Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spending Time or Being Productive? ...

How do We Spend Our Time?

How we spend our time says a great deal about us. Are we watching endless hours of TV? Are we smoking blunts? Are we drinking 40’s? Are we smoking cigarettes and cigars?


Are we reading books, listening to CD’s and watching DVD’s about important subjects we want to know more about such as High Finance; Real Estate Investing; Big Business; Starting a Small Business; getting licenses, registrations, Brand Names and copyrights for our businesses in order? Getting a legally recognized will and such?

Are we studying such political greats as Angela Davis and Malcolm X; are we studying such legendary Black writers as Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Brother Tracy Gibson, Maya Angelou and Sonya Sanchez?

Are we also studying great Black Millionaires such as Quincy Jones, Tyler Perry, Barry Gordy, Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey? 

Are we eating at a fine restaurant or determining How to own a fine restaurant?

Are we aiming to buy a new expensive car or buying stocks and bonds that will help us finance a few such cars?

Are we planning a vacation we know we can’t afford or are we calling the Wharton School and asking How We get involved in taking free community classes that will help us out financially in the long run?

Are we reading frivolous books or writing serious ones?

Are we looking for our next bedroom conquest or feathering our retirement nests with a significant other?

Are we trading in our reasonably priced house while working at a job that is not stable and promised for the next ten years? And then buying a new house we will lose in foreclosure and then blaming it on the Federal Government and the Banking Industry?

Are we building a Trust and a Foundation for our families? Or are we unable to trust even our closest friends and family members?

Are we Philanthropists on even a small scale, or are we going to the Phillies game and spending money we don’t have for a quick thrill that doesn’t last past half time just to make the team owner richer?

Are we reading about Black Millionaire’s and Black Billionaire’s or are we discovering we are 67 and not too likely to be one?

By Brother Tracy Gibson…

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