Saturday, December 21, 2013

Your Africa...




Welcome to Your World—Your Africa—The Way I Think Good, Healthy-Thinking, Giving Africans Want It To Be!!!




By A positive-Thinking African and a member of the Village…




Africa is for the African People. The mostly Dark Skinned People who now inhabit the area of Africa below the Sahara.  Africa is for People who live above the Sahara also—as long as they want Africa to be the absolute greatest it can ever be.  That goes for the entire Continent.  Africa is a place for people to get together and build good, healthy wholesome tomorrows and build those tomorrows without fighting, fussing, arguing and bickering.  If you want to be negative and violent, you must live somewhere else.  If you want to find and hunt for people who you think you can exploit, you need to go to another continent.  Africa needs people to build Her into a pleasant, bountiful, well-rounded, giving, forthright Land.  She—AFRICA--doesn’t need foreigners or indigenous People to come here and pull mineral wealth out of the land and transform that mineral wealth into diamond rings, gold rings, gold chains and items of other commercial use only for the sole purpose of wealth creation or wealth building where the wealth never reaches the Grass Roots people of Africa itself.   If there are diamond and mineral mines those mines need to be, through a specified, democratic, fair and equitable process, those mines need to be owned by and for the People of Africa—not some exploiter who is here under the auspicious of creating jobs and pocketing billions of dollars for non-African, non-Black, Wealthy families and not for elite African or elite African American or other elite wealthy families who don’t know how to share and give back to African People.




We know Africa--must be a sustainable continent ecologically and environmentally.  A continent where people can build bridges and damns that are there for uses the whole continent and ALL the continent’s People can appreciate benefit from and enjoy.  If there is pollution, We must find Positive Ways to rid out land, water and air of it in Ways that make sense for our People, our children, our wildlife, our land, our water and our entire ecosystem.




Africans must have political systems that are in place to establish true justice, true mercy, true freedom, true decency, true LOVe, true sharing, true incorruptibility, true, accurate and free access to knowledge and information, true mutual respect for African people, true respect for ALL People, decency, sharing, communications and sharing of wealth, food, information, water, education and whatever else we as Africans need to share between races and tribes, groups of people, individuals, families and companies—as long as they are there to help support the causes, concerns and principles  set forth in the Gibson Principles set for and written under separate cover and agreed upon by a majority of Africa’s People.  We must make a special effort to make sure the formerly left out are no longer left out. 




Every effort MUST be made to be inclusive and realistic about the future of the African Continent and to have this future chiseled out and meshed out to be of great quality for African People—especially those most indigenous to the African Continent—namely Black Africans, who have, in the past, found themselves the most discriminated against and the most left out of the future of their own Continent. Black Africans were once, a People who were not only discriminated against and enslaved right in and on their own continent, they were a People who were exploited and consumed by fear of people who had come to the African continent with ``greed’’ and ``taking’’ on their mind, and in their hearts—namely--the exploiters of East India, Europe, Asia and even parts of Africa, the Middle East, and other places around the world.  This kind of mistreatment cannot and Will not stand. And must be replaced with behavior that goes by the Gibson Principles as finally agreed upon by a vast majority of the African People in a fair, free, open and timely manner……..




To carry out business, commerce and or be a merchant in or on the African continent, one must carry oneself with respect, be open minded, be LOVing of African People, have an uncanny ability to heal from and move forward from the mistreatment, abuse, degradation, exploitation,  enslavement, brutality, violence, and judging of the past and move into a bold, bright, peaceful and courageous new future for our people our children, our men and women and our wildlife and people of both sexes, and of ALL sexual orientations, religions, and political affiliations—as long as those categories and affiliations are for the advent and advancement of the African People in a peaceful, positive, healthy [physically], healthy [emotionally and mentally,] and healthy [financially] Way.  




We must NOT destroy wildlife for political, economic or any other reason.  Such behavior will be grounds for dismissal from the African Continent for a time and to a place to be designated by the African People and their leaders, as long as those leaders are placed in leadership in an open, free, fair and incorruptible process and manner.




We must come to the table with open hearts and open minds to create an Africa for Africans. Respect, decency and dignity must always be on our minds, in our hearts and in ALL the processes that Will take place to further bring the kind and character of Liberation that Kwame Ture [ Stokely Carmichael]  and others who have been Big Thinkers, dignitaries, diplomats, housewives, negotiators, visionaries, writers, fishermen, political leaders, and Common People of every stripe,  and Big Time Liberation People, Pan Africanists,  for the African People and the African Continent no matter if they are living or dead, male or female or what have you.




We must think positively about Africa when We think of Africa, for She has been through a great, sometimes tragic, fierce and troublesome journey and NOW opens Her arms to the World’s people of black skin and darker complexions FIRST AND FOREMOST—but ALL People who have such a positive mindset, willingness to work towards the betterment of Africa and African People in a timely fashion and maintain a positive approval and adherence to the Gibson Principles [as approved by Africans in a free, open, justice-oriented and timely process] must be allowed to use their God-Given talents and skills to improve the African Continent and Her People and ALL aspects of Africa in a good and timely manner.  Such positive-thinking must be encouraged by the education system, our elders and our youth, the religious systems, the governments of Africa and other willing governments, all positive-thinking People, and all aspects of life and understanding in and on the African Continent.




As we work with and trade with and do business with other people from other parts of the world, we must do so ONLY with such positive principles, LOVe, respect and decency intact and in our work, on our minds and our hearts……………...

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