Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Expected letter for the Ford Foundation.....

Dear Ford Foundation: Please send any and all money for my $8,500.00 ``loan'' & the $125.00 application fee from the West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution to: Mr. Calvin Tucker;  WPFSI; 5200 Warren Street; Philadelphia, Common's Wealth of Pa, 19131. I thank you for your continued help and assistance.

From Mr. Tracy C. Gibson;
670 North 41st Street; Apartment B; Philadelphia 19104

1215 823 9985


Open Letter to Beyonce & Jay Zee

Dear Beyonce & Jay Zee:
I was standing in the Black Bank in Philadelphia, Unity Bank, in Center City and a report came on about Beyonce. I didn’t hear much of it, but I did see a woman dancing with other Black women who I thought was out of control and living on the edge.  I Am a man who watches pornography, so please take this into account as you read this. I Am also a very decent and abiding and Loving man and a Man of God.  I don’t think that these things have to hold conflicting values or conflicting ethics in this strange and obtuse culture we live in.  One thing I know for sure, either the precious earth that God is said, in the Bible, to have created in six days, is going to go crashing out of control {Spiritually and religiously speaking} or it is about to be saved by mankind in Ways we can’t as humans, fully understand. When I saw Beyonce dancing I thought out loud and told the guard and the teller at the Bank – both of whom are good friends of mine – that Beyonce ``needs to put some clothes on.’’   If you go to Progress Plaza in Philadelphia and ask the teller and the guard if I said this they will tell you, yes I did say this.  I Am at a point of anger at seeing our young girls ``out of control’’ that makes me very sad and at the same times, makes me still. I Am still to listen to God about this and ask Him or Her what I can do to make things better.   That is a the crux of this letter being created.  I want you Beyonce to slow down and get some rest. You are on the same course our precious, gifted and lost Whitney Houston was on when we lost Her great personality and talent – a gift for the world to behold—when we lost Her to drugs and whatever else She was doing to death and destructing. I Am personally convinced that Her handlers, promoters, accountants, managers and hangers-on  were more responsible for Her death than She or Bobby Brown was. This was a loss that could have been snipped in the bud a few years before Her death, Whitney’s death that is, if She had taken another course and started to lead another life. I think you need to lead another life also.  It was great that you said something positive about Black Lives Matter and Black Youth needing to be helped and protected – often from the Police. But, we need you to slow down. Take time for your family. Listen to God. Read some Spiritual books. Take a nice vacation without all the hangers-on and just relax. I mean really relax with or without Jay Zee.  Rent an island if you have to, but rest is very important. So is time with your family. You need to do this. You also need to check your staff. Are you surrounded by People who have your best interests at heart, or are you surrounded by a grouping of White men and Jewish men who bring you the most money? I personally think  you need to listen to your heart and listen to God and listen to me and get a lot more Black employees who will take into consideration your need to be treated properly and with dignity and respect.  I have learned that no matter how much my thoughts put money before People, my job as a decent human being is to put People before money, appreciate People, speak to People on the street, understand their needs and motivations and where their corruptions come from.  It is not my job to avoid People, disrupt their lives unless they are really headed on the wrong path {like I feel you are} & devalue them as People. My job as a Black community leader is to value our Black People, show empathy, mercy and sympathy. Act as much as I can in a dignified manner, and work for truth, decency, LOVe in the world for everyone, and make my existence less financially and emotionally stressful for myself and my LOVed ones and my family and close friends, including my new LOVer.   Sometimes these things are not easy to balance, but I Am thankful to God that She or He gave me such a job and that
now, after years of work and struggle, my life is beginning to make sense to me.  Slow down and surround yourelf with decent People. Kind People and LOVing Black People.  Eat right. Exercise. Listen to more of the Blues & Jazz traditions. Talk to and call some of your ole friends from Destiny’s Child. They would LOVe to hear from you. Call your Mom and talk for about an hour or two. Go visit the ole neighborhood. Don’t do any drugs at all, except what a very reasonable and decent and trusted Black doctor has prescribed for you. Stop reading about yourself in the newspapers. Stop watching what’s on TV. It is there to mislead and corrupt, not to teach like it should be. I can replace yur name and Jay Zee name in this letter with just about any other Black star who is out of control.  I would have to change the details, but the basic letter would be the same.  You don’t have to listen to me, but I AM here writing you this letter at a late hour for a real reason. You must take care of yourself because there are hundreds of little Black girls running around who LOVe you and would be devastated if anything bad happened to you. For God’s sakes I hope and Pray I have reached you and that you will even get some counseling and help if you and Jay Zee need it. This is something you will benefit from, not something you need because you are mentally ill. I Am not joking when I say I want you to feel free to call me if you need to or send me an e-mail. {I can be reached at 1 215 823 9985 or at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. You deserve better for yourself and Jay Zee and the sweet, precious baby of yours. Read some of my articles at http://ThePoliticsofReal.Blogspot.Com and let me know what you think. Some of those dance steps you do look very edgy, unkempt, wild and unnecessary. I know young People basically need to slow down also and think about the course they are on. God bless you and I Pray you will be able to listen to your inner self& your inner God because you are a valuable asset to the world, to the Black Community & to many other Black activists & Black leaders such as myself. You deserve better.  God Bless you & your family.    


Peace & Blessings,


Brother Tracy Gibson,

Activist, Organizer, LOVer of Humanity.


I will have to read over for typos.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Black Woman on the Supreme Court The Time is Ripe. Building Legacy.

Dear Mr. President: You and I know that we really don't have any representation at all for Black People on the Supreme Court, truly reflecting a deep understanding of Black issues and concerns. The last time we had that was when Thurgood Marshall was on the Supreme Court.  That was quite some time ago. Mr. Thomas is Black only in colour. He does not reflect any deep or even slight concern for Black People nor our issues which span from education to Housing and from Decent wages to properly financing Black Businesses. There has also never ben a Black woman on the Supreme Court. For these two reasons, I Am asking that you seriously consider putting a Black woman who has strong progressive views on the Supreme Court. I will let you decide who this should be as I don't have time right now to do the proper research. {This is why I keep advocating for more funds for my company.}  If you have any questions of me, please do not hesitate to ask. You know How to reach me.

Peace & Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President & CEO of
Bro. Tracy Gibson & Assoc., Inc.
A Growing concern dedicated to making a legitimate difference in the Black Community & a positive change for
Black youth.

Friday, February 19, 2016

cutting back on the military budget

Cutting Back on the Bloated, Wasteful U.S. Military Budget… Who Says We Can’t?
 Our Nation spends $1 Billion Dollars of our hard earned tax dollars on the military budget each year.  We as Americans have been brain washed and lulled into believing that this money is spoken for, untouchable, off limits and not to be discussed.  Some reliable sources have suggested and even proven that one quarter of every dollar in military spending in the U.S. is unaccounted for, wasted or misspent.  And we are not supposed to question this—just accept it and go on to something else.  That is what CNN, MSNBC (which is supposed to be progressive), ABC, and even PBS & the BBC (for the most part) have proclaimed more than once right over the air ways on National TV & radio!!  Who Says we can’t cut the massive waste out of the military budget and bring the military spending into a more sustainable, realistic mode and make such spending work towards peace instead of the proliferation of war, armaments and destruction!!
The people who would question this position are NEVER asked to come on major TV or major radio programs or to be interviewed by the major publications with any kind of consistency. Many true progressives like me often question why we have to spend so much on the military in our quest to be the world’s policemen and policewomen; prop up White Supremacy; and dictate to foreign countries & foreign peoples how they should live…. {To me, this is really what the military intervention is all about.}  We have lost much of what the essence and temperament of what true democracy { within our own borders & around the world} is about.  We have a very violent, destructive and misguided culture and even celebrities like Danny Glover, Denzel Washington, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Will Smith & Jada Picket-Smith  and Cicely Tyson are beginning to speak up and speak out..  If we could cut the military budget by ten % a year for three years, we would have enough savings to get the homeless off the streets and provide health care for every American. We could stop the insane process of fining North Americans for not having health care!!
France and Germany don’t have the kind of exorbitant military budget that the United States has. Neither does England, Sweden, Portugal or Spain.  Why is it that the United States has to take up the mantel and provide military cover for the entire world in our endless quest to spread our version of so-call democracy around the planet? Why is it our mission as American tax payers to sustain and expand U.S. Empire? Our own democracy becomes weaker and weaker as our tax base is stretched to the brink of breaking while we spend more and more on military, national security (as we defend against the underhanded misdeed we carry out in foreign lands) and the so-called intelligence network. Do you feel any more secure with all that money going to defense and the intelligence network? Do you support the military exploits of our troops around the world? Do you even really know what they are doing? Do you REALLY feel we are getting our money’s worth? People are slowly seeing the light that this just isn’t working.
It has been proven by leading psychologist, sociologist & psychiatrists that raw & blatant shows of force and power, such as the U.S. military has exemplified in various parts of the world over the years find the response to that military force to be hostility, anti-social behavior such as looting, resentment, hatred, internal terrorism & retaliatory sacrifice bombings. Often such military occupation and Empire building & expansion also divides neighborhoods into supports of the occupation and those who oppose it—dividing families and creating deep-seated hatreds, resentments and animosities.  
In the U.S., our schools are falling apart. Our students are getting dumber. Our small businesses go without the needed Capital to expand, hire new people and grow. Our infrastructure (roads, bridges and city, state and federal buildings) is crumbling and weakening. Our job base is turning into a prison-industrial base. Millions have no health care. There is a growing homeless & Home-Challenged {People who are victimized by foreclosures,  not being able to afford homes & other such housing problems}  problem. Yet our military continues to fly the flag, suck up our money and no one who is extended much media clout or stature makes any consistent challenges to the basic status quo & Established Order rule that the military budget cannot be cut, tampered with or made more adherent to basic competent spending rules & budgets. Thank GOD this picture is changing. I strongly disagree with this hands-off contention as regards to the U.S. military budget. I suggest that the cuts I described above be made and I think it is high time we stopped our military expansion and occupation around the world (there are over 100 U.S. military basis around the globe). It is time we bring our troops home to be retrained as to how to rebuild OUR nation, not someone else’s.
Solution: Cut the military budget 10 percent for three years in a row and use the savings to help Americans in and on our land. Feed the homeless, create jobs, give desperately needed Capital to our small businesses, support small towns, cities and municipalities with needed money for infrastructure, better schools and qualified teachers and stop over taxing the middle class and the poor to pay for the foreign folly of a few crabby generals, international war criminals and Established Order henchmen who head up the Pentagon and who dominate the Republican Party