Friday, December 20, 2013

No One Should Be Considered an ``Untouchable'' A Message to the East Indians.

I promised you Way back in August of 2001 that I would write an article about the untouchables of your country. It is a shame that the untouchables with disease and pestilence are shunned the way they are. I don't know or understand why they are treated the way they are. [I need to do a historical research study on this subject and on the East Indian Cast System...] ...They are sometimes treated like Black People the world over have been treated--kept at arms length. But things are changing. As Black People have taken up efforts to help themselves and insist on decency and respect--Like RE-RE says, we actually get more respect, opportunities and positive attention....... It takes courage, it takes fortitude, it takes real stick-to-it-tiveness, but we have had some triumphs [Like our newly reinvigorated idea that we need to make our struggle global and emphasise economics, entrepreneurship and job creation much, much more.] There have been set-back also, [like the Travon Martin murder case.] We need RESPECT!!! They, the untouchables, must be treated with dignity, grace and LOVe. They, the untouchables, must NEVER, EVER, be shunned, placed in solitary confinement or made to suffer ever again. The entire world MUST find a solution and a cure for ALL the pain and illnesses they suffer and have suffered. We must ALL beg GOD, ask GOD, Pray to GOD, the real creator YA-WAY and JESUS to forgive us for the way we all discriminated against the untouchables of East India. We must also pray to whatever positive force we consider GOD and to our ancestors, if we are of African, Caribbean or Native American ancestry--especially the positive forces among these positive and good spirits. Never again should any people on earth be treated in the mean, nasty, horrible way the untouchables were treated. If there is anything I can to to help set up a foundation for them or give a donation to help them please let me know.

Brother Tracy Gibson.

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