Thursday, July 18, 2013

Article: Dismanteling Monsanto And Giving Control of the Seed Back to The People: A BLuePRint

Monsanto, the corporate giant that has been making headlines recently because they have been under public and media scrutiny with charges that they hoard seed and refuse to distribute planting seed for crops to farmers should be dismantaled and sold off in chuncks.

The Monsanto Corporation owns several well-known trade-marked names like Campbell soup, Coca-Cola and Kraft.  Behind the cloak of the well-known name brands are several corporate policies that encourage some very anti-farmer and anti-people stands from them.  Included: alligations that they have bought up chemical treatent and fertilizer companies to have their way with the market; alligations that they have refused to sell needed seed to farmers that will keep more small farms in the hands of the small farmer; and alligations that they have taken farmers ``throught he ringer'' to huond them out of business by taking them to court through a long drawn ut process which Monsanto ultimately wins quite frequently.

ARticle to COME!!

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