Saturday, January 18, 2014

A sample letter about getting a major project underwritten or a job in the Film Industry.....

January 18th, 2014 Saturday

Dear Mr. Steven Spielberg and Mr. Robert Redford:

I am the Father of a 34-year-ole young man who has a solid degree in filmmaking, [from Clark University, in Atlanta], but who has been unable to find, would you believe, work in His field and industry in the United States of America. To my knowledge, our country makes plenty of good regular-length feature films that are of pretty good quality.  Well, at least we have the potential and possibility of making such films.  Frankly, I see the U.S. film industry as rather light on content, concept and subject matter and rather heavy on the comedy and silly stuff. I have to tell you my son is a serious filmmaker.  He has lived in Brazil for a time and is doing a computer project of massive proportions.  Regardless of what actions you decide to take after reading this letter, soon He will be successful.  He has a strong family and some rather rambunctious and hard-working African Spirits surrounding Him that will make sure His dearly deserved success happens very soon.

What I would like from you both is to consider that at 17, Mr. Spielberg, you were directing major TV shows, and as 22 arrived, I believe Mr. Redford, you were starring in ``Barefoot in the Part’’ with the lovely and talented Jane Fonda.  Many people say you have to be either Jewish to get into the film industry or have Mafia connections.  I am a Black Doctor and have neither of those affiliations—that I know of.

I would like either or both of you to call me and tell me how I find the major funding to Green Light a major film project for my son, Mr. Kamau S. Gibson Hunter.  He deserves this and I want Him to have a chance at success right about now.  Don’t worry, you will not wake up with a dead horse head in your bed if you decide to ignore this letter.  However, I can assure you that you won’t be able to forget your denial of Mr. Kamau because a family member has let me know this is true. That family member is one Brother Tracy Gibson of Philadelphia, Kamau’s Uncle, [my wife’s Brother] who not only LOVEs His nephew dearly, but wants to see the best for Him and has kept in touch and always found time to make Him and His Brother Muata, and His sisters, Anoa and Thandiwe priorities in His life.

There are plenty of Black People with money, but you are more likely to know them and have an open rapport with them than I am. All I need is an entry to their ears, I can make the rest happen.  I am sure Kamau has a script lying around that He can use for a major film project He wants to implement.  

I want only the best for both of you.  I know of the hard work Mr. Redford has done at opening the film-going public to thinking alternative films, independent films, and alternately-financed film projects can produce good, important work. Incredible, nostalgic, breath-taking, thoughtful and vividly important work has been produced by the both of you. Some of that body of work, which both of you and people like Mr. George Clooney and Mr. Brad Pitt have been affiliated with in some manner or in some formation, will linger in the subconscious of many people the world over for decades... This is sometimes a very good thing, but I also think our younger filmmakers, like my son Kamau, need a chance also….

I thank you for taking the time to read this letter and our family wants your family to know that we appreciate much of the work you do and want you to be on good terms with us into the far future. ALL of us will find such a relationship very rewarding and gratifying.


Peace and Blessings,


Doctor Keith Hunter,

Father, Grandfather and Businessman…


  Dear Kamau: The above letter is for you to send to the addresses or e-mail addresses below, with your Father’s approval and signature [on the regular mail edition]. I think you need to discuss if this is a good idea with your Dad. I just felt I had to do something to get you some options, opportunities, possibilities and choices. You and your Spirit have done a lot for me and our People, just by me having your picture here along with the picture of your Great Grand Mother, who you never met.  GOD Bless you and may the mighty hand of GOD keep you forever protected and strong. Cut, Paste and edit as needed.


The Addresses you want to send to are: Mr. Robert Redford

 SunDance Film Studio

                                                                                2445 East Baseline Road

                                                                                Suite 133

                                                                                Phoenix, Arizona 85042

Phone: --1.601.276.20.18.


Mr. Steven Spielberg

Care Of: The Art of 2012 Rap

Viven Entertainment

111 Universal Hollywood Drive

Universal, California  91608

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