Saturday, July 27, 2013

Who Is Yall Way?

Who is Yall Way?

A Leader, A Black Man, A Fearless Black man, A Courageous Black man. He means no harm to White People. He wants to help Black people learn and understand how so-called Capitalism and Free Enterprise must be re-tooled, changed and modified to fit into the future if it is to exist.  It must exist in another formation.  It won't be the same old Capitalism any more. It will not be run by the rich and the White only. It will NOT hoard so much money that it falls over itself trying to steal more and more from the poor--leaving them without even the most basic of necessities. The meek shall inherit the earth--we know who they are.  The meek are the presently poor, mostly Black People who have been not put left down, and left down--but pushed down. It is past time for basic, lasting and systemic change.  It is time to listen to new voices, see new faces and try new things like reading different things; voting differently; and taking on new ideas. Read more of this BLOG and you will learn more. I want to hear from you. Yall Way is here to make things conform in a positive Way to the Way Yall Want them--Yall Way.  But He needs your help...... listen closely to the recording at 1.215.471.64.94.

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