Saturday, December 21, 2013

40 Things to be Thankful for.....

40 Things to Be Thankful For..........

1] The World's Children.

2] The World's Couples.

3] LOVe .

4] Kisses.

5] A Warm House.

6] Bills paid.

7] A warm indoor place to sleep.

8] Warm clothing over the winter.

9] More Kisses and hugs.

10] Holding hands with my future male lover in the movies.

11] My nieces and my nephews.

12] Family and Friends.

13] My Teachers.

14] Movies, Good Movies.

15] Money for the Poor.

16] The ability to have and make choices.

17] My Parents and my Ancestors.

18] Sharing and caring among ALL the World's People.

19] Kind hearted, redemptive and appreciated LOVe, respect and Intimacy among Black People.

20] African Children.

21] Respecting Black People.

22] Liberating Black People.

23]Saving the Lives of myself and as many Black People as I can.

24] Staying clean and sober.

25] Having good and trusted friends and good and trusted family.

26] Money.

27] Good health.

28] Intimate relations.

29] My Sister.

30] Having plenty of money to do my correct and proper job of Liberating Black People and myself.

31] Starting a construction firm.

32] Running a large restaurant efficiently, effectively and profitably. [which caters to Homeless also and breaks down class barriers.]

33] Owning Real Estate in West Philadelphia and where ever else is needed and desired.

34] Making the Black Millionaire's Network Profitable and an assets for its' members.

35] Getting proper payment and credit for the work I do.

36] Just the thought or idea of being with, training and LOVing Mr. Bright Hope..

37] My Brand New Baby in the family--Great Nephew--my Niece's son. Yofi from Africa is the Father.

38] Waking Up each and every morning and having relatively good health.

39] My close and loyal friends and neighbors [especially the ones who help me in secret.].

40] Following the Path in life that I think, hope and pray, GOD has set forth for me.

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