Thursday, July 25, 2013


July 25, 2013 Thursday / / TO: All Concerned…..

DeMands From The New Ruling Class Establishment… [We have and are taking over because the so-called rulers have brought nothing much else but destruction, violence, mayhem, pain to us and wealth to the very few [mostly rich White males.]..  Their days of ruling are over. …
From: Brother Tracy Gibson

 I Want, have earned, Deserve and Need my friend Laurence Williams and myself [He is disabled and needs to travel by car], to attend the meetings of The Avenging the Ancestor’s Coalition so we can both participate in defending the rights and so-called privileges, such as voting, of the Black and African, and African American community.
I Want, have earned, Need and Deserve my older nephew, Mr. Kamau Steward Gibson Hunter, 34, who skimps by living in Rio, Brazil, to be paid properly for the ground-breaking, innovative, cutting- edge, and vitally important work He is doing to move our people forward.. And I want Him to have ALL HIS dreams come true [He is an underpaid filmmaker, researcher and computer expert]. I want this because He works hard and deserves it and because it Will help ALL Black People throughout the world when He is successful invested in fully…. He works very hard for little pay right now….. [He also needs help getting His Visa straightened out because He missed His grandfather’s funeral last year and recently [July 14, 2013] missed His sister’s wedding in Washington, D.C.

I Want, have earned, Deserve and Need to go see the new Kung Fu movie…..

I Want, have earned Need and Deserve our well-behaved Brothers and Sisters who are conscious-minded and ready to work for our liberation to have good healthy food  radially available….. That goes for Brothers and Sisters who are in the slammer, correctional facilities, the prison system, the city jails, are homeless, are without a dime, or are without money…  [like I am]… They Need, Want and Deserve the opportunity to work, and not as prostitutes on the cell phone…..

I Want, have earned, Need and He Deserves a new trial [for Mumia Abu Jamal].   It will bring justice where there was an ole injustice and will expose this ole racist judicial system we live under for exactly what it is—a hap-hazard, backwards system that gives lip service for justice for Black people and continues to cater to the White and the wealthy [Just look at the Zimmerman verdict!!!]

I Need, have earned, Want and Deserve $50,000 a month for the various businesses I need to get funded so I can create jobs in our community; open a few schools; start to refurbish houses and create housing for the community without gentrifying our Brothers and Sisters; and restore, refine, research, upgrade and organize the various business interests I have been working on for years. [Call me at 1.215.471.64.94. and request details.]

I Want, have earned, Need and they and our people [as well as these activists, historians, writers, thinkers and important Black People and or their Estates Deserve ALL of Diop’s Professor Ben’s, Doctor Francis Cress Welsling, Professor / Poet Sonya Sanchez,  and Professor John Henrick Clarke’s works to be put on CD as soon as humanly possible. Our youth are reading trash and they need to start listening to valuable, telling and historically significant  writings by our leading historians and thinkers.

I Want, have earned, Need and Deserve ALL of my books to be professionally put on CD as soon as possible They are vital to our People’s and our Youth’s proper education and development.

I am NOT a Mad Man, but God Himself, [but no more GOD than you are], AKA Brother Tracy Gibson, and I need 5 cents for every person on the earth so I can turn the world around, with the help of thousands of other Progressive People like myself, so I can turn the world around from the destructive course it is presently on.

We demand the release of ALL political prisoners held in the United States as well as the release of ALL Black Men and Women held in jails, or incarcerated on the City, State or Federal level for minor infractions such as minor victimless drug offenses and or minor traffic violations.  Such Brothers and Sisters MUST be trained for and given viable jobs so they can become able U.S. citizens and productive members of  the Community.  This needs to happen in a very, very timely fashion.

I have been politically active for over 35 years [since I first put on a McGovern Button in 1972 and went to early Black Panther Rallies {although never joining}] and the success I have Will bring Success for our entire community.  I will NOT hoard money and keep it out of the hands of the oppressed the way the oligarchy [ruling class] has done for six generations.   I can be reached at 1.215.471.64.94 or BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com  or BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com  I am NOT one to give up and give in easily.

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