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Cuba and the United States' Embargo.....

October 6th   2013 Sunday….

From: Community Activist Brother Tracy Gibson— Founder, President and CEO OF: The Black Millionaire’s Network; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878…

Note: Please put ``Lifting the Cuban Embargo and 52nd Str Development’’ in the Subject bar when answering e-mails.

Future Philanthropist / Businessman / and Supporter of Progressive Causes

Also Known as: The Wisdom Seeker…..

RE: There is a two-pronged approach needed in fighting for better and wider Black Business Development in West Philadelphia. One is Local and the Other has international potential.

My Pledge:

``I will Help Open Tourism from the U.S. to Cuba in What small Ways I can and or what BIG Ways I can. I Will Write the U.S. State Department; the President of the United States and the First Lady; My U.S. Senators; My Congressional Representatives and find out who is working on setting Cuba free from the U.S. Led economic embargo in both Houses of  Congress and write them as well… I will continue to work on this.’’

An Open Letter to Philadelphia’s City Council. Regarding the lifting of the economic embargo Against Cuba and the development of ``AFRICA TOWN’’ in Philadelphia.

Dear City Council of Philadelphia and Other Friends:

As A Black Philadelphia Progressive, an educator, an activist and an advocate, especially for Black People, Black issues, Black children, Black families, and Black concerns, I’m especially and specifically concerned with the rescinding and abolition of the economic embargo against Cuba.  The U.S. led, world-wide economic embargo against Cuba—instituted by the Kennedy Administration in the early 1960’s during the Cuban Missile Crisis—has been a thorn in the side of Progress for international commerce and has plagued international understanding, cross-cultural, and cross-ideological interplay for generations.  It has also confounded and made it more difficult for countries and people with different ideas about how people and countries are to be run politically and economically to sit down and talk reasonably and peacefully…. This is the International aspect of this two-pronged approach. 

We as a nation of North Americans, have full and thriving trade with Russia and China and other socialist societies, yet when it comes to helping the Revolutionary Government of Cuba get a better foothold on openness and democratic economic principals through an open trade policy, we balk and refuse to face the music.

This racist, counter-productive, reactionary, backwards, financially devastating and economically constricting embargo MUST be lifted, and free trade, increased tourism, free travel and the exchange of ideas must ensue even if it takes a Presidential Executive Order to start the ball rolling in a Progressive Way.

I am requesting a special binding proclamation from the City of Philadelphia requesting a National vote or plebiscite on this issue from Philadelphia’s City Council.  This proclamation MUST also list reasons why it is a better policy to follow if we dismantle the Cuban economic embargo, and mention that the City of Philadelphia can and Will benefit culturally and economically from the lifting of the embargo as free trade, free travel and other positive economic considerations will benefit our city which is presently so economically strapped that we can’t meet budgets and are involved in draconian cuts in the City’s School budget.  These budget cuts have stepped up the process of cutting back on important and vital programs for our School Children and the actual closing of several Public Schools including my alma Marta, The West Philadelphia University City High School at 36th and Filbert Str.. .


A current policy of lifting the Cuban Embargo and travel restrictions will have a very positive impact on us getting along better with our Cuban neighbors and dramatically increase both economic and cultural ties and exchanges with the culturally rich country of Cuba as well as exchanges along the lines of medical care, health care and create a more meaningful, open, honest and fair policy towards the People of Cuba and the Revolutionary Government of Cuba. Cuba, by the Way, sits right 70 miles off of the Florida Coast. Very near our own country…  

The City of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Government Will reap obvious benefits by being good friends with the country of Cuba as opposed to being their sworn enemy for no reason.

Many Philadelphians and other North Americans enjoy Cuban cooking, enjoy Cuban Salsa Music and enjoy Cuban dancing, colorful clothing and other positive and beautiful aspects of the Cuban People’s culture.  The Cubans can also enjoy the more positive aspects of our culture such as Rhythm and Blues music and traditional and the newer and more innovative Jazz and healthy soul food.  Our North American society can also benefit from some of the scientific breakthroughs of the Cuban People as they can benefit from our advanced technological study and breakthroughs.

Now for the Other aspect of this letter, which is the foundation and acceptance of 52nd Street as Philadelphia’s ``AFRICA TOWN’’—where African, Caribbean and African American Businesses can flourish, thrive and find acceptance among African Centered and African Rooted Black People and their Progressive allies here in Philadelphia are along the East Coast .  We need a place for African Centered and African Rooted People to do business in a positive and on-going Way.  There is NO reason on Earth why 52nd Str can’t be the place for such economic advances for Black People.  The foundation of 52nd Str as ``AFRICA TOWN’’ Will help establish self-respect, self-pride and self-esteem for African People throughout the Philadelphia area and allow us to stop being wards of the state and do for ourselves, like the Black Muslims have taught and trained us to do for the Last 50 years. I have written several people about this idea and have NOT received ANY answers as yet.  We need to look at how the People of Detroit asked their City Council for an ``Africa Town’’ Designation and were denied.  That City is now in Bankruptcy and the People are not getting paid properly and have lost what little self-respect they once had.  Do you want this to happen to Black Philadelphians? 

These two subjects are inter-related—the establishment of 52nd str as ``Africa Town’’ and the lifting of the U.S. led Cuban Embargo.  They are both basically economic issues and they will help a great many people of African descent as some 50 % of the Cuban People are of Black African descent. The two events, taken in tandem, will allow for the economic expansion, economic development and cultural expansion of a race of People—the African Diaspora—who have been left out far too long.  I need your support.

Other ethnic groups have been able to flourish in the Philadelphia area, but Black businesses of any merit are hard to come by and are kept in the closets and shadows for some reason. I want to see us come out of the closet and advance our economic causes and establish ourselves as successful Black People economically.  Never again being fearful to develop ourselves culturally and economically.  


Please follow up with me to make sure this project gets full consideration and acceptance by our City Council.  You can reach me at: 1.215.471.64.94. or at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com;  or at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com. You can also reach me at the Black Millionaire’s Network at: Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878, of which I am the Founder, President and CEO…….

CC: Doctor Keith Hunter and Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter; Senator Vincent Hughes; Senator Shirley Kitchen; Members of the Philadelphia City Council [Including Curtis Jones, Blondell Reynolds- Brown, City Council President Darrell Clark and Mr. Kenney]; Congressman Chaka Fattah; Congressman Bob Brady; U.S. Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey; The President of the United States and the First lady; Seeing Black, Inc.; The Black World; The Philadelphia Tribune; The Head of the U.S. State Department, Former U.S. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts ; The Friends Center of Philadelphia; The National Congress of Black Women Inc.; and The International Action Center Chair Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark; The Angolan Embassy; The Embassy of South Africa; the Cuban Mission to the United Nations. 





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