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Letter to It Gets Better Project and the Human Rights Campaign.....

July 30, 2013 Tuesday / Up-Dated Version.....

To: The It Gets Better Project and the Human Rights Campaign….

From: Brother Tracy Gibson, Founder, President and CEO OF The Black Millionaire’s Network and Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.

Building Better Tomorrows for Our Black Families and Our Black Youth.

I have been a community activist for about 35 years. I am now 56. I have advocated for many things including more health benefits and quality health benefits for poor people; Civil Rights and voting rights for Blacks and other People of Colour; more professionals, more Progressives, more people of colour and more Black females on the Supreme Court; Against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policies in the U.S. military; Against war, militarism, hate groups, racism and elitism among any group of people, be they White or Black or whatever; and for a woman right to choose a safe and legal abortion and other rights for women such as equal pay.  From time to time I have also developed positions on and advocated for the rights of Black people and other People of Colour who are Gay, and Lesbian.  I have attended literary meetings, workshops and worship services at Gay Book Stores and or Gay friendly churches such as my church, The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia which is a Gay affirming church and, as I said, I myself am a Gay person.

What I want to talk with you about today is not easy to talk about, but that is what activists like me do best—discuss things that people don’t like to discuss and help people of every stripe see a new idea or a new angle in a different, hopefully better light and a better Way…. 

I know that in our culture in the U.S., it is certainly true that Gay-identified youth do get bullied.  It is also true that the creation and development of Positive information about bullying and what to do about it are important and needed.  You are to be commended for developing such information in the face of the fact that some youths have tragically killed themselves or hurt themselves in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.  I know for sure some families have benefited greatly from the existence of such information about bullying and how to survive it and stop it. This is good and important.  However, at the same time, it would have been a wonderfully inclusive thing if you had included a section in your materials for—believe it or not—straight youth who get bullied as Well.  I can’t understand exactly why such All-embracing information that includes straight youth and people of ALL ages who get bullied was not at least mentioned.  I think to have forgotten such information was a lost or missed opportunity.   

I have some thoughts and theories about why such information is not mentioned in your materials and these thoughts and theories are NOT too easy to talk about.  I sometimes think that the focus of Gay culture in the U.S. on being young, staying young and young sexuality is part of the reason why you don’t seem to embrace and include information about straight people, of all races and classes who are being bullied as Well.  Also: If you had done so I think some of the criticism that you are ``enticing, enlisting, encouraging and converting’’ youth to be Gay would not be so strong and so substantiated in the minds of much of the general public and in the minds of more conservative elements of the general public as it is right now….  The criticism that you are ``just out to get young people to `join the Gay ranks’’’ would not be so accepted by straight people or accepted by the general population in our country.  As I have said, I am a Gay American myself. A Black Gay American, but I think we as activists should try very hard to reach out to the general population and make sure ALL anti-bullying information includes information about and for people who are straight, but also find themselves bullied as Well. We should also try very hard to make ALL information sensitive to racial ethnicity, class and gender.  That is just my opinion.  I clearly think, even with this criticism, that the work you are doing is very important and needed.  I just think we have to watch that our outreach to help young people isn’t being misconstrued and utilized by us to promote our homosexual culture—or should I say White American homosexual culture—but doing so in an undercover or covert way.  If we ARE advocating and recruiting for more youth to feel more comfortable in their homosexual skin, I’m not sure that is a bad thing, just be honest about doing that.  I would also make sure you talk about some of the more gruesome sides of being a homosexual such as discrimination and other negativities such as the excessive bar scene; the over and sometimes overt and inappropriate sexualization of man and woman kind and the media over emphasis on cross-dressing and ``extreme and campy behavior’’. I think sometimes Gay media and prominent Gay individuals then to paint the lifestyle as ``care-free, exciting, and that there is some community out there that is honest and embracing’’ because that has not totally been my own personal experience as a Black Gay man in my experiences with White Gay culture.  [I have had to help create alternative Black Gay culture which is more embracing, sane and loving—but that is for another letter, article or writing opportunity].   If we are promoting homosexuality, let’s let our hair down and create something separate and be honest about it and do that.  When one looks at the way population is exploding, homosexuality may in fact be a gift GOD has given us to keep this planet’s balances in check.  Have you ever thought about that?  I have.  I think the right wing and the more conservative elements of our society and culture have allowed the arguments to be swept up into bitter moral and ethical attacks when in fact a person’s sexual identity may in fact and is in fact NOT up for moral debate at all.  It is just a life style that is more comfortable and natural for a certain segment of our population.  As some of your own materials say, homosexuality is found in other cultures, almost every culture in the world.  AND, I have even read that it is found in several segments of the Animal Kingdom.  So if we are promoting homosexuality, we may, in fact, be doing GOD’s work—again considering that there are one billion Africans on the planet and One Billion Chinese—GOD may be saying ``WOW!! It is time to cut back a bit on all these folks, but let’s do it in a Way that is natural and in keeping with nature and doesn’t cause too much disruption, anguish and pain.’’   If that is what we are doing let’s be open about it and honest about it and say so.  I think to say this—to advocate our lifestyle—this is completely cool to do, but it is not cool to do so on the slide in a dishonest way.  [Of course most Black parents balk at such ideas because they want their children to grow up straight. I also want the vast majority of Black children to grow up straight as well, but that is part of the understandable fear and anxiety we have as concerned Black people and Black parents and has to do with historical oppression of our people and especially the undermining of our Black men, Black boys and Black males in general. Again that is a topic for another letter.]    I think parents will feel more comfortable if they know for sure what exactly you are doing in your various campaigns on this important issue…..


Peace and Blessings,


I AM, Brother Tracy Gibson,

Visionary / Businessman / Philanthropist / Fund Raiser / Journalist…


Reach me at: The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878





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Fund Raising Letter......

September 5, 2013 Thursday...

Fund Raising Opportunity and Informational Letter to Brothers and Sisters in or wanting to join and
support the Black Millionaire's Network

From: Brother Tracy Gibson; Founder, President and CEO.
The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878


BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com  or BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

No Foot Ball Season

The items listed below are SOME of the Businesses and financial interests I have been working on for the past ten years.  We are enlisting serious people, of ALL colours, Races, Income Levels, Religions, Sexual Orientations, Sexes and Sexual Identities to take part in supporting us.  We are still establishing Ways for you to get needed investment money back and share in the enormous profits we expect in the very near future. We are especially interested in getting cooperation from Black investors.

1] The Black Millionaire's Network: This is NOT a group or Club for Black Millionaire's, but a Way for Black People of limited means to join an organization that has many values and suggested behaviors that will, if followed correctly for about six months, give very positive effects.  Some of the behaviors and habits we suggest our members take part in are:

a] Live below your means.

b] Save money.

c] Start a small business.

d] Develop positive and meaningful relationships
with local Political, Civic, Religious and Business official in your local area.

e] Work on paying your ole back bills so you can increase your credit rating.

f] Support Black businesses in your area, on line and in other parts of the country and the world.

g] Sign up for free [until November 1, 2013] to be a part of the Black Millionaire's Network [Membership is open to ALL races.]

h] Develop positive attitudes with other Black people regarding finance, business and money.

Send query letters to: BlockBoy75@Yahoo.Com
We will send you an application and more detailed information. Or you may write us at the above Post Office Box.

[See the Current issue of Ebony Magazine [August 2013] with thespian Denzel and His wife Pauletta Washington on the Cover for a full run down of some current and important tips, facts and advice on Black finance and getting ahead in the Financial World.]

2]  The Knowledge Hut Store...

This is designed to be an On-Line Store for the positive development of better values for our Black youth, both males and females.  We will do this by not just throwing any ole products at our young people, but by selecting items that instill betters values and more positive behaviors such as building responsibility; being a listener; obeying the law; listening and obeying respected elders and respected peers as Well as respected adults within your family and your neighborhood; Listening to your Pastor or Imam at your church or Mosque; and attending Mosque or church REGULARLY....  We will also be instilling other positive behaviors such as not being a threat to the police and interacting more positively with the entire community in which our youth and you live.  We will do this through the sale of such items as: Black History Books; beautiful positive-message Tee-Shirts; funny and politically oriented Greeting Cards and Kwanzaa cards; other self-help and self-esteem building books; posters of our male and females heroes; and suggested classes and workshops for our young people to attend after school. We will also sell some healthy food items and suggest our members NOT support certain stores and shops in the community that have a proven record of NOT being helpful to our community. Write us at The Black Millionaire's Network for more information.

3] My own personal books will go on sale as soon as I get a contract to publish them. They are:  ``Let the Children Gather: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems,'' a book of poetry designed to help angry Black males re-channel that often negative energy into something more positive, worth while and productive such as a business, a job, school or other viable institution in our communities...  The other book is 686 pages long and took six years to write.  It is called: ``Writing in Wet Cement,'' and is also dedicated to building and establishing better values in our Black males and females--young and older.....  It uses my own life's story; African and African American Fables; life-lessons, political analysis and so forth, to do this.

4] General Positive Advocacy for the Black Community; The Poor; The Homeless; The Disenfranchised and the Left Out.  This includes hundreds of letters to various people who can offer help to our community including politicians; business owners; bureaucrats; religious leaders; and civic and community leaders; attending political and fund raising events; and writing articles about my activities and certain pertinent subjects and issues....

We need donations of $10.00 if you are poor, disenfranchised or disabled; and $200.00 if  you are employed or a company, business or corporation.

Suggested Book: ``Our Black Year: One Family's Quest to Buy Black in America's Racially Divided Economy,'' By Maggie Anderson.  Please make all Contributions Out to our Parent Company: Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc, and send them to The Black Millionaire's Network at the address above.  We thank you for the support and financing of our continued endeavors.....

Brother Tracy Gibson...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ad for Craig's List.....Experienced Writer Needed......

Writer needed for assisting experienced writer with a book proposal.  Only experienced writers and members of the National Writer's Union need apply.  All Races, Religions, Sexes, Sexual Orientations, sexual identities and cultures accepted.  Must be open minded and have a positive outlook on Black youth and their issues and be knowledgeable on international politics. Call Brother Tracy Gibson at 1.215.471.64.94.

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Who Is Yall Way?

Who is Yall Way?

A Leader, A Black Man, A Fearless Black man, A Courageous Black man. He means no harm to White People. He wants to help Black people learn and understand how so-called Capitalism and Free Enterprise must be re-tooled, changed and modified to fit into the future if it is to exist.  It must exist in another formation.  It won't be the same old Capitalism any more. It will not be run by the rich and the White only. It will NOT hoard so much money that it falls over itself trying to steal more and more from the poor--leaving them without even the most basic of necessities. The meek shall inherit the earth--we know who they are.  The meek are the presently poor, mostly Black People who have been not put left down, and left down--but pushed down. It is past time for basic, lasting and systemic change.  It is time to listen to new voices, see new faces and try new things like reading different things; voting differently; and taking on new ideas. Read more of this BLOG and you will learn more. I want to hear from you. Yall Way is here to make things conform in a positive Way to the Way Yall Want them--Yall Way.  But He needs your help...... listen closely to the recording at 1.215.471.64.94.

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NO enemy.

The backdrop for the thriller, Enemy of the State is a Bill in Congress fashioned after the Patriot Act that takes Civil Rights and Privacy Rights away from average American citizens in favor of more security and police rights to search and seize evidence of criminal and terroritic activities. If that sounds like a debate we would have today, consider that ``Enemy’’ was made in 1992 BEFORE 9-11 ever thought of happening and you will understand the forward-thinking motion of this Will Smith Gene Hackman venue.

                The fast pace action scenes and the high intelligence of the main character [Smith ] as a suave Civil Rights lawyer named Dean make for not only good viewing, but also for a solid Black character out of the realm of stereotypes of slap happy silliness & buffoonery that still dominate much of filmdom where Black male actors are concerned.
                Regina King, as Smith’s wife is not only highly intelligent, but also very suspicious of the government and the new bill.  But everything comes to a dramatic head when a tape of the murder of a Congressman who was planning to vote against the bill is discovered and lands in the hands of Dean


Monday Night 7-22-2013 Going into Tuesday 7-23-2013… LOST


By Brother Tracy Gibson…


Here is the scenario of the last 20 hours. I was working at my desk at about 12:30 A.M.  To 1:30 A.M. in the morning on Tuesday early morning. I hadn’t taken three of my five blood pressure medicines for two days—or had taken in intermittingly.  I tried to put my hands on top of the desk and I struck my hands unwittingly on the desk. I knew my perceptions were off so I thought maybe a stroke or heart attack was eminent so I got my shoes and socks on and got myself together to go to the Pennsylvania Hospital at 34th or 36th and Spruce Str I walked to the corner after putting my shoes on.  I waited and waited for a bus [the number 21, because I didn’t want to cause an upset by walking.].  I waved down two of Philadelphia’s finest, but they said they couldn’t drive me to the Hospital. I am very aware that the cost of an ambulance is not necessarily covered with health care [I only have Medicare]. So I balked at the idea of raising everybody’s health care cost and I refused an emergency ambulance. I also know that the police in Philadelphia and other Big Cities let activists like myself get tousled around in the back of police patty wagons and ambulances until they get brain damage and / or hurt badly, so I didn’t trust them.  Two busses about 20 minutes apart had driven right past me even though I waved my hands and was obviously waiting for the 21 Bus. I gave up on that and walked to market and 52nd Str to catch the el.  I didn’t think I could make it walking to 34th str. It was about 2:30 A.M. and the sky started pouring ELEPHANTS AND ZEBRAS!!  It started raining really bad.  There was no el that early and there was no attendant at the terminal at 52nd and Market so after I waited a while I came back down the steps and told the Community Cab driver I needed a ride to the hospital, but had no money.  He told me to wait there, because he had a fair and would be back.  I waited a few moments and there was a sudden new cloud burst.    It started really raining Zebras and Elephants now, like crazy.  I thought I could walk to Mercy Hospital so I walked up Market Str. To 55th Street and South on 55th str. To find Cedar.  But I lost my barrings in the driven rain. I ended up at 55th and Christian str. I could not see where I was going because of so much rain. A kind lady told me to go right and right again a few blocks further and I would be at Mercy Douglass Hospital.  It was still raining ELEPHANTS AND ZEBRAS and I could barely see where I was going.  I finally found Mercy Douglass Hospital, but my clothing was drenched in the torrential rain.  The attendant at Mercy Douglass Hospital gave me some clean, dry hospital night gowns to put on, so I took off the dripping wet clothing.  I told them I had very high blood pressure.   They checked me out and they had no record of my having been there before, even though I had been there several times before, but not recently as a patient.  I thought they were lying.    [I have been to Mercy Douglass at least three times before.].  They could not give me prescriptions because they wanted me to go see my primary doctor.  They told me NOT to take the Potassium Chloride ER [20 MEQ], which I have plenty of and have spent my goode hard-earned money for.  [You know, those big White pills.] It was late in the night / early in the morning so they could not reach my pharmacy [one of the current problems with our health care system.].  They let me leave there with no treatment and no resolution to my high blood pressure problem.  I had bought groceries, but didn’t have enough money left over for medicine. [I have to admit here that I spent $20. On two movies. I have an addiction to movies that hasn’t even been recognized by my therapist as yet.  That money should have gone to my medicine.] I walked back home [to 213 South 49th Str.]. It was about 5 A.M. Like I said I made it to the Mercy Hospital, but I was not treated for high blood pressure.  According to the Blood Pressure machine at the CVS on Pennsylvania University’s Campus, my blood pressure was 170 over 118—which if I am not mistaken, is very, very high…   When I got home, I took what medicine I had:; Hydrochloroth / Lisinopr [25 million dollars]; Potassium [ 20 MEQ; I also took my Trifluoperazine [ 5 mg]; and Tegetol / Carbamazepine {its’ generic name} [200 mg.].  {I had no Labetalol HCL [200 mg]; Nifedipine ER 90 mg, or Procardia its’ brand name; or  Spironolactone [ 100 mg] to take  as yet.} .  I rested a bit and put dry clothing on. I put the rain-wet clothing in the dryer with some other clothing that was already there in the dryer and I turned the dryer on high for 60 minutes.  I didn’t eat breakfast because I was so worried about my blood pressure.  I went back out, this time, determined to go to the Philadelphia Public Clinic at 44th and Haverford Avenue.  I walked from my house because I didn’t expect the bus to stop for me.  I walked from 49th and Walnut to 44th and Haverford Avenue.  I filled out papers to see the doctor at the Philadelphia Public Clinic it was about 8: 30 A.M. on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013. I was told that the Doc was booked up with 15 patients [another problem with ouR health care system] and was told to come back the next day. Now I was really, really worried about my Blood Pressure and general health.  I was frustrated again, but I went right to my Doc’s office at 205 North Broad [Doc Joseph Boselli]  taking the Public Trains and busses, which are usually on time, but left me standing there in an emergency earlier.   At Doc Boselli’s and Doc Miller’s {Drexel Medicine} they only had an appointment for 3:15 on Thursday the 25th of July, 2013…. {I had missed three appointments because for one I had no SEPTA Transpass to get down town and for another I lost the date and my calendar. {They said they can drop you from their service if you cancel three times without notice, which I had done, so I was grateful they let me have an appointment for Thursday.]. I was again concerned about not having all my medicine for an extra two days, but that was all they could do.  They did NOT see me or take my blood pressure at Doc Boselli’s and Doc Miller’s Office. ..   I was still fearful of a stroke so I went across the str. To Hahnemann Hospital where my doctor, who I saw leaving the Medical Office at 205 North Broad where I was just at, while I was talking to the nurse He also has his practice out of Hahnemann Hospital. At Broad near race street [across the str. From the medical office where I was.].   When I got to Hahnemann Hospital, they gave me some medicine I had not heard of intravenously and a Procardia and they were kind and attentive.  They took blood and ``P’’ as well for testing.   I was there for four or five hours, I’m not sure which, and they said ALL my test were fine and negative.  [They didn’t explain what they were testing for.]. I left the Hahnemann Hospital Where my mother and father were treated before they passed away at home over the last five years, and I promised I would go see Doc Boselli on Thursday the 25th of July, 2013 at 3:15 P.M.   I went to the pharmacy and got my prescriptions after showing them my Emergency Room notices. I owe them well over $100. That has to be paid by Friday the 26th of July, 2013. I have no way to pay them.      I will be seeking legal counsel concerning the events described here.


July 25, 2013 Thursday / / TO: All Concerned…..

DeMands From The New Ruling Class Establishment… [We have and are taking over because the so-called rulers have brought nothing much else but destruction, violence, mayhem, pain to us and wealth to the very few [mostly rich White males.]..  Their days of ruling are over. …
From: Brother Tracy Gibson

 I Want, have earned, Deserve and Need my friend Laurence Williams and myself [He is disabled and needs to travel by car], to attend the meetings of The Avenging the Ancestor’s Coalition so we can both participate in defending the rights and so-called privileges, such as voting, of the Black and African, and African American community.
I Want, have earned, Need and Deserve my older nephew, Mr. Kamau Steward Gibson Hunter, 34, who skimps by living in Rio, Brazil, to be paid properly for the ground-breaking, innovative, cutting- edge, and vitally important work He is doing to move our people forward.. And I want Him to have ALL HIS dreams come true [He is an underpaid filmmaker, researcher and computer expert]. I want this because He works hard and deserves it and because it Will help ALL Black People throughout the world when He is successful invested in fully…. He works very hard for little pay right now….. [He also needs help getting His Visa straightened out because He missed His grandfather’s funeral last year and recently [July 14, 2013] missed His sister’s wedding in Washington, D.C.

I Want, have earned, Deserve and Need to go see the new Kung Fu movie…..

I Want, have earned Need and Deserve our well-behaved Brothers and Sisters who are conscious-minded and ready to work for our liberation to have good healthy food  radially available….. That goes for Brothers and Sisters who are in the slammer, correctional facilities, the prison system, the city jails, are homeless, are without a dime, or are without money…  [like I am]… They Need, Want and Deserve the opportunity to work, and not as prostitutes on the cell phone…..

I Want, have earned, Need and He Deserves a new trial [for Mumia Abu Jamal].   It will bring justice where there was an ole injustice and will expose this ole racist judicial system we live under for exactly what it is—a hap-hazard, backwards system that gives lip service for justice for Black people and continues to cater to the White and the wealthy [Just look at the Zimmerman verdict!!!]

I Need, have earned, Want and Deserve $50,000 a month for the various businesses I need to get funded so I can create jobs in our community; open a few schools; start to refurbish houses and create housing for the community without gentrifying our Brothers and Sisters; and restore, refine, research, upgrade and organize the various business interests I have been working on for years. [Call me at 1.215.471.64.94. and request details.]

I Want, have earned, Need and they and our people [as well as these activists, historians, writers, thinkers and important Black People and or their Estates Deserve ALL of Diop’s Professor Ben’s, Doctor Francis Cress Welsling, Professor / Poet Sonya Sanchez,  and Professor John Henrick Clarke’s works to be put on CD as soon as humanly possible. Our youth are reading trash and they need to start listening to valuable, telling and historically significant  writings by our leading historians and thinkers.

I Want, have earned, Need and Deserve ALL of my books to be professionally put on CD as soon as possible They are vital to our People’s and our Youth’s proper education and development.

I am NOT a Mad Man, but God Himself, [but no more GOD than you are], AKA Brother Tracy Gibson, and I need 5 cents for every person on the earth so I can turn the world around, with the help of thousands of other Progressive People like myself, so I can turn the world around from the destructive course it is presently on.

We demand the release of ALL political prisoners held in the United States as well as the release of ALL Black Men and Women held in jails, or incarcerated on the City, State or Federal level for minor infractions such as minor victimless drug offenses and or minor traffic violations.  Such Brothers and Sisters MUST be trained for and given viable jobs so they can become able U.S. citizens and productive members of  the Community.  This needs to happen in a very, very timely fashion.

I have been politically active for over 35 years [since I first put on a McGovern Button in 1972 and went to early Black Panther Rallies {although never joining}] and the success I have Will bring Success for our entire community.  I will NOT hoard money and keep it out of the hands of the oppressed the way the oligarchy [ruling class] has done for six generations.   I can be reached at 1.215.471.64.94 or BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com  or BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com  I am NOT one to give up and give in easily.


June 30

2013, Sunday

I Want to Announce the Emergence—The BIRTH—OF A NEW CHILD….Freedom’s Child…..

We Are the Lost Princes of Kemit; The Sons of Remises; We are a Lost Tribe;  Sons of the African Nile; We are The Sophisticated Noble Gents of Philadelphia.

We are an ``IN’’ Group of Men who will redefine maleness and masculinity; a Lost truth is ours to master and share; We stand Proudly in the discovery of a New Truth; We are African; We are learning better values that will catapult us into a fine, bright and financially stable future. We reject ignorance, blatant materialism and greed; We LOVe the Black community from which we spring; We rejoice in Knowledge and we expand on and strengthen the frailness of Europeanized concepts of What it means to be a man by learning African languages; African rituals; African Culture, self-love; and by creating and expanding on the true masculine Nature of being an African Man.…..

Brother Tracy's Resume...


I Am Brother Tracy Gibson—Writer—Consultant—Advocate----Businessman: 213 South 49th Str; Philadelphia; PA; 19139-4205. Phone: 215.471.64.94. E-Mail: BrotherTracy11@Gmail.Com.


To find a job as a consultant to help advocate for issues and concerns facing businesses and non-profits owned by People of color communities, especially within the Black community.

Work History:

I have developed several components for my own company [Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.], including:

The Black Millionaire’s Network—devised systems to help substantiate and stabilize Black communities. We are building a plan to help people in the Black community find and develop jobs; increase credit ratings; build savings; send youth off to college on scholarships; and systematically support Black businesses, positive, healthy franchises, and Positive Partnerships….

The Knowledge Hut Stores—I am laying the ground work for a network of stores that will sell positive, constructive and ethically centered products to our Black youth such as positive DVD’s and CD’s; Black History and self-help books; and positive message Tee-Shirts and greeting cards.

Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.—Through our Parent Company, [Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc.] we are doing positive advocacy work and research on various issues that are critical and vital to the Black community such as: Advocating for the placement of The First Black woman on the Supreme Court; Better relations and a constructive relationship with the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia; establishing legal grounds to abolish the trade embargo against Cuba; establishing positive ties between the Black community and the city’s community of Black Gay and Lesbian people [Funds derived from these unorthodox partnerships will go towards Black women with children having more funds for Day Care in the home...

Progressive Writing History:

I have an extensive blog entitled: The Politics of Real. Access At:

I have written for the following publications: The Leon Williams Journal; SBC Magazine; TV Guide Magazine [TV Listings and programming evaluations only]; The Philadelphia Tribune.


BA in Journalism with a minor in Black Studies from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Also: attended Community College and Temple University in Philadelphia...

Blog Access: Member: National Writers Union.

References: Congressman Chaka Fattah; Mr. Levin Tilghman; First Lady Michelle Obama; Doctor Keith Hunter.

Most Recently:

I am attending a free community class for Financial Literacy at The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, in West Philadelphia. I Will be taking a three-week primer on Entrepreneurship at Wharton after that.

making a more decent alternative to porn

By some estimations, 85 % of what goes on on the Internet has to do with pornography.  It is a vast world of executives, mob figures, money, police and prosecutors {who often look the other way}, models, ``actors’’ and the everyday citizens like you and me, who support the porn system.  By the way back in the 1980’s they were saying that pornography was responsible for more gross receipts {If I may use a pun} than all three network combined.  That’s several billion dollars.  The amount of profits from pornography has only grown over the last 40 years.

The section of the porn industry loosely {if I may use a pun again} called ``gay porn’’ is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative. The funny thing is, they are selling ``gay porn’’ in little townships and villages in the rural south as well as in Big Cities like New York's Manhattan, Harlem and Philadelphia. That’s right, even the so-called Bible Belt is into pornography, although you would never know it from their consistent Conservative ``RED STATE’’ status.

Within the ``Gay Porn’’ industry there exists a sub gerund called ``Black Gay Porn,’’ a sub gerund, but a very viable one. Millions of people across the U.S., not only Black gay males, are interested in buying and enjoying Black Gay pornography. Thus, as you might imagine, this sub-gerund is also lucrative and features many, many of the Big Black names in porn with porn stars such as: ``Sho-Nuff,’’ ``Supreme / Castro,’’ ``Nubia,’’ ``KB,''  ``T-Malone’’ and ``Cameron,’’ {The Original One}, ``Rudy Scott,’’ ``Black Ice,’’ ``Dyllan,’’ ``Altrique,’’ ``Rod Williams,’’ ``Sir Cream,’’ and ``Ocean,’’ just to name a few.

These Black men are out to make a living. They take their clothing off whereas we put clothing on to go to work and make a living. One could say an honest day's pay is an honest day's pay, regardless if one is putting clothing on like a nice dress suite for women or a nice Brooks Brothers suite for men--it is still striving to make ends meet in a world with a shaky economy in many western nations like the U.S..

When we buy pornography, and I have quite a collection myself, we further legitimize the industry--even though it continues to be an underground industry with mysterious financing, shady figures and characters, connections to organized crime, and a lot--a whole lot of money and profits.  One thing I do, to justify my sanctified soul and my strong spiritual sense, is to advocate for better treatment and pay for the Black stars and advocate for a section of pornography films that are equally instructional as they are for just sexual titillation.  I also want to see safe sex {such as always using condoms} and less liberal sharing of body fluids.  There are many Black Gay porn films where they never think of putting on a condom and where body fluids flow freely. I never buy them and have spoken out in letters to the Center for Disease Control and the Federal Health and Human Services Organization. If you are going to enjoy pornography and you are a so-called ``Christian'' it seems to me that this is the correct thing to do.  Let's face it, NOT using and enjoying pornography for the average Black Gay man is like asking a Catholic woman NOT to use birth control.  Yeah, sure right, I don't think so!!!  The reality is that this is the 21st Century and times are changing and have changed drastically from the 1950's.


Most porn stars also make money as prostitutes or Hustlers. This is where they make most of their money and where they come into direct contact with the public. This is also where some of the most danger of contracting and or spreading STD’s and HIV comes into play.

I would thing that it is a matter now, of building some more diversity of choice and diversity into the porn industry for people like me, and there is a growing number of us, who want to see porn, but want porn that is nor so carless about the acts that are being presented and make a REAL attempt to include more integrity and honesty into the whole process of what it takes to make porn.

There is a segment of the Black Adult film ``Take Em Down Two'' that features two attractive Black men who must have been Lovers in real life long before the cameras started rolling.  Slayer and Juice, the two gentlemen featured in the segment, didn't slap each other on the butt, call each other the ``N'' Word or otherwise physically or verbally abuse each other.  What they did do was made Love to each other in one of the most tender, Loving and intimate sexual exchanges I have ever seen depicted on screen.  They authentically seemed to care about each other as they used condoms in most scenes and took time and patience with each other in a Way I have never, ever seen present between two men before.  The thoughtfulness and kindness that goes into each scene is something other adult film directors should and MUST take note of.  So many new adult male films for the Black male audience show such a high level of abuse and disregard for the actors that I really can't bare to watch them.  There are whole segments of Gay adult porn for Black men that I will NOT purchase or buy.  There is just far too much recklessness as men enter each other without using condoms and hit and slap and curse one another. Slayer and Juice have an extraordinary sense of patience and LOVe with one another.  Such tender interactions are very much needed as We face some stipulations regarding the bedroom that need to be dealt with in a more honest, wholesome and truthful manner.  The days for sleeping with three different partners or men within a six month period for Black Gay Men need to be put to Rest forever.  We, as Black Gay Men, need to take our time and get to know each and every man we become intimate with for at least a month before we enter into any  Level of intimacy with such a partner.  Such things, in this Year of Our Lord 2012, cannot be legislated, but We Must come to terms with the consequences of sharing our bodies with too many partners.  I predict that as marriage equality becomes more popular and advantages of the U.S. military's and Congress' recent rejection of Don't Ask Don't Tell hit home--it Will become more radially evident that a more reasonable history of who we share out beds with is the only path that makes good sense.  

White SuperHeroes--why only them?...........

Why Do All of my Superheroes Have to be White?         

By Brother Tracy Gibson…

The Green Lantern, Spiderman, Thor. Why do all my Super Heroes have to be White? I am not White and I don’t relate to White superheroes on a really deep personal level. Don’t get me wrong, as a child I loved Superman, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four as much as the rest of the mostly, male youth population of North America who supposedly were the majority of the people reading these comic books from Marvel and D.C... However, I never really on a deep and personal level, related to the lack of color on the part of my favorite superheroes.  There was always something missing…

                What was missing was a deep, personal interaction a young boy or a young teenager gets from relating on a really personal level to his superheroes. Bat Man was White Super Man was White and so was Spiderman. Because of this lack of color my psychiatric and mental connection with these superheroes could only run so deep.  While I may have gotten the thrills and chills, the deep relating was lacking.

                My theory is that this lack of identity is one reasons why Black males live outside the law so much in our culture.  Superheroes are to not only be envied, but emulated.  Who have we as Black males to emulate? What we see are thugs and criminals in Black face on TV—our images are often negative, not law abiding and courageous fighters for justice like we need to be seeing. See, we are left out of the picture and the picture of us tends to end up outside the law instead of upholding it as we should.

                Ask Farrakhan this. Ask Him why He thinks Arsinio Hall was fired after Farrakhan appeared on His show? That was way back in the 1980’s and they are still doing this. Barbara Walters put Farrakhan on her show and there didn’t seem to be a firing of Barbara Walters. This is a blatant and Real double standard.  There was another Black show and Farrakhan appeared on this show and this host was also fired.  But Horal do Rivera promises a host of gangster memorabilia in a hidden hole and we get coke bottle and he still has a job.  I am not besmirching my Latin Brother anything, but there seems to be a double standard even here.

                The Major White-Run Goliath Media has a way of working for rich White people and the Jewish Community. It has a way of leaving Black people out in the lurch. Van Jones was fired from the Obama Administration for   calling the Republicans ``Ass Holes.’’ Frankly seeing some of the Republican’s antics over the last six years, Heck, let’s go back 60 years, there is no question that they have used the hole God gave us to excrete waste to talk with instead.  Their policies have been backwards, hateful, racist, un-American, Unconstitutional, un-Patriotic and down-right nasty.  Not only towards Black and Latin people and Gays and Lesbians [forgive me Farrakhan I am Gay and will always have a place in my heart for their issues, even though I admit this community as well—the Gay community--is very racist like most Americans have learned to be]; but also Republicans have railed against the poor, the disenfranchised, the exploited, the left out, the underdog and Women and Labor as well.  These are groups that we need SuperHeroes on Screen and off, to fight for. NOT the rich White men who think they control everything and everybody including President Obama. The only group of people they—the Republicans and the Right Wing--really are fighting for is the exploiters, the rich White males, and the aristocrats.   Most of them, but not all, there are exceptions, are yesterday’s people clutching onto their money and trying to maintain power that is quickly slipping away in an ever changing world. We ALL need a termite inspection to make sure such pests are no longer host in our houses.    

                Such racist, right wing policies and politics have spread to a bastion of wealth that is not normally theirs. In taking slight hold in Hollywood, California, they have found new customers as they defend the existence of the State of Israel. . . [Read my statement on a One State Solution for Israel and the Middle East and you will find a simple Way to bring peace and stability, but one that requires great courage, not hate, regression, greed and suffering.] The lack of Black and Latin Superheroes for our young Latin and Black boys and girls to be thrilled by and enjoy is a real problem and one that will only be taken up by our own Black filmmakers.  If you haven’t seen ``Fruitvale Station,’’ go see it before it leaves your neighborhood theater.  It is crucial that we see and understand how we are oppressed and for what purposes.  The Hero of that film is a Super Hero, except He doesn’t have powers to fly and take bullets without dying.  Look for and go see Will Smith’s ``Handcock Part 2.’’  I don’t know much about how Hollywood works, but maybe Brother Smith Will give us a Handcock who is not an alcoholic, a White woman chases and a desperado this time.  Our young Black Boys especially, need this desperately.   

A Simple Honest Message on HIV...

Dear Good Brothers and Sisters:

Even as the White gay community has seemed to have gotten HIV and AIDS under control, the Black community's numbers have still been steady and even increasing among Black women.  It is important that we remind each other, in a loving and positive Way, to use condoms, get tested if you find that certain someone and want to have children together (if you are heterosexual); or if you have any symptoms whatsoever; and have limited sexual partners... Anything else is asking for trouble.  Being totally controlled by your basic sexual desires is a problem for some people and should be something that one would seek help for through therapy or counseling.  I just wanted to add my opinion to what I hope are voices of reason...  Brother Tracy Gibson…

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Important Letter to Goldman Sachs and The Black Community......

August 13, 2013 Tuesday

Dear Goldman Sachs:

I am a Progressive-Thinking Visionary Black businessman, Educator writer and Activist living and working in Philadelphia.

I have devised a plan to help Black People specifically save money and, hopefully, pull themselves out of poverty and hopelessness.  [Please see the information on the Black Millionaire’s Network enclosed. ]

I would like Goldman Sachs to help me formulate an effective network of Black  professional financial advisers to help people across the country and hire me at $200,000.00 a year as a consultant to give structural and cultural advise on the project.
I would want the financial advisers to be  paid well for their services as Well, and I would like Goldman Sachs to pay a fee to each person who signs up for the program.
This would be a great opportunity for Goldman Sachs to improve on and embellish their tattered Public Relations record and image.  It is, in fact, a Golden Opportunity that I hope and Pray you will take me up on.  You will also make lots of money. Let’s face it, with such books as ``Money and Power'' coming out, Goldman Sachs has a real public image problem that this project will help them improve on.
I would, however, like Goldman Sachs to use the name of a financial subsidiary so as NOT to  tarnish the good name and reputation of The Black Millionaire’s Network which I have worked so hard to keep, manage Well and maintain an above board status for.
Please write me if you are interested. The details are presented below.

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson; Founder, President and CEO OF The Black Millionaire's Network: Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878.


I Am Brother Tracy Gibson—Writer—Consultant—Advocate----Businessman: 213 South 49th Str; Philadelphia; PA; 19139-4205. Phone: 215.471.64.94. E-Mail: BrotherTracy11@Gmail.Com.


To find a job as a consultant to help advocate for issues and concerns facing businesses and non-profits owned by People of color communities, especially within the Black community.

Work History:

I have developed several components for my own company [Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.], including:

The Black Millionaire’s Network—devised systems to help substantiate and stabilize Black communities. We are building a plan to help people in the Black community find and develop jobs; increase credit ratings; build savings; send youth off to college on scholarships; and systematically support Black businesses, positive, healthy franchises, and Positive Partnerships….

The Knowledge Hut Stores—I am laying the ground work for a network of stores that will sell positive, constructive and ethically centered products to our Black youth such as positive DVD’s and CD’s; Black History and self-help books; and positive message Tee-Shirts and greeting cards.

Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.—Through our Parent Company, [Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc.] we are doing positive advocacy work and research on various issues that are critical and vital to the Black community such as: Advocating for the placement of The First Black woman on the Supreme Court; Better relations and a constructive relationship with the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia; establishing legal grounds to abolish the trade embargo against Cuba; establishing positive ties between the Black community and the city’s community of Black Gay and Lesbian people [Funds derived from these unorthodox partnerships will go towards Black women with children having more funds for Day Care in the home...

Progressive Writing History:
I have an extensive blog entitled: The Politics of Real.Access At:
I have written for the following publications: The Leon Williams Journal;SBC Magazine; Male Box Magazine; TV Guide Magazine [TV Listings and programming evaluations only]; The Philadelphia Tribune.

BA in Journalism with a minor in Black Studies from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Also: attended Community College and Temple University in Philadelphia...
Blog Access: Member: National Writers Union.

References: Congressman Chaka Fattah; Mr. Levin Tilghman; First Lady Michelle Obama; Doctor Keith Hunter.

The Black Millionaire’s Network

What We Are About….

When you find financial help in your area, we will help motivate you and help you keep focused and on track… to becoming a wealthier you…

(We will work towards becoming Black Millionaires TOGETHER!!)

Member Benefit:.

• Research for your business or motivation to start a business...

• Open Discussion of your situation.

• Referral to MBA’s with professional experience.

• Quarterly Newsletters [Truth Be Told] / Book Reviews.

• Two Free Tee-Shirts, [for Paid in Full Members].

• On-Going Counseling.

• Access to a Web Page with interactive discussion beginning in March of 2013.

• Access to the President of the Network and his assistants.

Please call if you have any questions. Please forward this information to your friends.

Call us with your questions or concerns at: 1.215.471.64.94….

If you can’t afford membership right now, we will take barter merchandise, reduce your fees or allow you to pay them over time…. The membership is FREE until November 1, of 2013...

Why do we need membership?

* To be better financial citizens.

• To Stop the Banks from exploiting and walking over us.

• To Build on limited Capital and discover how to save money in this tough economy.

• To Get your business on stronger footing in this tough market.

• To get access to professional financial services in your area.

• To Grow your Business in a positive direction and increase your bottom line.

• To Get access to growing Partnerships and Associate Marketing Opportunities.

• To know what charities are effectively helping the community you live in so you can give back to the community in an effective Way.

• To Network and make effective contacts.

• To know what corporate interests and investments to stay away from or get involved with.

• To Partner with businesses similar to yours or Special Projects that could be very lucrative for you and your company...

• To learn how to get contracts with the government at ALL levels.

``Mission Statement for The Black Millionaire’s Network (BMN)’’

We are here not just to get rich at any cost, but to do so in a responsible, well-managed and reliable Way. We may not be rich now, but we will work to build our savings; learn about money and investing; network with other Black People about finance and money; increase our credit rating; support existing Black businesses; take on reading suggestions in a positive Way; and read our coming Newsletter and our Web Page (March of 2013) . Our motto is to learn from each other and grow with each other. Taking this journey to becoming wealthy alone is one thing, but with a group of Brothers and Sisters, we are in for a ride that includes: learning, pleasure, education, sharing, gifts, and a wonderful and positive life experience.

Our positive and constructive road to wealth Will lead to finding New Ways of building enough wealth to put our children through school; buy a home (or even income property!!); get out of debt; NOT make costly financial mistakes that can have a compounded negative impact over time; and put more money in our pockets and Bank Accounts.

We will also give to struggling Black groups, churches and organizations in our communities that are making a difference in improving Black people’s lives in a Positive Way.

We will have special projects to encourage Black youth to learn about money, economics, finance, accounting and business management. We will, in the very near future, also offer jobs for youth that will lead to good careers and financial compensation…

We will give referrals from five Black MBA’s who we have had positive dealings with in the very recent past.

Please remember if you can’t afford our fee, please know that we are open to barter and fee reductions for those who cannot pay. Please share this with your friends…..

Our journey is not only to build wealth, but also to instill positive financial and personal ethics in our youth; build close relations with Black churches; and give strength to the Black community ethically and financially across the Nation. We hope you will join us!!! The Black Millionaire’s Network Membership is $100.00 per year. (negotiable / sliding scale/ if you so choose)…

Please make money orders Payable to: our Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc., and send to:

The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878

1.215.471.64.94. / / BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

Note: The Black Millionaire's Network is NOT a group of millionaires, but is a group of ordinary, extraordinary people, mostly Black, who want to move ahead with their financial plans by being more thrifty, financially responsible, buying viable Progressive stocks, spending money with stores that are either Black owned or that have the best interests of the Black community at heart, saving money for positive use in the future, improving their credit ratings, sending our young LOVED ones to college or technical school, and preparing to go into entrepreneurship as effectively and quickly as possible, with the proper financing, to bring on a day of Bright Hope for ourselves and our community.

Membership Application for the Black Millionaire’s Network:

Send to: The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box: 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878



Your Full Name


Current Address


Phone Number


Membership Fee (Waved) or PAID IN FULL

I especially need help with: Circle ALL That Apply and Specify under Other:

1) Increasing My income:

2) Increasing My Credit Rating:

3) Supporting Black Businesses:

4) Help with preparing to buy a home:

5) Other: Please Specify_____________________________________________________________



Friday, July 19, 2013

Ending the Cuban Embargo and Building an Africa Town on 52nd Str from Baltimore to Lancaster Avenues

July 24th, 2013, Wednesday.

An Open Letter to Philadelphia’s City Council. Regarding the lifting of the economic embargo Against Cuba and Expanding Economic Opportunities to African Americans Through the Positive Development of Africa Town on 52nd Str....

From Community Activist Brother Tracy Gibson...

Dear City Council of Philadelphia and Other Friends:

As A Black Philadelphia Progressive Person, an educator, an Editor, a Writer, a Philanthropist, an activist and an advocate, especially for Black People, Black issues, Black children, Black families, and Black concerns and issues, I’m especially and specifically concerned with the rescinding and abolition of the economic embargo against Cuba and relating that issue to our own economic advances here in Philadelphia...  The U.S. led, economic embargo against Cuba—instituted by the U.S. in the early 1960’s [See Information below] has been a thorn in the side of Progress for international commerce and has plagued international understanding, cross-cultural, and positive cross-ideological interplay between the U.S. and Cuba and the U.S. and other Socialist and Communist countries for generations.

According to Wikipedia, and I quote Directly:

``The United States embargo against Cuba is a commercial, economic, and financial embargo partially imposed on Cuba in October 1960 (almost two years after the Batista regime was deposed by the Cuban Revolution). It was enacted after Cuba nationalized the properties of United States citizens and corporations and it was strengthened to a near-total embargo on February 7, 1962.[1]
Titled the Cuban Democracy Act, the embargo was codified into law in 1993 with the stated purpose of maintaining sanctions on Cuba so long as the Cuban government continues to refuse to move toward "democratization and greater respect for human rights."[2] In 1996, Congress passed the Helms-Burton Act, which further restricted United States citizens from doing business in or with Cuba, and mandated restrictions on giving public or private assistance to any successor government in Havana unless and until certain claims against the Cuban government are met. In 1999, U.S. President Bill Clinton expanded the trade embargo even further by also disallowing foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies to trade with Cuba. In 2000, Clinton authorized the sale of certain "humanitarian" US products to Cuba.''

  It has also confounded and made it more difficult for countries and people with different ideas about how people and countries are to be run politically and economically to sit down and talk reasonably and peacefully without financial and economic coercion. 

At the same time, many inner city governments, community activists and business interests like those in Philadelphia have large Black communities that feel put upon economically as they are NOT allowed, encouraged and supported in their efforts to move forward economically for the BLack community.  These two ideas seem unrelated and disconnected, but give me a chance and I will tell you how they are related, connected and crucial to each other.

Cuba is 50 % of about African decent in population.  They have a Revolutionary government that seems to cater to their basic needs for education, cultural enrichment and medical care, housing and food.  Some of these things are lacking in the inner cities of the U.S.--even though we supposedly have a ``better'' political and economic system.

We as a nation of North Americans, have full and thriving trade with Russia and China and other socialist societies, yet when it comes to helping the Revolutionary Government of Cuba get a better foothold on openness and democratic economic and social principals through a more open trade policy, freer travel and freer cultural exchanges, we balk and refuse to face the music.

This is racist, counter-productive, reactionary, backwards, financially devastating and economically constricting to both governments. The embargo MUST be lifted, and free trade, increased tourism, free travel and the exchange of ideas must ensue even if it takes a Presidential Executive Order to start the ball rolling in a Progressive Way.

I say this NOT as some 1960's radical, but as a man who is deeply concerned about the U.S. and Cuban people first of all and the cultural exchanges and the healthy cultural interactions we have been missing low these past 40 years.

I am requesting a special binding proclamation from the City of Philadelphia requesting a National vote or plebiscite on this issue from Philadelphia’s City Council to our President, Barack Obama..  This proclamation MUST also list reasons why it is a better policy to follow if we dismantle the Cuban economic embargo, and mention that the City of Philadelphia can and Will benefit culturally and economically from the lifting of the embargo as free trade, free travel and other positive economic considerations will benefit our City which is presently so economically strapped that we can’t meet budgets and are involved in draconian cuts in the City’s School Budget.  These budget cuts have stepped up the process of cutting back on important and vital programs for our School Children and the actual closing of Public Schools such as my Ar ma Martyr West Philadelphia University City High School at 36th and Filbert Str..

A current policy of lifting the Cuban Embargo and travel restrictions will have a very positive impact on us getting along better with our Cuban neighbors and dramatically increase both economic and cultural ties and exchanges as well as exchanges along the lines of medical care, health care and create a more meaningful, open, honest and fair policy towards the People of Cuba and the Revolutionary Government of Cuba as well as create a positive flow of trade and information for the People of the U.S..... Don't forget Cuba sits right 70 miles off of the Florida Coast.  

The City of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Government Will reap obvious benefits by being good friends with the country of Cuba as opposed to being their sworn enemies for no reason.

What is even more important than the ties being rekindled with Cuba is the fact that we also need economic expansion right here in Philadelphia.  That is why I'm proposing that we enlist our financial Fathers and Financial Mothers, City Fathers and City Mothers, Civil Leaders, Political Leaders of all stripe, Elected Officials, and our community advocates and activists to take on the enormous job of designating ALL COMMERCIAL AREAS ALONG 52nd Str. from Baltimore Avenue in the South to Lancaster Avenue in the North  as an official ``Africa Town'' in Philadelphia and designate shopping there and the establishment of many, many established Black and African businesses.  Why is it that in Philadelphia we can accept all sorts of other businesses in our neighborhoods and communities such as--Asian, Jewish, White, Arab, Latin, etc.--but we can't accept and support an organized Way to build a Black economic base right here in our own neighborhoods? I will be establishing a petition to get thousands of signatures to support this idea and I will be advocating the idea among many members of City Council; The Mayor and other elected officials as well as other people with Power and Money in the Philadelphia area.  I don't care what colour the people who want to help are, what I care about is that this get done and offer our Black citizens a fair slice of the economic pie that we have been denied for decades.

Please let me know how I get a formal Proclamation drawn up for City Council and who I should send the Petitions to once they are drawn up and signed.  Please follow up with me to make sure this project gets full consideration and acceptance by our City Council.  You can reach me at: 1.215.471.64.94. or at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com..

One thing I want to warn our elected officials about is the idea that when Detroit Michigan's city council voted down a bill to designate a part of the city's business district as ``Africa TOwn'' in a few short years, that city went bankrupt.  You can argue with me, but I think the two events are related and I will work on proving that in a separate document.........

CC: Doctor Keith Hunter and Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter; Senator Vincent Hughes; Senator Shirley Kitchen; Members of the Philadelphia City Council [Including Curtis Jones, Blondell Reynolds Brown, Darrell Clark, Kenney, Jannie Blackwell and Sanchez,]; Congressman Chaka Fattah; Congressman Bob Brady; U.S. Senators Pat Toomey and U.S. Senator Bob Casey; The President of the United States and the First lady; Seeing Black; The Philadelphia Tribune; The Head of the State Department; The Friends Center of Philadelphia; The National Congress of Black Women Inc.; The Black World Project; The Human Rights Campaign; Workers World Party and The International Action Center Chair Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark; The White House; and other significant organizations and People who are concerned.