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Chinese -- African Relations Can Be Helped by Our Children if City Council will Listen.....

January 22, 2014 Wednesday; United States Time.

To: The People of China and Children of China; People of Africa and Children of Africa; and The First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama and Her Daughters; the International media; The People of the United States and Our children.

From: Peaceful Human Rights Organizer Brother Tracy Gibson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

RE: An Idea to Bring People and children together.

Comments: I have heard rumors that the People of Africa and the People of China are having some difficulties getting along with some people feeling used or exploited and some people feeling taken advantage of and some people not having a good feeling of sharing. I have an idea that will help. It is always a good thing to bring children together when such difficulties occur to help the process smooth itself out and make feeling heal and get better. [By the Way, my ancestor, Cousin Marie Nelson is the One who told me about this, so I don’t get full credit.].

More Comments: The idea is to have a physical cultural exchange between the people of China and the many, many African countries on the Continent of Africa. I was thinking, with Marie’s help, that we should ask the people of China to have their many children make something like bicycles, a blanket or a little bowl of food—to be shared with the people of the African continent.  In return the Africans could supervise their children making something like a piece of pottery, a blanket or head ornament for the People of China and the Children of China.  NO MONEY WOULD HAVE TO BE EXCHANGED OR CHANGE HANDS!! 

More Comments: This could bring the children together for a peaceful activity while they are thinking about some people far, far away who they never met—but children like themselves.  It would be a cultural exchange and something positive to help relations between China and many African nations that would be taking place.

More Comments: The First Lady of the United States would be a great person to make sure this happens in a peaceful and positive Way and help pictures of the children in the activity of making the exchange gifts go across the world to create peace, understanding and good will for all people taking part and all of womankind, mankind and childrenkind to share in.

More Comments: I hope you like my idea and Marie’s idea. It is offered free of charge and with an open and happy heart so that adults and children can work on something that helps encourage good will, happiness and peace.

Many Blessings, and Much Peace,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Peaceful Human Rights Organizer from the United States of America.

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-2878

Phone: 1.215.471.64.94.

cc: Joe the Shoe Man; The Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania; Certain Progressive Groups; The Cub Scouts and The Girl Scouts; The Little League of Philadelphia; The Harlem Boys’ Choir; Parent of Lesbians and Gays;  Industrialists Ted Turner; Industrialists Warren Buffett; and Chairwoman And CEO of Xerox, Ursula M. Burns....


social outcasts [don't give up]........................................................................

Don’t Give Up on the Social Outcasts…….

By Brother Tracy Gibson…


Somehow, and strangely I might add, Black Nationalists, Black Progressive thinkers, Black liberals and much of the Black church- and Black Mosque- are under the mistaken impression that just because a person is a drug dealer, a thug, a pimp, a porn star, a drug addict, a sexual offender, or a person who has generally broken the law with frequency or just a person who has some other form of addiction such as alcohol or sexual addiction, and / or pornography addiction or is a homosexual—we think that these people are divorced from our us as Africans. We think that such people want to have or do have nothing to do with relating to or taking pride in our African culture, African roots and African heritage…. Sometimes our major Black academicians look down on or want to cover up the very existence of these ``troublesome’’ folk. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad never looked down on such people and allowed them to grow, get educated from book knowledge and street knowledge and develop into good citizens and even, such as in the case of Malcolm X, stellar revolutionaries. I have to agree with the view of Mr. Muhammad.

                In fact, having stronger centering in African roots and African culture can help these people not only overcome criminal and obsessive behaviors, but can in fact actually help them become more law abiding and worthwhile Black North American citizens.

                It is obvious that our African heritage is strong and looking more palatable as we get older and know more about the depth and importance of being  Africa-centered and the great benefits that come from that.  I try not to give up on anyone (although there are certainly a few people in my past who I have lost faith in). But once we discover or re-discover the vast importance and relevance of African culture and African history we begin to want to throw off more of the throw-away culture of the West and want to relate more to our own history and culture as Black People and as African People. The African culture of dance, reading, history, poetry, the written word, Rap Music and Rap Culture, African story-telling, filmography,  and language can be a filament to light a path to better understanding of self and more structured and  ethical behavior among this so-called ``underclass of difficult people’’ and help them pull our entire race of African American, Caribbean and other African Diaspora People up in a meaningful and effective Way.…

                It is not only something that is in vogue during February of each year (Black History Month) but is something that we should try to stay steeped in all year long. It takes effort, but it can happen. Not surprisingly, other cultures will take hold of some of our African culture and not only appreciate it and flock to experience it, but also copy or emulate it as well. The example are far too many to mention buy I will just say has anyone had some ``M & M’’ candy lately? Or heard some Elvis in the House music? Or listened to the root beats in the Beatles of Liverpool lately? They all took some of their root mystic lyrical magic from the African drum and from African culture.   

                The progressive community among us and especially Black Nationalists should realize, and I am sure there are some Black researchers who have made a point of this long before I have here, that we can and do greatly benefit from our rich heritage, culture and even our current culture that has remembered our past in developing our present cultural trends.

                Just because you are a so-called ``social deviant’’, doesn’t mean you can’t support positive things going on in our community and work towards our eventual liberation as Black people in some form or another.  You can be a drug dealer and still get high off of grandma’s peach cobbler or Sweet potato pie; you can be a so-called sexual deviant and still read about the early life of Angela Davis and Huey P. Newton or Medgar Evers; you can be a Black homosexual and a porn star and still want to travel to Africa and walk in the places where slaves once walked or where Black  Kings and Black Queens once walked; or see the sites where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned; or where he served as President or even still want to meet him. Being a social outcast or a deviant doesn’t totally dampen one’s cultural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

                Hopefully and eventually the strong Black culture that we experience will take the place of some of the excesses we have come to so radially accept as a part of North American’s throwaway society.  Why do I call our social systems and cultural norms in North America throwaway? Well, if you really notice, most of what we have come to admire, LOVe and even desire is here today and gone tomorrow.  The latest cars and the latest dresses and latest clothing styles become passé before we can even use up the tires or ware holes in the fashions.

                This is one of the reasons why our leaders have fought for more Black history and African culture in the schools, because I think we feel that it does have a positive impact on Black minds and on substantiating more positive influences on our children and the rest of us.  But I feel that even our leaders don’t take a full accounting of just how deep that impact can be even on people within our community that many of us consider social scum and have given up on. 

                We should take a second look at some of the so-called ``scum’’ because there may be a root of economic support for example, among Black homosexuals who may well have more disposable income than the general Black public because often they don’t have children.  These brothers and sisters often live rather conservative life styles and have few sexual partners—unlike what we hear and see in media representations of these people.  They are often church goers, educated, employed, or business owners. We must learn to interact effectively with these people to promote our own interests as Black Nationalists and to help them see Ways of promoting things within their own ranks that are more holistic, natural, healthy and community-lifting. This can be done with a little effort and some help from some key people.

                You can say the same thing about our neighborhood drug dealers and other social outcasts and other social deviants of every stripe. They should be given a chance to support more legitimate community building efforts in the community before we completely throw away their potential as productive human beings.  Naturally, in the case of the drug dealers we would want them to turn away from drug dealing and find a more profitable legal pursuit to take on, but that can come over time as well. So, what I’m saying is, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, as my Uncle Pete Peterson used to say…. Give Brothers and Sisters coming out of prison a chance—without endangering yourselves--and stop turning your nose up to people you don’t understand or who are different from you.  For example, if you really take a look at some of the sexual behaviors of straight Black people, you will also find a real streak of freakiness and deviance within it as well. I don’t think we just throw them all out the window. Not when our communities are in such need financially.   [I am sure there are other Black Scholars who agree with me and who even have a long history of working with such so-called deviant members of our Black culture and our Black society.]

We all deserve and want a certain level of respect and acceptance. Let’s take on the good and positive and help others see the errors in some of their more corrupt ways instead of just judging, pointing fingers and hating.  The latter behaviors sound more like children and our racist White oppressors—which isn’t all White people, by the way-- than it does us as Africans.


Brother Tracy Gibson can be reached at


the national basketball association on film.....

Do You Have a Basketball Jones?


Greatest Moments in National Basketball Association History (2006) looks at How North America basketball evolved from an all-White game to a multi-racial game, and finally to a mostly Black game. The film also highlights the winners and losers of many Championship games and the many personalities who played pivotal roles in attaining those championships.

Who were the most valuable players? Who helped win the most exciting games? And what teams won the Championship games in the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and beyond are highlighted in this historical film.

If you are a basketball fan you will LOVe the excitement, power and historical value of this thrilling film. Included: The stars of the Bulls; The Celtics; The 76ers; and The Lakers.

The only thing missing in this film was an analysis of just how much money is made in this game; who are the owners; what salaries the biggest players make; and how those salaries evolved in amount from the earliest games. Also:  Who decides who gets to earn ownership privileges?; and are Black wealthy individuals and wealthy Black players allowed an equal and fair opportunity for ownership?

Cuba and the United States' Embargo.....

October 6th   2013 Sunday….

From: Community Activist Brother Tracy Gibson— Founder, President and CEO OF: The Black Millionaire’s Network; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878…

Note: Please put ``Lifting the Cuban Embargo and 52nd Str Development’’ in the Subject bar when answering e-mails.

Future Philanthropist / Businessman / and Supporter of Progressive Causes

Also Known as: The Wisdom Seeker…..

RE: There is a two-pronged approach needed in fighting for better and wider Black Business Development in West Philadelphia. One is Local and the Other has international potential.

My Pledge:

``I will Help Open Tourism from the U.S. to Cuba in What small Ways I can and or what BIG Ways I can. I Will Write the U.S. State Department; the President of the United States and the First Lady; My U.S. Senators; My Congressional Representatives and find out who is working on setting Cuba free from the U.S. Led economic embargo in both Houses of  Congress and write them as well… I will continue to work on this.’’

An Open Letter to Philadelphia’s City Council. Regarding the lifting of the economic embargo Against Cuba and the development of ``AFRICA TOWN’’ in Philadelphia.

Dear City Council of Philadelphia and Other Friends:

As A Black Philadelphia Progressive, an educator, an activist and an advocate, especially for Black People, Black issues, Black children, Black families, and Black concerns, I’m especially and specifically concerned with the rescinding and abolition of the economic embargo against Cuba.  The U.S. led, world-wide economic embargo against Cuba—instituted by the Kennedy Administration in the early 1960’s during the Cuban Missile Crisis—has been a thorn in the side of Progress for international commerce and has plagued international understanding, cross-cultural, and cross-ideological interplay for generations.  It has also confounded and made it more difficult for countries and people with different ideas about how people and countries are to be run politically and economically to sit down and talk reasonably and peacefully…. This is the International aspect of this two-pronged approach. 

We as a nation of North Americans, have full and thriving trade with Russia and China and other socialist societies, yet when it comes to helping the Revolutionary Government of Cuba get a better foothold on openness and democratic economic principals through an open trade policy, we balk and refuse to face the music.

This racist, counter-productive, reactionary, backwards, financially devastating and economically constricting embargo MUST be lifted, and free trade, increased tourism, free travel and the exchange of ideas must ensue even if it takes a Presidential Executive Order to start the ball rolling in a Progressive Way.

I am requesting a special binding proclamation from the City of Philadelphia requesting a National vote or plebiscite on this issue from Philadelphia’s City Council.  This proclamation MUST also list reasons why it is a better policy to follow if we dismantle the Cuban economic embargo, and mention that the City of Philadelphia can and Will benefit culturally and economically from the lifting of the embargo as free trade, free travel and other positive economic considerations will benefit our city which is presently so economically strapped that we can’t meet budgets and are involved in draconian cuts in the City’s School budget.  These budget cuts have stepped up the process of cutting back on important and vital programs for our School Children and the actual closing of several Public Schools including my alma Marta, The West Philadelphia University City High School at 36th and Filbert Str.. .


A current policy of lifting the Cuban Embargo and travel restrictions will have a very positive impact on us getting along better with our Cuban neighbors and dramatically increase both economic and cultural ties and exchanges with the culturally rich country of Cuba as well as exchanges along the lines of medical care, health care and create a more meaningful, open, honest and fair policy towards the People of Cuba and the Revolutionary Government of Cuba. Cuba, by the Way, sits right 70 miles off of the Florida Coast. Very near our own country…  

The City of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Government Will reap obvious benefits by being good friends with the country of Cuba as opposed to being their sworn enemy for no reason.

Many Philadelphians and other North Americans enjoy Cuban cooking, enjoy Cuban Salsa Music and enjoy Cuban dancing, colorful clothing and other positive and beautiful aspects of the Cuban People’s culture.  The Cubans can also enjoy the more positive aspects of our culture such as Rhythm and Blues music and traditional and the newer and more innovative Jazz and healthy soul food.  Our North American society can also benefit from some of the scientific breakthroughs of the Cuban People as they can benefit from our advanced technological study and breakthroughs.

Now for the Other aspect of this letter, which is the foundation and acceptance of 52nd Street as Philadelphia’s ``AFRICA TOWN’’—where African, Caribbean and African American Businesses can flourish, thrive and find acceptance among African Centered and African Rooted Black People and their Progressive allies here in Philadelphia are along the East Coast .  We need a place for African Centered and African Rooted People to do business in a positive and on-going Way.  There is NO reason on Earth why 52nd Str can’t be the place for such economic advances for Black People.  The foundation of 52nd Str as ``AFRICA TOWN’’ Will help establish self-respect, self-pride and self-esteem for African People throughout the Philadelphia area and allow us to stop being wards of the state and do for ourselves, like the Black Muslims have taught and trained us to do for the Last 50 years. I have written several people about this idea and have NOT received ANY answers as yet.  We need to look at how the People of Detroit asked their City Council for an ``Africa Town’’ Designation and were denied.  That City is now in Bankruptcy and the People are not getting paid properly and have lost what little self-respect they once had.  Do you want this to happen to Black Philadelphians? 

These two subjects are inter-related—the establishment of 52nd str as ``Africa Town’’ and the lifting of the U.S. led Cuban Embargo.  They are both basically economic issues and they will help a great many people of African descent as some 50 % of the Cuban People are of Black African descent. The two events, taken in tandem, will allow for the economic expansion, economic development and cultural expansion of a race of People—the African Diaspora—who have been left out far too long.  I need your support.

Other ethnic groups have been able to flourish in the Philadelphia area, but Black businesses of any merit are hard to come by and are kept in the closets and shadows for some reason. I want to see us come out of the closet and advance our economic causes and establish ourselves as successful Black People economically.  Never again being fearful to develop ourselves culturally and economically.  


Please follow up with me to make sure this project gets full consideration and acceptance by our City Council.  You can reach me at: 1.215.471.64.94. or at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com;  or at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. You can also reach me at the Black Millionaire’s Network at: Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878, of which I am the Founder, President and CEO…….

CC: Doctor Keith Hunter and Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter; Senator Vincent Hughes; Senator Shirley Kitchen; Members of the Philadelphia City Council [Including Curtis Jones, Blondell Reynolds- Brown, City Council President Darrell Clark and Mr. Kenney]; Congressman Chaka Fattah; Congressman Bob Brady; U.S. Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey; The President of the United States and the First lady; Seeing Black, Inc.; The Black World; The Philadelphia Tribune; The Head of the U.S. State Department, Former U.S. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts ; The Friends Center of Philadelphia; The National Congress of Black Women Inc.; and The International Action Center Chair Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark; The Angolan Embassy; The Embassy of South Africa; the Cuban Mission to the United Nations. 





Financial Crisis Solved, if We Know How to Work It...

Solving Our City’s Financial Crisis: Is It Really ALL That Hard?

By Brother Tracy Gibson…

First of all, I’m not putting my name to this material because something in Christ and other positive Spirits tells me that I didn’t come up with this by myself. Plus, people have a tendency to get in on the hating bandwagon when they see my name and put on their Oh-He-Thinks-He-Knows-Everything Cap instead of their Well-Now-That-Makes-Sense-I-Think-I’ll-Listen-UP Cap.  I need you to put on the latter, so these suggestions are being made anonymously.

One thing I have learned about money is that People LOVE money.  Another thing I have learned about money is that people love to give money when they can and when they have it—especially to causes that are wholesome and when there is a major crisis.  The Schools in Philadelphia are in a major crisis.  Some people think the solution is to spread the money out more evenly.  This will just create more hatred, consternation and animosity between races and people who have and races and people who don’t have.  This is a basic truth that needs to be accepted before this lesson even starts.

There is a funny thing about education also.  A good conversation is as much an education starter as reading something from a book.  In fact people, including children, love to talk and get into other people’s business.  This can be a learning tool instead of just idol gossip.  A good or great teacher can take a magazine, a book of poetry or a report from a child and get children talking and learning current events and social studies faster than a bad teacher with seven computers, a new-fangled lab, and lots of money.  This statement needs repeating. A good or great teacher can take a magazine or a newspaper or a report from a child and get children talking and learning current events and social studies faster than a bad teacher with seven computers, a new-fangled lab, and lots of money.

Another thing the Teacher’s Union needs to admit is that there are plenty of bad teachers to go around and a small group of them need to find other work.  Why not find financially efficient Ways to re-train bad teachers, after they get over the blistering ego crunch of facing this reality and get some therapy if they need it and get them other work instead of acting like this 900 pound Camel doesn’t exist while we all have to clean up after this beast and feed it our hard-earned tax dollars.  We have several leading universities, colleges and trade schools in Philadelphia and I’m sure they would lend a hand in re-training these poor teachers and finding them new, more appropriate and even exciting jobs where they [the bad teachers] wouldn’t have to lose a cent and could continue to contribute to our tax base, feed their families and be more productive Philadelphians. Fighting and hemming and haughing over this fact of their being bad teachers is like saying the sky is never blue and there is no pollution in the world that needs to be cleaned up. Let’s get over this and go on in a Way that doesn’t hurt the Teachers Union or lose or cost anyone a single job. 

The basic idea of the premise I am presenting to the School District, City Council and the Mayor is very simple and it take on the basic notion I mentioned at the outset of this article. People love to give money when there is a crisis and when they have the money. Why don’t we allow people to GIVE money to the schools in an open, anonymous Way  where the City is not twisting the arms of already strapped and stressed home owners and already strapped and stressed tax payers and get it instead from people who love to give openly and lovingly of their time and money.  Sometimes I think people in the education business are in it to make everybody think they are not smart and don’t need to teach. That needs repeating also.  Sometimes I think people in the education business are in it to make people think they are not smart and don’t need or want to teach.  The more degrees they get the less likely they are to find themselves at odds with the regular ole housewife in pink slippers and pin curlers [stereotype] who has little time to come down to City Council and fuss because she is cooking dinner, patching up a child’s bleeding knee, or frankly, is just captivated with something she doesn’t need to be watching on TV.  I hope I’m not boring you, but this needs repeating also.  The more educational degrees school administrators and teachers have the more they find themselves at odds with and unable to relate to regular old housewives and working people.  I’m not trying to be funny, but sometimes I think you get a stupid pill along with your Ph.D. and a Dumb Pill along with your Master’s degree that consistently tells you over a long duration that you are better than that lady in pin curlers and pink slippers or the man who drives a trash truck all day and has three children in the Philadelphia public school  system.  I’m here to tell you that your fancy degree won’t mean much in the Eyes of GOD when and if that gentleman or gentlelady ever really comes back to take a look at what is going on down here and starts handing out judgments. By the Way I am human like you.  Really religious and Spiritual, but I’m only human so I might be wrong in everything and anything I’m saying here, but I have been around the barn a while and these are my educated opinions and my honest thoughts. I think they make sense and save cents.

To get back to the point, why don’t we start a fund that has an open door policy on it where people who want to give can give.  If a person is rich and doesn’t want to give a dime and get a good feeling in their heart, and act like they don’t have a heart instead, they should be able to do that.  I don’t think money squeezed out of people in taxes, property taxes, fines and fees is any better than money given freely and openly with an open hand, an open heart and an open, caring mind that wants the best for all our children. Such people should want to help not just the children who are from rich families, rich neighborhoods and or who have a certain skin color.  In fact, the opposite is probably true. I must repeat this also. Money that is given freely and openly from people who care and have a loving heart and love children of all faiths, colors, and all skin colors is better, more graced money than that being squeezed out of people who have little to nothing and might have to move out of their neighborhoods and family homes because they can’t pay taxes and property taxes while some corporations go on ``crating jobs’’ down town and paying nothing in taxes. Let’s collect the dimes and quarters from the poor also, IF THEY WANT TO GIVE. THAT MONEY IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! BELIEVE ME!!! I KNOW!!! If you think the general tax-payer doesn’t know about this unequal system that helps certain people, well, you know the ole saying about that bridge in Brooklyn.

You mean to tell me there is no Way to create an quazi-city owned and operated organization that is more than adequately monitored, responsible, reliable, financially efficient and trusted that can raise money and share it with strapped school areas in a timely, on-going and consistent manner?  And that those funds can’t be given out in an equitable manner by trusted, reliable people including people from the Grass Roots who are trusted and reliable? And that these funds can’t be used to help our children go on to become productive, thinking, candidates for college, university and trade schools or good, honest city workers?  I hope you in government and in the School System are not telling me that because I think something is up besides what it looks like on the surface.  I don’t know if there are some ominous and hideous plans to make sure our inner city children fail. There are countless fine examples of how this thing works just fine, thank you, like Ms. Veronica  Joyner’s Math, Civics and Science Charter School on Buttonwood street that will prove this failure-theory wrong. And prove it wrong with consistency.  There are a few other such schools, but their names escape me right now. Wouldn’t it make sense to blueprint what is working and make it replicated and copied everywhere? I don’t get the rocket-science mentality that looks at the whole education thing in the wrong way, anyway.  Not at all. As teachers, administrators and politicians we need to ask the children what they want.  Opps!! Did I just call somebody out.? I went to a Black forum on education last year and they had all these fancy writers, teachers, education specialists and so forth and no students to speak for their selves. Huumm. Something was wrong with that picture.  If students want rap music give them rap music. There are success stories of educators and teachers using rap music to teach children in a wholesome, successful manner and the lessons stick because they got rhymes, chimes and beats to them that just won’t quit. GO TO **www.EducationalRap.Com and the songs on money and economics: ``Maximum Utility,’’ ``Regulation,’’ ``Study of Choice.’’

Back on the financial tip: I hope this simple idea will be really considered by our City leaders and City Mothers because as we argue and hold back state funds and act like, well, I’ll just say silly, egotistical people, the children are failing and the children are suffering.

I am sure there must be a Way to quickly and efficiently open up the financial process and allow people who want to give to do so and allow people who want to act like crab-apples to keep their money to do so also.  I’m tired of our children suffering and I’m tired of all the bickering, fighting and egos.  Let’s try something that works.  Look at all the things that are showing results and replicate them. That good teacher with a newspaper for our young men and young women to learn from is equally effective when teaching math, science and English—just let them have the classrooms. Most of those so-called standardized text books are white-washed of the facts anyway and don’t relate to the lives of the inner city child.  I know for a fact that there are White teachers who teach Black students and find themselves  ashamed to have to use those ole, beat up, standardized text books that are often brimming with lies, and racial animosity instead of truth, love, fairness, wholesomeness and decency.  There is no subject that can’t be treated with rap music, contemporary and even different teaching methods that will not be successful if given to the right teachers. [Watch a few ole episodes of ``Room 222’’ and check out Pete Dixson.]  Behavior problem students can be segregated for a Black male teaching squad that can handle them.  Asking a little Jewish Lady from Drexel Hill to take on such students from troubled homes and broken backgrounds is unfair, silly and useless to students, administrators and teachers.    Nuff Said, Yo. I’m out!!



Dog Days...

Dog Day Afternoon
[needs work]

The events of August 22nd, 1972 are depicted in Dog Day Afternoon, which depicts a Brooklyn Bank heist gone aerie. This award-winning film full of twists and turns in the plot was expertly directed by Sidney Lumet {Who directed an All-Black Cast The Whiz and was married to Lena Horne’s Daughter.}  Dog Day Afternoon has to be one of my favorite films from an era chock full of expertly acted, edited and directed films {1978 check}.

According to the documentary film included with the film, this film when you borrow it from the Free Library of Philadelphia, the events that evolved from Dog Day Afternoon changed the Way police handle hostage situations; the media; and the icy tension that often is derived from such situations.

The lead character is a same gender loving man with real balls who shouts out Attica Attica, Attica [*See end of review], when the police start to ease up on Him when He is outside with a hostage negotiating with police leaders. The people in the crowd erupt with a vivid showing of open support.

The action in this film is both bone-chillingly real, detailed and telling as the character of Sal and Sonie are painted and portrayed as the director uses His camera like an artist uses colours, paint and brushes—with splendor, joy and incredible earthy flava.    

Editor’s and Writer’s note: notice how the people in the film—are unlike the mechanized robots [fully equipped with corporate ipods and mini-computers] we accept as human beings today in North America. They have a real tendency to support the bank robbers as opposed to the police officers.

Second Editor’s Note: Please research and write about what Attica was and details from the encyclopedia at the Free Library.

revised ad for relationship and dating...

``The New Man’’


Aspiring Philanthropist, honest, trust-worthy, ambitious, established writer, political activist and Public Relations expert, 57—a humble, Black Businessman—who needs to lose about 35 pounds, is seeking a new male partner for a close, intimate, long-lasting, monogamist relationship.  You need to be at least 32 years of age, ambitious, honest, trust-worthy, focused and hard working. We Will have to date for three months before we get together for any intimacy. A Black, Native or Latin [Progressive] Male Philadelphia SEPTA Bus Driver or SEPTA Elevated Line Operator; or a Black, Native or Latin [Progressive] Male aspiring or established business executive from this region or elsewhere will be considered. Construction workers or Union professionals also considered. Should be from Philadelphia or a near-by region. [I don’t plan to re-locate AT-ALL, but we can talk if you live elsewhere in our Nation.] I like Brothers who play their car radios softly and listen to JAZZ and like to go for long walks on the beach and talk about politics and the positive future of Black People.  I have the requirement that you have a five-year positive work history or at least a four-year college degree.  You MUST be Willing to learn from me, as I Will be Ready, Willing and Able to learn from you.  I am NOT looking for a thug type, but if you have a prison background [and are reformed], we can at least talk.  I am NOT a snob, but have been through a lot and don’t have time, patience or the inclination to go through more silliness or take time away from my busy and important work schedule to deal with inane drama or negativity.  I Will be well-heeled, [Well Off] in a matter of weeks. I prefer a man who does NOT have children.  You should be about helping Black People move onward or forward economically and have no fear of radical, but, of course totally legal and honest, political activity, progressive ideology, reading, foreign films, the legitimate theatre, writing, regular church visits and attending nice restaurants. I am seeking a MAN—not someone I Will have to raise.  I have very little fashion sense and I can use some help in picking out a few nice new items of clothing for myself.  By the way, I have a good sense of humor, but I am NOT joking or kidding about a single word I wrote here.  Only adult, serious-minded MEN who want to move forward in a positive direction with their lives need apply.… I am seeking a Black, African, Caribbean, Native or Latin man. Much Peace and Many Blessings to you,

Brother Tracy Gibson….. 

Reach me at: or call 1.215.471.64.94. Please be discreet. ..

Please put: ``The New Man’’   in the Subject Line of your e-mail.….. and tell me about yourself…..and why you want me to consider dating you..….

a poem about a Day.....

BLWNF – anonymous



We made Passionate LOVe

In The Barclay Hotel


Down Town Philadelphia

We Play safe

But don’t use

A condom

We did not

Enter each other

You are dArtanYon

And I am othellO

You are Earth Jesus

I am mother/Father Justice

You flew in on Silver Wings

From new York

One and a half

Light years Away

You touch me ever so


as I look in your mellow

burning deep

black eyes

And you impregnated me with

A million D years of African

mali knowledge

we danced in bed for a few

hours and told each other ole

embers of Adodi Stories

--how we slept together with five other Brothers at the

First Retreat and no one much

Had sex together like those

Old stereotypes of homosexuals suggest--

We were just too scared

Having just landed on still Another Planet in Potts Town Pennsylvania

God His Self / Her Self had

Created us a new


That August Afternoon when

We made LOVe

Off of the South East

Corner of Rittenhouse

Square in the Barclay Hotel

I don’t think any other Adodi Brother—with the possible exception of Our Sweet

SILVER SERFER Michael Otis—had a Bigger smile than

You did

African Humanity and crystal Wet Rose

petals and ugandan laughter and a cool clear African American midnight stream

got together through your Mother and Father to crate you and now you

give me this gift of this tender you-ness this one-ness of you

this newness of you

you always had such manly

eye lashes


The Sweet Way you touch

Another man

--Another Country—

Thank you Ade for that

after noon—

We shared life, liberty and

The pursuit of each other together

God Bless you forever

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Important Letter to the University of Pennsylvania for Our Community to READ.....

January 29th, 2014 Wednesday

The President of The University of Pennsylvania

Doctor Amy Gutman

100 College Hall

Room 100

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6380


MR. Glenn Brian

Office of Government AND Community Affairs

133 South 36th StReet

The University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19104-3246

Brother Tracy Gibson

Philanthropist—Businessman—Activist—Proud Uncle and

Proud Great Uncle—Consultant..

213 South 49th Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19139

Dear Mr. Brian and Ms. Gutman:

I have written The University of Pennsylvania seeking employment before. I have never even received the honor of a return letter, a rejection letter, or an offer of a preliminary interview. This letter and my enclosed resume will be going on my blog, and the media.

I feel the University of Pennsylvania says publically it is heading east in its’ encroachment and expansion plans, but in actuality the university is heading West and Southwest.

The indigenous people who live in these historically Black communities have felt the economic brunt of the universities’ encroachment as their property taxes have gone up and as they have lost their properties to foreclosure. Unemployment, disease, police brutality, poverty, illegal drug trafficking and youth behavioral disruptions are only some of the problems that also encroach on Black communities, making a decent, ethical, joyful, constructive and happy life impossible to achieve.

While these problems have continued to expand, I have had my own personal problems while I have at the same time, attempted to address these community difficulties. I have had to live off of $1,178.00 a month [or thereabouts] for the last 17 years.  I have had to resort to eating with the homeless at Church Missions to save money and so I have funds to implant into my activism work; I have been harassed by having my phone tapped, mail tampered with and harassed economically through the banking system at any number of different banks. All executed and promoted through the the existence of the Federal Patriot Act I and The Federal Patriot Act II when, in fact I am by no means a communists, terrorist, or violent person, but, in fact, am a Peaceful, Pro-democracy, Human Rights activist with a 35-year work record of positive activities in Philadelphia’s Black community and in Philadelphia’s Black Gay and Lesbian Community.    

I, frankly, don’t   think the office of student Life headed by Mr. Brian has served a constructive, positive, progressive and effective role in helping students at Penn and indigenous communities get along and co-exists in a peaceful, joyful, positive, economically viable and on-going fashion. The relations between students, faculty, homeless People, indigenous home owners and other people in the community such as police, crossing guards, teachers, working people, clergy and activists--businessmen such as myself has been and continues to be tense, unbalanced, conflict-rooted, negative and troublesome for all involved.

Often, certain people in the community have the money and the financial backing to bumper themselves from any overt conflicts.  That DOES NOT mean such conflicts don’t exists.

There is a real and serious need to create opportunities, joy, economic support, Capital, jobs and a feeling of inclusiveness on the part of everyone concerned with or actually living in University City and the historically Black West Philadelphia.

There is a real need to create economic and social modalities that bring people together and create joy and harmony instead of allowing the smug encroaching and suffocating insanity of the university to exist on the one hand and the victimization and laza’ fair attitudes of the beleaguered Black community on the other hand.

It is my desire to interject a New and Effective Level of university and community interaction that will build bridges of Joy and hope in the face of the planned adversity—on the part of the university-- the indigenous Black community has experienced. The no-confidence vote coming from the Private Big Business and banking sector is very disturbing, ominous and obvious. If something more consistent, positive and hopeful is not planned and implemented quickly the result will, I guarantee, will be chaotic, unstable and not a joy to behold. I look forward to hearing from the President of The University of Pennsylvania and Mr. Brian’s office to set up a meeting and start flashing out plans to improve circumstances and situations as quickly as possible.

I look forward to hopefulness and I look forward to working with the University of Pennsylvania to stabilize the Black community and bring Peace, Joy and economic opportunity to more people who are surviving—but want to really thrive at the Table of Abundance--in University City and West Philadelphia as soon as possible.

Your cooperation is required; your ignoring this letter will not be met with a smile and business as usual.

Peace and Blessings,



Tracy Charles Gibson  

Brand New Resume.....


** Resume Philosophy: I feel, with the job market flooded the way it is, I might as well tell my full story and try to get a JOB that way, as opposed to only giving a brief sketch in my resume, the way the job professionals want one to do. This way, if there is something a possible employer doesn't like he or she can just pass me by instead of wasting his or her time and mine with an interview. Also: the professional JOB finders say to NEVER, EVER let a potential employer know about your ethnic background. I find this silly and ridiculous. Any potential employer who will NOT respect me as a Black man doesn't deserve to even consider getting me as an employee.

I AM--Brother Tracy Gibson - Consultant - Businessman - Educator - Writer - Visionary - Organizer - Fund Raiser , Child and Youth Advocate, International Progressive Activist, Philanthropist ; 213 South 49th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19139-4205; Phone: 1.2159212065; E-Mail Address: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com


Make my business profitable and expand; and / or find suitable work as a staff diversity consultant; or a staff consultant for community outreach, youth issues and services; work on Peace, Education and Prosperity issues for the poor and left out; fund raising; writing; and / or Public Relations and / or Promotional Work...


Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.; April of 2002 to the Present. [And Subsidiaries] Planning, researching, reconstructing and building my businesses and developing and implementing policy for our parent company [Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. ]--a growing Public Relations, Research, Community Relations, Grass-Roots Advocacy and Education firm dedicated to and specializing in developing survival tactics for people of color [especially disenfranchised Black People and other economically disadvantaged groups of people so such groups can flourish into the future. I have been filing the proper papers with local, state and federal agencies to continue to carry on in a legal and legitimate fashion; I have placed advertising to expand and stabilize profitability and generate and expand on our client base; bring our Wed Page back on line []; I am advocating for progressive causes such as: good, solid community based schools; proper funding of effective Charter Schools; Health issues for Black men; proper funding for the City of Philadelphia’s troubled programs; more people of colour in leadership positions at the Free Library of Philadelphia; Health issues effecting the City of Philadelphia’s Pharmacies; Better roles in film for people of colour; and summer jobs for Black youth.  


I presently have a Blog Entitled: ``The Politics of Real'' which can be accessed by clicking onto: I have also written for several other publications including: ``The Black Star,'' ``The Leon Williams Journal'' ``The Walnut Hill Community Association's Newsletter,'' [I served as the editor for One year]; ``SBC Magazine''; ``Au Courant Newspaper''; and ``Male Box Magazine.'' From March of 2001 to Present.


Careers USA: 18th and JFK Boulevard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--Edited law briefs and other legal documents such as wills.  I also: Provided registration materials for Doctors attending a National Cancer Conference; and did clerical work in a psychiatrist's office. I also served as a male receptionist for the Jewish Federation--1995 to 2001.

TV Guide Magazine: Manhattan, New York; and Radnor, Penn. Wrote and Edited TV listings and program evaluations as I became literate on a new and innovative computer system. January 1981 through November 1995.


As part of My life-Long Business Experiences I served as a cashier for various Department Stores including: Staples, Macy's, Gimbals and Sears.. I also started my work career by working at McDonald's in West Philadelphia [40th and Walnut Street] when I was 16; and also worked at McDonald's temporarily, part time [for about a year] to help pay for college expenses during my years at The Ohio State University [ September 1974 to August 1978] in Columbus, Ohio...


I enjoyed a significant honor in helping care for my elderly Mother, Mrs. Jessie M. Gibson, before she left this place of existence on June 5th, 2006. It took a great deal of coordination, work, dedication, Love, endurance, and--most of all--courage to interact positively with a sometimes hostile Health Care System on behalf of my aging Mother. I learned a great deal through this process. My Mother was a fantastic lady who believed strongly in education and motivating Black students to do their best and helping the less fortunate [traits I have taken up through my corporation]. My Mother taught me many life lessons, including NOT to hold grudges against people, and to Love people even when they are wrong or have different ideas and opinions than I do. I also learned that to be human is to honor human beings, no matter what colour they are or what religion they are. Recently I helped tend to my Father's Health Care needs [ Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson ] who was 85 when he passed away while on Hospice Care at home on July 10th, 2012. Dad helped me to care about people's basic needs while still being frugal and responsible. He was a dedicated and concerned Landlord for most of his life.

* I am planning to take a class for three Wednesdays from October 22nd to November 5th, 2014 in Greeting Card Design. This class is also at the University of the Arts.

* In May of 2014 I took a class at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in Social Media Marketing.

* In October of 2013 I attended the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School [In Philadelphia] and took a class in Personal Finance & a class in Entrepreneurship.  I received certificates for both classes.

* On May 31, 2012, I completed the Business Plan Development Program--a ten-Week course--at Temple University's Small Business Development Center at 1510 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Suite 200, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121. My instructor was Ms. Cynthia Moultrie. ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan’’ can be found on my Blog.

* I also attended the Delaware Money School to learn more about personal finance, thrift and budgeting from January 2008 to August 2010.

* I took continuing Studies Classes at the Pan African Studies Community Education Program [PASEP] at Temple University where I studied: personal finance and budgeting; Civil Liberties Law; housing rehabilitation [I was a Landlord for 25 years]; alternative music industry analysis and progressive rap music indium's with Attorney Michal Coard; the advantages of the vegetarian lifestyle and vegetarian cooking. At Temple University's Center City office I took Business Management. I also enjoyed classes in and essay writing and basic writing at Community College to brush up on my writing skills. January 2002 through May 2014 [not continuously]. [I plan to attend Temple’s PASEP in February of 2014.]

*Graduate School -- Temple University--13th and Berks—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. September 1980 through January 1982. Studied communications, script writing and journalism after being awarded a scholarship from the Scripps-Howard Foundation in 1981. I have NOT received my Master's Degree at this point.

*The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio September 1974 through August 1978. Received a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations with a Minor in Black Studies. While at Ohio State I wrote for the alternative Black newspaper, The Our Chocking Times and received a commendation from the Ohio State Association of Black Journalists. I also wrote for the school’s daily, the Lantern for class credit.


I have served as a Leading Member and an officer of a Same Gender Loving Black men’s organization—ADODI-- a support group for several years. I helped chair meetings; facilitate meetings; develop meeting topics; and host meetings in my home for over seven years. I also helped found Adodi Philadelphia Inc., and was a leading core member for this support group and support system for Same Gender Loving Black Men. Adodi has since evolved into a National Organization that holds a National Retreat each year at different locations. They also hold different constructive meetings and workshops during the year in various parts of the United States.

Served as a Block Captain for the 4600 Block of Sansom Street for seven years when I lived on that block. In elementary school [Lea Elementary School at 47th and Walnut Street, in West Philadelphia] I served as a Crossing Guard and a Hall Monitor. [I have always been concerned about people’s safety, well-being and health.]

I am presently slowly implementing a youth employment and empowerment program for my corporation in the neighborhood in which I live and am seeking grant money and investors to help with the financing and implementation of this program.

I received a Community Service Award from Men of All Colors Together of Philadelphia in April of 2005.

I ran unsuccessfully as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania in 2005.

I served on the Board of Directors of The African American Freedom and Reconstruction League for one year [The League was constructed as a result of the positive energy that materialized from the Million Man March in October of 1996]. They develop strategies to advocate for the Black community's inclusion in getting our fair share of the Economic Pie in America through creating community initiatives that generate support for the community itself. The League also holds an annual luncheon to respectfully recognize the work our elders are doing to uphold the community and the community’s positive values and various self-supporting economic initiatives.

I also served on the Board of Friends of Somafco for seven years [Friends of Somafco delivers support services such as educational assistance; and food for the temporarily disenfranchised [especially children] in South Africa through Rosie's Kitchen a soup kitchen in that African Nation.]Friends of Somafco once ran a school in South Africa while I was on the Board of Directors.


* I am available to speak on a number of topics. Please call about availability and topic.

* I gave a full report to the public at Philadelphia's Paul Robeson House after my trip to South Africa where I attend the World Conference Against Racism in August of 2001.

* I presented a Major Academic Speaker to the Public concerning the latest upheaval in Haiti after the fall of that Nation's dictator, Baby Doc Duvale.

Possible Speaking Topics: 1) Why Black America Will soon come around to Supporting Gay and Lesbian Marriage; 2) A Healthy Environment; 3) Working in North America; 4) Homophobia in the Black Community and How and When to Stand Up To It...


We are expecting to publish five books by Early February of 2015. The first book is a book of poetry that is derived from the anger and frustration many Black men righteously feel about being left out of the economic development and financial advancement taking place for a ``select few'' in our country instead of ALL the people. The book of poetry is entitled: ``Let the Children Gather: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems,'' and features over 100 original poems written by Brother Tracy Gibson. We are hoping they will also spark interests among Black youth, both male and female, to go forward and read more books that are of great value and significance for us as Black and sometimes oppressed people. The second book is entitled: ``Writing in Wet Cement: A Grass-Roots Criteria for Liberation'' This book is dedicated to the forward motion of Black youth especially, but includes many stories and anecdotes [intertwined with my own life's story] that much of the Progressive Community of social activists, environmentalists, Peace Activists and humanitarians will find interesting and inspiring. Many Black and Latin youth especially will also find it enjoyable to read and find its pages helpful for instilling positive, progressive, proactive social values, education and knowledge. Law-abiding behavior and good solid ethical behavior among the youth who read it will also be instilled. We plan for this book to help instill the value of good literature among Black and Latin youth--especially males, but females, and help keep them out of trouble with the law.  ``Writing in Wet Cement,’’  with a lesson plan approved for schools, will help transform our youth into good, hard-working, positive-value oriented, responsible, reliable and community-centered men and women.  The book will obviously need the help of positive intervention by responsible parents, teachers, other leaders in the community concerned about students and youth, grandparents and other student guardians. We hope our books will help our youth be of greater value and an asset to our community instead of a detriment.


I have a deep concern for the community in which I live and I want to see people of ALL races who have been left out of the financial process become included in the process towards positive development, a clean environment, sustainability and economic and social equality, justice, freedom and democracy. I have written literally hundreds of letters to Civic Leaders, Community Leaders, Political Leaders, entertainers, business People, clergy, government officials, and so forth, in an effort to promote the issues of youth and adults throughout the world [but especially in the Philadelphia area]; the left out and the economically disenfranchised; and those who might not be able to advocate for themselves. Groups I have advocated for include [But are NOT limited to]: The poor or economically disenfranchised; Same Gender Loving people of Color; Black, Latin and other disenfranchised people and youth; the Elderly; Women and Muslim women of color; Black youth; and people of ALL races who have been left out of economic processes toward political and economic freedom, hope and equality..


I was diagnosed as a person with bipolar illness in 1982 / 1983 and managed to work and or go to school for about 15 years after that before I went on disability. I had many up and down points and was hospitalized for nervous upsets. I haven't been hospitalized for the last 14 years, and although I'm on disability, I have worked hard on writing my own books; reading and researching numerous issues; starting a corporation dedicated to the advancement and reconstruction of Black Youth; and caring for elderly parents. I want to get back in the workforce and I would like to do so, most of all, as a consultant, or as the leader of my own corporation. I am a hard worker, a dedicated worker and an honest person. I hope you will take me on as a consultant. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


I traveled to Cuba, South Africa, Canada, Porto Rico and various points within the United States such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wash D.C., Denver, Colorado, and Aspen, Colorado; Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio; Miami, Florida; and New York City [mostly Manhattan and Brooklyn] in my continuing journey to learn and grow as a valued and gifted individual.