Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Idea on Prison Reform.

They, the Big People with money, like to build prisons and put people in them.  Often those people are People of color--Brown, Black, Red and Yellow.  Black People, Latin People and people of mixed race.  The Homeless, the hopeless, the helpless, the disenfranchised.  They find themselves going to prison in large numbers also. 

We, as Black Liberators, Black Radicals, Black Progressives and Black Liberals have fought the hard fight AGAINST the formation of more prisons.  It has been a losing battle.

Perhaps the time has come to make a compromise with the right wing--who persist with the tick in their brain that these prisons need to be built.   Perhaps they Will listen to reason if we, as Black Progressives and Black Radicals can effectively promote the idea of allowing the construction of these prisons--BUT ONLY IF AND ONLY IF THEY INCLUDE REAL, ACTUAL, AUTHENTIC AND ACTUAL CREDITED AND EFFECTIVE JOB TRAINING THAT WILL ACTUALLY LEAD TO A JOB ON THE OUTSIDE ONCE THEY GET OUT.  Training in jobs such as: [but not limited to]: auto repair, engineering, computer technologies [hard ware and soft ware]; culinary arts; wood work and carpentry; carpet cleaning; home remodeling; electronics; business management; youth counseling, medical assistant; and educator. This list is not conclusive.

The prisons could work in accordance with such organizations as Ready, Willing and Able and Opportunities Industrial Centers [OIC] in Philadelphia. [There are many other such social service and rehabilitation organizations across the country.]

Such training MUST be made available to and for prisoners who have exemplified good to excellent behavior, have NOT abused other prisoners or guards and have been non-violent, non abusive and have played by the rules--choosing to obey in-house rules and work cooperatively towards an early release after training and to get involved in a program that helps re-introduce them to the community to which they will be returning.  [There MUST be special notice that some people get caught up in specific incidents that may set them back, but in actuality, they are really working hard to improve on behavior and make good on positive promises to do their best.  They should be given full consideration and time to turn their lives around.]

Also: good to excellent health care and excellent dental care and excellent mental health care along with treatment for various addictions such as addiction to food, sex, prescription medicines, illegal drugs, marijuana, alcohol, TV, Movies, escapism, getting high off of glue or other such radially available substances etc.  There MUST be positive and proactive treatment for all of these in or prison system and outside the prison system as well.

Such treatment MUST be radially available and administered by qualified, skilled professional medical doctors, dentist, nurses and others in the health care professions.  Such services must be available to ALL inmates who follow this responsible, positive path of self-actualization and positivity.

Inmates, after training, will need help and MUST get help with positive and effective job placement when they get out of the Prison System.  No abuse or unnecessary violence against Prisoners Will or can be tolerated.  The use of the Death Penalty must be abolished Nationally.  It must be pointed out that this proposed Prison Policy is a compromise We feel the whole planning, construction and development of the U.S. Prison-Industrial Complex is part of a plan if continual White Supremacy, exploitation of People of Colour, especially Black and Latin People, and a planned system to rid much of our inner-cities of the back bone of the community--namely working, educated BLack men.
[When we say educated, we do NOT specifically or necessiarly mean formal education.]

This proposed prison compromise MUST also include the open, free, legal and enthusiastic distribution and availability of condom.  This is to encourage their use to curb the spread of AIDS and HIV and other STD's as men have sexual intercourse and intimacy with other men in the absence of and in the face of the absence of sexual relations and intimacy with women.  STD's, addictions, physical ailments, lack of business and professional opportunities, lack of educational opportunities and skills development and a lack of jobs, availability of grass roots entrepreneurship funding and other economic opportunities are real problems that MUST be solved if the social, moral, ethical and cultural foundation of the Black and Latin community is to be saved.  


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