Thursday, January 30, 2014

a poem about a Day.....

BLWNF – anonymous



We made Passionate LOVe

In The Barclay Hotel


Down Town Philadelphia

We Play safe

But don’t use

A condom

We did not

Enter each other

You are dArtanYon

And I am othellO

You are Earth Jesus

I am mother/Father Justice

You flew in on Silver Wings

From new York

One and a half

Light years Away

You touch me ever so


as I look in your mellow

burning deep

black eyes

And you impregnated me with

A million D years of African

mali knowledge

we danced in bed for a few

hours and told each other ole

embers of Adodi Stories

--how we slept together with five other Brothers at the

First Retreat and no one much

Had sex together like those

Old stereotypes of homosexuals suggest--

We were just too scared

Having just landed on still Another Planet in Potts Town Pennsylvania

God His Self / Her Self had

Created us a new


That August Afternoon when

We made LOVe

Off of the South East

Corner of Rittenhouse

Square in the Barclay Hotel

I don’t think any other Adodi Brother—with the possible exception of Our Sweet

SILVER SERFER Michael Otis—had a Bigger smile than

You did

African Humanity and crystal Wet Rose

petals and ugandan laughter and a cool clear African American midnight stream

got together through your Mother and Father to crate you and now you

give me this gift of this tender you-ness this one-ness of you

this newness of you

you always had such manly

eye lashes


The Sweet Way you touch

Another man

--Another Country—

Thank you Ade for that

after noon—

We shared life, liberty and

The pursuit of each other together

God Bless you forever

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