Monday, December 23, 2013


opportunity. knocks. I am a very gifted, well mannered and healing Spirit. A Black Radical thinker and Black Visionary who is in business. I need people around me who want to go into international marketing and international business in a BIG WAY!! I have to be honest with you, if you are about finding new markets AND returning a large percentage of the profits back to starving AND disenfranchised communities THEN you DO want to call me. If you are after helping more than exploiting then I DO want YOU to call me. By the way--I am a very radical thinker and a homosexual. I am 56 years old, but I have ground-breaking ideas, but a slim wallet. I have been riped off repeatedly, but I am learning. First of all THIS IS NOT A GAME as they tell you in business school. ALSO: when they say don't mix business with pleasure--they are fools. Just Down Right Foolish!!! This is MY curriculum!! It is gained from the school of Hard Knocks and from learning the Hard Way. I want people who have MBA's in business as well as street people and Homeless People and Uneducated People. AND everybody in between with or without BA's and BS's as far as degrees and qualifications are concerned!!! If you are in Community College, that is fine. I don't need a hand out, but a hand up!!! I have been doing this take-off-flight for some time now. About 15 years. People have run over me and taken what I have to offer, but they soon find out that GOD brings them right back for a secret hearing on copyright infringement, intellectual property rights and the general lack of good principals and virtue that exist in the business world. I am here to change that all around and bring forth better values, more ethical behavior and less greed, ruthlessness, nastiness, back-biting, competition and hatred in business and in the world generally.... I am willing to work with other businesses, but they must understand my value system and NOT be threatened by this. The status quo is very much interested in stopping me. [They Will soon learn that the REAL threat is NOT to listen]. That is on My part as Well. I have a network of friends across the country [About 170 people, just about ALL Black people] who I am exciting and helping make money for. I have a few components in place to help them, but I could use an infusion of cash, and ideas with no questions asked and no strings attatched....... I do NOT represent any kind of cash or financial rip off, game, slimy people, negativity, greedy scams, fast-cash-making schemes, terrorists or other such foolishness. I am a highly ethical, and a strongly Spiritual person [A Polytheist], with a strong Christian root and background... I DO NOT WANT TO destroy North America and the North American Corporate concept completely, but right now North America and its' businesses are ``on the table'' losing life force very quickly. I am here to do radical surgery. There are others who want the patient to die, but I think there is still time to change things massively and bring about fresh, new life, as a woman giving birth does. My qualifications are not a physicians degree, but over 35 years as a community activist and a person who wants real equality and to see formerly oppressed people get adequite funds to not only survive, but to thrive and thrive Well... I don't need another person who wants to rip me off--you have to take a ticket and get into the back of the line to do that--rip me off that is--and it only leads to disfavor with GOD... Considering some of the things SHE is doing right now, I don't think you want that... If you want to work to move people ahead and forward, no matter what your ethnic background, sexuality or gender or gender identity or religion is, and no matter what your age is, you have found the right place... If you e-mail me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
or call me at 1.215.471.6494 I will send you a resume and the three things I am working hardest on right now. I am sending a resume because it is only one page long. If they told you a resume needs be only one page don't listen to that. A resume needs to be as long as YOU think it needs to be to fully tell who you are, what your goals are and what you are looking for in life. If a resume doesn't tell you that it is worthless. ANY employer who only wants a slight sketch of you on a resume to hire you is also a fool. I want to hear from you. I have, apparently, helped find jobs for people unintentionally as they fall all over themselves [and each other] thinking there are great financial advantages to ripping me off--this is NOT true... My competition--and I really DON'T have any such thing as competition--REALLY, needs to understand that I need people to finance me and work for me and or WITH me. I say I don't have ANY competition because there are people doing similar things as I am doing, but we are NOT in competion. We are ALL working for good in God's Eye's. THey are most likely working with and through a not-for-profit company. I did that for a while, but find the profit mode much more to my liking because I want to and am hiring people and that is a great thing. Believe me I have run an office before even though I am disabled with a mental health background [I'm manic depressive, but I've been very, very stable for the last 15 years]... NOW do you get that kind of honesty from the general business community and the general businessman? I don't think so... I want to hear from you. If you are just a man or woman or transgendered person who wants to hang out and learn from me, I hope you will call me as Well. Because I will learn from you as Well.... I LOVe PEOPLE!!! What are your dreams, your expectations, your asperations and your goals--WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO MOST IN LIFE, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT AND AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? I am not interested in how you want to exploit people, but how you want to help man kind, woman kind and Transgendered kind--Gay, Straight, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, non-religious ALL of humanity including all races, creeds, colors and what have you..... OH, and by the way, that INCLUDES women. If you want to keep women in the back seat with Gay people and Black people and Latin people and other disenfranchised groups of people I don't know how you got this ad, but you need to throw it away and move on to something else. Everyubody takes a Front Seat on this bus--at least ethically speaking... My name is Brother Tracy Gibson. Please contact me as soon as you can. I look forward to hearing from you very, very soon... peace be with you... Send me a resume and I'll send you mine... BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

Send Money [ONE DOLLAR] to:
The Black Millionaire's Network
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