Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dog Days...

Dog Day Afternoon
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The events of August 22nd, 1972 are depicted in Dog Day Afternoon, which depicts a Brooklyn Bank heist gone aerie. This award-winning film full of twists and turns in the plot was expertly directed by Sidney Lumet {Who directed an All-Black Cast The Whiz and was married to Lena Horne’s Daughter.}  Dog Day Afternoon has to be one of my favorite films from an era chock full of expertly acted, edited and directed films {1978 check}.

According to the documentary film included with the film, this film when you borrow it from the Free Library of Philadelphia, the events that evolved from Dog Day Afternoon changed the Way police handle hostage situations; the media; and the icy tension that often is derived from such situations.

The lead character is a same gender loving man with real balls who shouts out Attica Attica, Attica [*See end of review], when the police start to ease up on Him when He is outside with a hostage negotiating with police leaders. The people in the crowd erupt with a vivid showing of open support.

The action in this film is both bone-chillingly real, detailed and telling as the character of Sal and Sonie are painted and portrayed as the director uses His camera like an artist uses colours, paint and brushes—with splendor, joy and incredible earthy flava.    

Editor’s and Writer’s note: notice how the people in the film—are unlike the mechanized robots [fully equipped with corporate ipods and mini-computers] we accept as human beings today in North America. They have a real tendency to support the bank robbers as opposed to the police officers.

Second Editor’s Note: Please research and write about what Attica was and details from the encyclopedia at the Free Library.

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