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I Am Brother Tracy Gibson—Writer—Consultant—Advocate----Businessman: 213 South 49th Street; Philadelphia, PA; 19139-4205. Phone: (215)-921-2065. E-Mail: BrotherTracy11@Gmail.Com.


To find a job as a consultant to help advocate for issues and concerns facing businesses and non-profits owned by People of color communities, especially within the Black community.

Work History:

I have developed several components for my own company [Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.], including:

The Black Millionaire’s Network—devised systems to help substantiate and stabilize Black communities. We are building a plan to help people in the Black community find and develop jobs; increase credit ratings; build savings; send youth off to college on scholarships; and systematically support Black businesses, positive, healthy franchises, and Positive Partnerships….

The Knowledge Hut Stores—I am laying the ground work for a network of stores that will sell positive, constructive and ethically centered products to our Black youth such as positive DVD’s and CD’s; Black History and self-help books; and positive message Tee-Shirts and greeting cards.

Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.—Through our Parent Company, [Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc.] we are doing positive advocacy work and research on various issues that are critical and vital to the Black community such as: Advocating for the placement of The First Black woman on the Supreme Court; Better relations and a constructive relationship with the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia; establishing legal grounds to abolish the trade embargo against Cuba; establishing positive ties between the Black community and the city’s community of Black Gay and Lesbian people [Funds derived from these unorthodox partnerships will go towards Black women with children having more funds for Day Care in the home...

Progressive Writing History:

I have an extensive blog entitled: The Politics of Real.Access At:

I have written for the following publications: The Leon Williams Journal;SBC Magazine; TV Guide Magazine [TV Listings and programming evaluations only]; The Philadelphia Tribune.


BA in Journalism with a minor in Black Studies from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Also: attended Community College and Temple University in Philadelphia...

Blog Access: Member: National Writers Union.

References: Congressman Chaka Fattah; Mr. Levin Tilghman; First Lady Michelle Obama; Doctor Keith Hunter.

Most Recently:

I am attending a free community class for Financial Literacy at The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, in West Philadelphia. I Will be taking a three-week primer on Entrepreneurship at Wharton after that.

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