Thursday, August 27, 2015

West Phillie PRoduce

Fresh produce and kind service abound at West Phillie Produce 18 South 62nd Street near 62nd and Market on the west side of the street. I have bought one of the freshest water Melons I have ever tasted there; some very good cherries; some very good corn on the cob; some great lemons; and some simply great bananas that I made banana Fresh Toast out of. It is great and high time we started supporting Black stores and this is one such store.  Don't ask for the ``hook up'' because getting free fruits and vegetables is How our Black stores go right out of business. PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET JUST LIKE YOU PAY THAT EUROPEAN MAN AND BE PROUD YOU HAVE A BLACK STORE TO GO TO!!!  I THANK YOU AND BROTHER LARNETT & HIS FAMILY THANKS YOU. Easily accessable at 63rd and market by the El; or the number 21 Bus.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Open Letter to Giften Thespian Mr. Denzel Washington

An Open Letter to:

August 25th, 2015 Tuesday.

Dear Good Friend, Thespian, Mr. Denzel Washington:

Actress Doris Day & Black Singer / Poet Erykah Badu would seem, at first blush, to have nothing much in common. However, taking a deeper look, one sees a very deep belief in ethics in MS. Day that was NOT lost on Ms Badu either. Ms Day was the All-American girl; the small-town country girl who made it big in Hollywood with such films as ``Please Don't Eat the Daisy's,'' The Glass-Bottom Boat,'' &``Pillow Talk'' . The fact that She had African diplomats in a short scene in one of Her movies shows an early hopeful sign  (often lost now-a-days in movie-making) that She wanted to, or Her director wanted to show a more than one-sided, stereotyped image of some African decent People. (This is something lost on people like Tyler Perry even in 2015 more than 50 years later).  Ms Badu has a song called ``Tyrone,'' that is about a loser Black man who talks a good game, but is basically full of… well you know what I was going to say here…. A man who is not dedicated to anything but the bottom of a beer can and having babies out of wed lock and taking no responsibility for his children whatsoever. At first glance this would seem to be a stereotype, but in the artful hands of Ms. Badu it is an attempt to child and scold Black men into being more responsible, reliable, and better fathers. I just heard yesterday a major information center come out with a statistic that said Black men spend more time with their children than any other groups of men.  It seems Badu has reached a level of success and of course Black men can take even more, much more of the credit for this on themselves. But, more to the point, you have neveR been a Tyrone type and this is why I'm writing you. I want to ask for money again, but what I'm going to do is pretend that you have already written the check for $20 Million Dollars and it is on the Way to me. What I want everyone to know is there was no pressure put on you from me in regards to getting such money. From the Start with ``Carbon Copy,'' the Black child of a rather up-scale, perturbed & confused …..(George Segal) …  I could go on about your films, but you apparently want me to go on about myself and what I've done for our Black community.  I have been an advocate, like you, for Justice and Freedom. You have worked through your movies and films, I work through helping People directly in the community by starting pilot programs; mentoring youth; writing letters of advocacy to power figures, government officials, & civic & community leaders [See sample letter below]; creating hope & considerable Peace by just serving as a good role model. This, I feel, is what Erykah has done through Her music. And what Doris did through comedy--yes, lillie White and all--. There is a lot to be said for wholesomeness, decency, goodness and all that.  There has always been an Achilles' heel for me and that is that I'm a homosexual and proud of it. Our Supreme Court has finally caught up with us and allowed Gays and Lesbians to marry; and the military, with the courageous leadership of President Obama, who I have issues with on some things, our President did away with Don't ask Don't tell in the military. (I would venture to guess that this ``New-Found freedom'' for Gays and Lesbians in the military has caused some consternation and considerable uncomfortableness for straight members of the military. Guess what, Straight White men had to go through some of the same feelings when Blacks were let in the military under Dwight D. Eisenhower and when women were allowed to be Generals and fully commissioned officers as well. Now there is talk of a woman President of the United States of Native America. (I call our country the United States of Native America because the Native Americans are the People who have true rights to this land. I don't care How much development went on or How much that development is worth, or How much time has gone by. Although Native People didn't have the same concept of land ownership as the Europeans who came here to settle things up and ``take over'' that has changed. Even thought Native People have mostly been pushed onto reservations, they deserve a major say in what goes on here and deserve not only their land back to be rented to us as United States of Native America citizens, they deserve to say who gets to live here. ALl this hub hub about getting rid of the immigrants and not letting so and so's race in the country must be tempered by the slow and steady voice of the Native American People.  I have a visionary team ticket for President and Vice PResident I want you to consider backing. Elizabeth Warren as PResident & Cory Booker for Vice President. I think such a ``Visionary Team'' ticket would be unstoppable. What do you think? I could go on, but I won't. It is very hard to make positive vision step into reality if you have very little money. I hope you can help, but don't feel any pressure. I know you do a great deal already.

LOVe, Peace & Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President (Disabled)
Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.

Building Bridges of Hope within Black communities, Black People,, Black Institutions, & Black Organizations. Feeding our youth & stabilizing our Black Folk through truth.        

An Apology to White Folk.....


An Apology to White Folk.

First off, I'll get far into deeper waters for writing this article than I've gotten in for just about anything else I've written. I think, and this is a conclusion I've come to after much soul searching and deep thought -- I think White folk can mostly be forgiven for what they did in the past up until today --August 15th, 2015-- From now on they can be judged accordingly for what they do to us from now on because there is more than enough information out there to judge things and do what Spike Lee says is the right thing. We as BlACK FOLKS, can forgive what your ancestors --the White racists -- did to us as Black People because that was far in the past. We can forgive the recent discrimination because White People could claim ignorance and not caring, but after the fiasco of the murder of so many Black children and the killing of nine Black angels in the South, there is no more excuses about racism and what needs to be done. I no longer want to hear excuses and I have forgiven the past. It felt uncomfortable for me as a Black activist to keep blaming what you did in the past on relatives who are dead.  You were't even born yet. Why should you be blamed? Well, now we know that the financial and economic advantages that come so compactly included with your White skin need to be take away and it is every woman and man for himself, or herself every race for themselves, every person for there self. If you have the knowledge to get along with other races and see this as a goal, you are ahead of most others. If you are still stuck wondering where your next corporate welfare check is coming from where your next monopoly chip and tax exemption is coming from you are going to be left WAY out in the cold, because most of the things that were holding up such systems of discrimination and inequity are breaking down and being discarded.  You are going to have a real problem in the new world that is evolving each and every day on this precious planet…. You will experience this difficulty because of certain People doing certain things that I can't talk about yet. So, you are forgiven, now start acting correctly. We will not discriminate against you, but hire the best People for the job. We have a right to take heed and hire Black People because of our being left out AFTER AUGUST 15th, 2015!!!. It is still happening.  But you have no excuse for not hiring us if we are qualified, educated, skilled and ready to take on the job & WORK!!! What I'm getting at here is too many of us continue to complain about our differences and not discover our similarities and what we can work on to better the entire human race -- one person at a time….  I tried to get one organization --a multicultural gay men's organization -- I belonged to to meet with some radical Black organizations and they refused, so I don't have my membership money for them right now. Sorry. I don't have time for people who will not even meet with other people who are different from them to try to work on some mutual interests and iron out some differences. So ends this letter for now.

LOVe, Peace & Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President,
Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.

A Firm dedicated to building better relations and economic strength within and between Black communities, Black individuals, Black organizations & Black Institutions.