutrition and weight loss. This information is being collected and will take a bit of time to gather and organize, but it will not take more than five or six weeks from the time we receive full funding to begin to implement.  If you would like to network with us for this important work, please also contact us.  If you don’t Trust what I’m saying, please read the articles about the work of Brother Tracy Gibson: Full Legal Name: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson: African Name: Kokayi:-- at the following blog access:  This blog is an artful cornucopia of 600 articles or more that tell the story of a dedicated man with His People’s hopes at the core of His concern & conviction.  There are literally thousands of other such positive-thinking persons besides me who can help you as well. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME OR TRUST ME. There is no implied, real or actual cruelty or harm meant by any work I have done, even though I have used words that may well be considered too harsh in the past. I too, am on the mend and doing my best.  You may call or e-mail. Please put the word FOREVER in the subject line of your e-mail. If you have any questions please call: 1 215 921 2065 from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M.   Or e-mail: BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. And PUT FOREVER in the Subject Line. Please send well-intentioned items, gifts, Prayers, requests, reasonable criticisms & donations no matter how small to: Mr. Tracy Gibson; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19101-2878. If you are a negative thinker, a back-biter, a hater, a generally suspicious person, a crab-in-the-basket type, a paid or unpaid saboteur, a greedy person, a person dealing with severe or debilitating addiction[s] or a non-believer in the power of God and the power of Godly men and Godly women, please keep your money and write me for help in getting proper therapy & psychiatric assistance for your condition or just continue to ignore me... If you are a well-intentioned person who doesn’t believe in GOD or an atheists, I still think we can learn from one another, agree to disagree on certain points or even work together on certain items, issues or points. There are thousands of other men and women doing such work who you can support. I am not the only Path or the only Way to achieve healing and make things correct or better for yourself, your family, your loved-ones and the good people in your life. I am, myself, learning to be a better person, dealing positively with major drawbacks and applying the salve of help and healing, but I am also not waiting to be perfect to do what I perceive of as GOD’s Work. God, I feel, works through people and always has since the earliest of times. Yes, He or She does need your help. Don’t be a stand-byer. Be a positive doer. GET INVOLVED in the positive work that needs to be done. Being fearful or negative in your thinking will not help us.
I thank you for your help in lending assistance to the most needy and those in need of help in the Black and oppressed communities in Philadelphia and elsewhere.  Such people are NOT necessarily poor, because the rich themselves are some of the most lonely, needy and pathetic of souls and in need of help and healing also. The question is: do they have the courage to get such help? **Anyone who would steal from this grass-roots, self-help venue will be reported to the proper authorities at once, unless they are taking information and encouragement to use right away to help as many people as they can also reach a higher level of success, Peace and decency, including many, many of the poor, the disenfranchised and the differently abled [but not necessarily only those categories of people] …. We have friends in high places, middle places, low places and in-between places. Peace In!!