Monday, December 23, 2013

The Black Man's Nose Knows..... a poem..........

The Black Man’s Nose Knows
(A homage to Black male beauty and intellectual strength)
By Author Brother Tracy Gibson…..
From the times when it was first blown off
The face of the Sphinx by Napoleon
We have had beautiful noses
Look at the Nose of the actor
John Amos
Look at the nose of Malcolm X
Look at the nose of Crispus Attucks
Look at the nose of Charles Gilpin
Look at the nose of Neo
Look at the Beautiful Black chiseled nose of
Black gay porn star Aaron Ridge--
Strong, straight and true
They stand flat, broad and proud
Like the men who carried them
We don’t need to be rubbing
Noses with the ancestors of the 
People who brought Our Ancestors
To this place in chains
Lessin they about our liberation
Like we ought to be about
Our noses and the noses of 
Our children need to be buried in books
And educational videos until
We have learned the secrets of
Our liberation
Ancient and time worn
Old as dirt and sand
We come from the earth
And we bear her color
What did they come from?
I know not
Africa erupted with our birth
They captured us to do their work
Now it is time to Pay Up..
Still they bark and balk
Like the Dogs many of them
Sometimes are
Especially their wealthy and their
Right Wing leaders
But the mighty hands of GOD will
Soon call on their numbers to either 
Pay up or be banished from the earth
But only our nose knows when

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