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New Letter...

December 6, 2013, Friday...

A Fund Raising Opportunity and Informational Letter to Brothers and Sisters in or wanting to join and support The Black Millionaire's Network or Other Aspects of What We Do…


From: Brother Tracy Gibson; Founder, CEO, President...

The Black Millionaire's Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878


BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Comor BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

No Foot Ball SeasonNo Basketball Season

The items listed below are SOME of the Businesses and financial interests I have been working on for the past ten years.We are enlisting serious people, of ALL colours, Races, Income Levels, Religions, Sexual Orientations, Sexes and Sexual Identities {But especially Black People who have a mind and heart to help themselves and other Black People} to take part in supporting us and themselves.We are still establishing Ways for you to get needed investment money back and share in the enormous profits we expect in the very near future. We are especially interested in getting cooperation from Black investors.

1] The Black Millionaire's Network: This is NOT a group or Club for Black Millionaire's, but a Way for Black People of limited means to join an organization that has many values and suggested behaviors that will, if followed correctly for about six months, give very positive effects.Some of the behaviors and habits we suggest our members take part in are:

a] Live below your means.

b] Save money.

c] Start a small business.

d] Develop positive and meaningful relationships with local Political, Civic, Religious and Business official in your local area.

e] Work on paying your ole back bills so you can increase your credit rating.

f] Support Black businesses in your area, on line and in other parts of the country and the world.

g] Sign up for membership in the Black Millionaire's Network {$10.xx a YEAR} [Membership is open to ALL races, religions etc.]

h] Develop positive attitudes with other Black people regarding finance, business and money.

Send query letters to: BlockBoy75@Yahoo.Com

or BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com and put ``seeking Black Millionaire's Network Membership'' in the subject line...

We will send you an application and more detailed information. Or you may write us at the above Post Office Box.[See the Current issue of Ebony Magazine [August 2013] with thespian Denzel and His wife Pauletta Washington on the Cover for a full run-down of some current and important tips, facts and advice on Black finance and getting ahead in the Financial World.]

2] The Knowledge Hut Store...

This is designed to be an On-Line Store for the positive development of better values for our Black youth, both males and females.We will do this by not just throwing any ole products at our young people, but by selecting items that instill better values and more positive behaviors such as building responsibility; being a listener; obeying the law; listening and obeying respected elders and respected peers as Well as respected adults within your family and your neighborhood; Listening to your Pastor or Imam at your church or Mosque; and attending Mosque or church REGULARLY....We will also be instilling other positive behaviors such as not being a threat to the police and interacting more positively with the entire community in which our youth and you live.We will do this through the sale of such items as: Black History Books; beautiful positive-message Tee-Shirts; funny and politically oriented Greeting Cards and Kwanzaa Cards; other self-help and self-esteem building books; posters of our male and females heroes; and suggested classes and workshops for our young people to attend after school. We will also sell some healthy food items and suggest our members NOT support certain stores and shops in the community that have a proven record of NOT being helpful to our community. Write us at The Black Millionaire's Network for more information.

3] My own personal books will go on sale as soon as I get a contract to publish them. They are:``Let the Children Gather: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems,'' a book of poetry designed to help angry Black males re-channel that often negative energy into something more positive, worthwhile and productive such as a business, a job, school or other viable institution in our communities...The other book is 686 pages long and took six years to write. It is called: ``Writing in Wet Cement,'' and is also dedicated to building and establishing better values in our Black males and females--young and older.....It uses my own life's story; African and African American Fables; life-lessons; political analysis and so forth, to do this.

4] General Positive Advocacy for the Black Community; The Poor; The Homeless; The Disenfranchised and the Left Out.This includes hundreds of letters to various people who can offer help to our community including politicians; business owners; bureaucrats; religious leaders; and civic and community leaders; attending political and fund raising events; and writing articles about my activities and certain pertinent subjects and issues....

We need donations of $10.00 if you are poor, disenfranchised or disabled; and $200.00 if you are employed or own a company, business or corporation.
If you are wealthy, we would like you to consider donating $10,000.xx as a one-time donation. This will help us signifigantly get our programs off the ground.

Suggested Book: ``Our Black Year: One Family's Quest to Buy Black in America's Racially Divided Economy,'' By Maggie Anderson.Please make all Contributions Out to our Parent Company: Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc., and send them to The Black Millionaire's Network at the address above.We thank you for the support and financing of our continued endeavors.....

Brother Tracy Gibson...

A Proud Uncle / Philanthropist / Writer / Author / Fund Raiser / Public Relations Expert / And Freedom Fighter...

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