Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the mountain

There is Peace In The Valley. A Roving and Evolving Advertisement.

There is Peace & Generosity in the Mountains. You have already helped me create the mountain top. There Will Be Peace & Generosity on earth. You have already helped shape reality in a LOVing Way. Mankind will not only survive, but also thrive in a good, generous and positive Way.  And Soon. ALL of us of Good Will--with LOVing hearts, and an ability to give generously to others in need--NEVER cheating  other People in business--WE will live in abundance & harmony for many, many, many generations…. No, we will not live endlessly, but our creed and kind—courageous givers, LOVers of mankind [in a non-exploitative Way] and Lovers of womankind [in a non-exploitative Way], political activists and Social Justice folk of all races, people dealing with their issues in a positive and on-going Way who never give in and never give up to ethical or religious treason; or ethical or religious  tyranny --we will go on through our younger generations as we pass of ole age, or from whatever reasons. Our genetic code will live through generations and the goodness and positivity will last for many, many generations. Over sixteen thousand years—We Will Go On. Have no fear. This planet earth will be saved by us and our work. They will NOT be victorious in their destructive work. We MUST ALL take one day at a time and it is now only 2014. Stop fearing the end of the world and the end of the human race. The end of the earth as we know it is at hand, but it is a good end.  Rejoice. A New World is at Hand.  Harbor no ill will towards others.  Cool our tempers, GOD. Help us work effectively together.  Work effectively, humbly & consistently towards the world’s Economic stability & the People’s freedom from emotional, Spiritual, political & economic bondage or economic degradation or economic exploitation. Help bring Decency, oh Lord, Peace, LOVe & Harmony to every breakfast Table, every lunch Table, every buffet Table, every snack Table and every dinner table in the world, or any other place where People congregate to eat food, partake of merriment and enjoy each other’s company…... Is this within ALL our grasps?  Yes!! Today and FOREVER!!!!! Utilize peacefulness, an end of hate, a gratifying smile, a friendly handshake, a hug & a kiss on the side of the face to bring forth effective Ways to expand on dignity, generosity & decency. This Way we can all enjoy the foods & gifts from the Table of Joy, the Table of humanity, the Table of Decency, the Table of LOVe & the Table of Bounty. Have no guilt and no fear as you work. These are ALL one Table belonging to every man, every woman, every child, every human being & every elder ever born human unto this earth from their Mother & Father.  We who choose to make these things here our goals...thrive, LOVe and Grow. Don’t just do it. Research it, LOVe it and Thrive. Share your own wisdom, but do your research.

Please place the following ad here below in your magazine; blog; e-mail; other internet access window or publication, if you so wish. Please do not alter or change these words, just don’t use them if you don’t agree. Write your own words if you have something to say otherwise. I beg you, don’t change or alter these words.:


You want to help a progressive, peaceful, non-violent, Pro-Black national Revolutionary organization and grouping of such businesses fund itself, and other similar organizations & other such businesses that are prone to & actively engaged in the work to help Black youth—female & male—[ to end their designation as bothersome criminals, degenerates, misfits, trouble-makers, thugs and stupid lazy persons—PLEASE NOTE: not all our youth are these things MIND YOU!! Many are also progressive-minded, thinking, open-minded, capable of great things and capable of great achievements and capable of generosity, LOVe, decency, caring, hop, and goodness] you mare asked to send in your rare stamps & rare coins & other items of luxury & great value you don’t need & are freely willing to part with to help our cause.  They will—these luxury items I mean—they will be utilized properly and or sold at auction on line or turned into needed dollars in other legal Ways & the funds will be utilized & shared to help our poor & middle income communities create jobs for themselves; and to hire staff for my businesses [and other progressive & revolutionary non-profit and progressive and revolutionary for-profit businesses, with GOD’s help]to make positive changes and make positive, enriched lives for many, many people over the duration of time…. Funds Will: create opportunities for ALL people as I can [and others can help me] : gage and calibrate the talent & skills of people, not only of any one particular race or skin color or ethnicity or religion, but certainly those traditionally held back from progressing will receive help in an orderly and on-going Way in a sane & prioritized fashion]. We will help the People grow wealth & prosperity legally in our communities instead of pain, degradation, exploitation, hatred, jealousy and misery. If you would like to hire one of my companies to do work for you instead of sending in a non-tax-deductible donation, please know we do or are working towards doing: Peace work on Middle East issues involving Black students and other people traditionally left out of the Peace Process; positive Public Relations work; Corporate advice towards dealing successfully with People of Color communities; Diversity staff consulting and Diversity Staff development; Progressive, diversity and Black-centered Advertising; Progressive, Diversity work and Black-centered Community Advocacy; Community-based and grass-roots based Education of Black youth; African-based ethical development for individuals, groups, nations and Corporations; Progressive Philanthropy; support—through referral--for mental health services within the Black community; & healthful, vegetarian-centered nutritional advocacy, referrals and advice. [While I may not have experience or qualifications to deal with these issues personally, we will now and in the very near future, hire the proper people with the proper credentials to work for us in these various fields. I have ran an office and have a degree in journalism and Public Relations and I also have been a community activist for over 31 years]. We can refer you to other professionals for construction work & contracting; catering; skills development, employment & living-wage advocacy; or professional help with nutrition and weight loss. This information is being collected and will take a bit of time to gather and organize, but it will not take more than five or six weeks from the time we receive full funding to begin to implement.  If you would like to network with us for this important work, please also contact us.  If you don’t Trust what I’m saying, please read the articles about the work of Brother Tracy Gibson: Full Legal Name: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson: African Name: Kokayi:-- at the following blog access:  This blog is an artful cornucopia of 600 articles or more that tell the story of a dedicated man with His People’s hopes at the core of His concern & conviction.  There are literally thousands of other such positive-thinking persons besides me who can help you as well. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME OR TRUST ME. There is no implied, real or actual cruelty or harm meant by any work I have done, even though I have used words that may well be considered too harsh in the past. I too, am on the mend and doing my best.  You may call or e-mail. Please put the word FOREVER in the subject line of your e-mail. If you have any questions please call: 1 215 921 2065 from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M.   Or e-mail: BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. And PUT FOREVER in the Subject Line. Please send well-intentioned items, gifts, Prayers, requests, reasonable criticisms & donations no matter how small to: Mr. Tracy Gibson; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19101-2878. If you are a negative thinker, a back-biter, a hater, a generally suspicious person, a crab-in-the-basket type, a paid or unpaid saboteur, a greedy person, a person dealing with severe or debilitating addiction[s] or a non-believer in the power of God and the power of Godly men and Godly women, please keep your money and write me for help in getting proper therapy & psychiatric assistance for your condition or just continue to ignore me... If you are a well-intentioned person who doesn’t believe in GOD or an atheists, I still think we can learn from one another, agree to disagree on certain points or even work together on certain items, issues or points. There are thousands of other men and women doing such work who you can support. I am not the only Path or the only Way to achieve healing and make things correct or better for yourself, your family, your loved-ones and the good people in your life. I am, myself, learning to be a better person, dealing positively with major drawbacks and applying the salve of help and healing, but I am also not waiting to be perfect to do what I perceive of as GOD’s Work. God, I feel, works through people and always has since the earliest of times. Yes, He or She does need your help. Don’t be a stand-byer. Be a positive doer. GET INVOLVED in the positive work that needs to be done. Being fearful or negative in your thinking will not help us.
I thank you for your help in lending assistance to the most needy and those in need of help in the Black and oppressed communities in Philadelphia and elsewhere.  Such people are NOT necessarily poor, because the rich themselves are some of the most lonely, needy and pathetic of souls and in need of help and healing also. The question is: do they have the courage to get such help? **Anyone who would steal from this grass-roots, self-help venue will be reported to the proper authorities at once, unless they are taking information and encouragement to use right away to help as many people as they can also reach a higher level of success, Peace and decency, including many, many of the poor, the disenfranchised and the differently abled [but not necessarily only those categories of people] …. We have friends in high places, middle places, low places and in-between places. Peace In!!

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