Thursday, July 25, 2013

NO enemy.

The backdrop for the thriller, Enemy of the State is a Bill in Congress fashioned after the Patriot Act that takes Civil Rights and Privacy Rights away from average American citizens in favor of more security and police rights to search and seize evidence of criminal and terroritic activities. If that sounds like a debate we would have today, consider that ``Enemy’’ was made in 1992 BEFORE 9-11 ever thought of happening and you will understand the forward-thinking motion of this Will Smith Gene Hackman venue.

                The fast pace action scenes and the high intelligence of the main character [Smith ] as a suave Civil Rights lawyer named Dean make for not only good viewing, but also for a solid Black character out of the realm of stereotypes of slap happy silliness & buffoonery that still dominate much of filmdom where Black male actors are concerned.
                Regina King, as Smith’s wife is not only highly intelligent, but also very suspicious of the government and the new bill.  But everything comes to a dramatic head when a tape of the murder of a Congressman who was planning to vote against the bill is discovered and lands in the hands of Dean

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