Monday, December 9, 2013


Important!! Passing Glances…


I tried not to look at you because I thought you were with the White woman with the baby. I thought she was your ``woman.’’ I thought she was your wife, but you were alone.  You later said hello to your cousin and slapped Him five. You are tall, dark and, Well, handsome. You have crystal clear Black eyes and a beautiful smile, but most of all you have a beautiful AFRICAN nose. A nose that flairs out and looks like the one on the Pharo of Egypt statues in Kemit.   O beautiful one on the Elevated Line last Saturday traveling east—please call me.  I want to talk to you. My name is Brother Tracy Gibson. Reach me at 1.215.471.64.94. Our Union Will forever destroy an age-ole curse that keeps me and several million other Black People locked in poverty. You are the KEY to the success I’ve been looking for. Meet me at my church at 55 North Broad Street at 2 P.M. this Sunday...  inside the Arch Street United Methodist Church—Our church is called the Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Philadelphia. I PRAY I will meet you soon, my Prince…  Otherwise my world will be shattered.


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