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A Work In Progress..... The Truth Be Told Newsletter..... To Be Edited and Relesed Formally By January 17th, 2014

Truth Be Told Newsletter
Education Special
Number 1
 --  By Brother Tracy Gibson….HELP COMING FOR THE COMMUNITY!!!—As Promised…..
January 7th 2014, Tuesday
Become a non-Credited Graduate of Brother Tracy Gibson’s Community School of Progressive and Positive Thought [Non-Credited].
There are no Tuition fees; All you need do is read five articles for a Bachelor’s Degree [Non- Officially Credited]; Read 10 Articles for a Master’s Degree [Non Official Credit]; and 20 articles for a Ph.D. [Non-Officially Credited]. You will receive benefits that only Brother Tracy Gibson and some Higher Ups know about. List yourself as a supporter on the blogs and you will be doubly blessed. Send in a small donation [$10.00 and under] And you will be triply Blessed. We thank you for your consideration, help and support.
Log onto: http://ThePoliticsofReal.Blogspot.Com
[For Free Positive Progressive state-of –the-art Political Analysis and Self-Help Articles.]
[ Free Progressive Movie Reviews.]
Brother Tracy Gibson is a positive community organizer with about 35 years experience, mostly in the West Philadelphia area. Some of the Articles you will want to read include:
``Letter to Suzie Orman…..’’
``Before you Give Me the Boot…..’’
``About the Author…..’’
``The Powerful Third Eye…..’’
``The Power of Positive Black LOVe…..’’
Any Articles About Mc-E-Dees or Alternatives to Mc E-Dees…..’’
``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan…..’’
Movie Review: ``The Cove…..’’
Movie Review: ``Nothin But A Man,’’……
Movie Review: ``The Adjustment Bureau.’’
``Our Black Year: One Family’s Quest to Buy Black in America’s Racially Divided Economy,’’ By Maggie Anderson [ Founder of the Empowerment Experiment. With Ted Gregory.]
Write Me at: BlockBoi75@Yahoo.Com or BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com
Or Call: 1.215.471.64.94.
Building Better Tomorrows for Black Families, Black People of Every Stripe, and the General Population of Progressive Thinkers who support us in our important work.
Brother Tracy Gibson has attended a free community class at the Wharton School for Business at the University of Pennsylvania in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship and can tell you how to attend these free classes [Log onto: www.buildingbrodgesofhope Look for Professor Keith Weingel’s  [check spelling of name] Name, the attending professor. Some lectures are available on the net for free. At Wharton.] {Look Up}.com ; He also took a Business-Plan writing class at the Temple University’s  Small Business Development Center and is a proud former member of the Board of Friends of Somafco, a multi-cultural group that does support services for South Africa’s poor; and a former Board member of The African American Freedom and Reconstruction League.  Suggested Book: ``Our Black Year,’’ By Maggie Anderson. [A Chicago-area case study about how to improve support for and develop expansion of large and small Black Businesses.]

Disclaimer: Brother Gibson’s plan is to help more people in the community link-in to Linked-In [A business and professional referral service on the Net; and establish schools and support other existing educational institutions to help the community become better educated and fit more comfortably into the work force.  While He does NOT have an education degree, [He Graduated from The Ohio State University in 1978 with a degree in Journalism]--he is comfortable working with people from Opportunity Industries Center [OIC]; The National Urban league; and The Urban Coalition among others, but has NOT been endorsed by these organizations.  He is presently also working on having Philadelphia’s City Council designate 52nd Street as ``Africa Town.’’ The reasoning here is to allow Africans, African Americans and Black Caribbean’s  to have a legitimately designated stable place to carry out positive and necessary business in a consistent and orderly manner. To Sign the Petition for the Development and Support of ``Africa Town’’ go to the Afro-Centric Store at 52nd Street near Chancellor [221 South 52ns Street] and ask to sign the petition. 

To Apply to the Following other  Universities call the designated numbers [These Schools are NOT affiliated with Brother Tracy Gibson or His education Movement, except in the fact that He attended all these universities and colleges. Ask about scholarship information and loans [I would fully exhaust the scholarship option first. There are entire books on finding money for college available at the Free Library of Philadelphia and in other cities. :
Temple University Admissions Department – 215
Scholarship Information—Financial Aid:
[I found Temple University OK, but I found them too lax for my liking in regards to their insistence on class attendance.  I also found some of the classes I took to be lose in curriculum construction and just generally unstable.  I found other classes too challenging for me in regards to math and statistics, which I have always been weak on. I found a class on the history of Blacks in Film to be absolutely stupendous and interesting. So I guess you can say Temple was a mixed bag.  If you are serious about school and prepared, you will do well there. [Please remember that I attended classes at the master’s level way back in 1981. Their Master’s Programs have surely improved since then.]
 I must note that Temple University has a community Education Program called PASCEP [which stands for Pan African Studies Community Education Program.]  Classes are generally around $50.00 to $75.00, but are non-credit.  I found this program excellent for keeping my hands and fingers in the education market and meeting people and ole friends in similar interests areas and fields that I am interested in such as Building Renovation; English and Writing; Music and Rap; Law; and Vegetarian Cooking. 
Community College – 215 Admissions Office.
Scholarship Information –Financial Aid
I was surprised when I took Business Management and Basic English Composition at Community College as refresher courses, to find a setting that was no push over and quite challenging.   I especially loved my English class and found the instructor competent, knowledgeable, and professional in nature.  Getting a two-year degree at Community College of Philadelphia is certainly worth the cost and effort, especially when the job market is down like it is right now.  Many people in the community don’t want to prioritize getting a good solid education or just can’t afford it.  [Unfortunately, they end up paying much more than the cost of tuition by getting caught up in small cycles of poverty, the social services network and struggling economically for months when they don’t have to.   My Sister said to me yesterday that we as Black People end of with future possible Physicist flipping hamburgers. Philadelphia’s Community College is well worth the effort, and cost, but be ready to work and be serious.

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